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Have we ended the day’s training? Or is it only the beginning now? We practised till very late at night… Everyone is very tired… Today, Jungsoo hyung has collapsed due to exhaustion again… He tiredly sits on top of the metal box and takes a nap… Even if it’s only for a few minutes while waiting for the car… He cannot wait anymore… He needs to rest… I stood in front of him and watched… Afraid that he will fall off the box because he’s too tired… I used my hands to support him… And watched him with eyes open widely… Ah… I usually don’t talk much… Let the dongsaengs play crazily… Because I don’t want to abuse my authority as a hyung and scare them… I’m someone who don’t know how to co-exist with others… Hyung must be really tired… He has to look after the cold and uncooperative me… And still have to mix with the rest he has just met… But he seems to have gone crazy already… Actually I really want to share some of Jungsoo hyung’s burden/ responsibilities/ pain… But… I only had to one chance to support you while you were sleeping, preventing your body from falling… We are their hyungs… But I only have you as my hyung… Jungsoo hyung… Sleep well for that short while…

Heechul’s predebut cyworld entry

which is this where Heechul support Leeteuk who is sleeping from falling

“Super Junior is not just a moment but forever. We can create the word Forever together.”

SUJU Reactions: When you’re an Idol and you want them to be a part of your album.

I’m doing great thank you for understanding, hope you enjoy. -X

Leetuek: “Wait you want me to be on your album? Why?”

Heechul: “Well it won’t be a great album if I’m not a part of it.”

Yesung: *Replies shyly.* 

“Ya, I’d love to do a song with you.”

Kangin: “When do you want to start?”

Shindong: “Are you sure you don’t want Ryeowook or Yesung?”

Sungmin: “I’d love to be a part of your album.”

Eunhyuk: *Would be hella suspicious of you.* 

“Why do you want me to be a part of your album all of a sudden?”

Donghae: “I mean what will I get in return?”

Siwon: “It would be an honor Y/N, I hope It turns out the way you want.”

Ryeowook: “I don’t want to outshine you or anything, but I guess.”

Kyuhyun: “What if I sound too good, will you not release the song?”

Zhou Mi: *Would be overly excited.*

“Yay, Yay! I get to do an album with Y/N!”

Henry: *Would start planning right away.*

“So I think it should be a slow song, and we can really showcase our skills…..”



I think every ELF should watch this video. It gives a better outline of a Super Junior memeber’s thoughts and worries and allows us to see a more human side of a person we idolize. Kangin talks a bit about his scandals in 2009 and it’s clear now how much he has matured. Lee Dong Woo’s advices are also very insightful and maybe some of us can apply them to our lives. ^^ 

[Full Trans] SJ messages for #SuperCamp~

Leeteuk: Have a good time today, miss you, my friends! ^-^

Eunhyuk: See You Again…!!

Ryeowook: everyday..everyday i was thinking of you~ I just want to meet ELF♡ I love you ~ I love you ELF♡ 

Kangin: in future we will often go too

Heechul: To ELF, ai-yo-yo my brats. Even if you have kidz in future, we still have to play together.

Donghae: Thank you every1 who always come to see us from very far away!! ELF you are mine

Kyuhyun: Welcome My ELF ^-^

Yesung: what should i say?! we r yours, you r ours~ ELF love you ~~~