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Come with me and let us shed our skins of yesterday with its ideas and memories and longings and step boldly into the ever rushing River of New Life. Let us wash ourselves of our suffering and shame, our old pleasures and pain and bask in the Magnificence of Our own Glorious Reflection and Live again… Re-Newed. ~Jeremy Allen Duncan

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A Child’s Revenge - Shameful Moments

Let’s face the truth: parenting isn’t about cute moments only. Sometimes it is about those discomforting moments of shame. When our kids tell or do something nasty in public, we are ready to sink through the floor. Sometimes their deeds are so mind-blowing that the only reaction we are capable of is crying (or laughing like mad).

When 17 mothers were asked to share their most degrading moments with kids at the comedy show, the result was hilarious and nerve-wrecking in the same time. Read them and learn how to prevent things from turning really bad.

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“My daughter was mad that I wouldn’t give her a candy, so she said, ‘I’m gonna scream and the neighbours will think you are hitting me’.”

“My 3-year-old yelled out ‘I need an ice cold beer’ in a restaurant.”

Pooped in the potty, then added mommy’s favorite earrings. Flushed…”

These are just three of seventeen examples. They’re young, they’re naive but what they do can be super embarrassing, and sometimes hurtful, though they don’t fully understand the impact of all that they are doing. Check out the source link below to see more.

You should realize however, that the problem starts when kids just mimic what they learn from their parents. It may be trite, but we should all remember not to teach our kids to be hypocrites by saying, “Darling, mommy says it, but you should do the same” or “Yea, it’s true, but you can’t say it in public.” Be the example, show your kids higher standards of living, and all will be better for it.


Curation Source: 17 Mom Confessions about F’ed Up Things Their Kids Have Done

Image Source:  Nikonsnapper – In Shock


one tree hill » Who Do You Go Home To?

“It’s been said that the saddest thing a man will ever face is what might have been. But what of the man who’s faced what was? Or what will never be? Or what can no longer be? Choosing the right path is never easy. It’s a decision that we make with only our hearts to guide us. But sometimes we find our way to something better. Sometimes we fight through the regret and remorse of our mistakes, our malice, and our jealousy, and the shame we feel for not being the people we’re meant to be. And that’s when we find our way to something better. Or when something better finds it’s way to us.”

Oh Thumbelina

If you leave that bathtub, then let me
Get you a cloak of chrysanthemums

I kneel to sundials and fireflies to waft
Them home for you; cactus pestles

Never dither candles burning on my
Skin; let the pretexts have their way

Because only mnemonics explain our
Jealousy and longings—our shame

A #Fidesz már megint cikket íratott rólunk. Ciki.

Hungary was once the precocious child of post-communist transition, garnering praise for its political and legal institutions. But ever since the Fidesz government of prime minister Viktor Orban came to power in 2010 with a two-thirds parliamentary majority, Hungary has been on a legislative rampage, unsettling the legal order and causing “regulatory uncertainty” through “abundant and unstable new regulation,” as the OECD delicately put it.

As the OECD noted in a recent report, “A stable and efficient legal framework, grounded on principles of separation of powers and judicial independence, is widely seen as growth-enhancing.” But “in Hungary, the perceived quality and effectiveness of political and legal institutions is weak.” …

Markiplier Meets TBT

I wrote this in like five minutes.
In case you didn’t get it, TBT is a symbol of the stalker fans in the Markiplier fandom. Please for the love of God do not take this fanfiction seriously. I wrote it because I can’t shower and my pepperoni sandwich tastes good.

Word count: dunno wrote it on my phone
Summary: it ain’t that long
Rating: E for elastic underwear


Mark stared at the can in front of him, dripping with perspiration. The can. Not himself, that’s just weird. It was hot, too hot, and the can seemed to be talking to him. It was calling out “just drink me!” and boy was it tempting. But it was too hot to move, he didn’t want to reach forward and actually grab the can. It was too difficult a task.

“Mark.” Okay no wait, that was an actual voice. But it wasn’t coming from the can. Obviously. Cans don’t speak, duh. But the door was locked. He doesn’t remember anyone saying they were going to come over today… hmm. That was strange indeed. But the voice continued.

“Over here, Mark! Look down!” Look down… turning his head away from the soda can (who was doing its best to seduce him with its sugary temptations) he looked down, eyes widening. “Hey Markiplier! It’s me! Tiny Box Tim!” Yes, it was indeed, Tiny Box Tim, smaller then his foot. He had tiny little string bean noodley arms, and eyes that were so big half of them didn’t even seem to be connected to his… face…? Now, sure, this was a fictitious character of his imagination, but it seemed too… real.

“…” he had absolutely no idea what to even say. He was obviously having a heat stroke. Right? He was kind of hoping. But then the thing jumped on his foot, and he flailed, the little weird thing flying across the room with a “wheeeeee!”, Mark standing fast enough to give himself whiplash. He went to the sliding doors, stepping outside, ignoring the thing that was bouncing behind him. He didn’t close the door in time though, and the box followed him, babbling about Let’s Plays and shipping and God knows what else.

Mark simply ignored it as it scrambled all over his feet, but damn was the thing persistent and annoying. He understood if it wanted to sit and chat, but this was definitely excessive. Walking over to the garden hose, he turned it on all the way, holding it high above his head and letting it rain down on himself. He then put his thumb over the nozzle, getting ready, the boxes eyes widening. “No, Markipoo, waaaait!”

“I dunno, Tim. You seem pretty…” the finishing line. “THIRSTY!” And he sprayed that little shit full blast, watching as it went flying across the yard and poofing as it disappeared.

Mark was safe… except there was one thing left to do. Taking his shirt off, he proceeded to play in the water and do random smexy water montages. The End.

What will be our legacy?

Yesterday I taught some 5 year olds about endangered species and extinction.
It was one of the only moments the entire day when the kids were actually quiet and rather contemplative. After a moment, one child asked, just to confirm, “So there are no more [Dodo birds]? They’re all dead?” I nodded yes. “And we did that to them?” he asked further. “Well, some people did it, a long time ago,” I explained, “it’s a sad part of our history, which is why we are trying so hard to protect endangered animals today.”

The look on those kids faces though. Sooo sad. I wish I could have recorded it to send to all the people working hard to destroy this planet and its biodiversity, as well as to political leaders that aren’t doing enough to fight the problem.

Really, it was one of those moments that really made me feel horrible and shamed about our history. And I didn’t even talk to the kids about all the animals going extinct today! Really just hit me hard and left me wondering what our generation’s legacy will be - and how will we explain it to our children.

Where to save some money?!
[Még hogy nincs miből félretenni?!]

How much people in different countries spend on food
THE discovery by European food shoppers that some of them have been eating horse in place of beef is, some argue, a result of a trend in the rich world. Spending on food as a share of total income has declined markedly, but at the expense, some say, of quality. This is a nice kind of problem to have: people in poor countries are forced to devote a far higher share of income to buying food. As the chart shows, that correlation between poverty and spending on food is not watertight: Indians, for example, spend less of their household budget on food than Russians do. In general, though, as countries develop people spend proportionally less on food. South Koreans spent one-third of their income on food in 1975; now the figure is just 12%. That leaves more money for the more enjoyable things in life. Hungarians lead the way in these matters: they devote around 10% of their household spending to alcohol and tobacco.


Help support a mod who's being harassed!

Hey y'all it’s mod 1! Someone’s been sending one of our mods some body-shaming hate mail, which is super upsetting not just to her but to me, since I was the one who brought her on board and into this mess. She’s a great mod and a great friend but now she has to turn off messages on her personal blog just to avoid petty bullying.

So, some announcements:

I am not a person of size. I fully support body positivity, including and ESPECIALLY body positivity for marginalized groups: PoC, people with disabilities, trans people, and yes – people of size. I founded this blog, I run this blog, and from the get-go we’ve been fat positive (for more details see the FAQ). As an ally and the person responsible for this blog’s stance, I ask that if you have any problems with or questions about fat positivity, please address those to me personally. I promise to answer them fairly.

Second, this mod is so wonderful and doesn’t get appreciated enough. This blog would not be what it is without her. So if you appreciate what we do & have the spoons for it, I think it would be nice if y'all could write a few quick messages of support for her and send them to me so I can filter out any hate mail. If you’re feeling extra super supportive, maybe reblog so others can help out too!

Thank you!
-mod 1


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I really don’t know if I should be sharing this masterpiece…..

Maya exercise, made with a classmate (and loads of professionalism)