our rp!

“While I do enjoy making friends with people I RP with, it feels as though it affects our threads negatively. I always feel more motivated to reply to people I talk to OOC, but it feels like they immediately put the threads I have with them at the bottom of their priority list seeing as we talk frequently. They reply to all their other threads and still talk to me OOC but don’t reply to our RPs. I just don’t really understand why and I just kinda miss our RPs.“

Uh,, if you wanna do some sportarobbie or glannithro rp,,,

some pros and cons??


  • Learned English for about 4 years now (please fix my English if i make mistakes, I learn sentence structures, spellings, grammar, etc from rps… My English teachers have told me that I have improved so quickly ever since I started rp’ing)
  • Will annoy you with drawings of our rp
  • bad at decisions (thankfully there’s wheel decide)


  • I’ll always try to reply as soon as possible
  • Doesn’t get annoyed from being rushed (sometimes need it lmiao)
  • I’m comfortable with a lot of things
  • I’ll draw our RP (is that a good pro or am I just being an obsessive little bitch)


oh golly my old art is nasty

my point is that I love my rps

and honestly, this is shamefull to say but I don’t really care if your rp’ing with me simply because I’ll draw shit for it I’ve got rps like that before,,,,

(40% of this is rp related)

and I’ll DRAW if its interesting enough, 95% of the time it is-

(65% of this is rp related)

All i wanna say that I am a desperate fuck and I find lots of positive emotions in RPs,, just think about it, two people writing a real time fanfic of your fav characters, having fun at the meantime.., It’s just so nice….. boy wow I’m a thirsty hoe for rps for fuck sake I’m literally making a post about it..

oh fuck wow what a drug addict I am going around for this wow I should be embarrassed wtf me why,,

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything,,,

just askin’

Just askin’


help me,, killl me plz

blizzard: so, we announced that tracer is a lesbian! time to start looking into announcing our other lgbt+ heroes.

anjali bhimani and carolina ravassa standing outside blizzard hq taping symmetra/sombra fanart to the doors: hey do you guys want to hear our symbra rp sessions

matt mercer, beside them, taping up pages of his mchanzo fics: Let Us In

based on this post


Draco: *internal monologue* ‘anyone here who isn’t gay?’ tf what kind of question, ronald. clearly not

Harry: *hesitantly puts a hand up* uhm-

Draco: *cuts in* really, Potter? *internal monologue* WHO YOU TRYIN TO FOOL. PUT IT DOWN.

Harry: …or not? *sweats*

Draco: *internal monologue* thats what i thOUGHT you don’t have any business being straight, lookin like that i mEAN *be cool draco be cool*

Harry: *clears throat* is it getting hotter in here or-

Draco  Extra™ played by the magical @space-marauder

villains are hard to play --

Please remember that just because someone is playing a villainous character doesn’t mean that they don’t love their character, or don’t have a version of it that is perhaps new to you. Respect the muns of villains as much as you would respect any other mun, and remember to work with them. 

It is very hard to play a villainous character in a world full of heroes and cinnamon rolls, and the muns who pick them up and are willing to give them a try deserve some extra support and love, because they’re going to need it. Love the villain muns, respect their autonomy as players, and don’t try to force their character to submit to your plot desires just because you’re playing a hero. Heroes might not always win, and heroes are not always more interesting, not always better characters – they’re just typically more popular because most of us want to be good, and it’s a lot easier to self-insert with a morally good character for many people.

Respect your villains. If they’re canon characters, don’t assume that they’re all the same as every other one you’ve seen. If they’re original, respect that their mun is giving you a neat new antagonist to deal with. 

Conflict is necessary, and villain muns deserve to enjoy their RP experience, too! 

  • jinyoung: the g in jinyoung stands for gorgeous
  • yugyeom: the n in jinyoung stands for nutsack
  • jinyoung: the y in yugyeom stands for y dont u shut tf up

wizarding placesthe burrow. it looked as though it had once been a large stone pigpen, but extra rooms had been added here and there until it was several stories high and so crooked it looked as though it were held up by magic. four or five chimneys were perched on top of the red roof. a lopsided sign stuck in the ground near the entrance read, the burrow.

                            l o v e  is
                           being willing to
      d i e
                 for someone.
                     o b s e s s i o n is
                      being willing to
                      for someone.
                      for you,
                              i’d do both.
                                                                          so what does that say about me?

Send one for party banter from:

♡ — my muse and yours
♢ — my muse and another character ( asker’s choice
— my muse in a specific location ( asker’s choice )
— my muse about a specific event ( asker’s choice )


Choosing A Wedding Cake 🍰😋

So today, Hubby & I got off of work early and headed to a nearby bakery so we could get an idea of what kind of Cake we would like for our wedding! I mean I’m not a fan of cake but I knew Hubby LOVES it so I trusted his judgement more than mine 😂😂 By the end of the day we had picked the filling, frosting, decorations and the type of cake of course. It was a fun day a bit messy too but that was because Kohlen decided to smear frosting on my nose 💀, I mean the frosting smelt good so I know it’ll taste good 😂🤷🏾‍♀️…

Next on the list…FOOD!! 😍🤤🤤