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Because of you someone might kill themselves! Because of harassment YOU brought! This is the second time. You're a fucking shame to our side of the discourse. Delete this fucking blog.

holy fuck can you not use me as your scapegoat? i’m literally one person out of the multiple people who had issues with starbccks’ transphobia and sexual language and i only said to block them, so can y'all stop acting like i sent a pack of rabid dogs after them?

We were all in love
but didn’t know it.
We were all in love
continually. Bless
our little hearts,
smoking and drinking
and wrecking things.
Bless our shameless shame.
We were loud, invincible.
We were tough as rails.
We stole street signs
and knocked over bins.
Ripped the boards
off boarded-up stuff.
Slept in towers
filled with pigeon shit
and fluff. We kicked
beer bottles down
cobbled lanes.
Tires and chains.
Chains and wheels
and skin. The world
was always ending
and we the inventors
of everything.
—  Melissa Stein, “Anthem”

In light of Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day: shoutout to my wonderful Milathos corner here in Musketeers fandom. You are all amazing and unfairly talented, and reading your works is a delight. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Guest post: Hungary’s attacks on the rule of law and why they matter for business

A #Fidesz már megint cikket íratott rólunk. Ciki.

Hungary was once the precocious child of post-communist transition, garnering praise for its political and legal institutions. But ever since the Fidesz government of prime minister Viktor Orban came to power in 2010 with a two-thirds parliamentary majority, Hungary has been on a legislative rampage, unsettling the legal order and causing “regulatory uncertainty” through “abundant and unstable new regulation,” as the OECD delicately put it.

As the OECD noted in a recent report, “A stable and efficient legal framework, grounded on principles of separation of powers and judicial independence, is widely seen as growth-enhancing.” But “in Hungary, the perceived quality and effectiveness of political and legal institutions is weak.” …

My grace is sufficient for you. 2 Corinthians 12:9
The Bible is full of stories where God turns people’s messes into messages. People who were liars, murderers, thieves, tax collectors, prostitutes and adulterers, who society considers as the scum of the society. There is no sin that the blood of Jesus cannot wash. There’s no sin that God’s grace cannot cover.
If you feel convicted about something you have been doing, all you have to do is confess your sins and turn away from it. Don’t let guilt paralyze you. Just go right now to the presence of God. He is your Father, He is waiting for your return. He cannot bear to see you burdened and buried in the mess. His mercy is too great. He is able to transform you and restore you and use you mightily.
Our shame is deeper than the sea, But His grace is deeper still!

Let’s talk weight-loss from the inside out:
While nutrition and exercise are important factors of our physical appearance it is also very important that we heal from within. Many of us live at a constant battle fighting our fat and still remain the same. You might feel like you have tried everything in your power to lose weight but nothing changes. Have you ever thought about why that happens? This is because we are not focusing on the real underlying issue. Your outer body is nothing but a reflection of how you feel about yourself. When we hold on to negative emotions like fear, anger, stress, resentment or shame; our bodies create a “protection” shield. And this is manifested in our physical body as excess weight. The more inner turmoil we have, the more our physical bodies will reflect it. Forget about the next diet you’re going to try and focus on your “mental diet”. Liberate yourself from toxic feelings and emotions. Make that shift and watch what happens to your weight.

Hi all,

We’ve received a few accusations of our blog ‘shaming lesbians’ so we wanted to address this once and for all:

The mods of this blog would never ‘shame lesbians’, and it saddens us if people feel that way. One of us actually identifies as a lesbian and the other has identified as a lesbian in the past (tends to go through different labels but now prefers sapphic, because it feels more accurate and isn’t associated with slurs in some languages). We both do our best to be inclusive of all sapphic women (and yes that includes women-aligned nb) on this blog. When we say we don’t condone biphobia/acephobia etc., it seems strange that some of you would interpret that as excluding lesbians. Acknowledging or promoting positivity towards one identity does not have anything to do with shaming another. 

Lastly: please remember that we are not a discourse blog. People follow us for positive sapphic art. There are plenty of other blogs where you can start or join discussions, but this blog is supposed to be a safe and positive space. We are always open to constructive criticism, i.e. if we accidentally posted something problematic, but we also get a lot of messages from people who just want to express their opinions on specific labels and such. That’s not what our blog is for, and if we ignore your message it is not out of spite but because it just doesn’t belong on this blog and we shouldn’t feel obliged to get into discourse.

Thank you!

ps. We’re also setting up an FAQ page as we speak, so you will be able to check that if you’re unsure about something concerning this blog. ♡

Where to save some money?!
[Még hogy nincs miből félretenni?!]

How much people in different countries spend on food
THE discovery by European food shoppers that some of them have been eating horse in place of beef is, some argue, a result of a trend in the rich world. Spending on food as a share of total income has declined markedly, but at the expense, some say, of quality. This is a nice kind of problem to have: people in poor countries are forced to devote a far higher share of income to buying food. As the chart shows, that correlation between poverty and spending on food is not watertight: Indians, for example, spend less of their household budget on food than Russians do. In general, though, as countries develop people spend proportionally less on food. South Koreans spent one-third of their income on food in 1975; now the figure is just 12%. That leaves more money for the more enjoyable things in life. Hungarians lead the way in these matters: they devote around 10% of their household spending to alcohol and tobacco.


how we met

Group/Member: GOT7//Jaebum

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 440

Drabble #: 25 – “We met on a Sunday while both doing our walk of shame.”

Author’s Note: Just a really short and sweet fluff drabble (´• ω •`) ♡ the perfect break from studying!

Originally posted by jaebuim

A low hum left your lips as you felt his long slender fingers dip back into your hair, coming through it and then repeating the motion over and over. Each and every time lulling you even more as you laid there on the couch, head in your boyfriend’s lap. The television was on, but neither of you were paying much attention to is as you settled your attention on one another. “This feels like heaven,” you sigh, making him smile.

“Any special requests for next weekend?” you hear him ask, your eyes cracking open just a little as you smile at him. Next weekend would be your guy’s second year anniversary. It was crazy to think that the two of you had even been together that long; in all honesty it didn’t feel like it.

“Surprise me.” You yawn before forcing your eyes open, knowing damn well that if you keep them closed you’re just going to fall asleep on him. “Can you believe it’s already going to be two years?” you ask.

He shakes his head as he runs his fingers through one more time and then stops, his other hand coming and stroking your cheek softly as he just looks down in admiration at you.

“Do you remember how we met?” he asks, a smile immediately gracing your face.

“We met on a Sunday while both doing our walk of shame,” you say, a chuckle leaving your lips as you remembered that day. “I was freaking out because I had no idea where I was, so I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going, and I ran right into you.”

“And I was just as lost, so I offered to buy us both a cup of coffee.” He continued.

“And we ended up staying in that coffee shop for like four hours just talking to each other.”

“But when we got done talking we still had no idea where we were, so we spent another hour figuring out how to get where we needed to be.”

“And right before I went up to my apartment you gave me your number,” you say, your voice taking on a soft tone. “I never thought I’d be so happy to have had a one night stand in my life, because who would have thought that it would have led me to the man I fell in love with,” his thumb stroking your cheek as you talk before you push up and readjust so that you’re sitting in his lap now.

“I love you Jaebum,” you say as leave a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I love you too [Y/N].”

Written by Kendal from passionate-noona (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hello, Kou-chan! >///< I'm a hug fan... and hello, Shin-sama. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! Erm... I was wondering... How would each of you describe the perfect date?

Kou: “Anything for you, kittens~ A perfect date, ne? Hm, let’s see… There needs to be lots of hand holding, definitely! Maybe we would go shopping and visit some good cafes? Ah, I know! A cat cafe, we’d have to go to one! Hehe, I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time in there~ We could go the movies too, to see a romantic comedy~ That would be the perfect place to get more affectionate as well, don’t you think? After that… the date would end with a kiss in a nicely-lit park, ooor… how about a sleepover? That might also sound good, if the date is alright with it! Who knows what’ll happen from there on ♪”

Shin: “A perfect date, you ask? Perhaps renting a room from a ryokan would sound nice? Spending a relaxing day outside from the bustling townscape does seem like something sufficient. The food in there is usually pretty good and the minibars even have a set of different nuts in them! There are nice hot springs available for usage as well, getting to one of them together would be nice indeed! Of course, that would be during night time, in our own privacy. Who knows, perhaps things would heat up from there? Anything could happen on a date like that!”