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A different approach.

I worked my girl on my own for a bit the other day. The paddocks have been icy so she hadn’t been running and playing much, so she was full of vinegar and excited to be on the good footing of the indoor arena! She bounced, bucked, and hopped her away around the first few circles - never really hauling on me, just… frolicking at the end of the rope =) Then she settled, head low, into a long stretching trot.

The trainer barged into the arena and came down on me. “I just saw that horse rear like three times!!! And you didn’t spin her, smack her, correct her in any way! I try to help you but you just don’t trust my methods. You’re going to go off on your own and keep coddling this horse and get yourself into a mess!”

And on, and on. Then the sentence that summed up our difference in training style:

“You just stand there WAITING for her to calm down. You have to MAKE her be calm!”

Forced calmness? Through snapping a chain on her nose, smacking her with a rope, hitting her in the face? Doesn’t sound calm at all… defeated maybe. Shut down. Broken. Her profession is to break horses. I want to train mine. I want to negotiate, not dominate. I would chose a horse that might rear up on me or throw a little buck now and then over a horse that’s had the personality beat out of it any day. Such a horse might simply do as it’s told as nothing it isn’t told, but if I play my cards right I think my horse will offer me more.


If we here at SparkLife had to sum up our life philosophy in one sentence, it would probably either, “Give us chunky peanut butter or give us death,” or, “Ask not what your Sparkitors can do for you, but what you can do for your Sparkitors; now bring us a dozen milkshakes, and don’t be stingy with the sprinkles.”

Thankfully for everyone, we’re not literary heroines, so our words won’t be immortalized for future generations. But the words of the brilliant, brave, and unique heroines in this slideshow have transcended time and genre, and now they’re here to inspire you—courtesy @thelatestkate‘s gorgeous illos and our peanut butter-covered laptop keyboards.

  • Offering
  • Jaden Smith

Offering - Jaden smith

+ (this is a new age tumblr, its time for music that reflects what we are to become)

Top secret, drug bust, the cops keep it
The streets weepin, and the ones at the top see it
Grey cement, tree saps seeping the baby teeth in
That’s the city on the weekend - screw the planet
Leave it

My dad said, “To beat the system, understand it first”
My dad’s an inspiration, I respect the man at work
And everything you say is something that you can’t reverse
Something that you can’t rehearse, someone that you can’t converse with

Lex Luthor, Kama Sutra
Come on, I don’t care, leave that stuff to Obama
Screw yo commas, let my sentence run on
C02 emitting until our damn sun’s gone

Penitentiaries, they filling up, that’s why they killing us
Probably see the flaws in the matrix if you real enough
Tried to keep it basic but the doctor’s always pilling us
You even know what penicillin does?
Me either, I am the beat eater

Man we chilling with the kids, they cause some problems in the sand
And all because I told them God was not a man
I love you so I’ll probably carve it in my hand
The cycle’s over, won’t restart it once again, won’t restart it
Beat cold, flow, it’s so retarded
Burning coal just to gain control, homie I got it
Young prophet, come out of pocket
Just to see the geo-engineering stop it, we are boycotting it

And whatever you be droppin, I ain’t coppin it
Cause I’m tryna make sure that my kids will have some oxygen
When they land, you guys won’t understand

Sentence Starters: Farewells and Break-Ups

“We had our moments, but it’s over now.”

“Nothing you say can make this any better.”

“Don’t feel bad, it’s just that our time has come to an end.”

“I’m not changing my mind about this.”

“We need to go our separate ways.”

“There’s nothing left for us.”

“It’s over. We are over.”

“I’m truly glad we met, but this wasn’t meant to be forever.”

“I can’t do this anymore!”

“I can’t be with someone like you!”

“It was a mistake, from the very beginning.”

“You ruined everything!”

“You are the biggest mistake of my life.”

“I wish we never met.”

“I still love you, just not the way I used to.”

“This relationship doesn’t work.”


BTS is teasing us since ever. Our boys were mentioning sentences like “burn it up” in Second Grade. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I WONDER HOW LONG THEY’VE BEEN PLANNING THIS, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW.


These guys seriously… ಠ_ಠ

I want to let @lynn-eksonyeondan know that I did these screenshots BECAUSE I WOULD FEEL LIKE I STOLE HER WORK IF I DIDN’T TAG HER HERE. (• ε •)

just think

there is an alternate universe where scotland voted yes
there is an alternate universe where ed miliband is prime minster
there is an alternate universe where the media weren’t biased
there is an alternate universe where ukip doesn’t exist
there is an alternate universe where the green party are in a coalition with labour, snp and plaid
there is an alternate universe where nick and dave got together during the coalition
there is an alternate universe where ed balls didn’t lose his seat
there is an alternate universe where mps don’t have to wear shoes when in commons
there is an alternate universe where we have a fair voting system
there is an alternate universe where the monarchy has been abolished
but, there is an alternate universe where nigel farage is our pm, no one thought to create the budget rap and the milifandom was never invented, and that makes me happy to live in this one