our stage is growing a baby

[TRANS] Youngjae message to JInyoung, BamBam & Yugyeom 

Jinyoung: And actor Jinyoung hyung. Our Jinyoung hyung who is always frugal. While doing many schedules your appearance is working hard(really handsome). Thank you for always taking care of us. I like it better to have someone like you that says the good and the bad things. Because that way the people who listen can feel more and do better. I feel that I’m fortunate to have a person like you. I’m always thankful. 

BamBam: And our baby Bam to the Bam. Even during the debut days it felt like you were really like a baby. But now you are already 21 even though i’m only 22 and you grew a lot taller& more mature so it feels like I should learn from you too. Bambam always fighting and just grow up mature & cool like now. 

Yugyeom: Lastly our Yugyeomdaengi. Your dance is the best. Honestly… just dont worry. Maybe I saw too many dramas lately but even if i’m born again I don’t think I will see anyone who dances better than you. On the program where u said u will break the stage on and seeing u win 1st place it gave me lots of motivation so thank you so much. I learned a lot from you to maknaes.

I’m not saying that i didnt learn anything from the hyungs

JB: ok ok

I think u became more cooler. 

Our GOT7 I love you and lets go for 30,000 years I love you.

trans by igot7_MarKP

LINK for [TRANS] Youngjae message to JB, Mark & Jackson: 


Soul Age

You’re soul age does not correlate to the time that you have spent existing, but much rather the growth of your inner being through experiences, lessons, and achievements. It is the growth, evolution, and transmutation of your soul, and where it is on its journey that makes up your soul age. These traits, experiences, and lessons will still be marked upon, and will be reflected in your soul, and how you interact with the world around you. It does not make anyone better to be older, or younger in soul age, it just tells where you are specifically on your path right now. This might help you out by telling you what lessons you need to learn, and what you might need to focus on. Each soul age has its own lessons, and experiences that goes along with its own perspectives. These perspectives will allow them to see the world in their own way, but always does strive to allow them to evolve even farther from where they are at. With every incarnation we learn more as entities, and further the evolution of our soul, no matter what step we are on in the path, we will always grow. there are multiple Soul age stages that our souls will go through why learning, and growing. these are infant souls, baby souls, young souls, mature souls, old souls, and elder souls. Soul age stages are very unique from one another, and the traits of these ages can help us figure out what soul age we are apart of. These will also help us to develop empathy for other souls, and where they are at on their paths. Knowing this information will allow us to connect with ourselves, and our souls, so that we can better evolve as entities. So take this information, and learn, and remember that your soul is eternal.

Infant Soul :

Infant Souls also called newborn souls, and new souls are souls that are primarily focused on living their lives, and experiencing all life has to offer. Entities in this soul age stage will have a profound childlike wonder for the entire world, and will want to experience everything that they can get their hands on. They will be very innocent creatures that will have a lot to learn, and will usually constantly make mistakes on how the world works because they are not accustomed to it yet. Entities with an infant soul are usually a lot more playful, excitable, and free-spirited. Most of there troubles usually come for not being able to go out, and experience life. Infant souls are usually quite focused on survival, and raw instincts rather than anything else, which can get them into some pretty interesting situations. They do not know yet what is out there, and they are usually taught by other older souls. It is said that they are this way, because they are not yet accustomed to as many lessons, or experiences, and they have not gone out, and had to learn these lessons for themselves yet.

Baby Soul :

Baby Souls also called Child souls are souls that are primarily focused on belonging to groups, and communities that allow them to feel welcome. Entities in this soul age stage will usually follow all the rules they are given, so that they can fit into certain groups, where they believe they belong. They are followers that are just looking for what feels right to them, so that they can follow it, and learn more about this expansive world that they find themselves in. They are quite set on trying to find meaning, and order in the perceived chaotic world around them. They usually become very traditional, cultural, and religious also taking on a very conservative undertone to them in their pursuit of order. Their beliefs, and morals usually defined by their customs are what guide them to make certain decisions throughout their life. They are very disciplined, and believe in their very strong values to an absolute ’T’. these people usually always see that everyone as the same and usually gets put off when they act differently than they first expected. they like structure and staying to what they know.

Young Soul :

Young Souls also called teenage souls are souls that are primarily focused on being individuals, and progressing their own ambitions, and desire through anything they find to help them further their goals. They are very self-expressive, and can even be self-centered at times. They usually try to break away from the norm, so that they can be more innovative, and free willed. They want to go out, and experiment, and do what they want to do. They don’t want to be held down by anything, and because of this become very ambitious in pretty much everything that they do. Even though these entities seek Independence they also love to be in social groups that accept them as who they are, and allow them to express themselves on a more personal level. This type of soul age stage loves to change, and make new systems to advance how things work in the world. They can be chaotic at times but they are very profound, and intelligent when it comes to things that interest them, and can further their self purpose. They are quite prone to working as hard as they can, so that they can increase their standing in life through material, social, mental, and spiritual gain.

Mature Soul :

Mature Souls also called adult Souls are souls that are primarily focused on relationships, or communication between people while bringing harmony, peace, and love. These entities are very sensitive, and empathic to the entities around them. They are usually very interpersonal, self aware, and inquisitive of the world around them. Entities in the soul age stage love being in meaningful relationships with others around them, and strive for very personal, and meaningful connections among others. They are quite intelligent, and psychologically stable, holding such things as logic, and reason very high in the way they understand the world, because of all these things these entities can sometimes feel neurotic in nature. These types of souls are usually a lot more liberal than any of the other soul age stages. These souls want to learn how to impact the world in any way, so that they can make a difference, and leave their mark upon the world. They do care a lot about how the world around them sees them even though that they try be more different than the rest of the world. they like to keep up public appearances.

Old Soul :

Old Souls are souls that are primarily focused on spiritual, and philosophical fulfillment. Entities in this soul age stage are very wise, intelligent, and intuitive. They have a high profound spiritual awareness that allows them to interact, and communicate with the source of everything that is around them. They have experienced a lot, and know a lot of information even, if they do not know they know this information. They can see systems that other souls cannot. They usually become very uninterested with the world around them, because they have experienced it so many times before, and usually look for a more deeper meaning to unravel, and understand. They’re absolutely beautiful profound philosophers that seek to understand greater meanings, and understandings that are harder to come by. Old souls are usually very calm, kind, wise, and understanding individuals. These types of souls usually tried to find a larger perspective of life, and are usually very detached from everything else that happens to distract them from their goals, such as the material world. Sometimes they may even be seen as lazy to the other types of Souls, because of their laid-back attitude.

Elder Soul :

Elder Souls also called enlightened ones, and ascended spiritual masters are souls that have completed their journey, and have learned and experienced a lot. These are entities that have be come combined with their true spiritual higher selves, the energies of their soul, and everything around them. These entities are enlightened, and ascended above all previously stated consciousnesses. They are beings who have had time to analyze, and explore all facets of life, and experiences, and can insight many lessons, and and experiences that would give great profound meaning to all of existence.

Headcanon: Gestation and Incubation Periods/Growth Rates

Because alien babies are important.

(Based on the general rule of “The larger the heart has to be, the longer the pregnancy” exhibited in humans and animals and less based on the actual gestational periods of the animals the races are based off of.  Excluded vorcha because I don’t even have a CLUE on them.  Feel free to add them on if you have ideas!)

Asari/Batarian/Drell: Like humans, their babies remain in-utero for 9 months, and have about the same growth rates.

Krogan: Krogan are complicated, and have both a gestation and incubation period.  The mother typically remains “pregnant” with her eggs for up to 3 months.  Since krogan are known for having clutches of hundreds, but also having many stillbirths, live eggs are “born” larger than those that are stillborn (as stillborns wouldn’t hatch to begin with, so it only makes sense that the size of the egg is a giveaway).  Eggs that make it to the incubation stage are still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  Over a period of roughly 10 months, the egg and fetus inside will continue to grow until it hatches.  Baby krogan are initially rather small, but have voracious appetites and never stop moving, thus packing on fat and muscle over their first handful of weeks and grow quickly until they become the big chubby krogan babies we all in the fandom know and love at roughly a month old.  Afterward, they continue to grow quickly (though not quite so quickly as their first month) until adolescence, when their plates finish forming and their growth rates spike again.

Turian: Baby turians are born super small, and thus their gestation period lasts 4-5 months maximum and continue to develop outside the womb, similar to marsupials (living in mom’s cowl rather than in a pouch).  They initially grow quickly and are roughly the size of a human baby by the time they’re 6-8 months along (2-3 months old [it varies from baby to baby]).  They develop cognitively at roughly the same rates as human and asari babies, but are already mobile at only a handful of months old (most commonly crawling, but walking isn’t entirely unheard of).  At roughly a year old, their growth rate “normalizes” and matches that of most other species.

Salarian: Since salarians live the shortest and fastest lives of the races, they grow and develop the quickest.  They lay hundreds of small eggs, hardly the size of grapes, in water to incubate.  The baby salarians take only a handful of days to hatch, and grow out of their “tadpole” stage after only a few weeks and continue to grow at astronomical rates until reaching adult size at around or before ten years old.

Elcor: Being one of the largest races and coming from a planet where there’s a strong gravitational pull, the elcor gestational period can last up to nearly a year and a half (18 months).  Elcor babies grow and develop very slowly in comparison to other species, though they are able to stand and walk on their own merely hours after birth.

Quarian: Quarian babies are also very similar to human babies, with pregnancies usually lasting 9 months.  However, due to their weak immune systems, complications often lead to quarian children being born prematurely or with disorders (if mom wasn’t being taken care of properly.)  Baby quarians also tend to have stunted or slow growth rates.  Despite this, they develop cognitively far quicker than other species, which oftentimes gets them into trouble.

Hanar: Baby hanar are born nearly the same as our Earth jellyfish.  Hundreds of thousands of pea-sized eggs are fertilized underwater and swept away by the currents until they hatch after anywhere between a few hours to a few days.  Afterward, they begin to develop in stages.  During their first infant and child stages, hanar babies cling to the depths of Kahje’s oceans, feeding and growing like polyps (cared for by any willing mother, which is why we never see female hanar) until they reach their teenage years, when they finally integrate fully into hanar society.  Developmentally, they’re not ready to leave the ocean until their adult years, hence the lack of young hanar on the Citadel or anywhere else.

Angara: Angaran babies are roughly the size of premature human babies and gestate for a total of 8 months.  Rates of their growth and development are similar to those of a human, if not a tad quicker.  However, sunlight is more essential for young, growing angara than it is for adults, and the amount they receive can affect both their growth and the development of their body’s bioelectric charge as they age, making it harder to manipulate or making the individual more sensitive to the sun and “overcharging” them easily, which could easily be considered a disorder.  For this reason, as soon as they’re able to walk, most angaran toddlers and children are prompted to spend as much time outside as possible, and the activity aids in the growth of muscle mass as they grow older.

Imagine you and your wife want a baby...

Note: This is a lesbian semi rapid pregnancy fluff story. I love rapid pregnancy stories but I only like fluffy, sweet stories where the growth is noticeable, but not violent or taking place over the span of a few seconds. I also like set up and some sweet character interactions. This is my first short story like this so I hope everyone enjoys, but please leave criticism if you feel like it is needed.


You and your wife Sarah are dropped off by the taxi, and you unload your bags. The sunrise has just started, the sky is a light purple that the orange is just starting to fade in. The salty beach air rushes by you; it has been 7 years since your honeymoon you went to the beach. You’re here over the 4 day weekend at The Agency for Parenthood. You saw advertised that over the span of 4 days all the proper arrangements can be made to where you can go home with a healthy baby. Over the phone there wasn’t information given, just the travel arrangements were made. You and your wife had always wanted to raise a family, but it is harder to do so naturally being a lesbian couple. But in only 4 days? Maybe it’s an adoption agency where you meet with the expectant mother and get matched over the weekend. They figured they would go along, it was a beach resort and if they didn’t like it they could get a hotel and just have a relaxing weekend together away from the bustling city. You see other couples getting their stuff together to go inside.

An employee rushes over and helps to gather your belongings. Your items are taken to the suite where you will be staying in, you have been instructed to go to the auditorium to await further instructions. The facility is top notch, 5 stars. The building was alabaster white, marble floors, and wide windows facing the glistening, emerald green ocean and sandy shores. Immediately upon entering you smell savory food, assuming an open buffet must be nearby. This place looks fantastic! You do see several pregnant women waddling around in various stages of pregnancy. Some are in their swimsuits, their swollen, glowing bodies are barely contained by the fabric, leaving through the glass large doors to enjoy the beach. You whisper to Sarah how exciting it will be to get to know these ladies and hopefully be matched. You brought a scrapbook with photos of their life at home just in case they needed to present themselves.

You both find your seats in the auditorium, there is about 50 or so seats. Other couples find their way in and after an hour the room is filled with small chatter. The doors close, the lights dim, and just the small stage has light. After a few moments a middle aged woman, walks into the stage, wearing a large white lab coat over her black pants suit.

“Good morning everyone! I am Dr. Abagail Harris, founder of The Agency of Parenthood. I hope you find our accommodations acceptable during your stay here.” She continues to go over some basic rules of the facility, like where certain locations are on the campus, services provided, and emergency protocol. The audience grows restless.

“Now, the question you all have: how does all over this work? You all have one thing in common, you all want to start a family.” You and the audience start to quiet down to listen carefully.

“You might think upon seeing our other clients here that this is an adoption agency. That is not the case, your children will be biologically yours. The medical technology I have here is highly coveted by certain unscrupulous groups, so please understand the secrecy up to this point.” While there was background chatter during the other parts of the presentation, the audience is now deathly quiet, awaiting to hear what will happen.

Dr. Harris pauses for dramatic effect, smiling wide. “I know we have several same sex couples here, and the child will be biological from both of you as well” Sarah squeezes your hand, you look over and she has a grin as big as the moment you proposed to her all those years ago. You squeeze back, feeling the engagement ring on her finger you gave her and continue to listen.

“This is a type of fertility treatment we have here. But we know a lot of you are busy business men and women. You have planes to catch, meetings to secure multi million dollar deals across the globe next week. Do not fear, your busy lives will not be on hold the next 9 months. You can leave with a biological child of your own in 4 days. I have pioneered technology to expedite the pregnancy, to better accommodate the lifestyle of the 21st century family.” You and the audience gasps in awe at the news.

Dr. Harris starts to giggle a little bit. “Don’t worry, it is completely safe. You saw our other clients as you entered, they are enjoying the sugar sand beaches, splashing in the cool ocean. We have only the best doctors medical staff the world has to offer. If there was a medical emergency, which hasn’t happened in the 10 years we have been open…” She knocks on a wooden support beam for the stage for comedic effect “…we do have a full operatory room that our staff is trained to handle any emergency. In fact, our first patient is yours truely.” Behind her on the projection screen is a collage of photos, a younger Dr. Harris in various stages of pregnancy, then a group photo of her family that includes 6 children. “I did not open this facility until I had proof of the technology. I found out I was infertile when I first got married and I feared I could never have a family. My lifes work has been bringing children into the world that otherwise could not be here. No medical condition can hold you back from having a family.”

The audience is now beyond excited, you can hear all the couples whispering to each other, smiles across the audience. You give Sarah a peck on the cheek. You feel her cheek wet from tears of joy. You wrap your arm around her shoulders, holding her firm.

“My staff will answer more specific questions you may have during the medical exam, which is where you will be going next. It’s going to be a busy next few days, so no time to waste!“ She waved to the audience and the back doors opened on cue.

During her presentation the white lab coat seemed to unbutton. As she was walking off stage, the jacket swept to her sides and behind her. You notice the pale skin of her round stomach peek out from under her black blouse, obviously not meant as a maternity shirt. She hurriedly tucked it back down a few moments later when she realized it. You giggle to yourself, it seems that Dr. Harris isn’t even done adding to her family. You hold Sarah hand as you make your way out.

As everyone leaves the auditorium, there are medical staff with signs each having a different surname on them. You find your family name and are greeted by Mary, your personal nurse and guide over the weekend. She is young, no older than 25. She is just about your height, 5'1”. Her black, long hair and dark skin contrasts with the white lab coat she is wearing. She walks the both of you into a small medical room down a branching hallway and begins to go over each of your health history.

As she concludes the basic medical exam, Mary starts going over the fertility treatment: DNA will be collected from the couple and a zygote will be created using the medical technology at hand. She continues “…and as both of you are women, you have an unique situation. If you want, you can have twins that each of you carry.” You look at Sarahs big brown eyes in excitement. You both have always wanted to have the experience of pregnancy. “The advantage of this is that you can carry one of the twins without the additional bodily stresses that having multiples cause.” That also sounded good.

You have a twin brother and you did always hope to replicate the experience of being a twin with your own child. After some discussion, you both decide that this might be the only time you will be able to do this and agree to each carry a child.

“And like Dr. Harris said, this is completely safe.” Mary pulls out her cell phone and shows you photos of her heavily pregnant, the photo dated just last weekend! The next photo she shows is of her 3 beautiful children, one of them a little girl only a few days old. “Each and every medical staff member is required to have completed the treatment as well, so we can best answer your questions. And yes, my lovely little Emily there was brought into the world last week!” You would of never guessed that she would recover physically so quickly. But then again Dr. Harris is working on child number 7, the process must be easy.

Mary continues “Each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy have been reduced to 40 hours. Within 2 days the fertilized egg will form into a fully formed baby. The 3rd day must stay at the last stage of pregnancy, this stage helps decelerate the fetal growth so they don’t continue to grow rapidly after they are born. The final day here after birth is preparing for the journey home and making vital purchases for the new family member. We will provide  what you will need for the first month. Tomorrow morning you will have an ultrasound to determine the gender of the children, then you will meet with our nursery specialists to have a fully stocked nursery installed in your home while you are here…well…” Mary pats at her currently slim stomach. “…becoming fully stocked yourself.” You all giggle at the joke, but it is also a little nervous sounding as the two of you are slowly taking in the reality of the situation.

There are two medical exam tables in this room. Mary instructs you both to get on one after you disrobe. She leaves the room gather equipment. You both start to take off your clothes and place them in the basket provided. You take an extra long glance at Sarah, she is just as beautiful as the day you met 10 years ago. She is about 4 inches taller than you and is dark as midnight. People tease that the two of you are like night and day since you look polar opposites. The bright lights from the lamps reflect off her skin like shooting stars across the night sky. Sarah has always been a little self conscious of carrying an extra 20 pounds than what she would like, but you find her curves soft and lovely. You have been jealous, yourself always small and petite, always struggling to keep weight on. You try to imagine her with child; her chubby belly that you love to play with, instead full and tight, her belly button popped out from the growing child. Her breasts swelling past their modest handful, you imagine them spilling out the sides of your hands as you gently tease her enlarged, even darker nipples. You then realize that you too would be full figured in every way soon, no longer small and frail. Your heart races, you cannot control your imagination. Firm, swollen round bellys rubbing against each other as you try to hug each other. The only thing that snaps you out of it is the knock on the door. Mary is announcing her return to start the process. You look at Sarah and she seems flustered too, blushing.

“It seems we were having simular thoughts…” She walks over to you and gives you a gentle kiss as she helps you finish undressing, slipping the loose jeggings and tank top off. She slowly rubs your bare stomach, then kisses you on the cheek. Sarah and you hop on the tables and cover yourself with the thin paper blankets provides. Sarah shouts that you both are ready for her to enter.

Mary wheels in various equipment and about 3 other medical staff follow behind. Mary is starting up the equipment as she proceeds to discuss the next steps. “For this part of proceedure you must be placed under general anesthesia for the next 6 hours, the DNA samples can be uncomfortable to gather. Once we place the fertilized eggs in your womb, any movement can disrupt impregnation since this is such a delicate process. You will awaken when we confirm that impregnation was successful. At that point you can proceed to enjoy the next 3 days at your leasure.” You see various other medical equipment being wheeled all around you, the staff placing the sensors on you and Sarah. You feel the pinches of multiple needles being placed in your arms, attached to multiple IV bags. Your heart is now racing from being nervous. This is happening. You see Sarah hand reach out to hold yours, also connected to IV bags. You grasp her hand firmly, feeling with her engagement ring again.  Mary starts counting backwards as you both go under.

“I love you Sarah.” You say shakily. You look into her eyes, wet from tears of excitement. Her full lips start to open to respond but the darkness of sleep pulls you under before you can hear her response.

—–6:34 PM——

You awaken slowly, blinking in and out on consciousness for what seems forever. The bright lights are like staring into the sun, you rub your eyes as you come to. You gain enough awareness to look around for Sarah. She is putting on her sundress, appearing to have awoken much sooner than you. You see that the IV needles are gone, replaced with band aids. You notice a watch on your left wrist. It says 4:41, but that can’t be right if you were under for 6 hours…

Mary speaks from behind you. “Good evening! Everything was a stunning success!” You struggle to sit up, but manage to do so with help from Mary. You look down at your belly, still flat. You then realize the paper blanket has been removed and you curl up, embarrassed from being stark naked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, we see naked women all the time. But I understand how you feel.” She reaches for the clothes basket and hands you the floral tank top and denim jeggings you wore in. She turns around to let you clothe yourself. She continues to explain while turned around.

“You both have been pregnant for 4 hours at this point. So this is just like the fourth week of pregnancy. You each have a watch, timed to the exact moment when the pregnancy started.” You look at the watch just after slipping on your tank top and just as she said, it says 4:42. Makes sense now. The tank top has a built in bra shelf that for your small, just barely there breasts fit into. Honestly if anything it’s still too big and the shirt is an extra small already. “This will count up to 40 hours, when gestation will suspend for a whole day to stop the accellerated growth. Wouldn’t want your bouncing babies to grow up too fast, they already do at a natural pace!”

You finish zipping up your jeans, which you do notice are a tiny little tighter than usual. Before if anything stuck out it was your hip bones. Now the hip bones are hidden away like you have always wanted them to be. You do finally realize that you are absolutely famished! You hear Sarah stomach growl from the other side of the room. Laughing, you walk over and reach for your wife’s hand. You both are grinning from ear to ear.

“Now, you will be growing at an unnatural pace, so I would recommend heading up to your rooms and slipping into something more..accommodating. The buffet is open 24/7, so feel free to eat up! The typical week that you start to show is around 12, so around 2 in the morning is when you’ll actually start filling out in the middle. You’ll be a whole different person when you wake up tomorrow morning!”

Mary opens the door and gives you your room  key, room 245. She gives you directions on how to get there, the resort being so huge. Hand in hand, you both walk out and enter the main lobby area where people are heading for dinner. It smells so wonderful, your mouth starts to fill with saliva.

“Since our room is at the other end of the resort, let’s go ahead and grab some chow!” Sarah pats her soft tummy “Afterall, we are eating for 4 now.”

You enter the dining room and immediately taken back at the sheer amount of food. A huge buffet line with every kind of food you can think of, staff restocking the popular items. You see all around couples having dinner. The women early in their pregnancy are all along the buffet line getting their food, while you see all the women very full with child sitting down at the tables, their husbands and  not pregnant spouses getting them probably their third plate of food. You look over at each others bodies and realize this will be us in just a day! You both make your way to the buffet line and fill up your plates.

You find a table with a couple you sat next to during the presentation. They wave you down and you both take a seat. As you are seated, your jeans dig into your sides and stomach. You do your best to adjust them to make yourself comfortable.

You spend hours talking and eating with the couple. Their names are Justin and Darlene, a husband and wife CEO team for a business software company. Over the years they could never concieve a child naturally, but 2 years ago they had their first child thanks to The Agency for Parenthood. They hired a babysitter for their son and they hope for a daughter to complete their family. Sarah, being the more social one, fills them in on your story. You add in important details as needed, but between the bites you gaze on Sarah and are reminded of why beyond her beauty you fell in love with her; her ability to start a conversation with anyone is how she met you. You wish you had the gift of the gab like her, but you also just love the melody of her voice as she spins tales of their adventurous early years of your marriage.

The hours passes by, eating plate and plate of delicious food: mac and cheese, glazed ham, steak, biscuts, nearly everything at least once! You wish you thought ahead like Sarah and worn a dress, your pants are just aching to be off at this point, you feel the b pants digging in. You try to adjust them and now there is a quite noticeable, but small still, fat spilling out all around the belt of jeggings. You reach your hand feel your skin over your belt line, its soft, just fat; not the firm, small round belly you hope to be sporting when you wake up tomorrow morning. But this is the most you ever filled out any item of clothing. You guess you might actually fit a size 1 currently instead of the 00 you typical have to wear. After laughs and sharing stories, photos on your phone of your pets and family, it is nearly 9pm and you both figure it is time to get ready for bed. You both ate so much food, your body is busy digesting it and is begging for sleep. You all give hugs and look forward to seeing them on campus tomorrow, excited to share upcoming baby bumps!

You leave the dining hall and make it to your room. It’s a solid 10 minute walk, you paid extra for a suite that overlooks the ocean, but with that comes extra walking to get such a remote room. You hold your wife’s hand and head down the hallways. You pass by some night owl couples who prefer moonlight to sunlight and making their way out now. You see one couple, both of them probably 30 hours into their pregnancies, heading out to the beach, hand on the smalls of their back for support, for what little of a moonlight beach waddle they can do. Their swimsuits can barely contain their newly formed bodies, breasts overflowing the bikini tops, the bottoms barely covering the nessary parts, being stretched as their hips obviously has widened signifigantly to house their evergrowing children. Their sway backwards to accomodate the new center of gravity matches the palm trees against the ocean wind, bending back as well. Their free hand is rubbing each other’s swollen tummys. Even though it is night, those women are glowing like the sun. You smile and make a mental note to take Sarah out on a night walk while here.

You do notice as you walk that there is a little bit more of jiggle to your breasts as you take your steps. Your breasts before were barely a size A cup, not even enough to jiggle even if you jumped. The built in bra for your top is struggling to support your breasts, now easily large enough where they have their own independent movement. You have never experienced this before and now understand why large breasted women are always complaining about bras with no support. As you walk, the skin of your swollen breasts tug down slightly with each step, causing some discomfort. Not as uncomfortable as the jeans though, they have to get off the moment you enter the room! All the buttered crab legs and thick lobster bisque you ate is finding their place on your body quicker than you expected. Your free hand goes to your hips; you now have what they jokingly call a muffin top. As you walk your breasts jiggle with your new expanded waist.

Your room is finally found and you enter. Sarah barely closes the door behind her before you take off your top. You feel the bounce of your breasts as the bra frees them, you feel them move for a small moment before they settle. You start to unbutton your pants and work your fingers to the zipper, but immediately forces itself open before you could even begin. You let out a sigh of relief. You brushed against your belly while your hand was undoing the button. Is it just you or does your belly already feel a bit firmer, a little more rounded? Can’t be, you look a your watch and it’s only hour 7, way sooner than the typical week you start to show. Sarah walks over to help you undress, she rubs her fingers along the red imprints from where your jeans were digging in.

“Hmm, you always thought you were too skinny, now you know how I feel after pizza night! I always thought…you….are just perfect…but you might be a different kind of perfect like this…” She gently rubs the indention lines, using them to guide her fingers. She continues to explore your expanding hips and beyond, slightly pressing on your tummy to see if it feels different. It is a little firmer, gives more resistance when she presses. You both notice and exchange smiles. Sarah leans over, gives your belly button a kiss and helps to remove the rest of the pants. She leans over in a way that purposefully shows her cleavage. Her breasts slightly overfilled the top of her bra, she is obviously going though the same changes as you are. You feel warm, you cannot wait to get her to the bed. You start to unbutton her dress when you both are caught off guard by your jeans. This was the only pair of jeans you owned that you didn’t need a belt to keep them up, even with that the extra fabric in the legs previously swished when walking. Sarah is having to tug rather hard on your jeans to remove them. Your breasts and midsection were not the only thing that has grown, but your legs have additional weight on them too.

“I need you to get on the bed so I can help get these off of you, you have grown so much already!” You lay down, noticing your breasts flattening out and to the side a bit as they do when they are of a larger cup size. With Sarahs help you shimmy the jeggings off. You lean back on the bed with relief when they finally let loose of your legs. The uncomfortable pressure of the waist band digging into your sides must have prevented you from noticing how tight the legs were. You see on your pale legs more red indention marks from where the pant seems were pressing against your growing thighs, but as you rub the indention marks you also feel other lines…you see them almost purple and along your hips and inside of your thighs, the most growth so far. Stretch marks. You are 31 but you finally got them! Sarah proceeds to quickly unbutton her dress and tosses it and your pants next to the luggage the staff left by the door. She jumps on bed with you, you and your new bodies all bounce with the bed springs up and down. You both hug and kiss each other, rolling on the bed, skin touching skin. You don’t notice as much changes on Sarah other than her slightly larger breasts, but you know that will come. You caress her breast with one hand, the other placing the other nipple to your lips, kissing them softly. She sharply gasps and moans, the sudden sensitivity freezing her in pure pleasure. The new changes to each of your bodies has opened a new world for sexual exploration. At this point you both planned on circumnavigating the expanding globes that are your tummys and elsewhere, leaving no area of skin untouched.

The night is simply magical, even better than your honeymoon 7 years ago, if that was possible. The hours pass and you both eventually fall asleep, her spooning you, a hand absently on your new breast, sending shivers over your bidy when her fingertips brush against your enlarged nipple. You realize this is the first time it can actually be cupped a little bit by hand, something Sarah especially made her aware of tonight. You curl up, your favorite sleeping position, and you feel a definite bulge from your swelling tummy when you bring your thighs up close to your body, it being called the fetal position just being ironic in this case. You bring your hand to feel it, and now you have a definate pregnant belly, firm and warm as you rub it slowly. You see is the watch on your wrist, reading hour 10 of the pregnancy.

Your dreams are of your new family: 4 toddler aged children running around playing tag. In your dream you look over to Sarah on your porch swing, heavily pregnant, swollen breasts resting on top of her belly that has spread her legs so wide apart. She has a shirt on, but it barely covers her enlarged popped out belly button that stretches the shirt to its limit. She white skirt she is wearing is nearly hidden by her belly that extends to the middle of her dark thighs.  You are holding the small of your back, taking your time to lean back into the swing, as to not fall over due to your own even larger belly that when you finally seat almost extends to your knees, breasts bounce and then settle to the sides of your firm, almost oblong shaped stomach under a loose sundress. The dream ends with the two of you hopelessly squeezed together, each of your thighs pressing and taking up the empty space under arm rest of the swing. The two person swing didn’t take into account women carrying each a set of twins, making it 6 people. Sarah, you and your four children laughs as they struggle to help you both out of the swing. While dreaming you hold the small swell of your growing child with your hand.

As the sleeping hours pass, it taking up more and more of your hand. You wake up once in the middle of the night due to something pushing against the small of your back, tickling as it creeps up your spine. As you turn over to get more comfortable, sleep still in your eyes, the moonlight reflects off of Sarahs now noticable baby bump, her soft belly you love now taught, the softness that was once there now have been used for your child. You start to find a new comfortable position, but not before you notice Sarahs hand move to her tummy, rubbing it now in her sleep too. You end up sleeping on your back, enjoying the weight you feel between your hips as your belly takes on more of a dome shape against the moon light. You cup one hand under your enlarged bump, the other on Sarahs firm and very warm belly.


Pairing: Dean and Reader

Warnings: adorableness, a wee tad of doubt, more flUff

Key: [y/n] - your name ; [L/N] - last name ; [n/n] - nick name

lol enjoy

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All the previous foods that sat in my stomach started to stir its way back up my throat, shooting me awake from the sleep I was in. My foot tripped over the blanket, and my body almost hit the floor until I balanced my self and ran out the room to the bathroom. The timing was impeccable, seeing as if I waited any longer, I would’ve spewed right on the floor.

My body’s heaving and chocking on the air was continuously being cut off from the interruption of my stomach, as my back arched with every push. Tears trailed down my face involuntarily and added itself into the vile mess sitting in the toilet right now.

Another round shot through my body on its own willingness as my hands gripped the toilet seat. I could feel my throat starting to burn and my eyes becoming heavy from the sudden exertion of energy. A heavy, gentle hand laid itself on my back, rubbing soothing circles as I peered up to see Dean’s sleepy eyes look at me in concern. There was no time for me to say anything, as my body put me right back to work in the toilet.

What felt like hours later, my body had completely emptied my stomach, including my stomach itself, into the toilet, and Dean helped me back to bed. Even if I wanted to sleep, the pounding in my head was preventing me from doing so. He kept me close to him, while at the same time allowing me space to fly out if I had another episode. Which a few hours later I did. What there was left to throw up, was a mystery to me.

It had been like this for the past four weeks and it was worrying Dean and I after we figured out it couldn’t possibly be a cold or the flu or a stomach virus; whether Sam knew or not was in the air since he hadn’t said anything. I know Dean had been praying to Cas to come down here and see what was wrong, but all three of us knew he was busy with the war in heaven right now. Instead, I opted for the normal approach to situations like these: the doctors.

“Dean, I scheduled an appointment tomorrow at the doctor’s for a check up. You can come if you’d like, but I know how you are about socializing.”

When I looked over at him from the stove that i was currently using to cook a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich on, Dean was already looking at me with furrowed eyebrows, “Tomorrow? Me, you and Sam were supposed to go and investigate further into this case, you know, one of the requirements for our job?” I deadpanned as Dean watched me sit down across from him at the table.

“Dean, I know you have been aware of the situation i’ve been experiencing for the last four weeks. Okay, and there’s no beating around the bush with this one and hoping it goes away by itself. I’m actually concerned so I’m going to the doctor’s with or without you.”

Dean shrugged and put his hands up in defeat, “Sweetheart, I just work here.” He gave me a glance and a smirk as I shook my head with a hidden smile and ate my lunch.

The awkward paper robe the nurse gave me crinkled as I sat on the doctors table waiting for her to come back with an ultrasound they suggested we do. A knock through the door caught my attention, making me sit up as the doctor greeted me with a smile.

“Alright Ms. [L/N], I have the ultrasound right here and everything seems to be in working condition, including the two little life forms growing in you right now.” She shuffled through some files but my mouth had dropped and my eyes squinted in confusion, “Come again?”

The doctor looked at me and nodded, a smile forming on her face, “Congratulations Ms. [L/N], you’re having twins!”

I couldn’t help but glance down at my stomach. Oh chuck, twins. I’m having twins.. I’m having twins! I’m gonna be a Mommy… And Dean’s gonna be a Daddy… Dean, oh shit, what is Dean gonna say? What if he doesn’t want them? Are we even ready for a family?

“Ms. [L/N]?” I looked up at her, a tear slipping down my cheek, “Would you like to see the ultrasound?” Reluctantly, I nodded and my eyes glued on to the photo rather quickly. “Here’s baby number one, and.. baby number two.. At this stage in your preganacy, being four weeks along, your babies are about the same size of poppy seeds. ”

Poppy seeds… Wow. They’re so small and fragile. And they were growing inside of me. I started smiling and crying a little more at the thought of Dean and i having created life together. Oh god, I still have to tell Dean…

When I got home, the boys we’re still out interviewing some leads for the case, leaving me alone with my concerns and the evidence too.

How do you even tell your boyfriend that you’re having twins? “Hey babe! Our sex session several weeks ago got me pregenante with two combinations of our DNA! Congrats, I’ll have to feel double the pain of birth!”

I sighed and shook my head, walking down to Dean and I’s shared room, placing the files on the dresser. As the door to the bunker opened and two deep voices filled my previous silence, I had emerged from the stairs. Deans sentence was cut short when he saw me standing next to the table with my arms crossed and my face absentmindely frowning.

“Hey [n/n]. What’s wrong?” I looked up at Dean, then at Sam. Should I tell them both? No, I’ll just tell Dean, to see his reaction.

“Dean, can I talk to you?” He glanced back at Sam before nodding and following behind me.

Dean sat on the bed as I closed the door to our room, taking a deep breath before turning to sit next to him.

“Um…” My hands fiddled with each other and my eyes focused on the floor. How do I say this!? I don’t even know how to utter words in that direction.

“[y/n]?” Dean grabbed my hands, causing me to look at him. “Is everything okay? Was it something I did?”

I shook my head, “So you know I went to the Doctors earlier to see about why I had been throwing up so much and about my headaches and stuff… Well everything is fine, I’m fine… And… ” I couldn’t seem to get the words out, so I resorted to using the papers the doctor gave me. Grabbing the ultrasound sitting on the dresser, I handed him the picture and folded my arms over my chest.

He looked at the picture with confusion on his face, “What is this? Is this… an ultrasound?” He took another few minutes to stare at it before he looked up at me, still confused, “Are you…” The look I must’ve been giving him had to have given it away because excitement actually flooded his facial features. His eyebrows raised and a smile started to form as he asked the full question: “Are you pregnant? Like with a baby?”

He had gotten on his knees and held my stomach as he looked at me for the actual, legit answer. Instead of flat our saying yes, i held up two fingers and mouthed the words ‘two’ as a smile started to form from the relief washing over me.

Dean started to stammer over his words, “T-Two- Two babies? Twins??” Now his smile was wrapping around his face, mine beginning to do the same thing. I nodded in confirmation and his mouth fell open.

“I’m gonna be a dad… To twins… We’re having twins… We’re having twins!” He jumped up and wrapped me in a giant hug, my feet lifting from the floor. I laughed with tears of joy and relief that he wasn’t mad.

I looked from my closed eyes to see that the room we were previously in, was dissapearing behind us as Dean ran down the hallway with me still in his arms from the hug.

He soon set me down and turned me to face Sam, who was confused as ever. Dean walked over to him and patted his shoulder, giving it a good squeeze. “Congrats, Sammy. You’re going to be an uncle.”

Sam’s head was quick to look at Dean with shock on his face; eyes wide and mouth agape. He looked back at me, then my stomach. “You’re pregnant?” He looked at Dean and pointed, “She’s pregnant?”

Deans smirk was one of proudness, it was clear as day, especially when he held up two fingers, “With twins.”

Sam smiled and chuckled, standing up from his chair and walking over to give me a Giant’s hug. He pulled away and pulled me into his side as he looked between Dean and I, “Congrats, guys! I can’t wait to the two little clones running around here.”

Dean smiled at me, “Neither can I.”

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“It’s a very special day, because I can sing and dance in front of you with the INFINITE members… I was asking myself after the first concert, ‘what would I do if I can’t perform anymore?’ if I grow old and can’t go on stage… I think that would be pretty unbearable. I invite you all to the journey together until the end. That way, we’ll be able to sing and dance our best. Thank you.”

happy birthday, lee howon ♡


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Thea walked off the stage after waving to the guys. When the ceremony was finished, she followed all the graduates outside. She was immediately bombarded by five leather clad men. “We’re so proud of you”, CC told her. “Our baby is growing up!” Ashley said hugging her. “Guys, c’mon”, Thea said, “Give me some room”.

Vlad's First Fang
A children's book for little monsters and the wonder of what happens when they lose their baby teeth.


I’ve been working on this project with a friend of mine and it’s in the final stages of production, so we’ve put together our kickstarter to get it printed and ready for sale!

What Is It?

Vlad’s First Fang is a children’s book for little monsters and the wonder of what happens when they lose their baby teeth.

Vlad, Dracula’s son, experiences the magic behind losing a tooth in this fun children’s book about the beginnings of growing up.

We thought that certainly young monsters lose their baby teeth too, right? If so, does the monster world have its own tooth fairy, or maybe Fang Fairy that comes and collects the lost teeth? Would she offer the monsters coins, or grant a wish? This is the adventure we explore with Vlad as he learns that there is a Fang Fairy to believe in and a wish to grant. 

So What Now?

With the book in the final stages of production, we have now created our kickstarter and are in need of funds to get it ready for sale.

The book will be  6" x 9" and about 20 pages. I’m currently finishing the last of the illustrations for the book, and it will soon be ready to be edited with the text.

What’s the Money Going To?

We are looking to raise $2,500 for a paperback version, and the proceeds will go to:

-Basic business affairs, copyright, etc.
-Illustration and Design

If we’re able to raise a stretch goal of $5,000 we will be able to send it in hardback instead.

Backing vs. Pledge With No Reward

With this being through kickstarter, you’re able to donate and fund any amount you’d like. Whether you’d like to be a confirmed backer, or just a good citizen that will donate a few dollars, we’re grateful for your help!

For our thanks for your Backing our project, we have a variety of rewards.

  • $10 - digital copy
  • $25 - physical and digital
  • $40 - previous tiers + your name included on our backer page!

and more!

Our Kickstarter will end on Sept. 23, at 11:59 PM

If you have any questions, please contact me on here or through email - paigerwinart@gmail.com or my partner in crime, Mykayla, at fontainecreativeenterprises@gmail.com

Thank you!

A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11

In all seriousness I love Zen and I also love Jumin. I tried my best. I apologize for grammatical errors or this totally not making any sense. This is my first time writing this sort of thing and publishing it. I am in no means as amazing as some of the other writers out there, but i honestly tried my best to contribute to the fandom. Positive constructive criticism is welcome! Keep it positive 

Rating: M (mild swearing and future smut)

Tags: Angst, mystic messenger, Jumin Han x MC, Zen x MC, 

Summary: MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han. 

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Over 100 Followers & Reasons Why

Today, I officially have over 100 fellow shippers enrolled in the Symmrat Syndicate! Thank you to those that have joined my fabulous Nerd Squad! This blog is still in its baby stages and I am super excited to watch it grow! Please, please never hesitate to let me know if there’s further content I could provide to make this blog more interesting - ANY work or dialogue involving this ship is welcomed! I will also be posting my written fic contributions to the fandom as well (another one-shot is in the works)! Symmrat/Junkmetra had been considered a “rare pair” in the past. BUT, our numbers are growing and I LOVE IT!! I figured there was no better way for me to celebrate 100 followers than for me to write about #WhyIFuckingLoveSymmrat/JunkmetraWithMyWholeHeartandSoul! If it’s one thing I am known for, it’s that I am OBSESSED with love. I am absolute romantic garbage and I especially have a thing for interracial couples. I love seeing people from different backgrounds and cultures come together in glorious union. Ok, so our lovelies - symmetra and junkrat - both are 2 of my favorite characters in overwatch. They are both fleshed out beautifully and have such vibrant and distinct personalities. I love their character designs and how much they each contrast the other. I love that they are messy, flawed, and REAL. They both have had incredible challenges in their past and now they are both fighting the good fight in Overwatch to make the world a better place. Even with so much contrast, they both find common ground in their core values. This ship is truly about the development of mutual respect, friendship, and gorgeous love that can heal the wounds of their past and give them a chance at happiness. Their union exemplifies change that’s needed in the world today - respect and open dialogue despite contrasting views and beliefs. If Symmetra and Junkrat can find love in each other, who’s to say the world can’t too?

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Hiraeth -CEO!Daddy!Luke:

Originally posted by catchfiers

Hiraeth: (n) a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

A/n: yup, you guessed it! ANOTHER CEO Luke bc hey I am an addict :3 I don’t know how to file this really, but  ex husband!is not a legit AU so I decided to fix that lol

Word count: 3k

Plot: You meet your ex!husband at your son’s school play (although you’re still not officially divorced)

You adjusted the sides of your dress as you stepped out of your car, picking up your purse before locking the vehicle. Walking into the vast auditorium, you made sure to put your phone on silent so as not to cause any disturbance. 

With your head bowed down, you nearly missed the high-pitched voice calling for you.


Your head shot up at the familiarity of the voice just in time to catch the small child running your way. With a wide smile, you picked up the little girl, balancing her on your hip as your hand reached to fix her ruffled skirt. 

“Hi baby! Did you come to see your brother?” You cooed at her, to which she responded with a head nod, “Where’s your daddy though?” You mumbled more to yourself, searching for him in the crowd.

“Amiria, don’t run off like that baby,” Calum came rushing to your side in a minute. Clearly, keeping his three year old in one place while he searched for their seats was more of a hassle than he what deemed it to be. 

His face instantly relaxed upon seeing that Amiria was in Your arms, reaching out to give you a hug as best as he could with the little girl taped to your side. 

“How are you doing, love?” He smiled once you parted, Amiria taking the change of your proximity to latch onto her father, his arms securely holding her body as she did so. 

“I’m alright, and really excited to see my little man,” You said, feeling more than eager as the day you had been waiting for finally came to be. 

Jace, your four year old son, had been preparing for the school play for the past month. He had refused time after time to practice in front of you, telling you that he wanted you to see him do it for the first time on stage. Surely, your motherly instincts were kicking in, filling you with pride and joy to see your little baby perform.

Calum’s head whipped around as he heard his wife calling for him, “Well, me and my little bug need to go take our seats. We’ll meet at the end, yeah?” He asked, and with your nod of approval he turned around to get installed in his seat. 

You lifted your own invitation to read the number, trying to find your own seat in the auditorium. 1298. Seeing as you were nearing the number, your eyes looked up only to find him sitting very very close. Checking your number once more, you stepped a little closer upon realizing that you were seated right next to him.

Luke’s eyes darted up at your sudden closeness; his expression turning into a dazed one –much similar to yours- once his eyes met yours. His mouth hung open as he failed to let out any words, making you address him first. 

“Hey,” You mumbled, “I –uh- didn’t think they’d seat us together.” You let out your thoughts, your hands fiddling with your purse as you awkwardly stood in front of him. Sensing your discomfort, Luke was quick to offer; “I can ask for a seat change, if- if you’d like.” He carefully stated, but you shook your head at him, taking a seat as you smiled at him. 

“Nonsense, we can watch it together.”

Luke’s eyes lingered on you whilst yours were glued on the stage. He couldn’t force himself to look away from you; your hair was fixed just as he liked it, the dress you were wearing reminding him of the last time you wore it. And you looked just as stunning as you did before. He knew that his eyes would never land on anyone as beautiful as you were; he had thought you were stunning ever since your first encounter years ago. But motherhood suited you; it gave you this extra aura and beam, making you glow brighter than any star. 

Your history with Luke ran back to years and years, your hips attached together ever since your college years. Never did he think he’d find himself where he was; facing a divorce with the last person he wanted to part from. Although technically the papers were still unsigned, the vacant patch of skin joining your fourth finger and knuckle was a bitter reminder of the truth he couldn’t hide from.

“Look, there he is!” You squealed, your hand involuntarily reaching out to nudge his forearm. Jace had finally made an appearance on stage, the young toddler dressed up in his prince attire. 

Luke’s heart swelled at the sight of his little man performing like as much passion as the four year old could muster. Jace was Luke’s sunshine; his soul; his everything. No signed deal or any successful project could ever amount to the level of pride he felt watching his son grow through the years. 

Opposed to what everyone was concerned about -the speculations about having their next company heir; Luke was first and foremost interested in the bundle of joy you were bringing to life.

Undoubtedly, the birth of Jace had brought enchantment and delight to both of your lives, along with your respective families. Sure, it had not been planned in any way, but it was the most pleasant surprise you had ever gotten. You had already been married for nearly two years when you had found out about the miracle growing inside of you, and your relationship was going as strong as ever. 

Luke felt thankful for having you by his side; he knew without doubt that no one would ever be as understanding of his job as you were. But you had walked by his side on every step of the way, and you knew just how hard he had been working to get to where he was.

But if one thing he loved, it was being able to spoil his baby boy –even way before he was born. He wanted to give him the world and love him with every bit of his soul.  He could still vividly remember your pregnancy, the words you whispered into the night still ringing in his ears. 

“Our own little baby” You whispered one late sleepless night, your husband lying right beside you trying to get you to find some well needed sleep, despite having to wake up early for his work. 

Luke’s hand ran up and down your swollen belly, only stopping to pepper the skin with feather-light kisses, “Our baby. I like that.”

Luke glanced sideways at you, his hand reaching out to give you his handkerchief as he noticed your teary eyes. Your fingers lightly touched his as you thankfully accepted it, raising it to wipe the corners of your eyes. 

“Sorry,” You sheepishly smiled at him, “I’m just- my little boy is growing so fast.” You managed out. The sight of the small boy singing and dancing around on stage, his lines well rehearsed as he shone on stage, was enough to fill you up with pride to the brim. 

Luke felt a pang in his heart as more tears made their way out. As much as he knew that you were crying out of joy and happiness, he couldn’t help the guilt he felt knowing that the last tears he saw you shed were everything but.

Luke was aware that family meant sacrifices, he knew that marriage meant changing I’s into we’s. But in the midst of his adding pile of work and constant pressure, he had let himself forget to live by them.

Neither of you could pinpoint when it had exactly happened; all you knew was that one missed dinner became two, and one forgotten date multiplied until it could no longer be ignored. And before you knew it, your husband and constant companion became a fading figure in your life, leaving for work at the early hours of the morning, returning extremely late you almost began doubting if he even came home. 

You had understood; hadn’t you been fully understanding of his work as a major CEO and the responsibilities that tagged along, you wouldn’t have gotten married to him. But you needed to keep in mind that it wasn’t just you anymore; it wasn’t just you who woke up in the morning to feel disapointed that the other half of the bed was empty; you weren’t the only waiting for him late at night in hopes of telling him all about your day. 

You had understood when you were the only one caught up in his working schedule, but you weren’t the only one affected anymore. You had a child; a responsibility and life to care for; a young boy who needed his father just as much as his mother. You knew that Luke loved his son to bits –you’d never doubt it; but it pained you that he was missing so many milestones along the way.

Surely, you had brought it up many times. You weren’t one to quickly bail out and you certainly didn’t want to fight over emotions you kept bottled in. So you made sure to tell him what was on your mind, and he listened. Luke understood that he had a habit of getting too caught up in his work, allowing it to consume him completely. And he tried to patch things up; he really did try to make it all up but without avail. His short term fixes aimed to last for the long term, but always ended up crumbling down after a while. 

He would be on his best behavior for a couple of weeks, having his meals at home and spending more time with Jace. But the counter would fall back to zero and he’d go back to his old habits, running around in a permanent cycle. Soon enough, the stress from your busy life clashed with his own, and your quiet hushed arguments turned into heavy storms you never wanted your son to get exposed to.

Filing the papers for the divorce had been the hardest thing you had ever done; but with every cold untouched dinner you pried yourself to stay strong, and every time Jace would ask for his daddy as his baby blues eyed you with the utmost innocence you willed yourself to keep going.  

You undoubtedly loved Luke with every fiber of your being; the idea of breaking up with him after all of the years you spent by him side making your stomach churn, and you knew he loved you just as much. But you felt as if you were asking for something he couldn’t give, waiting for a sudden change of character you could no longer hope for. 

Surely, that decision wasn’t one you irrationally jumped into. In fact, you had been trying to bring it up with Luke on countless occasions. But as three months passed by, and all of your attempts to have quiet time with him failed, you found yourself more determined to finalize your decision and drop the dreaded papers in his office.

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes when his secretary handed him the papers to sign, the whole in his chest expanding and sending him into the depths of despair. He knew that things weren’t ok; he knew that it hadn’t been ok for a while and it was his entire fault. But he believed that maybe –just maybe- as long as he loved you and his son with all of his heart then you could find a way to work it all out. 

He wanted to desperately believe that you were just testing him, maybe trying to warn him and set his mind straight. But the papers were as legitimate as they could be, your signature already scribbled at the end right next to where his should be.  

He had run out of his office in mere seconds, driving as fast as he could to your shared house. Truthfully, he wasn’t so surprised to see that you weren’t there. In fact, none of your belongings were there. Once he realized that Jace’s things were packed as well, the veracity of this divorce you were bringing up hit him like a ton of bricks. And so he drove to the one place he knew you’d be at; your parent’s.

You had been waiting for him; of course you were. You expected him to come barging in, screaming and asking for an explanation. You had thought about his reaction over and over, but when the bell rang your stomach twisted into a knot and you almost wanted to run at the thought of facing him.

Luke had come with every intention to fight for you and change your mind, but upon seeing you he regretted coming in the first place. He wanted to run away from your tear-stained face, he wanted to escape the desperation on your face and the hurt lacing your words. Only then had he realized just how much he had messed up, just how blind he had been to assume that everything was going to be alright. 

“Just think about it, please.” 

You had pleaded him, your words wounding both of your hearts. But you needed to do the right thing by your son; you needed to do what was best. You didn’t want to fight anymore, you didn’t want to let your buried frustration poison Luke’s life, and you certainly didn’t want Jace to get caught up in the midst of it all.

With a heavy heart, Luke had agreed to at least think about it though he wasn’t about to promise you anything. But as he returned back to the house, he couldn’t fight the empty feeling residing in his chest. The grand house felt cold as ever, stripped from its life without you two in it. Luke feared that that’s what it was like for you, because he knew for a fact that he had left long before you did.

Luke didn’t know where it all went wrong, but he wanted to go back and fix it all to show you that belonged by his side after all. He couldn’t believe how wrong things had gone, because just that morning he had woken up with you sleeping peacefully by his side. And –god- he regretted not having cherished it as much as he should’ve and he’d give everything up just to be able to do it all over again. He should’ve waked you up with kisses and held you for as long as he could in his embrace, just maybe then you would’ve still been by his side.

He desperately yearned for your smell as he cuddled your pillow at night, waking up every morning with the hope that it had all been one nasty dream. But as Sunday finally came, and Luke slept in unusually late, he realized that -for what could be the first Sunday on his life- Jace didn’t barge into the master bedroom, jumping on the bed to wake his parents up. And when the scent of your Sunday pancakes didn’t fill the house that day, Luke found himself weeping on the cold floor with Jace’s teddy bear clutched into his arms, his heartbroken cries filling up a house he could no longer call home.

“Daddy!” the little squeal brought Luke out of his torturous thoughts, his arms immediately picking up his son and throwing him up in the air, earning a loud giggle from the boy. 

“Did you see me daddy? Did you see me play?” Luke moved Jace to rest him on his side, the toddler excitedly waiting for his father’s response.

“We did baby! Mummy and daddy are so so proud of you,” You joined in, stepping closer to ruffle Jace’s curly locks. Surely, Jace was the spitting image of his daddy with his blond hair and blue eyes; but his nose, lips and skin tone were inherited from you. Thus, you and Luke had been told you made cute babies on more than one occasion.

Standing there with the two of you, Luke had finally had a taste of the feeling of being home he had been longing for in the past three months. And maybe he was wrong to stand there and delude himself that everything was alright; maybe it was wrong for him to pretend that the crumbles of your broken family didn’t stain his hands red. But at the moment all he cared about was holding onto that feeling for as long as he could.

“Come on my pretty prince, let’s get you home.” You mumbled as your arms picked up Jace, offering Luke a smile before you turned towards the exit. Luke strolled behind the two of you, mindful to keep his distance but unwilling to abandon that moment just yet. And so he walked a few steps behind you, his hands tucked into the pockets of his pants, his eyes never once leaving you.

“Excuse me,” A voice interrupted him, his face turning to the side and coming face to face with an older woman, “I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family.” the old lady beamed at him. 

Luke’s eyes darted back to your figure upon hearing those words, a sad smile on his face. He knew that he’d never find someone as beautiful as you looked at that moment, with your wide smile as you danced around with Jace on your hip. 

“Yeah” He mumbled, barely mastering a polite smile to the lady as his chest felt tighter and tighter.

Luke kept walking behind the two of you, feeling as if ever single step you took brought you further and further from him until you became way out of his reach. But Luke knew that the picture of your dancing giggling figures that he had managed to snap would undoubtedly become his favorite.

A picture of everything he cherished and held close to his heart.

A picture of broken promises and everything he lost.

Because yeah, he did have a beautiful family.

SNSD Reaction to: One of the Members Getting Married

Taeyeon: Thinks back to SNSD’s debut stage, remembers the enormous weight on her shoulders of being the leader to all these beautiful, bright girls. Their baby faces have faded and times have changed but that bond would never be forgotten. It felt like watching a family member get married. As the vows are said, she can’t stop smiling.

“Doesn’t our friend look so pretty?” she’ll whisper to Tiffany. “Aah, time goes by so quickly.”

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Jessica: Seeing her former friend grow up and find love made her so nostalgic of the old days, of when she was not only a member but of pre-debut, when they were practicing and nervous, feeling anxious about the future. She would follow the media closely, happy to know that her former band mate was happy and doing well :)

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Sunny: Gets drunk and feels so emotional about the day. She tries to make a speech over dinner, congratulating the newly wed couple, but makes a mess of it. And no one lets her live it down.

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Tiffany: Feels like a proud mom, watching as they exchange their first kiss as a newly married couple. Will probably cry the hardest, maybe even more than the members real family.

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Hyoyeon: Takes full advantage of the dance floor. Watching her friend get married just made her long for her own special day. And there was no better way to capture someone’s eye than by strutting her sexy stuff.

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Yuri: Her heart feels like it’s in her throat during the entire service. The girls were like her sisters so this genuinely felt like a family member getting married.

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Sooyoung: “Wait, someone wants to marry you? Do they know about that time you - “ Will joke and tease them but in actual fact, she’s so happy for them. Her speech over dinner starts off with gags but by the end she’s in tears and so is everyone else. “I wish you the best in life but y/n, don’t forget that we still want to spend time with our friend. She may be your wife but she was ours first!”

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Yoona: “Congratulations!” Gives them a handwritten card, that conveys the depth of her joy for that member. Writing it down made it easier to gather her thoughts and truly show her pride in them.

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Seohyun: Wishes the happy couple well and will probably buy them a wedding gift. And not just a blender but something genuinely great, that they’ll love and that’s what she’s remember for. Not for her well thought out words but her great present lol

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The Next Chapter

Part Three in the “Monsters” Universe, requested by numerous people. <3

I’d been feeling bad for nearly three weeks now; nausea would come and go, but the busy schedule that came with my life had gotten in the way, and I didn’t really think about it too much. I was exhausted, too, but with a four year old, and a…Spencer, that wasn’t anything new. Of course I was tired.

Spencer had been living with Aidan and I since before he got shot, but now that we were officially engaged, we both felt that it was time to get a house that was ours. Something that we could spend our lives in, to raise Aidan and maybe even a couple of other little ones at some point.

The house we’d chosen was relatively new, two stories, with a sweeping staircase, four bedrooms, and lots of windows. We both loved it, and Aidan seemed to as well.

But now, Spencer was home from his latest trip, and we’d finished moving into the house we’d just bought together. The downside of my schedule settling down a bit was that Spencer suddenly had much more opportunity to notice that I was sick.

I tried to be discreet, but when you live with a profiler, that’s not really an option. I looked up from where I was kneeling in front of the toilet to find Spencer watching me, looking concerned.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded and stood up. He moved aside so that I could lean over the sink to wash out my mouth.

“(Y/N),” he said, stopping me from leaving the bathroom. I could tell by his tone of voice that I was not going anywhere without some answers.

“Have you gotten sick before now?” he asked.

“Of course I have, Spencer,” I said. “Everyone gets sick.”

I could tell by the look on his face that I wasn’t about to get by with that.

“Okay,” I relented. “Yes, I’ve been nauseous off and on for about three weeks,” I told him.

“Have you been tired?” he asked.

“I run around after a four-year-old every day,” I said. “Yeah, I’ve been tired.”

“I mean, more than usual,” he clarified.

“Yeah, I have,” I admitted.

I saw his eyes flicker toward the small calendar that I keep on the back of the bathroom door.

“I know it’s been hectic lately,” he began, “but when’s the last time you had your period?”

I froze.

It hadn’t occurred to me, not even once, but now that Spencer pointed it out to me, it seemed like such an obvious answer.

“I-it’s been almost two months,” I answered. “I didn’t even notice.”

“I thought that might be the case,” he said. “Do you think you could be?”

“Well, it’s definitely a possibility,” I replied.

“Do you want me to go and get a test?” he asked, and I found myself nodding my head. He left, and returned from the store a few minutes later, armed with various kinds of at-home pregnancy tests.

“I only really needed one, Spence,” I said.

“I know, but I didn’t know which one to get,” he replied. “Besides, statistically, the more tests you take, the better chance you have of getting an accurate result.” I smiled slightly.

“Alright,” I agreed. “I’m going to go take some of these, and then we’ll look at the results together.”

When I emerged from the bathroom, I found him pacing the kitchen floor. He looked up at me, his eyes wild.

“(Y/N), what if you are pregnant?” he asked. “What if you are, and we’re having a baby? I mean, I know we already have Aidan, but I wasn’t his dad when he was a baby. I do have two godsons, but that’s different because they’re JJ’s kids. I don’t take care of them everyday. It’s not my job to raise them to be good and kind, and the earliest stages of life have proven to have a profound impact on a person’s life, so I don’t want to mess that up. I mean, what if our baby grows up to be a serial killer? Or schizophrenic?” It appeared that the thought had just occurred to him, because I watched what little color he had left drain from his face.

“Oh, god, (Y/N), I could’ve passed on a genetic predisposition that causes our baby to be schizophrenic! I don’t want that for our child, that disease is unbelievably difficult to live with. Not to mention the countless other genetic predispositions either one of us could pass on without knowing it. What if-”

I held up my hands, finally unable to handle it any longer. I moved toward him.

“Spencer, Spencer, honey, stop,” I said, reaching out to pull him into a hug. I held him there for a few seconds until he fell silent and I felt him relax against me.

“Spence,” I began, “we don’t even know whether or not I’m pregnant yet,” I reminded him. “Let’s hold off on the freaking out, okay?” I pulled back and offered him a small smile, reaching up to gently card my fingers through his hair.

“Besides,” I continued, “you are going to be an amazing father. You already are,” I said. “Aidan loves you, and some days, I don’t know how I ever did it without you. And I know that having a baby is different, but I am one hundred percent certain that you will be absolutely incredible with our baby. So just calm down, alright?”

Spencer took a deep breath and I smiled slightly at him.

“You okay?” I asked, and he nodded.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Let’s go see those tests, then,” I said. He held my hand tightly as we headed for the bathroom. My heart was hammering inside my chest.

The question Spencer posed held real significance. Even though I had calmed him down, it was on my mind.

What if I was pregnant?

I wanted to have a baby with Spencer, that much I knew. And really, when I thought about it, now was actually not a bad time to do it. We’d just moved to a home with plenty of space, after all. As we prepared to find out if we were going to have a baby, I suddenly realized that I was hoping for a positive.

“Ready?” Spencer asked. I nodded, and he opened the door. We moved to stand together, facing the vanity, where the four tests I’d taken were laying out, waiting. We both seemed to hold our breath as we looked down at them.

Positive, positive, positive, and positive.

All four tests unanimously displayed our fate.

“They’re positive,” Spencer breathed. I looked up at him.

“We’re having a baby,” I said. He didn’t react for a few seconds, but then I watched a smile split his face as he reached for me, pulling me close into him.

“We’re having a baby,” he repeated.

“Spence?” I asked, pulling back slightly. “Are you good? You’re okay with this?”

“I’m better than okay with it,” he replied. “I’m ecstatic, (Y/N). I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Spence,” I laughed as he tugged me back to his chest.

떨리는 A.C.E 뮤직뱅크 첫 방송 날!
-박 리더- 님의 ‘다치지 말고…'라는 멘트와 함께🌵
항상 A.C.E 멤버들과 함께였기 때문에 모든 무대가 언제나 재미있었던 것 같다!!😊
앞으로도 무대에서 백년해로해요!! 사랑해요. - 귀염둥이 막내 찬 -
#이동훈 #김세윤 #김병관 #준 #찬

The shaking A.C.E on the day of our first Music Bank broadcast! With -Park Lider- Nim’s pick-up speech 'Stay safe…'🌵 Because A.C.E members were always together, every stage felt fun anytime!!😊 In the future let’s grow together* on stage!! I love you. - Cutie Baby Maknae Chan - #ACE ❤ #CHOICE #LeeDonghun #KimSeyoon #KimByungkwan #Jun #Chan

*They used 백년해로 which means to grow old together for a 100 years as a married couple. Cuties.

translation by charlie @ fy-ace7

If this was a movie

Prompt: Can I have an imagine where the reader is an actress/singer and is in marvel and is married to Chris and the reader has to go to a concert and then straight to filming for marvel but finds out she’s pregnant and when she gets to set she tells Chris?

A/N: I wrote this while I’m on a trip. I’m not sure if I showed my vision or the main idea of this. I really hope you do and also that you enjoy it and like it. I love you so much. Thank you for reading.

PS. Send requests.

 Warnings: None, maybe lots of fluff and some bad words. I think.

“Y/n, five minutes”. This was my last call. I was alone with Pete, my makeup artist. He was mad at me. I sighed.

“You gotta look it before you go to that show”. He was right. I just, didn’t want to know yet. The time was flying and I needed to go and make our usual team routine before going stage.

“Fine!” I stood up and look at the stick. Holy shit. Oh, God. Pregnant. I’m pregnant.

“Well, it looks good enough to have to re do your make up really quick. Congratulations, mommy.” I looked at the stick again and my hand went to my stomach. There was a baby growing inside. I had an upcoming show, but all I just could think about was how to tell Chris.

So, this is the day. It has been really hard not to tell Chris. He knows that something’s going on, but I just don’t wanna ruin what I’ve planned for him. The first we talked about a baby, was because he brought up the topic, I’ve always known that a family is a priority for him, but… when he talked to me about having our own family was absolutely everything. It truly made our relationship stronger. And just dropping up the news just wasn’t a choice, I needed to make something really special for him. I’m crossing my fingers for him to ignore the favt that I told some of our Avengers cast. We’re supposed to shot a scene where Chris’s going to rescue me, bur I’m passing away.

“So, this is what I want you to do, Y/N. Lay on the ground, Chris has to look for you, alright? I want to try something I’ve talked to our writers. I need you to improvise, guys?” Chris and I nodded and we walked away to our marks. He winked at me, because this was one of the coolest things we’ve got to do in our jobs, to improvise and make lines that might show or not on the movie. “And… action”

“Don’t do this to me, please, wake up” Chris held my hand and I started to cry, this was supposed to be my death. Actually, I was covered by blood, I didn’t consider that tiny detail.

“I need you to promise me that…” I paused a bit to make it look real “you’re going to take care of our baby” Chris tried to keep on his paper, but of course, this was far from the actual script. He just leaned on and slowly kissed me.

“And cut”

“A baby?” he laughed and kissed me again. He helped me to stand up and I kissed him back. “We should stick to the script, hun”

“I totally agree”

“Chris, come and look at this, please” Oh, God, this was the moment.

“You go, I need a makeup retouch” I saw him walking to the director’s table where everything was set, the computers and the sound. He sat and I was looking through another camara that has filming him. I was on the makeup area. He played the “scene”, but actually were different scenes were Scar, Robert, Chris, Mark and Sebastian held a sign “Chris is going to be a daddy”, “Hi, daddy”, “Welcome to the club”, “Chris + y/n = 3” and my favorite “You’re going to have a baby, Evans”. Chris was in all the scenes, but the holding thing was incognito, he didn’t realize about it. I also recorded my part, with the sonogram and a short message. When it ended it, Chris was speechless. Everybody was expecting for him to show something. I was holding the sonogram when he looked up.

“Guys! We’re having a baby. y/n made a baby” Scarlet pushed me. Everything went dark, but to reflectors that lighted us. This wasn’t part of MY surprise. I started to make my way and the spotlight followed us until we met.

“Hi, daddy” I said crying. He hugged me and made me spin around n that beautiful and amazing hug. He out me down and then he grabbed my cheeks to lean down and kiss me.

“Oh, my God, this is one of the best things that’s ever happen to me. Thank you for the surprise, thank you for making me a daddy. I love you so much. I love you too” He added before he knelt and kissing our baby.


Black English (formerly NO) ~ The Long Haul

We’ll be fine I’m sure
Just use the other door
I wanna have a house like they did
We wrestled till we cried
They fucked our state of mind
Don’t celebrate me ’cause I’m jaded

Welcome to the storm
We’re babies till we’re born
Then adults from our first day breathing
Our innocence was staged
The jury all got paid
I’d lock it but it’s not worth stealing

When the drunks start singing this way
Baby’s got her best dress stained
Hope you got a minute
Hope you want me in it
For the long haul
All night long

We’ll be fine I’m told
Together we’ll grow old
So kiss me till the last trains leaving
Then stand yourself by me
We’ll fall until we’re free
This helium prefers no ceiling

When the drunks start singing this way
Baby’s got her best dress stained
I hope you’ve got a minute
Hope you want me in it
For the long haul
All night long

It must get better than this
Cause as far as I can see
The world belongs to me
There’s a place set at your table with my name on

When we walk
They roll the carpet out at our feet
And when we talk
They gather around and cheer in the streets
Cause we’re the kings of imagining things

When the drunks start singing this way
Babies got her best dress stained
Hope you’ve got a minute
Hope you want me in it
For the long haul
All night long

When the drunks start singing this way
Baby’s got her best dress stained
Hope you’ve got a minute
Hope you want me in it
For the long haul
All night long

We’ll be fine I’m sure
Just use the other door
I wanna have a house like they did …

[English] Luz and Kradness interview from Utattemita no Hon, January 2016

This interview was from the January 2016 edition of the magazine Utattemita no Hon. I thought this one with Luz and Kradness was cute/funny so I translated it, but will later be translating other interviews from the magazine as well~ Enjoy!

-Questions asked by the interviewer are written in bold.
-In this interview, Kradness and Luz were asked to write a kanji that describes their 2015 just like everyone else in the magazine was asked, but due to perhaps a misprint or possibly my eyes not functioning, the kanji doesn’t seem to be shown. I still translated their responses, we just can’t see what kanji they’re referring to, sorry!)

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EXO reacts to seeing their kid perform in a school musical

I hope you like it! Teeheehee ^^

Much love from, Admin S~

/none of the gifs I use are mine/


*over-excited-cannot-contain-the-feels-dad* “AAAH OHMIGOD MY SON IS SO ADORABLE JUST LIKE ME HE’S SO AMAZING OMG AHHAHAHA”


*super proud dad* “Oh my gosh, can you believe it, baobei? Our kid is performing on stage, ah my little super star.”


*turns into sweet reassuring puppy before his kid performs* “Don’t worry, you’re going to do great, princess. Daddy will be watching you okay, you’ll be amazing!” 


*super supportive and a little embarrassing dad in the crowd* “WOOHOOO, LET’S GO y/c/n !! YOU CAN DO IT, YEAAAHHH WOOO!!” 


*excited dad* “WHOAAA! Look baobei, it’s our baby! On stage!! WooOOoooOooOOOow!!”


*goes to brag to the other members* “Ahh, look how amazing my child is! You know why? Because I passed down my amazing talents, that’s why hehehe.”




*runs up to child after show* “OH MY GOD, JAGI, LOOK IT’S A CELEBRITY. CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH OMG” *silly dad*


*dad that records everything on camera* “Wait, wait, wait! Let me take a quick picture of you picture of you first, big smile!” *takes 9829861 photos*


*over emotional dad* “They grow up so fast, ugh. I can’t believe they’re so grown up already, baobei. Next thing you know they’ll be in college, I think I might cry oh my god.”


*sweet, caring dad* “WAAAHH YOU WERE GREAT OUT THERE! Now drink lots of water, dancing can really tire you out! Daddy brought water for you, take a little sippy.”



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anonymous asked:

Also, to add to the other anon, baby teeth are much weaker than adult teeth, so the new ones must come in so we can continue eating hard food. And before you ask "why aren't you born with strong teeth", it's because we're technically not born with teeth. If we were, then we would hurt our mothers when we drink their milk, which we only do in our infant stage. Then our teeth start growing in when we're ready to start eating solid food. And by the age of 6, our adult teeth start to come in.


you don’t have teeth at first?? where do they come from? Do you need planting formula for your teeth? And- and what, why would you hurt your parents? Doesn’t milk come in cartons?

Chanyeol's "Don't make money" lyrics (Heize ft. Chanyeol)

Peek-a-boo what is a pretty boy doing in unpretty (rapstar)

I’m radio

Rather than with my face I’m making money with my voice

I’m Exo representing korea

Growing while eating love

I work and make money

When it comes to popularity we are above mnet

I know my position for sure

When women see me they long for me

You will respect me after listening to this rap

I’m sorry Lee Sooman chairman

I will do hip hop today

I will be cursing motherfucker too

The fans will go to Hongkong after listening to this rap (tn: going to hong kong signifies having an orgasm)

My bank account is like a cemetery (tn : his bank account is deep like a cemetery)

0 keeps adding up (tn: In Korean 0 sounds like [영; young] and it is similar to word “영 (or 혼)” which means soul, spirit. So It is a punchline, souls keep increasing in the cemetery = his bank account figure keeps growing.)

Tomorrow to make money I will go to the airport again

Make money make money

I make tens times more than other idols

Heize: Baby don’t make money

Chanyeol: Make money make money make money

Heize: Baby don’t work

Chanyeol: I make ten times more than other idols

Don’t make money x5


Chanyeol: “First, I think we had fun. I think Heize ssi received me really well and she treated me well too. I’m proud (of our stage).

I couldn’t imagine this would happen. As a great fan of the show I have thought of how nice it would be if I had a chance to go on this stage but now that I was able to stand on it I felt really nervous. And this stage has a different charm from exo stages, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Heize: “He is very passionate and he’s a friend who really likes Hip hop.

Let’s burn everything down without any regrets today.

He worked really hard…How do I say.. He wants to break the prejudice?”

Chanyeol trending on search engines:

naver:  #5 chanyeol

Daum: #1 Heize, #3 Chanyeol

Instiz: #9 chanyeol

Nate #1 Heize, #3 Chanyeol

Translated by Jina. Special thanks to jeremy_wright_0.