our second life

Reblog if a YouTuber has ever made you feel better after a shit day

I’m trying to prove a point to most adults that don’t understand the impact they can make in young people’s lifes.

  • •Connor taught me to be confident
  • •Ricky taught me to look at the positives in life
  • •Sam taught me to smile in the hardest times
  • •Jc taught me to chase my dreams and stand up for what i believe in
  • •Trevor taught me to never give up on what makes me happy
  • •Kian taught me to never be afraid to be myself
an alternate reality where:

-jaspar never moved out
-troye never left youtube
-o2l never broke up

please note that this alternate reality would ALSO contain:

-none of the buttercream squad
-none of troyes music
-no common culture or knj world tours

don’t focus on what has been lost. focus on what’s been gained in the absence of what once was.

which reality would you choose? the one we have now, or the one i just described?