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@timelordlostingotham requested: “1) Thank you Admins for all your hard work! Everything you write is so great and you can tell you put a lot of effort into it so again thank you❤️ 2) May I request a D.K. Hogwarts!au ?“

Admin note: TYSM LOVELY and ofc you can lol. Btw, I’m delirious with exhaustion buuuuuuut hope you enjoy!

  • ok but just imagine -Seokmin’s a third year Ravenclaw
  • his closest friends are the other third years in his friend group
  • Mingyu and Minghao
  • and yes he’s actually really smart
  • but kind of scatter-brained
  • like ask him which wizard coined the term “muggle” and he can list it off the top of his head in less than a second
  • but since there’s so much he’s always thinking about
  • a lot of it is really weird and potentially crazy mind-blowing stuff
  • it kind of looks like he’s daydreaming
  • “Seokmin! What do you want for lunch?”
  • “The animal form of a patronus charm reflects the-”
  • “I asked what you wanted for lunch, not for you to recite the textbook, are you ok?”
  • “Oh yea steak and kidney pie and pumpkin juice of course.”
  • the Luna Lovegood type 
  • always randomly shouting out facts or other random thoughts he has even if it’s completely unrelated to the conversation
  • “If basilisks stare at their own eyes in a mirror, do they get petrified?”
  • “If the paintings can move and talk and interact, do they need to eat and use the bathroom too?”
  • “Seokmin, that’s an interesting question, but I was just asking what the homework was for charms again?”
  • he’s so nice to everyone though
  • literally has never been caught passing someone on the moving stairs without a hi and a smile
  • and everyone has to admit he’s good-looking
  • and a cute smiley person
  • he can be found in random corners of the castle talking to ghosts or paintings
  • he kind of just pops out of nowhere, it’s like he knows every single inch of the castle and can appear wherever he wants
  • which is how you met him
  • your friend left her paper for transfiguration in the library and it’s getting late
  • you go up to the Ravenclaw dormitory
  • when you realize you have to solve a riddle
  • “Welp I’m screwed.”
  • “What gets wetter the more it dries?”
  • “How the heck would I know?”
  • “A towel”
  • and you legit jump five feet in the air as Seokmin appears out of nowhere
  • “The answer’s a towel.”
  • and the dorm opens
  • as he leads you inside
  • “Thank you.” you tell him
  • he gives you a bright smile
  • “I’m bringing a paper for my friend.”
  • “Ah you’re a good friend.”
  • “How did you know the answer?”
  • “You just have to think things over, it might take a lot of time but after a while you realize you’re more capable than if you had just given up.” He shrugs
  • “Sounds legit.” you nod
  • “Don’t wake up the paintings when you leave, they like it being silent when sleeping.”
  • “Ok…?” You say as he smiles one last time and disappears just as quickly as he had appeared
  • turns out he has potions with you
  • “Didn’t he seem kind of weird to you?” your Ravenclaw friend asks after you tell her about your encounter after returning her paper
  • “He seemed really nice though.”
  • “He’s nice and all, but a bit weird.”
  • you don’t say anything because you thought he was really cute and nice for having helped a random Gryffindor get into the dorms
  • and so you catch yourself staring at him a bit when in potions
  • and notice the way he scoots the ingredients closer to Mingyu when Mingyu had to reach all the way across the table for them
  • or the way he reads the directions in the textbook
  • how he gets a confused look and tilts the book a bit sideways
  • before giving an “aha” and telling Mingyu what to do next
  • and he looks up and catches you staring for just slightly too long
  • causing you to look down and blush trying to focus -even though you can hear his laugh across the room
  • and can see the smile still on his face as you pass him to leave the potions classroom
  • you end up in the room of requirement the next week
  • to finding some nosebleed nougat that you hid for a friend in case they wanted a reason to skip defense against the dark arts
  • and you notice Seokmin when you leave the room
  • “Oh”
  • “Hello y/n.”
  • “Hey, are you going to use the room?”
  • “Yes I have a book to find.”
  • “I’ll leave you to it then-”
  • you watch as he gently takes your arm and leads you back into the room before handing you a book out of a pile
  • “Riddling puzzles for every witch and wizard?” you read the title
  • “Yep, it’s in case you need to give papers back to a friend again.”
  • and he gives you another brilliant smile that makes your heart race a little faster
  • “Oh ok thank you then!”
  • “Just doing my job of spreading knowledge.” He says holding out a hand for a high five while laughing
  • you give him a high five
  • “Well pixies don’t bite for no reason.”
  • “What?”
  • “Sorry I was thinking aloud, see you around y/n.” He turns waving goodbye
  • “Bye… I guess?”
  • and when you’re next trying to figure out a recipe for potions
  • Seokmin slides into the seat next to you
  • “You’re supposed to crush the roots before chopping them.”
  • he watches as you try it and succeed
  • “Woah that’s cool!” you tell him 
  • your friend who’s sitting across the table gives you a look
  • a friend look
  • the look that says, "why is there some random boy here sitting next to you, and why have you not given me every detail about this situation?”
  • you blush and shake your head at her, eyes wide
  • Seokmin doesn’t look up from holding the textbook a bit sideways
  • “y/n you can stir now.” he gets up about to leave
  • you see something on his face, indecision is it?
  • “On second thought you might need me so I’ll just stay here.” he said quickly sitting back down next to you
  • he gives you a light chuckle and you feel your cheeks burn as you respond
  • “Sure, I’d probably mess it up without your help.”
  • Mingyu is just staring at you and Seokmin from across the classroom
  • the both of you blushing while smiling and talking
  • he’s going to have to tell the others about what happened
  • it gets even more suspicious
  • whenever the two of you see each other in the hallways, you both stop to blush and say hi and make small talk
  • even if you’re blocking other people from walking to their next class
  • and then
  • when you and Seokmin go to the library on the weekend
  • supposedly thinking it was just the two of you working on your potions paper
  • of course Mingyu is there spying
  • having brought some friends
  • which is probably how you ended up being surrounded by Seungcheol, Hansol, Jun, and Mingyu in the common room that evening
  • “Do you like our Seokmin?”
  • you’d like to say you kept your cool
  • but what chill did you have
  • “I-”
  • not even letting you finish, the blush on your cheeks giving it away
  • “We see him being cheerful all the time, but with you he smiles softer and his eyes practically sparkle.” Hansol laughs
  • “You people spied on us?”
  • “wasn’t a date and the library is open to all seeking knowledge”
  • “Yes knowledge on IF you like Seokmin” -giving up you sigh
  • “And if I do?”
  • the four of them start making weird sounds as they give you huge smiles
  • “Ok so let’s say we know Seokmin likes you too.”
  • you sit there not breathing
  • could they just be messing with you?
  • but they wouldn’t, would they?
  • “He doesn’t really ever shut up about you.” Mingyu says rolling his eyes
  • “‘y/n said that my potions paper was really good…. y/n’s owl’s name is Cara…’ you know before it was hard keeping a straight convo with him because he’d bring up random facts or questions unrelated to the convo, but now he brings up you.” Seungcheol snickers
  • “Really?” damn it you
  • “Tell you what, go for a walk to the lake tomorrow.”
  • “Why?”
  • “you’ll see”
  • so the next day you walk down the path to the lake
  • and you see Seokmin there being dragged by his friends who had cornered you yesterday
  • and you see them say something to him pointing at you
  • you can see Seokmin turning pink all the way from where you’re standing
  • then they pat Seokmin on the back and leave giving you winks as they walk away
  • “Hey Seokmin.” you say already feeling warm in your cheeks, “Funny seeing you here.” you laugh nervously
  • “S-s-so y/n, hi, I’m not sure w-w-what they said to you but, I’ll try to cut to the chase.”
  • your heart is beating so fast now it’s ready to burst
  • he looked so cute being flustered and trying to talk to you
  • “So I should have known better than to tell them, but I did and now this happened and I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same way but I like you a lot because you’re smarter than you think and you’re nice and pretty and my patronus is a horse and can you believe our school motto is 'never tickle a sleeping dragon’?-”
  • “Woah wait Seokmin-” you say blushing furiously now, “I didn’t think you’d like me too….” you trail off
  • “Wait you like me too?!?!?” His smile lighting up the entire world
  • “Yea but I didn’t think you’d like me even though your friends said you did because you’re so smart and nice and amazing and I really liked talking to you and stuff…” you continue flustered
  • “They said that?” He laughs, “My friends always so nosy.”
  • you both just laugh and look at each other
  • “So do you want to hang out on the weekend?” He says looking down at his feet and playing with a loose string on his robes
  • “I’d like that.” You say smiling
  • he looks up practically jumping around excited
  • “want to go now?”
  • “Right now, but there’s a quidditch game?”
  • “Oh right, want to sit next to me then?”
  • your heart flutters as he takes your hand and looks at you with puppy eyes
  • “Sure.”
  • there’s an uproar when you two walk into the stands holding hands
  • the others screaming
  • “See we told you we’re good wingmen, finally got the weird couple together.”
  • “They’re so cute though”
  • Seokmin just being a flustered mess and telling them to stop -and he pulls you to a spot away from them
  • hands still together
  • “So now that we’re dating-” he starts
  • “Dating?” You giggle, “You didn’t even officially ask me yet.” you say playfully pouting
  • “oh right,” he pulls out a chocolate frog and a single rose seemingly from nowhere and surprising you, “Will you be my my girlfriend then?”
  • you have to collect your thoughts and calm down a bit before answering
  • “Yes of course.” and then he embraces you in a hug
  • warm and fuzzy
  • best feeling in the world
  • you rest your head on his chest
  • and when you look up, his smile is radiant
  • “I like the sound of that 'my girlfriend’” he says chuckling too
  • “I’m glad.” You laugh
  • “But I could also use 'beautiful’ and 'sweetheart’ right?” He says looking at you
  • “Doesn’t matter,” you giggle, “but to me you’re sunshine.”
  • he smiles at you
  • “I get told that often.”
  • “I can see why, you’re smile brightens everything.” You laugh
  • and as the game proceeds you lay your head on his shoulder
  • hands held as the two of you talk about strategy
  • his bright personality making you feel happy and warm
  • the actual sunshine not even coming close to shining as brightly as Seokmin did with you

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Week One (Maxwell x MC)

So, blame this on @gayforgayle, who put the idea of an AU single dad!Maxwell into my head this afternoon.  I’ve got plans for six parts, if people are interested.  This is not my best, original writing, but it’s slow-burn, Hallmark Channel fluff piece that makes me stupidly happy to write and think about.  

Summary: When Marianne gets a job as a substitute teacher at Cordonia’s premiere private school, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Rating: PG?  Nothing scandalous here.

Word Count: 2876… sorry, y’all.  I can’t be brief when I write this guy.

               Marianne Crawford hurried down the austere hallway, her heels clattering on the wood floors as she followed the stone-faced headmistress.  She’d always heard that the staff at the Cordonia International Academy were a tough group, but nothing had quite prepared her for the quiet, serious environment.  There was no noise coming from the classrooms; no laughter, no questions, no learning. As she peered into the few classroom doors, she saw teachers either standing at the blackboard or sitting at their desks, lecturing to their group of students.

               She cringed, wondering if she hadn’t made a terrible mistake.

               As if sensing her discomfort, Madame Lykel cleared her throat and spoke, her thickly accented voice echoing in the hallway.  “Thank you for agreeing to come in on such short notice, Miss Crawford.”

               “It’s my pleasure,” Marianne said, following her up a winding staircase. “I’m glad to have an opportunity to get back into the classroom.”

               She hadn’t realized how true the words were until she said them out loud. From the day she’d graduated, teaching had been her life.  But after three years of pointless meetings, overzealous principals, and increasingly impossible requirements, she’d begun to wonder if following her passion was worth it.  Determined to enjoy her summer off, she’d bought a ticket to Europe while she decided what to do with her life.  But something had changed when she’d arrived in Cordonia.  For the first time in months, she felt at home, enchanted by the people and the lifestyle.  With her heart in her hand and a half bottle of wine fortifying her, she’d called and quit her job in New York City, deciding to stay in the country for as long as possible.

               Still, she’d needed a job.  She was willing to go back to waitressing, but she’d applied for a substitute teacher positions open at international school instead, hoping for the best.  Less than twenty-four hours later, she’d received the call.  They needed her for six weeks to teach first grade while a teacher went on an unexpected vacation.

               “You should know,” Madame Lykel said as they walked down another hall.  “Our school has an impeccable reputation.  The King attended here when he was a child, as did his older brother.  Many members of the court have their children enrolled here.  Nothing can besmirch out reputation.”

               “I understand.”

               “The teacher you are subbing for is one of our finest teachers.  She’s been with the program for over twenty years. Many of the students in her class are children of her former pupils.  She runs a tight ship, so I doubt you’ll have any difficulty following her program so long as you’re willing to toe the same line.”

               “Whatever you need, ma’am,” she said as they rounded a corner.

               Madame Lykel cleared her throat.  “You should know that you won’t be alone.  Every Wednesday, a parent volunteers to come… assist… in class.”

               “Oh, that’s nice!”

               The headmistress said nothing, but kept walking.  “We are very engaged with our parents and work very closely with them to ensure that their children achieve the high expectations set for them. Our school motto, ‘Decorum, Dignity, and Dedication,’ guides everything we— merciful heavens!”

               Madame shrieked, her hands flying to her cheeks as they stopped in front of a classroom.  Worried, Marianne looked thought the window into the classroom.  Twenty first graders stood in a mob around a tall man dressed in gray pants and a black button down shirt.  The man pulled at a frighteningly comedic horse mask stuck on his head, obviously losing the battle.  The children screamed and laughed, dancing around him and poking him with rulers as they shouted “giddy-up!”  

               Madame Lykel threw open the door, her voice like thunder as she placed her hands onto her hips.  “Stop this at once!”

               All the children stopped immediately, turning towards the door with ashamed, worried expressions on their faces as they dropped their rulers. Even the man in the horse mask stopped, hands still gripping the mask as he looked up, facing the blackboard.

               Madame cleared her throat.  “I am over here.”

               The man swiveled around, almost falling over.  Somewhere in the group, a child snickered.

               Clamping her mouth shut to stop from laughing, Marianne suddenly noticed one student sitting at her desk, drawing a picture instead of playing with the others.  She didn’t seem to notice or care that Madame had walked in.

               Apparently satisfied, Madame cleared her throat.  “Students, this is Miss Crawford.  She’s going to be substituting for your teacher while she’s recovering.”

               “I thought she was on vacation?” Marianne asked, frowning.

               “Recess time!” the headmistress announced.  “Line up.”

               Without a word, the students assembled into a perfect line, including the small girl sitting at the desk.  Marianne couldn’t help but notice her hair as the girl walked by and smiled to herself.  The braid down her back was haphazard and dangerously close to coming undone. Whoever had done her hair that morning had tried hard, but obviously had no idea what they were doing.  But when she stopped next to Marianne, she looked up and flashed a smile, revealing a large gap where her two front teeth should be.

               “I’ll leave you to… this,” Madame Lykel said as she clapped her hands twice.  The students followed her out the door and Marianne watched as it swung shut behind them. It was silent for a moment, then she heard the accented voice.

               “Is she gone?” the man asked.

               Marianne turned, smiling.  “Yes.”

               “Thank God for that.  A little help, please?”

               She went over, grabbing onto the snout and ears of the ridiculous rubber mask. She pulled upward and forward until suddenly it slipped off into her hands.  

               Finally free, the man in front of her shook his head and ran a hand through his brown hair.  When he looked up at her and smiled, her heart skipped a beat.  His eyes were a stormy gray, but they were warm and friendly, which set her at ease.  He wasn’t much older than her, or at least, he didn’t look like it.  There was a boyish charm in his smile, but there was a wisdom and worldliness that made him seem older.

               “I’m Maxwell Beaumont,” he smiled at her.  “I’m your parent volunteer.”

               “Nice to meet you,” she said, her voice a little higher than usual.  “Marianne Crawford.”

               “And this is Drake,” he said, taking the horse mask from her with a smile as he held it up and put his hand inside so it looked as if it were starting at her.

               She laughed, but it sounded so stupidly girlish and cliché that she caught herself and cleared her throat.  “Do you always bring Drake to class?”

               “Not usually, but I was told they were going to a petting zoo this afternoon so I thought I’d get into the spirit of things.”

               “Petting zoo?” she asked, looking down at her outfit.  There was no denying that her pencil skirt, nylons, and low heels were definitely not animal friendly.  “I had no idea.”

               “Don’t worry, you look amazing,” he said with a wave of his hand.

               She looked up at him as his eyes widened.  “I mean, you’ll be fine.  It’s just donkeys, and goats, and… I’m sorry… you were saying something?”

               She knew she hadn’t, but she took the out anyway.  “So, petting zoo today it is.  What about tomorrow?  Do you know where she kept lesson plans, anything like that?”

               “She hasn’t let me touch much since I accidentally singed off her eyebrows,” Maxwell said, running a hand through his brown hair as he gestured toward the desk.  “But I think I saw her writing down in some notebook over there.”

               “You… burned off her eyebrows?”

               “Accidentally singed,” he said, walking over to a table and putting down the mask.  “That’s an important distinction, according to my lawyer.”

               Marianne’s eyes widened but she said nothing as she turned and walked over to the desk and pulled open a drawer.  There were several leather-bound notebooks in the drawer, so she grabbed them all and slipped them into her messenger bag.  “Thanks.  I’ll look over them tonight and see what I need to get ready for tomorrow.”

               “Great!  You want to go out to recess?”

               “Do we do that?” she asked.

               “Only if you want to have fun,” he said with a grin.  “Come on, I’ll show you the ropes.”

               She put the bag down and followed him down the stairs.  He whistled as they made their way outside to a lush lawn filled with thick grass and several play sets.  He turned to say something to her, but before he could even get a word out, he was swarmed by children.  Boys and girls from ages five to ten clung to his leg and jumped onto his back, shouting.

               “Help me slay the dragon!”

               “…promised you’d teach me how to build a crossbow!”

               “I found a slug!”

               One of the stronger children pulled at his hair as they climbed up onto his shoulders.  Looking up at Marianne, he winced.

“Help me!” he mouthed.

               She shook her head and covered her mouth to stop from laughing out loud. He rolled his eyes and suddenly took off running, two children on his back as another group ran after him, screaming and shouting.    

               She was still chuckling at the scene when another teacher walked up to her. “You must be the first grade substitute.”

“I’m Marianne,” she said, extending her hand.

When the stone-faced women didn’t reach to take it, she withdrew it and folded her arms around her middle.  “Nice to meet you, too.”

“I see Lord Beaumont as your parent helper.”

               “Lord Beaumont?” she asked, her eyebrows shooting up.

               “Just don’t get any ideas,” the woman said with a dramatic sigh.  “Our school has zero tolerance for any untoward relationships with parents.”

               Marianne was stunned.  “I… I haven’t… I mean I just met him.”

               “Sometimes, that’s all it takes,” the woman said, turning to look at the fence as several large trailers pulled up.

The trucks honked and all the children began to shriek in delight.  They ran to the fence, faces pressed against the chain link as the men climbed out of the cabs and began to unload the animals from the trailers.  Once the animals were finally set up in their enclosures and pens, teachers began to select students ten at a time to go pet and visit the animals, handing out food pellets before and hand sanitizer afterward as the students were ushered back into the playground.

Marianne shaded her eyes with her hands, scouring the playground.  Most of the parents and teachers were standing under the shade of a tree, chatting quietly with one another as they stayed as far away from the animals as was possible.  

               “What’s her name?” she heard a familiar voice call out.

               She turned towards the animal pens.  Maxwell was already on his knees in the sawdust, a chicken on his shoulder and a baby goat in his arms as he fed it from a bottle.  She giggled quietly to herself as the chicken began to peck at his hair and all the children waiting in line laughed.  She walked over, counting students as she stepped through the gate to help control the line.

               She had her back to the animals and was squeezing hand-sanitizer into germy hands when she heard the shout behind her.

               “Look out!”

               Two arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her to the left.  At the same time, the llama in the enclosure kicked its back legs out, slamming them into the fence where she’d been standing. Gasping, she looked over her shoulder. Maxwell was holding onto her, his arms wrapped her middle and his hands cradling both of her sides.  He stared down at her, a slow smile crossing his face.

               All of the children in line clapped, cheering.

               She blushed as he slowly let her go and she stood, brushing hair out of her face.  “Thanks.”

               “Got to be careful,” he grinned, looking away from her as he scratched the back of his head.  “Everyone knows llamas are the world’s most dangerous animal.”

               She moved to the other side of the fence, keeping one eye on the children and the other on the man who was kneeling in the sawdust, encouraging even the shyest children to pet the animals.  She bit her lower lip and forced herself to look away from his smile and the sharp angle of his jawline.

               When the visit was over, she walked the students back into the classroom and helped students pack and collect their backpacks.  Maxwell helped as well, dismissing all the students until only he and the little girl with the terrible braid remained.  Marianne watched as he held out her backpack for her with a smile.

               “My lady.”

               She grinned, slipping her arms through the pink shoulder straps.  

               Marianne smiled, suddenly understanding.  With her brown hair and gray eyes, the little girl looked like her dad. They even had the same sparkle in their eyes, even though she could see a hint of something else lurking in their grey depths.  

               Before she knew it, her eyes were drifting towards Maxwell’s left hand, realizing there was no wedding ring on his fourth finger.

               Stop that.

               She cleared her throat and waved as they walked past her towards the door.  “Have a good afternoon.”

               He smiled at her.  “You too, Miss Crawford.”

               She sighed, looking over the classroom.  She spotted the drawing on the desk and ran over, grabbing it as she ran to the door.  “She forgot her—“

               It was too late.  They were gone.

               Curious, she looked down, her fingers going a little cold.  The little girl had drawn both herself and her father holding hands while she wore a pink dress and her father wore the same grey pants and black shirt he’d worn in class.  But instead of smiling, they were both frowning.  She’d even drawn little blue tear dots on her father’s face, making a little puddle under his feet.

               Something in her chest began to ache.

               Marianne put the picture into her bag and left, making sure to wave goodbye to the stone-faced secretary out front.  She stopped by a small pizzeria on her way home, grabbing dinner before she got to her apartment and climbed the four flights of stairs to her attic apartment.    

               She opened a bottle of wine and began to flip through the notebooks, eating dinner as she looked for lesson plans.    

               She flipped open the largest one, realizing it was a daily journal that went back to the beginning of the school year.  A paragraph or more was written under every day in an elegant, flowing script that was sometimes indecipherable.  Marianne narrowed her eyes, then widened them as she started to read the entries.  They were all comments about students, most of them critical, and some of them exceptionally cruel.

               …not intelligent at all.  Thankfully, his family has money and he will never need to contribute to anything.

               She is wildly intelligent, but takes after her mother and looks like a hippopotamus rather than a Duchess….

               Marianne frowned, flipping back to the very beginning of the year. Immediately, she noticed that the entries for Wednesdays were twice, if not three times, as long as the others.

               My worst fears are realized. That child and her father have been assigned to my room after I specifically asked them not to be.  The headmistress must be trying to get me to quit. But I don’t back down that easily.

               Marianne flipped to the next week.

               … Adriana Beaumont will still not speak in class.  She’s intelligent, all test scores point to that.  Perhaps she refuses to talk because her father never stops talking?

               She flipped though the notebook, realizing with horror that every Wednesday was filled with the same negative, hateful rhetoric.

               …brought another live animal to class.  It disrupted everything!  

               … wouldn’t be allowed in to this school if weren’t for his friendship with the King.  I wish some scandal would cause his ouster and we could remove them from the school….

               Adriana continues to be quiet in class.  At this point, I believe it is defiance instead of a physical problem.  Beginning tomorrow, she will be disciplined accordingly…

               I’ve never seen a more unfit father.  He has no idea what he is doing.  

               Marianne closed the notebook and flung it over onto the other end of the couch with a grimace.  The food and wine in her stomach churned uncomfortably and she went to the window, opening it to let in some of the cool, autumn air.  She closed her eyes as the smell of the sea washed over her, trying to clear her mind and relax.  But nothing, not even the faint sounds of music from the floor below her or the gulls singing to one another could remove the image of the little girl with her gap-toothed grin and haphazard brain or her father and his gray eyes from her mind.

               She sighed, covering her face with her hands.  

               She’d come to Europe hoping to escape her problems… so how had new ones had found her so quickly?

Writing scholarship (deleting this soon, don't worry)

Hey guys! So today was my senior awards and I just wanted to share some exciting news with you all!! My school gives away a 300 dollar book scholarship to the senior who writes the best essay on what our school motto, “Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve” means to them and I WON! The names were removed from the essay so it wouldn’t be biased, and the teacher that presented the scholarship said mine was the most personal and well written! I’m only sharing this with you guys because I think all those hours of writing imagines instead of doing school work finally payed off! 😂😂❤️