our stage is growing a baby


“It’s a very special day, because I can sing and dance in front of you with the INFINITE members… I was asking myself after the first concert, ‘what would I do if I can’t perform anymore?’ if I grow old and can’t go on stage… I think that would be pretty unbearable. I invite you all to the journey together until the end. That way, we’ll be able to sing and dance our best. Thank you.”

happy birthday, lee howon ♡


Let me introduce Luna the Ladybun
Luna is a shy bun, while she submits to being lifted and carried she doesn’t trust us on two legs much yet, but can be swayed with yummy food. She has a very soft and submissive nature and has never been known to start a fight. She comes from a breeder north of Stockholm where she waited for a year for a family but due to her skittishness she was never picked, and as she started growing from the cute baby state she became even less adoptable. At 1 year and 2 days old, we brought her home. She’s our newest addition to the family and future companion of Benjie. We’re currently in the pre stages of bonding them. We will eventually have her spayed, but because of the bad diet she was on we’ll have to get her on the right track first, see what we can do about that crooked dewlap of hers.

The worried parent

So who do you think will end up being the parent that has to worry all the time?

I think it’s gonna be like this


Obviously Lucy.

Lucy: Natsu! You can’t throw the baby in the air, it’s dangerous!
Lucy: No Natsu, you can’t take the kids on a mission with you.
Lucy: OK Natsu, it’s going to be like this, you can’t come near our kids until they learn to say “No dad, that’s a really bad idea”.


It’s both of them, just at different stages of the child’s growth.

Juvia: Gray-sama! Please stop undressing in front of the children!

Gray: Hey… what are you teaching them? … Juvia that’s not how a healthy relationship works.


Well none of them seems like the worried type, but I’m guessing Erza becomes one once their children grow up and join the guild. She’s mostly worried over silly things though.

Erza: What if their mission turns out really hard and they’ll have to fight monsters and demons and it takes too much time and by the time they come back I have to eat the slice of cake they kept so it won’t go bad and then they’ll hate me?!
Jellal: I really doubt that’ll happen in a mission with a 500 Jewels reward…


Levy. i guess it’s a dragon slayer thing.

Levy: Gajeel! Didn’t I tell you not to take the kids to the guild hall and then leave them unattended while you start a brawl?!
Levy: No! The baby can’t eat Iron! Growing out teeth has nothing to do with it.
Levy: Don’t teach the kids to solve everything with violence!
Levy: The kids are to young to start training! It’ll affect their growth!
Levy: Gajeel, here’s a list of things you’re not allowed to do with our children. Please memorize it.


It’s been a while since we had an update of our goslings, and they are growing rapidly. Their bodies have now taken on a grey colouration, and they have moved into our large pond enclosure for the final stages before release!

It won’t be long before we can give them their second chance :)


Our baby kestrels are growing by the day, and are now starting to show their beautiful adult colouration! It’s amazing to think that these were once the fluffy white chicks that we went to pick up a short while ago!

We will keep you updated on their progress as they grow older. They still look very chick-like at this stage, but we’re sure that will change all too soon!