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Reblog if a YouTuber has ever made you feel better after a shit day

I’m trying to prove a point to most adults that don’t understand the impact they can make in young people’s lifes.

Reblog if any youtubers have helped you in any way or you can't imagine your life without them, it's an experiment

I feel like everytime someone from the youtube community makes a big announcement its automatically becomes something we all support, that’s why phan shippers voted for troyler, o2l’s people purchased trxye, and zalfie’s people are supporting connor right now, we are all a big family, we might have our differences but in the end we’re all here for each other

O2L Song
  • O2L Song

The o2l song performed at digifest nyc 

Credit to this video for the audio

Audio is ok quality and has sounds in the background. We’ll have to wat for the guys to release it to get HQ !!


[verse 1]

You know i’m talkin’ ‘bout Jc Caylen, Connor, Sam, Ricky, Kian,Trevor Moran

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself, cause now you’re rockin’ with the whole damn fam

Oh yeah, they’re o2l but you already know, (line of words i can’t make out)

Ricky’s got sass, Sam’s got love, Trevor got them notes from above, Connor got the giggles and Kian is a bro, and Jc is from texas.


Tonight we’re gonna give em hell, everybody’s screamin’ O2L like ooooooo, oooo. O-2-LLLLLLL

Tonight we’re gonna give em hell, everybody’s screamin’ O2L singing ooooooo, oooo. O-2-LLLLLLL

Everybody go bananas!

[verse 2]

Here we go again, same old thing

Ricky got the tanktop, with no sleeves

Connor’s like more tumblr please

ohmygod Kian can I get your number? 

Sam Pottorff, whatta dude, Trevor’s all like AHHHH OOOO

and i think that’s everyone there, and Jc’s still from texas.

(I can tell the words here either but they say 'oh yeah’ a lot)

[chorus] [instrumental] [chorus breakdown]