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Fire alarm went off in our class today (just the flashing lights no sound) but our professor didn’t want us to leave and I immediately stood up and was like “wtf we don’t know if this is real or not, I’m not gonna die here if it is” and left

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What's your take on the local music industry scene around adelaide as a part of a band ? :p

It’s not too bad bruz, I think it needs more exposure, most local acts play to half empty rooms which sucks considering how epic some of our musos are sounding these days


I was lucky enough to be wandering Cambridge city centre on a small errand at just the right time to catch a fabulous concert by Exeter band Sound of the Sirens.  It’s not often I come across seriously impressive new music but they delivered, and the multitude of people who stopped to listen and buy CDs clearly shared my opinion of them.  Well done, ladies!  I hope to see you out east sometime again!

I keep seeing humans are weird posts going around and talking about things like our ability to domesticate animals and all that but I have yet to see a single post on human reactions to music Like our brains process songs so uniquely Music literally affects our emotions And we will turn anything into music given the chance so long as something in the sound is slightly rhythmic In my opinion it would be really interesting if our capabilities with sound and music were what made us strange to alien races

Episode 11
  • Mahiru: We're partners in crime!
  • Kuro: [mumbles under breathe] And partners in gay..

BONUS: Mika did not sleep at all:

Art trade with the amazing @naaibi!! (Just in time for Christmas– Happy Holidays, everyone!!)

It started out as a simple idea to draw Mika and Yuu in modern clothes, but we elaborately expanded it into an AU where Mika and Yuu accidentally fall asleep on the bus on the way home (after such a wonderful day hanging out), and ultimately get super lost……..