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Truths Half Told Beget Lives Half Lived: Chapter 19 - The stuff of nightmares

Relationship(s): Rylen/OC (main), Cullen/Inquisitor (background)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Rylen is given command over Griffon Wing Keep, and despite his love of a challenge, things are (i.e.: he is) kind of a mess. Enter an opinionated and mysterious Orlesian chef and her two children, and things are about to get interesting.

Excerpt from Chapter 19 - The stuff of nightmares

…Rylen must have fallen asleep at some point, because he awoke to a soft thud against his door and a subsequent sound of something scuffing across stone. Curiosity overtaking his weakness and exhaustion, he pulled on a shirt and stuck his head out the door in time to see a flutter of white disappear up the stairs.

Rylen frowned at the hurried, almost frantic footsteps echoing off the stairwell wall. It sounded like the slapping of bare feet against stone.

Quickly pulling on his boots, he left his room and cautiously looked up the stairs. The sight of a long, black braid and a familiar backside set him into motion even as his gut twisted with sudden concern. He increased his pace, taking the stairs three at a time.

His heart pounded against his ribcage as he crested the stairs to find her already halfway across the middle level of the keep. He started after her, the twisting in his gut solidifying into a potent sense of foreboding. It grew with each passing second, and he picked up his pace, suddenly desperate to reach her… but still wary enough of her intentions to remain silent. She ran right toward the battlements, and he could hear her breathing heavily, almost like sobbing.

Instead of stopping at the wall or turning to run down the rampart, however, she began climbing into the thin crenel.

Rylen’s heart stopped for a split second, both mind and body reeling with shock and disbelief. As the realization of her intentions set in, however, he burst into a desperate sprint.

“Trice!” he shouted, his voice breaking on her name. “Trice, stop!”…


anonymous asked:

Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason why human beings have a hard time embracing veganism as a sustainable diet is because we seem to be under the impression that if there is free land - we need to be using it somehow. An article I'm reading says that not all land is suitable for growing crops - such as grazing land for animals. Well, why do we need to use that grazing land? What's wrong with freeing up more land? We're a weird species.

I think you’re right and it’s a fairly natural mindset, capitalism works very hard to convince people that there is a legitimate scarcity of wealth and resources, when in fact we already have enough for everyone, it just isn’t equally distributed. The same is true of land use, people hear about the enormous amount of land devoted to animal agriculture, and when we talk about switching to plants, you can do all the maths for them and they’ll still bring up the fact that not all of that land is arable. This is of course ignoring the fact that all of those livestock require arable land to grow their feed, but it’s also kind of missing the point.

A full 1/3 of the planet’s land surface and 2/3 of available agricultural land is used for farming animals. On top of this, massive deforestation is required to create grazing land and to grow the crops to feed them, and 91% of formerly forested amazon cleared since 1971 has been used for cattle grazing. The state of our food system has had a dramatic impact on the environment and on animals, so if we could relinquish some of that land back to be reclaimed by the wild, this can only be a good thing. It sounds unrealistic right now because of quite how much land we need to provide our food, but if we consider the fact that if the world went vegan we could feed significantly more people on significantly less land, it opens up a lot more possibilities.