our son is precious

ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ʙᴀʙʏ sᴇɴᴛᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴇ!


❝ We’re going to be parents! ❞
❝ Did you feel him/her/them kick!? ❞
❝ Do you want to feel the baby? ❞
❝ I’m pregnant…and it’s yours. ❞
❝ Do you think I’ll make a good mother/father? ❞
❝ What are you hoping for? ❞
❝ I feel so nauseous today… ❞
❝ What should we name him/her/them? ❞
❝ How many diapers do you think we’ll need? ❞
❝ You’re crying over a puppy? ❞
❝ Is just strawberry okay? They didn’t have strawberries and cream. ❞
❝ I’ve read this book four times I’m basically an expert by now. ❞
❝ Boy or girl? ❞
❝ Wait, do we have everything on this list I found? ❞
❝ Can you put the crib together? I’m so tired. ❞
❝ This kid can come out anytime it’s ready. ❞      
❝ You’re glowing. ❞
❝ How far along are you? ❞
❝ Please don’t freak out…but I’m pregnant. I SAID DON’T FREAK OUT. ❞
❝ Hospital. Now! ❞
❝ I think that was a contraction… ❞
❝ The due date’s not until next week! ❞

     NEW BABY -

❝ S/He’s your kid before five in the morning. ❞
❝ We need to go on a diaper run again. ❞
❝ We’re out of formula–where’s the other can!? ❞
❝ Ugh, s/he spit up on my good shirt! ❞
❝ S/he won’t stop crying, I don’t know what to do. ❞        
❝ Please take him/her, I’m going to go crazy with the screaming. ❞
❝ Is it even possible for a baby to scream so much!? ❞
❝ Should they be breathing like that? ❞
❝ I need to go check on the baby. ❞    
❝ If you never put him/her down you’ll spoil him/her. ❞
❝ Daddy/Mommy’s little girl/boy! ❞
❝ Good morning, little spawn of Satan! ❞
❝ Shhh, they’re finally asleep.  ❞    
❝ Dammit, I just got them to sleep! ❞
❝ Be careful, s/he’s a hair puller…. ❞
❝ Where’s the pacifier!? ❞
❝ I can’t find his/her blanket, please help me. ❞    
❝ I’ve been up since four this morning, it’s your turn. ❞
❝ I found you and the baby sleeping in the recliner at six am and it was so precious. ❞
❝ Stroller, diaper bag, playpen, blanket, bottles, what else do we need before we go to your parents? ❞
❝ A babysitter!? Are you insane!? ❞    
❝ You’re going to spoil them. ❞    
❝ We can’t go out with the baby, that’s just asking for trouble. ❞
❝ Baby’s awake… ❞
❝ S/he’s so precious…. ❞
❝ This is our son/daughter…. ❞
❝ We make damn beautiful babies. ❞
❝ Look at his/her little feet… ❞
❝ S/he has your eyes. ❞
❝ Do not dress him/her in that! ❞    
❝ Be careful with him/her! ❞
❝ Did you remember to pack his/her toy? ❞
❝ His/her first tooth came in today. Already bit me.❞
❝ Did you hear that? That was a cough.❞           

        CHILDREN -

❝ The kids won’t stop fighting. ❞
❝ We should have another. ❞
❝ Stop giving them dessert before dinner! ❞
❝ You’re going to spoil them rotten… ❞
❝ You need to learn not to fall for the puppy dog eyes.  ❞
❝ I just love them so much!? ❞    
❝ How are we going to break the news to them that they’re getting a brother/sister? ❞
❝ Their screaming woke the baby… ❞    
❝ I’m a horrible mother/father… ❞
❝ How can you make the baby hush and I can’t? ❞
❝ Was that a word!? ❞
❝ His/her first word better not be a damn cuss word! ❞    
❝ You look exhausted. ❞
❝ First steps! First steps! ❞
❝ Watch, s/he can roll over now! ❞
❝ I don’t want anyone else watching our baby/children. ❞    
❝ They totally wanted to build the pillow fort, not me. ❞
❝ Can you manage dropping them off? ❞
❝ Damn terrible twos, right? ❞
❝ How did they outgrow their clothes so fast!? ❞   
❝ I think we make damn good parents. ❞
❝ Why are both you and the baby crying? ❞
❝ Here, I’ll watch him/her, you go relax. ❞
❝ I haven’t been able to put her/him down all morning/day/night. ❞    
❝ S/he doesn’t want me, s/he wants you! ❞
❝ S/he just ran into the coffee table, don’t worry. ❞
❝ Stop fighting with me in front of the kid/s! ❞
❝ We shouldn’t have dressed the twins in matching outfits… ❞    
❝ Can I hold him/her? ❞
❝ S/he has separation anxiety because you never put them down! ❞
❝ My mother always hoped my kids would end up like me…I’m so sorry. ❞
❝ I wouldn’t let them do ____, so they started crying. ❞  
❝ Oh, s/he’s just a little angel! ❞
❝ Hello, little one! ❞
❝ I can babysit if you’d like. ❞
❝ Guess who broke your favorite ____. ❞  
❝ Finally got him/her/them to sleep. ❞
❝ It’s your turn to put him/her/them to bed. ❞
❝ I hate bath time. ❞
❝ Can you help me with the kids for five goddamn minutes!? ❞
❝ I think ____ is jealous of the baby. ❞
❝ ___ just hit ___, can you do something!? ❞
❝ Is locking kids in the basement against the law!? ❞
❝ They’re cute when they’re quiet. ❞
❝ Maybe taking them to the park will let out all their energy. ❞
❝ _____ colored on the walls today… ❞
❝ Look at the mess they made again… ❞      

Langst and a black hole

No i didn’t mean his ass.
Scenario: the team is fighting Galra, they didn’t even form Voltron yet, they are unlucky because there’s a black hole near the place of the fighting. And the fighting proceeds really not as the team would want to. And Keith is on the line of fire - so Lance jumps to the rescue - how could he not, now finally he would be able to say that he saved oh that great Keith from imminent death (but really, that stupid mullet is his friend so tbh Lance is ready to die for him just because, but shh, don’t ruin his reputation, Keef doesn’t have to know, it’s all for bragging purposes)

But what Lance didn’t take under consideration was, when he help out Keith, the attention went to him and Lance was pushed dangerously near the event horizon of the black hole. But he bravely fought the Galrans and came back as quick as he could.

But… it was 4 years later. He even didn’t realize how close he got the black hole. His time was alerted. He was still a 19 years old boy, surrounded but his friends… 4 years older then him. They welcomed him warmly and with tears in their eyes, with apologies and hugs. Even Keith teared a little, because boy blamed himself for what happened. They couldn’t form Voltron for 4 years… but they built a resistance. Lance was impressed how much changed. But also sad how much he missed.

But not only that saddened him. He already didn’t feel equal at the start… and now. Everyone is 4 years ahead of him. Stronger, faster, quicker. They became true warriors. Paladins of Voltron. And Lance… Now Lance value himself even less. How can he match them now? How can he fit? How can he shine among them with something special? When they worked so hard for 4 years to connect, to be stronger, to fight better, to shoot more precisely, to fly faster. When they bonded so much - without him.

Lance is glad he helped Keith - because God knows how badly it would have ended without his intervention. He is glad he sacrificed himself back then… but the problem is that Lance thinks about himself in past tense. Exactly. He sacrificed himself. Lance feels like he’s dead, like he’s just a ghost of the past and that he cannot fit the team anymore.

And the team tries hard to prove him wrong… and how much they missed him how lonely they got.

The question is: is it possible for Lance to believe he’s not only a burdening ghost of the past?

  • (you can interpret it as any ship or no ship i don’t mind)
  • (if someone would like to - my god maybe i am to bold to say that… - turn it into an art piece or fanfic, go ahead just tag me/inform me)
  • also as you can see I cannot write for shit so I don’t think I will write a continuation :’)
  • lets cry together over our precious son, Lance
kageyama ‘fanboy of the setters’ tobio

- his goal is to beat the setter he looks up to, Oikawa Tooru

- eager to see Nekoma’s set up by Kozume Kenma

- jealous that Tsukki got to practice with Akaashi Keiji, when in fact Akaashi fucking saved his life when he choked on meat

- impressed by Koganegawa Kanji’s super close fast attack set up

protect our son.

Metal Lee, our precious son

You know Rock Lee’s shipping fandom is the greatest of all when nobody cares about who Metal Lee’s mother really is in canon. Just check it out and ask to whoever ships Lee with a canon or non-canon character…

GaaLee Fandom: Metal is Gaara’s son and he has three precious siblings

LeeTen Fandom: Metal is TenTen’s son, that explains the name.

NejiLee/NejiTenLee Fandom: Metal is Neji’s son, he is alive you fools!

LeeSaku Fandom: Metal is Sakura’s son, both he and his sister Sarada are hardcore fighters

LeexOC Fandom: Metal is my OCs son, just check out this fanart.


Now try to say something bad about Metal. Here is the answer you’ll have in return.

All Together: What did you just say about OUR son


Gosh! I love this fandom

Mob Birthday Week

Hi! Here is a blog to celebrate our precious son birthday that is about a week from now. The prompts goes from 6th to 12th May.

Be good people and do this for Mob’s sake ~


  • Makes art also if you think is shit (for Mob your art is not garbage)
  • Not sexual and harmful content please (just be original cute and funny)
  • Everything is accepted like sketch, fanfic, incorrept quotes, comic, meme, ecc..
  • Following the prompts is good but if you got some ‘art block’ you could draw something from the other days  
  • There is a ship prompt and here is accepted every ship (without sex content, be fluffy)
  • Pay attention to Mob’s different emotional state on each day

Submit you work to this blog or just tag it with #mobbirthday #mobbirthdayweek #mobweek or mention @mob-birthday in your post.
Here will be reblogged every post found.
If you dont see it in two days since you posted it feel free to send an ask.

Well! Here are the prompts:

6th: Redraw favorite part from manga/anime/cover (0%)

7th: Mob and his Master (5%)

8th: Favorite ship (14%)

9th: Little or grown up Mob (20%)

10th: Mob’s interaction with a ghost/Dimple (50%)

11th: Mob using his powers (99%)

12th: Whatever would makes Mob happy ~ (100%)

Have fun ~

“I Am...” Series Masterpost

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Your Authors

Swiftwidget & Aoimikans

Amazing Art

(Under the cut b/c there was more than I thought!)

By @aoimikans

“When?” Canvas Chap 1 

First Isamu Drawing <3 Our spike son <3

Perfect Blank Canvas


Seven Flames

Canvas/Catalyst Snapshot 

By @athanatosora

By @cartoon-caitys-art

Noumufied Toshi and Izuku

By @dragonfishdreams

Transformation buddies

By @grimelius

In the infirmary

By @ibev
(who opted to have me post them directly with the story)

By @theimaginarylord

Toshinoumu Chained

Toshinoumu Dino?

I can’t get up :|

By @juustozzi

Very early Toshinoumu with the ridged mane quirk concept.

Toshinoumu wrapped in a blanket.

Toshinoumu and Ojiro tail lessons.

Toshinoumu body studies.

Mistletoe tail

Multiple Toshinoumu drawings

Toshinoumu and Naomasa

Isamu Sato (our precious spike son)

Toshinoumu with Juustozzi’s lovely OC family

And more from Juustozzi <3

By @lazyaookami

Toshinoumu floating

By @sevi007

Happy Reunion

By @swiftwidget

Early sketches

Another sketch


Toshinoumu pondering his hands

Toshinoumu Ready to Run

By @thedarknessandthedawn

Tail hug for sleepy Izuku

By @venias-pulveras

Fite me

By @whispersinthetrees

Toshinoumu stim board

By @wondlalovesdrawing

Fluffy Noumu Toshi

More Fluffy Noumu Toshi

Fluffy Noumu Toshi Hug

Fluffy Noumu with the girls

If we missed anyone please let us know so we can make this as complete as possible!

Got Questions? Ask either/both aoimikans and me! We love talking about everything about this series. It’s our baby.

Yuuri living on Russia headcanons!!
  • as far as we know Yuuri’s Russian is still in its early stages, so I am 100% sure that he would practice by having their TV with subtitles when necessary and without them after repeat viewings
  • wherever or not the repeat viewings are because him and Georgi got very into the same soap opera is up to debate ;)
  • Yuuri’s favorite Russian food: Yurio’s piroshki
  • Mila insists on Yuuri teaching her flamenco and he is like, a surprisingly good teacher? Viktor is so proud of that
  • Yuuri on the phone: “sorry Minako sensei we were just training with Madam Baranovskaya an-” Minako: “SAY NO MORE AND GO BACK TO TRAINING BOY!!” 
  •  Grandpa Plisetsky gives Viktor and Yuuri marriage advise and forces Yurio to listen as well
  • Yakov’s marriage advise is essentially just: “VITYA STOP TRYING TO GET IN YOUR FIANCE’S PANTS AND DO THE STEP SEQUENCE!!
  • Lilia: “so you have trained in ballet most of your life”, Yuuri: “yes madam”, Lilia: “oh thank God” 
  • Makkachin spends more time at the rink with them than before because now they don’t have Yuuri’s family close by to look after him but Viktor is ok with that since poor Makkachin is not as young as he used to be 
  •  Yurio: “so does this mean I get to bring my cat?”, Yakov: “this will turn into a circus”
  • Georgi bringing around his new girlfriend and getting real embarrassed cause he is not part of the PDA couple this time 
  • Yurio wants to consider that a win but he deals with Yuuri and Viktor’s mushiness the most so it is a hollow victory 
  • Yurio spends the night at the viktuuri apartment when he doesn’t want to deal with Lilia and Yakov. He reverses it whenever he doesn’t want to deal with Viktor and Yuuri
  • it gets to the point that Viktor and Yuuri simply buy a full bed with animal print bedding and lots of cat plushies so that he has a better place to sleep on than the couch 
  • Mila finds out about it and jokingly tells them that they are already parenting even though they haven’t fully planned the wedding yet
  • Viktor spends the rest of the entire skating season referring to Yurio as “our precious talented son” with Yuuri deciding after a while that going against that is pointless, specially given that both of them are always sitting in the kiss and cry with Yurio 
  • Lilia insists that the day they have child she will be the one to teach ballet to the kid, to which Minako strongly protests that she knows them better. Yuuri just reminds them that everyone there already knows ballet and that any of them could teach it
  • Yurio and Mila deciding wherever or not to go to college, since only Yuuri knows fully what the experience is like
  • Viktor asking Yuuri if he should go to college given that he feels bad about being the coach even though his student has more credentials. Yuuri tells him not to worry about it and to only do it if he really wants to cause none of them would look down on him anyway 
  • the press wants to get a scoop out of them but it is pointless since Viktor’s Instagram is getting as active as Phichit’s with 9/10 photos being just Yuuri and Makkachin 

Isak writing texts to Even Ep. 4 vs. Ep. 7

also Isak doing the lip lick™ when texting Even

Until it’s Gone (Loki Imagine) Pt. 3

I hope you guys are enjoying this series! xo

When Odin finished, the room stayed quiet. No one seemed to move. Life seemed to still, and the sky outside seemed to darken and darken… darken with every passing second. Your arms were wrapped around Loki’s waist, but you didn’t feel him breathing. You knew Odin’s words had hit him true. You knew he now understood the gravity of his circumstances. And you knew what he felt, because you felt it too. Because being with him was like being one single being. And you were standing there, numb and silent and crumbling from the pillars that were once each other, but now laid as a pile of rubble on the ground at the All Father’s feet as the sky continued still, growing darker and darker. 

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