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our generation is beginning to lack originality. All we do is naturally follow fashion & music trends. It’s like embedded into our brains. I feel like we’ve come to a point where it’s hard to really understand if we actually LIKE something. Psychologically we convince ourselves we like something based on the majority of our society’s likes. It just sucks because our world needs to continue to create and improve. That won’t happen if we keep basing our likes and dislikes and opinions based on the majority’s.

I have been trying to figure out why the LODD of BC Fahy has been bothering me the last few days, I think I finally put my finger on it. I am frustrated with the way our society conducts itself. 

I get that people do appreciate us, even when they don’t show it. I get that sports players are in the spotlight, we aren’t. I don’t expect nor want people kissing my feet for what I do. But when one of my brothers or sisters goes down on duty, giving their life for the citizens of this country, and nobody bats an eye? That pisses me off.

Jose Fernandez passed away on the 25th in a tragic boating accident. Fernandez was a great baseball player, seemed like an awesome dude. However, when a celebrity goes down nothing else matters. Nobody cares about anything else. I turn on the TV and there are live streams on every major network of Fernandez’ wake and funeral. Memorials everywhere, it’s all everyone is talking about. BC Fahy received a quick news update on the day of his LODD, September 27th. 

The only reason I even heard about his LODD is because I follow primarily public service Instagrams, where it has been nothing but BC Fahy for the last few days. I know it’s the way the world works, but sometimes I wish the ones who deserved the spotlight the most actually got to bask in it. 

Regardless, we keep on. We go to work, we pray to make it home, and we do it over again day after day without thanks. As the living, I don’t want thanks. But I sure as hell want it for my fallen family.

So, rest easy brother. From what I have been reading you sounded like a kick ass leader and an even better firefighter. Save me a beer up there.


Deputy Chief (Promoted posthumously) Michael Fahy
EOW 09/27/2016

thewayitwillbe  asked:

Just wanted to tell you that I appreciated the time that you took to write all that you did in defense of Hillary Clinton. I don't agree with everything that she's done either, but I will say that I did not know that the allegations made about her regarding her job as a public defender were actually false and that your link definitely made a difference. I know you're catching a lot of hell from people, but I just wanted to tell you thank you.

Thank you for that, that means a lot. I knew when I posted it I was going to cause a stir, but I felt it was important so I posted it anyway because a lot of people hate Hillary without just cause. There are a lot of reasons to dislike her too, but a lot of the ones cited are either false or the result of just straight up sexism in our society, and that’s bullshit I will not stand for. So I hope it helped a few people to think more about the upcoming election, and the weight of the decision that is about to take place.

As I’ve stated elsewhere I’m a foreigner living in this country. I can’t legally vote, not yet. But if I could I know where my vote would be.

I was watching the new Drag Race All Stars episode last night, it was awesome, but my issue was with what Carson Cresley said when Roxy came out on stage.  She had a vague resemblance of “native” print on and he said “she puts the hoe back in Navajo”, which sounds benign, but it actually shows how deeply ingrained racism is in our society.  Native women are exploited far too easily in todays society, and it really hurts our people.  They are overly sexualized, raped, murdered, missing and forcefully captured and sold into the sex trade industry.  I know he didn’t mean what he said, but it was said regardless.  And by saying such a hurtful statement, he is absent mindedly giving permission for other white people to use such a phrase, which is dangerous in itself.  We all know how racist the gay community can be, there is no surprise there.  Every white guy boy truly believes the are a sassy black woman inside.  I’m just disappointed in him and the show for saying that and keeping it in the show for a laugh.  Its deplorable.  Justice for the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women start with thwarting hateful sayings in our society.

Rant over.


okay but lets talk about how societies beauty standards and what’s considered “most beautiful” is “a small dainty nose, straight silky hair, light eyes, light skin”,,, all european white people traits. beauty standard are high key racist and no one realizes it because its so ingrained in society and our heads and its absolute bull

LIKE FUCK !! THAT !! dark skin is beautiful, big wide noses are beautiful, dark eyes are beautiful, kinky and frizzy hair is beautiful and i don’t give a shit about what anybody else thinks,,


🌏Uniting All Drug Communities

 Something we must address as a community: 

Drug shaming!

Drug shaming is something that we should all attempt to work together to bring an abrupt end to. Obviously some drugs carry greater dangers or toxicities than others, but shaming is doing nothing to alleviate the problem. Understanding and compassion is what creates a better future, not shaming each other.

Often times we see meth users shaming heroin users, commenting on how they are lazy or needle junkies. Also we see heroin users shaming meth users, for being energetic psychopaths or something like that. 

Neither drug may be very healthy, but they are all tools that people use to escape from the flaws that our society has created, or the pain that some people feel.

Just because one tool is different from your tool does not necessarily mean its worse. 

Sometimes the same issue can be found in non-toxic drugs, such as Xanax or weed. Many people take Xanax, black out, and go driving which carries great dangers to anyone on the road. 

Weed is much less toxic than meth or heroin, but if the only thing you do in life is sit around and smoke weed and that’s the only thing you talk about, then what makes your life of any higher value? Not all hard-drug users steal or hurt others, some people one would never even know that they were. 

Besides, the bulk of society is already in massive fear of drugs, so all communities have to come together to find a solution. Spreading hate will never bring progress.

🍄 Be the change that you wish to see in the world ☀️



Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t make it okay to post their private stuff without their consent. We don’t have public ownership of their private lives. They’re people just like everyone else, and as such have the same rights as me and you when it comes to privacy (especially in regard to their body).

Just a PSA to all Asians

Shoutout to Asians who:
- Cannot speak their parent’s native language
- Have been told they don’t “look asian”, or are “a bad asian”
- Whose achievements have been immediately invalidated “because you’re asian”
- Who come from biracial families
- That feel like they don’t fit the “standard” for their ethnicity

You guys are amazing, and 100% valid. Never forget that.

i remember this one time when i was little i was reading a newspaper article about a boy and girl who dated, they eventually broke up then found each other 5 years later after both of them had transgendered. i found the article really sweet, so i showed my parents, who were appalled. they told me how wrong it is to change gender and how its not natural. and i believed it, i was little and impressionable. this just goes to show what is so wrong with our society, and how saying things can affect others’ minds. i changed. don’t ever tell your kids this. tell them they can be whoever they want; and actually mean it

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Caitlin (Bruce) Jenner is being called things like brave, heroic and strong. The guy in this picture is Army Veteran Noah Galloway who lost an arm and leg to a roadside bomb in Iraq. Noah came second to Caitlin to receive the Arthur Ashe courage award. If Bruce wants to be a woman, fine. But let’s make sure we honor our veterans before we honor someone’s decision to call themselves a woman. Thank you for your service and sacrifice Noah. You are truly brave, heroic and strong.