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So it’s my first time cosplaying Sammy at a con and 95% of people call me Bendy, 4% call me Inky, and only one person has called me Sammy. But hey no matter what they call me people seem to like my cosplay. Especially the giant field trip of middle school kids shouting Bendy and waving me at me furiously across the street. They were so excited.

Why I now will never wield a Pick Axe

Context: We were in a mine, having been captured by an illegal mining operation. We are without weapons and chained together. I (my hanging rogue with 16 strength) was trying to break our Druid free with a pick axe. The chains are about 2 feet between each person with a shackle with a pin on one foot.

DM: Roll for attack.
Me: *rolls a Nat1* oh god.
DM: Roll for damage.
Me: Damage? Oh god. *crits*
Me: oh god, Sammy (our Druid), I’m so sorry!
*the pick axe goes through her foot and into the ground*
Druid: It’s okay. I was sort of expecting it. At least it didn’t hit my head.
Me: I’m 2 FEET TALL! I couldn’t hit your head if I WANTED to!


done!!! i late a lot of time haha but i almost put some of my favorites BATIM songs :DDD

Invisible, Chapter Five

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

A/N: following the boys in this chapter. :)

word count: ~1500

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Alright Henry. Do what ya gotta do. If you're sure. although im 90% sammy could be convinced into it with relative ease.

“I’m… honored by your words and your sacrifice, Henry. You have always been a special little sheep to our Lord, and soon to the rest of us as well. I love you, Henry.. and I pray for you… please, do what you can to stay safe.” - Sammy

“Heh, amen to that… I love you too Sammy.” - Henry

Hatered|| Skate Maloley

It was a typical night. I was hanging with my best friend Stassie, her boyfriend Sammy and our friends. Although I didn’t count one as my friend. Skate Maloley. He was a cocky arrogant asshole. He tried to get with every girl.

I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen and grabbed some more drink. I poured myself some more liquor and took a quick sip. I felt hands snake around my waist.

“I like a thirsty girl” I hear skates raspy voice whisper in m my ear. I purse my lips in disgust. I turn around out of his grip and face him.

“Is that all you think about is sex?” I say.

“Especailly with you” he winks and grabs my ass. His hand didn’t even cover one ass cheek.

“I just love your ass” he says. I smack his hand away.

“Can you not I don’t think you want this bottle broken on your head…thanks” I say and start to walk away but he grabs me and pulls me back spinning me and my drink spills on his shirt. I laugh.

“Maybe next time you won’t touch me"I say and walk away. I sit down next to stassie. About a minute later skate walks in and he is shirtless. I clench my jaw. He was muscular and I couldn’t help but admire his tattoos.

"Like what you see ma?” he smirks.

“In your dreams Maloley.” I roll my eyes. I still managed to get in a few glimses of his tattooed body.


The next night Rupp was having a party at his houseand I was meeting everyone there.
Stassie and Sammy went to go dance a d went to go grab myself a drink. I poured myself some of the purple juice in the punch bowl. I looked up and saw skate. He was talking to a bunch of people. He smiled at something one of them said. His smile was genuine. It was a great smile. But that didn’t matter…he wasn’t a great person. The next thing I knew I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked to see JJ.

“you scared me…” I say. He laughs a little. I watch as skate goes and dances with another girl. I roll my eyes.

“You know i think he likes you.” jj says. I turn and look at him.


“Skate” he says. I can’t help but laugh.

“That’s funny. Guys like him don’t like girls like me”

“What do you mean girls like you” he asks.

“Girls who don’t put up with billshit and don’t always give in to sex. I’m not shallow like all these girls. Besides guys who like other girls don’t dance with whatever that is” I say pointing to them. Besides him….I mean he’s so cocky and arrogant…but he’s smile is warm and the way he talks about his career is attractive….omg what. Y/G get that out of your head. It took me a no it’s to realize jj walked away. I needed to stop watching skate dance with that girl. I walk around and find someone to dance with. I find this attractive guy and we dance together. I felt the heat of eyes burning into my soul. I looked to my left and noticed skate watching me. I shook it off and continued to dance. The guy then grabbed at my ass. I wasn’t all that comfortable with it. I was gin a speak up when I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me away from the guy. When u caught up and looked up I realized it was skate. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“What the hell” I say.

“Your just gonna let him grab your ass but when I do it I basically get threatned but he doesn’t.” he says angerily. I roll my eyes.

“Its not if your business."I say.

"Right because some complete stranger grabbing at your ass is something you want. You had an uncomfortable look on your face…why didn’t you speak up…hell you did to me. Like what the fuck Y/N.” He says still angry. How did he know i was uncomfortable.

“Because I don’t like you. I hate you. Anytime I get to speak up to you is great cause your an asshole. So fuck off skate. This isn’t your problem.” I retorted back. I started to walk away when his hand grabbed at my wrist and pulled me back.

“If you hated me so much then why were you staring at me dancing with that girl. You watched me like a hawk….don’t think I didn’t notice.” he says.

“Because your just using her. It disgusts me.” I say. He moves closer.

“If you hate me so much then why do you still hang around me?” he says.

“I don’t hang around you…i hang around my friends…you just are there…like a disease.” I say. He continues to move closer.

“If you hated me then why are you not moving away from me…why are you letting me get closer” he says. I was at a loss for words. Why was I letting him get closer to me? I looked away from him. I had no answer. His hand grips my face and pulls it up to look at him. I look into his eyes. His eyes were soft and inviting. I bit my lip. He bent down and put his lips on mine. Our lips moved in sync. He pulled away for a few seconds.

“You really hate me don’t you” he smirks. I grab at the back of his neck.

“Let me show you how much” I say pulling him down and kissing me.

Week Four

A/N: Welcome to week four for where I’m kind of playing catch up from last week. Rec list tags: @mogaruke

No Pairing

A New World by @impala-dreamer 

OMG she better call the number! Like I kind of feel bad for the guy but then and not really cuz he’s not Sam or Dean and that’s what matters lol. Just saying… I wouldn’t mind a sequel…

Classic Car Family by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms  (fluff)

This kind of killed me in such a good way! IT was like nostalgia and every emotion wrapped up into one! The ending blind sided me and I just like fell out of my chair!

Storm Clouds by @impala-dreamer  (angst)

So I skipped this last week and had to wait until I was in a good place to read this and damn this was so good. It was very realistic, almost too realistic to me. This just goes to prove that you can’t go wrong with having the Winchesters as family

Dean x Reader

Stitches and Whiskey by @impala-dreamer  (fluff)

OMG YES! I love a sassy Dean soooo much! And the fact that this has never happened on the show kind of makes me mad. You need to pitch this idea to the writers. Like just use a GD first aid kit for once.

Mile High Club by @jpadjackles  (smut)

OMG. That was short sweet and HOT AF. I’m gonna need a part 2 but she was not take care of and we can’t have that. Deans took caring for that. *begs for part 2*

Vulnerable by @dancingalone21  (fluff)

This was wonderful! All the silliness and cuteness! I love how Dean didn’t care if she was a lesbian. A lot of people see him as just someone who wants sex but he’s deeper than that! Love this!

Here Now by @impala-dreamer  (fluffy angst)

Dean coming back from hell gets me every time! Like he’s just so vulnerable! I’ve never felt the need to protect anyone as much as I feel the need to protect him when he comes back from hell. This was just so full of emotion! Love it! 

Barcelona by @pinknerdpanda (fluff)

Aww this was soo sweet! I love how Dean makes it up to her! All he really had to do was say sorry and be all Dean like but he chose to do something so sweet! Made me swoon a million times over.

Truth or Truth by @ilostmyshoe-79 (smut)

OHMYGOSH. That was so hot! I could have gone for a cold shower after reading this. Whew, this had me sweating!

An Impossible Choice by @nichelle-my-belle (angst)

OUCH. Oh my gosh that just killed my heart and my soul. Ugh poor Dena, poor Cal! Even Sam lost a friend! This just killed me…

Imagine Dean coming home to you dancing around the kitchen, singing Pour Some Sugar on Me while baking a pie by @bringmesomepie56 (smut)

“Thank god for Def Leppoard and Apple Pie” Yes! Thank god because this fic was amazing! I love that Dean was so bold! Then again when is het not lol

Got Me Feeling Emotions by @thegreatficmaster (fluff/angst)

NO! WHAT?! AH! Wheres the rest?! I keep scrolling down and there’s still not more! Im always up for some demon Dean and I wouldn’t hate a second part… ;)

Sam x Reader

Better Than This by @melbelle45 (fluff)

My fave line “Three lives were formed in this body, three healthy lives that live and breathe and destroy our house.“ Swwoooon so hard! And the Daddy!Sam at the end <3

Perfect by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff)

Aw I love fluffy Sam! He was so sweet and so nice! I think we all can agree that we all need a little Sammy in our life…. or a lot of Sammy ;)

The Guest Of Honor by @revwinchester  (fluff)

Ah!! I love College!Sam and how freaked out he was about her being the presidents daughter! Glad he came to his senses though!

Black and Blue by @bringmesomepie56  (smut) 

Ha! I can just imagine Sam being super bummed that he tried to kiss a girl and was met with a punch to the face. Well I think they made up for that!

Jensen x Reader

That’s My Girl by @not-moose-one-shots (fluff)

This was soo cute! I love all the things that Jensen said he love about the reader! It was all very sweet and made me swoon!

Too Good by @impala-dreamer (fluff)

I’d watch Jensen put different clothes on all day. In fact, I’d probably watch him do anything… But we all know that leather jacket kills all of us!

Jared x Reader

Lift you up by @impalaimagining (angst)

We all have shitty days, some worse than others. Pretty sure if I had Jared my day would be far far less shitty. I’d like to rent Jared for the day please?

To The Ends of The Earth

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1147

Warnings: a little on the angst side, fluffy, cussing (when can I ever write something that doesn’t drop an F-bomb or two)

Request: @leenasleena-blog  asked:
First off I love your work and also I was wondering if I could put a request in for a Dean fic with the song With or Without you by U2?

A/N: This is actually the closest I think I have ever come to really embracing Dean’s true character. I’m guilty of writing OOC but oh well lol. I did actually make that attempt in this one though, it still ended up fluffy as fuck even though I TRIED so hard for pure angst lol. Thank you as always to my forever beta, @avasmommy224

This gif is the way I seen him saying to the ends of the earth…you’re welcome ;) lol​

This is freaking pointless. Why the hell am I going after her again? I would do this for anybody I’m close to, right? Yeah, that’s it, it’s just in my DNA. I’m a protector. I had to look after Sammy our entire lives and now I feel like I have to do the same for her. How the fuck am I even supposed to find her? Her phone is off, no GPS signal, I can’t track her that way. I guess you’re just going to have to stop by every cheap motel until you find her. Fuck, Winchester! You’re really losing it now, get it together and stop talking to yourself! After all, she’s just a girl. Just another strong, smart, beautiful…fuck, I’m in trouble.

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Random thought while rewatching season 8

In the episode 8x12 “ As time goes by”, we see Henry Winchester handing over the keys of Men of Letters bunker to Sam when he was dying; I see it as a moment where Henry passes it on not only because Sam is a legacy, may be he knew​ Sam will be the perfect one to lead American MOL one day. Now after watching 12x19 I feel that Sam is definitely going to lead the American MOL and that’s his end game and he is going to make the Colt 2.0 because

Sam has been focussed as a researcher this season, yeah we know he’s great at that but still.

The original Colt Creator’s name was Samuel and Colt 2.0 will be created by our Sammy.

He was the one who got the Colt from Samuel.

He knows how to make those bullets, he’ll probably learn how to make the gun.

I mean who better than Sam to lead the MOL ?