our ship is now one years old

Magi 315 - Salty

I promised to be a good girl for one week. Now I have salt instead of blood in my body. 

Note: This post is ship-neutral. Really no one of the ships involved in the last chapters is my otp. I just wanted to point this out:

“ Aladdin cannot have a love story beacuse he is still a child “

NO. In our real life he is a child while in magi universe he is not. Aladdin is 15.

Are you aware that when Hakuryuu proposed to Morgiana he was only 16 and Mor was 14 fucking years old?!? Why no one complained about that moment and now everyone is making a fuss beacuse of Aladdin??

Also in the same arc Hakuryuu (16 years old) clearly stated in an omake that as one of Kou Empire’s princes since 13-14 they start to have affairs with women. 

Say what you want of the ship you like/dislike I can’t care less but please before criticize don’t forget the context in which the characters are in.

I’m actually kind of emotional right now about the fact that Sense8 is now officially a year old. I had this blog from before the show even aired because I was so convinced that is was going to be great, and it was. And since then I’ve just been able to see the fandom grow and for more people to watch and appreciate it, and that’s so cool to me? Like our fandom is getting so much bigger by the day, and there’s so much love and passion already after only one season. I just can’t wait to see what another year will bring, especially as I’m convinced that season two will be even better than the first! 

Happy Birthday Sense8! 

Hey everyone! First of all thanks for being a supporter of our brand, and thank you for taking the time to read this! Most of you are recent followers of the brand, welcome to INU INU! (Japanese for “dog dog” and yes, it’s intentional). You may not know this but we are such a young company, we are not even one year old! Thus, we have continuously gone through lots of changes. Despite this, we strive every day to make things better and to offer better support and service to all of our customers.

Our first announcement is that WE WILL BE RESTOCKING IN MAY, and not just that, we will be shipping EVERYTHING from the USA from now on! This is great news because the turnaround for delivery will be much much quicker for everyone, and we are so excited about this! 

Our second announcement is that we are working to fix ALL grammatical errors on our products. We actively work with native Japanese and Chinese speakers and we will have them pre-approve every new product that contains Chinese or Japanese characters from now on! Not just that, on the product description and promotional posts we will state clearly what the text means and it’s pronunciation. 

Please give us some time to make all of these changes effective, we just wanted to give you guys a heads up about what we are working towards and let you know that your voice matters! Please help us make INU INU a better company :D Thank you!