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one weird human thing i don't think i've seen discussed yet is that sometimes we mangle our own languages as a form of getting things across? like, from little things like not capitalizing our sentences in order to get across a quiet tone, to straight up keyboard smashing to show laughter or frustration?? like, in a text conversation, "hdiuhdiuhDHIUDHIDH" "kelly what does this sequence of letters mean?" "i just found what you said funny!" "...what"


Birthday boy

A one shot with a surprise birthday party and a sub Harry


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GIF BY: @/kate-kami

PROMP: you and Chris have been best friends for years, but the jealousy can bring a lot of things out.

PAIRING; Christoffer Schistad x reader



‘’Earth calls y/n’’

Eva’s voice interrupted the stream of your thoughts.

‘’Eva, sorry, I was not listening’’

You apologize a bit embarrassed, you were very distracted. Christoffer Schistad was staring at you from the other side of the room, his eyes fixed on your figure, his lips curved in a smirk, typical of him. You had been his best friend for years by now, but something was in the air in the last period and you were dying to find out what was that.

‘’Too busy talking with your best friend, I don’t know how you two can do this’’

Eva was staring at Chris too, the drink in her hands almost finished and her lipstick on the edge of the glass.

‘’Do what?’’

You asked while pushing a boy definitely too drunk away from you. The room was filled with people, the pre-drinks at William’s place were always crowded and loud, and you loved it.

‘’Are you fucking kidding me, y/n? You two speak each other with your eyes, everybody can see it’’

Said Eva, her eyes fixed on you. Before you could answer, someone touched your shoulder.

‘’Plus, William is included in this strange magic’’

Said Vilde, taking part in the conversation, you just shrugged your shoulders but a smile appeared on your face. It was true, you couldn’t deny it: you, Chris and William were a trio, an unbreakable bounding had been connecting the three of you for years, you were simply best friends.
You were their age and, when the boys started to invite Eva’s group to the parties, you immediately became friend with them.
In that moment, William attracted your attention: he was smiling at you vividly while Noora was dancing with him. You smiled back, knowing what he meant: he was happy to show you that, finally, he managed to make Noora his girlfriend. You couldn’t be more satisfied with that, you were well aware of how much your best friend wanted to be with that amazing girl so you soon started to ship them.
You turned your face toward Chris and he was still staring at you, his hair a bit messy and a beer in his left hand; he moved his head in a way to make you understand that he wanted you to go to him. Before you could take a step, someone spilled a cold drink on your leg. You turned around with all the intentions of yelling at that idiot but what you saw made you stop: and handsome boy, probably younger than you, with blue eyes was staring at you and looking not so sorry.

‘’I’m so clumsy, my apologies’’

Said the boy putting a hand on his chest, his voice woke you up from the surprise.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal’’

You said with your flirty voice. It was not hard for you, to get what you wanted. Being the boys’ best friend it was quite usual to be with the Penetrators for you, so you just learned all the tricks to be a fuckgirl. Someone in school also used to say that you were a female version of Chris, but, unlike him, you never used to be presumptuous about it.

‘’How can I make amend?’’

Asked the boy, you faked a shy smile but you took his hand and started to walk away from the people.


Chris’ voice made you turn while you were on the stairs; you looked the boy at your left and then you smiled in triumph at your best friend. He inspired and then nodded, he seemed quite disappointed. You were so confused by his reaction that you almost had the temptation to go to him and ask what the hell was going on, but the boy you were with started to walk toward an empty room.

‘’Shall we?’’

He asked with a mesmerizing smile, you smiled back and he took it as a ‘yes’. William’s room was almost your room because of the great amount of time you had spent in it, watching movies and talking with him and Chris.
Chris. His face was all you kept thinking about during all the time that the boy kissed you, your body pushed against the wall and his hands on your ass. He was a good kisser, nothing to say about it, but you were not involved.
‘y/n, what is wrong with you?!’ You yelled at yourself internally while the boy was torturing your neck with bites and kisses.


You couldn’t handle it any longer; the boy stopped kissing you and looked at you in disbelief and confusion.

‘’I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well, to much alcohol’’

You lied, he shook his head.

‘’I thought you were the biggest fuckgirl in town’’

He said, disappointment and irritation in his voice, you almost laughed, you knew how to deal with the assholes; you pushed him back, opened the door and, before leaving the room, you turned toward him with your most polite smile.

‘’My dear, I’m just not interested in fucking you’’

You said, he didn’t say a word while you were coming back to the party. Your eyes were searching for your best friend. The party was almost at the end, the house was quite empty and people were too high or drunk to even talk.

‘’Will, have you seen Chris?’’

You asked to him, your best friend gave a quick look around and then looked at you.

‘’He probably left, he said he was tired’’

He answered, you nodded and hugged him, was time to go for you too.

‘’I can drive you home’’

Offered William, you freed yourself from the embrace and gave him a kiss on his check.

‘’Don’t worry, Jacob said that he will drive me.’’

You reassured him, Jacob was one of the Penetrators boys you were closer with, even if you used to get along with them all.
While you were saying goodnight to the girls and Jacob was driving you home you couldn’t stop thinking that Chris seemed so strange that night, you tried to keep him away from your mind but it was practically impossible.



You called your best friend at the end of the school day, he seemed to be in rush.


He answered turning to you, his voice was quite bored.

‘’You left yesterday’’

You said carefully, you knew how complicated was to make Chris talk about his feelings, his problems… making him open up was practically a mission, every time that something was wrong you and William had to give him space and be patient.

‘’I was tired, I still am’’

He said running his hand through his hair, you bit your lower lips, you knew he was lying.

‘’Chris, are you coming?’

William’s voice made him turn left and you saw it: on his neck there was a big purple hickey.
In spite of the fact that you had no right to feel jealous, that’s how you felt in that moment. You were constantly informed about the sexual life of the boys, you also used to help them with the girls when they were not that good, you experienced the birth of the Penetrators and you never felt like this. Chris was sleeping around and William either, period, that was the normal condition; but in that moment, you felt like someone else touched something you wanted to call yours.
You couldn’t resist and you touched it, retiring your hand a second after that. This contact made him look at you.

‘’Yes, I imagine that you must be very tired’’

You said sarcastically, your voice lower than how you planned it to be; he rolled his eyes, he seemed more sorry than bothered.

‘’Why are you acting so strange? You have always talked to me about the girls you screw as I’ve always told you about the boys I hook up with, why did you lie?’’

You were staying calm, of course you were; it was a bad idea to yell at Chris, you had learned it by seeing him when he was mad at his friends, he was not a tempered person.

‘’I just needed a distraction’’

He said biting his lips, he was holding back.

‘’First of all, you don’t have to give me explanations, the girls you sleep with are none of my business. Second, distraction from what?’’

You asked, your voice suddenly full of rage and your hands gesture matching your words. He seemed to be so in conflict with himself, a thousand of thoughts crossing his mind, then he gave up.

‘’A distraction from you’’

He admitted, his left hand covering his mouth, he looked so tired and sad. You opened your eyes and looked at him in total surprise.

‘’Chris… d-does this mean what I think?’’

You asked hesitating, you wanted to be sure. He nodded and made a step forward, now you were closer.

‘’I’m not good with this shit, you know that, y/n, but I suppose I have feelings for you. Yesterday night, when you arrived you were so stunning I just wanted to kiss you. When I called you I wanted to tell you the truth, I was tired of looking at you from the other side of the room and wanting you without having the possibility to have you. Then you went upstairs with that boy, I just could not handle it. A girl kissed me randomly and I decided to bring her home, but all I could think about was you. I’m sorry, really.’’

It took a moment to you to assimilate all of the new information, then a big smile lighted your face up. You thought you had never saw Chris in that way, but you wanted to kiss him so bad in that moment.

‘’I know, I screwed up our friendship, I..’’

He couldn’t finish his sentence because you were kissing him. You never expected to feel such a rush of adrenaline while kissing Christoffer Schistad, but your heart was beating so fast you were scared he could feel it. Chris was nothing like you imagined: he was calm, his hands were delicate and his touch cautious, like you were something precious. You crossed your hands behind his neck and ran your finger through his hair, your lips opening and letting his tongue in. Suddenly, the kiss became more desperate, more passionate. He moved his hands on your hips, caressing them under your t-shirt, you felt shivering going down your back and attached your body to his, you wanted more.

‘’Okay, I suppose I can leave, then’’

William said from his car, he was laughing. Chris interrupted the kiss and turned his head toward his best friend.

‘’Bye, William’’

He said, his voice bothered and amused at the same time. He turned and looked at you, you smiled on his lips and waved at William while he was leaving. You caressed his check, your body still close to his.

‘’I wasn’t expecting that’’

He said smirking, you rolled your eyes but you were still smiling at him.

‘’So, Penetrator Chris has a heart’’

You said touching his chest under his hoodie, he smiled and looked at you so intensively that you felt like he was undressing you with his eyes.

‘’Don’t try to ruin my reputation, babe’’

He said giving you a quick kiss on your neck, you closed your eyes and moved your head back to make him continue that.

‘’God, we already are at the part where you call me babe’’

You teased him touching the back of his head; he stopped kissing your neck and looked at you.

‘’y/n, I want you to be my girlfriend. No games with you, no tricks.’’

He said in a serious tone, you almost were surprised to hear this voice, you never saw him like this before.

‘’I feel flattered by the offer, I shall think about it’’

You answered trying to stay serious; he smiled and brushed his lips on yours, his hands were still on your hips.


He asked softly biting your lower lip, the look of triumph in his eyes while you gave up.

‘’Okay Christoffer, you can call me babe from now on, I’m definitely your girlfriend’’

You answered; he smiled vividly and touched your hair. Before he could kiss you again, you stopped him.

‘’Chris, I wanted to tell you, I didn’t sleep with that boy, I couldn’t stop thinking about you yesterday’’

You confessed, your checks going a little red while he looked at you in total relief.

‘’That’s better, I’m the only one allowed to make you feel pleasure’’

He said, his eyes filled with lust. You gave him a smirk and slowly touched his neck.

‘’I can’t wait for that’’

You teased him with your hands running down his chest. He looked at you, his lips barely touching yours and he said.

‘’Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, but I want to do the things in the proper way’’

He caressed your left check and gently brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, you looked at him, the curiosity shining all over your face’s expression.

‘’So, what’s your next move?’’

You asked laughing a bit and looking at him in his eyes, he smiled before asking you:

‘’Y/n, will you go on a date with me?’’

You laughed in surprise, your eyes wild open and your stomach already upside-down because of the happiness.

‘’Really? Christoffer Schistad inviting a girl on a proper date?’’

You teased him, there was no meanness in your voice, just sarcasm and pleasurable surprise. He took your hands in his while smiling and intensely looked into your eyes before saying in the most serious tone:

‘’You have no idea of the things I would do for you, y/n y/s’’

Hello RebelCaptain shippers!

To continue spreading joy and positivity in this wonderful fandom, we’ve decided to host another exchange: a May the Fourth exchange! We’re hoping you will all join us in creating works for your fellow shippers ♥

A big shoutout to @ladytharen who came up with this fun idea and will be helping us with the exchange. 

What is this?

  • A cute exchange (like Secret Santa) where you get a prompt and create a gift fanwork for a fellow shipper and receive one yourself (on May 4th - Star Wars Day)
  • A great way to meet new people in the fandom and make friends
  • More inspiration for making RebelCaptain works

The Dates:

  • Sign ups are open from now until midnight, April 4th, PST
  • Assignments will be given out by the end of April 6th, PST
  • This gives you four weeks to create your gifts! 

To Enter:

To enter, please send the following sign up form to our network email, therebelcaptainnetwork@gmail.com:

  • Tumblr Username: (your username)
  • TWO Prompt: For this exchange, please send two prompts in order of preference. We will be matching you based on your first prompt, but we wanted to offer a back up to our participants. For the prompts: one sentence or less for each, please—give your partner some freedom in creating your gift!
  • What your fanwork talents are: (do you write fic, make gifs, graphics, vids? Are you multi-talented?)
  • Opinion on smut/anything else that is potentially divisive: (please be specific, it’ll help us pair you better)
  • Anything you don’t wish to receive or gift: (please note any triggers, issues, etc.)
  • Are you willing to be a pinch hitter for this exchange? (If yes, what medium?)

The Rules:

  • Send your giftee anonymous love at least once a week
  • You can make anything you like: fanfiction, gifsets, fanart, fanmixes, edits etc., as long as it fills your giftee’s prompt!
  • Your gift must be at least 1000 words or an equivalent amount of effort in another medium.
  • Your askbox must be opened with anon enabled. You will not be allowed to participate if this requirement isn’t met. (It causes too many problems otherwise, sorry.)
  • No you do not have to be a network member to join in!
  • Have fun and spread the love

We’ll be using the tag #rebelcaptainmay4 for all new posts related to this exchange. This is also the tag to use for posting your gifts! Please also use this tag when replying to messages from your gifter so they can find them easily.

We have a BETA/GRAPHIC ARTIST resource that you can use to get help on your fic or have an artist make something for you work. Also, for your reference, we have an EXCHANGE FAQ, so please look there for further explanations on anything you may be confused by. 

If you don’t see the answer to your question there, please do message us or shoot an email to the above address if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

Happy shipping! ♥


If we here at SparkLife had to sum up our life philosophy in one sentence, it would probably either, “Give us chunky peanut butter or give us death,” or, “Ask not what your Sparkitors can do for you, but what you can do for your Sparkitors; now bring us a dozen milkshakes, and don’t be stingy with the sprinkles.”

Thankfully for everyone, we’re not literary heroines, so our words won’t be immortalized for future generations. But the words of the brilliant, brave, and unique heroines in this slideshow have transcended time and genre, and now they’re here to inspire you—courtesy @thelatestkate‘s gorgeous illos and our peanut butter-covered laptop keyboards.

// You Can Do Better Than Me // Part One

Reggie x Reader / Jughead x Reader (platonic) / Jughead x Asexual

A whole lot of friendships, relationships, inner turmoil and indecisive teens ready to mess it all up.

I have to face the truth
That no one could ever look at me like you do
Like I’m something worth holding on to

These times I think of leaving
But it’s something I’ll never do

‘Cause you can do better than me
But I can’t do better than you

warnings: it’s so british??? and swearing.if you read the snippet/preview please note that i changed the beginning, so make sure you read it all! also added the whole 2nd part as well.

word count: 1710

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Post-Nightmare Cuddles

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (Female) Reader

Warnings: Nightmare, Fear of Failure, Hurt/comfort

Word Count: 2,542

Summary: 6. with female reader has a nightmare and dearest Bucky is there to help? 

A/N: So picking a nightmare was hard, so I went generally with failure. I am a millennial in this shitty job market who might have to live at home til I can find a job and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. However, I used my fear of never being able to escape my hometown (which is tiny and boring and filled with hateful old people) as the basis for this nightmare, which should explain why I went the way I did. IF YOU NEED TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS BECAUSE THE JOB MARKET IS SHIT, THEN THERE IS NO SHAME AT ALL IN THAT. Just wanted to make sure no one took that the wrong way.

It was a wonderfully relaxing night. You had cracked open the windows so you could hear the storm raging outside, relaxed in your armchair by the window with a constant supply of warm beverages and a good book. It had been ages since you’d been so at ease. You had your phone nearby, but knew no one would be in touch unless there was an emergency.

It was Boys’ Night, so Steve and Bucky and Sam were hitting up the town, seeing how many girls they could get to flirt with Steve, the usual. Bucky had told you he would text you when they got back in, like you usually asked him to do. That habit you had started in college, when you needed to make sure your friends made it home safe, and you didn’t need to call the police. There was nothing the police could handle that those three couldn’t, but it still made you feel better knowing that they were home safe.

You were just snuggling under the covers at one in the morning. Knowing you wouldn’t be able to finish your book then anyway, you finally admitted defeat to your burning eyes that were begging for relief.

Y/n: Headed to bed. You can still text me when you get home.

Bucky B.: Alright. Won’t be out too much longer. Steve is getting tired of all the flirting.

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Cayenne Confessions

Ethan Dolan x Reader

Summary - Ethan and you were best friends and incredibly close. What happens when Grayson points out some feelings both of you never addressed?

A/N - Nobody ever reads the author note tbh but I want to thank you for 100 followers in one week, that’s insane. Sorry all of my fics are pretty short. Feel free to request if you have anything.

Originally posted by danglydolan

                “Why the fuck did I think it was a good idea for me to do that video?!” Ethan screeched as you sat in the living room listening to the hell happening down the hall. Grayson’s laugh echoed through the halls as the noise of Ethan pouring milk and showering splattered the tiles of the bathroom. “Cayenne pepper getting to you bro?” Grayson chuckled as you saw him for a split second in the long corridor. You scrolled through your phone reclining comfortably as the boys finished up the video for this week. It was obviously not very good on the receiving side for Ethan as he had been in the shower for nearly fifty minutes now. Getting up you knocked on the bathroom’s cracked door. “Grayson is E dead in there?” You heard Ethan sigh and Grayson snort as he opened the door. “No.. although we do have to go get some new milk.” He sauntered out leaving you halfway into the bathroom with Ethan in his boxers using his towel in an attempt to make it burn less. “Sometimes I don’t even know why the hell I do the shit I do..” Ethan mumbled as he grabbed his shorts slipping them on and then turning to you. “Y/n, my amazing best friend would you be eve-” You didn’t even let him finish that sentence as you knew him too well and knew what was coming next. “No I am not going to go buy more milk - I wasn’t the one who used it or needs it!” You smirked and trotted back to where you were on the couch, Ethan following close behind pleading as if he just lost his job and whole life. 

               “Ethan for the last time in bloody hell. No not unless you or Grayson goes with me at least.” You looked him straight in his hazel eyes and he smiled. “I’ll go with you then!” He stood up and shot out his hand for you to take. Pulling you off the couch and rushing over to your shoes you both made your way to the door. “Grayson! We’re going to Target real quick to get some more milk for E’s back!” You shouted loud enough for the neighbors to hear. “Okay lovebirds! Don’t spend too much time making out!” He responded as you both made your way out of the house. Your face went red at the thought. Ethan and you had never really spoken about that even though you were incredibly close and always got asked if you were a couple. As much as you would deny it you did have feelings for the older twin. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t?! You were snapped out of your train of thought as Ethan shuffled you into his black car and began to start the engine up. “You want the AUX cord this time Y/n?” Ethan raised an eyebrow at you and you just took it out of his hand connecting it to your phone. It was a good ten minutes of silence except for the hum of music softly in the background as you drove to Target. “Hopefully this will help.” Ethan laughed as he put three cartoons of milk into the red cart. “Well I hope so also because if it doesn’t your just stuck burning for the rest of your day. I am not coming back out once we’re home.” You stuck your tongue out at him and he chortled as you made your way to the checkout center. You went to self checkout and paid for the milk and agilely made your way to the car with E. You put the milk in the back and both of you got comfortable in the seats up front. 

                  “Y/n?” Ethan’s voice almost non existent sounded through the silence. You looked at him and saw that his face was that of the color of a rose. “What’s wrong E?” Your mind began to race as you saw this. Is he having a fever? Does he not feel good? Maybe he likes me like I like him? Nah, don’t get your hopes up. “I uh.. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.. But..” Just that one beginning of a sentence made anxiety build up as you were worried he would leave you or say that he really didn’t want to hand out as much. “Y-yeah E?” You pushed him on as he messed around with his thumbs. “I really actually think I like you, as in more than friendship.” He gulped at the end of his sentence and your mind completely went into shock. How!? Me? Ethan Grant Dolan likes me of all people?! Finally after about two minutes you wrapped your mind about what he said and pulled his hand into yours. “Kiss me E.” You blushed crimson and he leaned in closing the gap between you both. The kiss was delicate, as if he was worried that if he made a wrong move you would collapse into a pile of ash. The kiss turned more heated as you both became more self aware of what was happening. You eventually had to pull away but you got to stare into those beautiful hazel eyes of his while he leaned his forehead against yours. “Maybe we should get out of the Target parking lot and go tell Gray?” Ethan whispered against your lips as enjoyed the surreal moment with the man you love.

This isn't The Breakfast Club

A/N: so this is a little thing that i wrote to get over my writers block. Let me know if you have any feedback or requests.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader/ Jughead x 1st person narrator.

Word Count: 727

I can’t believe this. Detention. On a Saturday. This isn’t some 80s teen movie, it’s my life. To make matters worse I am stuck here all day with the school loner; a regular John Bender wannabe if I’ve ever seen one, Jughead Jones. I’d seen Jughead around. Shared a few classes with him but we’ve never spoken to one another. I am not sure we had even made eye contact before today. As he strolled into the empty classroom taking his usual place in the back of the classroom he gave me a cursory nod of slight recognition before taking his usual seat in the back of the classroom even though we were the only two people here.

It had been two hours and we had not spoken. We were the only two people in detention. We had long been abandoned by our supervising teacher Mr Smith who had been surprised to see the two of us here in detention, stating we were the last two students he had ever expected to see in all day detention. He had left twenty minutes into our sentence, proclaiming neither of us would ever get into any trouble. I snickered. We were in detention. We had clearly both gotten into some form of trouble to land ourselves in here but I wasn’t going to argue with him.

I had decided this time would be an effective way to get some reading done. I had brought two books with me to read but I couldn’t concentrate. The sound of Jughead typing furiously on his laptop was too distracting. After reading the same page over and over again I decided I had to say something.
“ Is there any way you could do that quieter please Jughead, I’m trying to read but I can’t concentrate with you constantly smashing your fingers against the keys over there”

He didn’t say anything. Just looked up at at me, rolling his eyes and giving an exasperated sigh he returned to typing in a less furious manner.

I used this time to look at him. Although we had been living in the same town and going to school together our whole lives I’d never really paid attention to Jughead Jones. Not in a rude way but I had just never really crossed paths with him outside of class interaction. I got along with his friends Betty and Archie well enough but I had my own group of friends to hang out with so I didn’t spend much time with other people. I never realized how cute Jughead was. He wasn’t the type of guy I usually found myself attracted to but sitting here alone with him I got the chance to really look at him. See how his brows furrowed in frustration. How his long, lean body slumped as it was stuffed into a desk that is generally too small for most high school students.

For the rest of the day my thoughts became consumed by Jughead Jones. As I really came to consider him my earlier evaluation of him had been wrong. We had of course made eye contact before. I recalled many a time where Jughead had leant me a pen or held a door open for me. He extended courtesy toward me in a way that people don’t usually do to those they hardly know. Other guys who I had similar almost non existent relationships with like Reggie, Kevin or Chuck didn’t treat me with the same kindness that Jughead did, always happy to help with a quiet, shy smile that you barely even notice is there.

At the end of the day, once our sentence was up Jughead and I walked out of the school together, still not speaking. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to ask him to join me at Pop’s for a milkshake or a burger so I could figure out what my new realization about him meant. See if there was anything more to this than a simple crush I’d developed out of boredom. But I didn’t. This isn’t The Breakfast Club, its real life. People who are wildly different don’t end up together after one day of shared experience. So I walked away after a polite goodbye from Jughead vowing to myself that I would make more of an effort to get to know Jughead Jones.

Originally posted by diltons

Jaden Smith

Offering - Jaden smith

+ (this is a new age tumblr, its time for music that reflects what we are to become)

Top secret, drug bust, the cops keep it
The streets weepin, and the ones at the top see it
Grey cement, tree saps seeping the baby teeth in
That’s the city on the weekend - screw the planet
Leave it

My dad said, “To beat the system, understand it first”
My dad’s an inspiration, I respect the man at work
And everything you say is something that you can’t reverse
Something that you can’t rehearse, someone that you can’t converse with

Lex Luthor, Kama Sutra
Come on, I don’t care, leave that stuff to Obama
Screw yo commas, let my sentence run on
C02 emitting until our damn sun’s gone

Penitentiaries, they filling up, that’s why they killing us
Probably see the flaws in the matrix if you real enough
Tried to keep it basic but the doctor’s always pilling us
You even know what penicillin does?
Me either, I am the beat eater

Man we chilling with the kids, they cause some problems in the sand
And all because I told them God was not a man
I love you so I’ll probably carve it in my hand
The cycle’s over, won’t restart it once again, won’t restart it
Beat cold, flow, it’s so retarded
Burning coal just to gain control, homie I got it
Young prophet, come out of pocket
Just to see the geo-engineering stop it, we are boycotting it

And whatever you be droppin, I ain’t coppin it
Cause I’m tryna make sure that my kids will have some oxygen
When they land, you guys won’t understand

A different approach.

I worked my girl on my own for a bit the other day. The paddocks have been icy so she hadn’t been running and playing much, so she was full of vinegar and excited to be on the good footing of the indoor arena! She bounced, bucked, and hopped her away around the first few circles - never really hauling on me, just… frolicking at the end of the rope =) Then she settled, head low, into a long stretching trot.

The trainer barged into the arena and came down on me. “I just saw that horse rear like three times!!! And you didn’t spin her, smack her, correct her in any way! I try to help you but you just don’t trust my methods. You’re going to go off on your own and keep coddling this horse and get yourself into a mess!”

And on, and on. Then the sentence that summed up our difference in training style:

“You just stand there WAITING for her to calm down. You have to MAKE her be calm!”

Forced calmness? Through snapping a chain on her nose, smacking her with a rope, hitting her in the face? Doesn’t sound calm at all… defeated maybe. Shut down. Broken. Her profession is to break horses. I want to train mine. I want to negotiate, not dominate. I would chose a horse that might rear up on me or throw a little buck now and then over a horse that’s had the personality beat out of it any day. Such a horse might simply do as it’s told as nothing it isn’t told, but if I play my cards right I think my horse will offer me more.

Creepypasta #1010: Playgrounds Aren't Safe, Secure Spaces, Even When Supervised

Length: Long

I was just up to the mountain and looked at it, but I felt nothing weird. I even went so far as to go up right next to it. Didn’t go down it though, I’m not taking any chances. I guess this was a freak one time thing - if it really happened. But it does make you wonder how common it is.

I recently moved into a new apartment and on the day of the move, I met the former tenant who said he wanted to take a last look at the apartment before “leaving permanently”. He was very polite and so I invited him in for a cup of coffee and a talk. Now, I work pretty hectic night shifts as a croupier and during the day I study for some courses in college, which puts me in a state of constant tiredness. But this man was on another level of tired. His eyes, even as he looked at me while talking, weren’t really looking. It’s like his body took every chance to rest it could; between each breath, each heartbeat, and not activating the eyes unless absolutely necessary. I estimate he was in his early thirties, but he had the posture of a 70-year old with a bad back. I guess there are some types of tiredness that no amount of caffeine can cure.

He walked around in the empty apartment, dragging his hand against the wall as he moved. On some places he stopped entirely and just stood there, as if he were channeling the memory for that exact spot from the wall. After ten minutes or so of walking around, he stopped and went back to sit on one of the moving boxes right next to me.

“I need to tell this to someone before I go” he said. The story is exactly as he told it to me, and I remember it so well because I don’t know what to make of it.


My wife and I were in our late 20’s when we moved into this apartment earlier this year with our daughter, Elsa, who was a little over two years old, after having lived with my mother-in-law in her house. Yes, I know how it sounds but it isn’t exactly easy to find an apartment in Stockholm. However, luck struck down on us and we managed to get a small flat in a newly built, semi-affluent neighborhood with low crime rate, which was perfect for us. It was a little cramped, I admit, and would be even more so as we were expecting our second child. But the area was great and close to communications so there was really no reason to complain.

Ever since I graduated college I had been looking for work. However, looking for work doesn’t take an entire day, which meant I had a lot of spare time on my hands. My wife then suggested that we should keep Elsa more at home, and that instead of dropping her off at daycare, she would spend Fridays at home. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea at first as I was constantly tired because I did most of the chores at home, as well as taking care of Elsa since my wife was in constant pain because of the pregnancy and couldn’t walk really far (or fast!).

After a while though, I started to enjoy it. We would go out to different parks in the area or make a trip somewhere, and because we got out around lunch, there’s always very little people in the parks and often we’re even alone. I think her favorite trip to this day was to the aquariums at the royal gardens. She got so excited with the large fish swimming around that she was constantly giggling and running around, pointing at things. And her small lips and bright white teeth formed the most adorable smile you can imagine. She had the cutest little face, framed in large strands of strawberry-blonde hair.

One Friday when we were out walking, I noticed a set of stairs I had never seen before. It was pretty close to where we live, on a path that goes behind a small industrial area and eventually leads to one of our regular parks. We hadn’t taken that exact path for some time, but in front of the stairs was a sign that said: “Building a new park on Nyboda Mountain, finished 2016.” The stairs looked like they were placed there yesterday, with no spots or old chewing gum on them, and the green paint on the railings seemed to just have dried.

“Elsa, want to go to a new park?” I asked. 


“Okay, let’s go up these stairs first and then we can play.” 

“Stairs first!” she exclaimed before she jumped onto the first step. She was just learning and picking up new words, so this was what her sentences looked like.

We started our ascent up the eight(!), long flight of stairs; but boy was it worth it when we got up there. At first I didn’t notice the playground, the view was just too good. You could see most of the old parts of town, as well as various other landmarks. It wasn’t until Elsa started shouting at me that I came to. The playground was indeed newly built, with a number of fresh, unspoiled things and toys to play with. And we were all alone.

“Daddy come!” she shouted as she beckoned me over to the swings. “Elsa swing!” 

“Okay honey!” I shouted back and as I started to swing, her face lit up more and more.

She really liked to swing, even though she would look grumpy most of the time. But if you asked her if she wanted to come off the answer was almost always “No!”. We played with the swings and various other things in the park, and if there ever was a father-daughter moment that should be caught on camera; this was it.

After a while, Elsa spotted a large tunnel slide at the outskirts of the park, slightly hidden behind some trees. It was massive. “Is this really for kids?” was my first thought. The metallic pipe started on top of a large wooden structure that almost looked like a tower and then descended about six meters, with a curve in the middle, before finally ending. Elsa skipped towards it while letting out a joyful scream. 

“No way,” I thought. “She hates slides, even the small regular ones, yet she runs towards this beast?!” I didn’t need to worry though, as she grabbed a couple of sticks and a couple of pine cones right before climbing the wooden tower.

“Sticks slide!” she said. 

“Ahh, you want the sticks and pine cones to go down the slide?” I asked, sounding like an old college professor. “Mhmm.”

She then took one of the sticks and threw it in, saw it disappear and heard the metallic echo it produced as it bounced down. She started laughing, threw a cone and then had me do the same. It is moments like these we live for. Not a care in the world, just throwing sticks and cones down a slide. Nothing more, nothing less.

When everything was thrown we went down to pick it up, but then I noticed that only the pine cones had made their way down. I assumed the sticks got stuck in there somewhere. Not that it mattered to Elsa, she grabbed the rest of the cones and ran back up to the tower again. When we had thrown all of the pine cones a second time, Elsa said: “Daddy go slide.”

“Do you want daddy to go down the slide?” 


“Do you want to ride with daddy? Sit in daddy’s lap?” 

“No. Daddy go slide.”

“Got damn it.” I thought. As an adult man I should have no problem with this, but the slide felt intimidating somehow.

“Okay…” I said as I started to climb into the tube and positioned myself. It didn’t feel right. “Do you really want daddy to go down the slide?” I asked as I was sitting on the edge. 

“Yes!” she replied with enthusiasm and a face shining like the sun. 

“All right then…”

I took my hands off the cold, metallic surface and felt how gravity started working its magic. Before I knew it, I had picked up speed and was rushing down into the darkness. Then, as I reached the curved area, I could hear desperate screams coming from the entrance.

“Daddyyy!” Followed by a metallic clanking sound somewhere above me.

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Kurtbastian one-shot - “A Dalton Boy in Candy Cane Stockings” (Rated NC17)

Kurt decides to play with Sebastian’s limits by dressing him up in lingerie and having him put on a show for his customers - accompanied by a female slave on her knees. (4896 words)

I’m jumping all the sharks here. Written for @lilinas Bitchmas prompts cane, green, sing, decorate, and probably a couple of others I tossed in there that I’m forgetting, and all of the Klaine Advent Drabble prompts from audience to tacky. 

Warnings for Dom/sub, Sebastian wearing lingerie and heels, Sebastian with someone else, Kurt and Elliott getting kinky, and oral. Dom Kurt, sub Sebastian, and a lot of jealousy.

Read on AO3.

“How do you swing, preppy?” Sitting in his chair in his office, Kurt wiggles the toes of his bare right foot against his sub’s crotch while Sebastian massages the left.

“I don’t think I understand what you mean, Master?” Sebastian grabs Kurt’s bottle of citrus massage oil and squeezes a few more drops in his palm. He presses his hands together to warm it up, then goes back to giving Kurt a massage.

“I mean, how fragile is your masculinity?” Kurt raises his head from where it’s resting over the back of his chair to look at his boy when he answers.

“I would like to think not all that fragile, Master.” Sebastian leans back a hair when Kurt’s right foot goes from wiggling to rubbing.

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