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Summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a few months. But when the Russian spy Natasha Romanoff comes into the picture, everything changes. She is ready to do anything, anything, to get him. You’ve been warned: she is not scared of playing dirty.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: Angst… But lots of fluff, fluff for everyone!!! There may be some cursing…

Word count: 2,616

About the SHIELD Archives: When we carried out some research about James Buchanan Barnes, we found out he was the Casanova of Brooking. We submit some of his adventures. Security Level: Classified.

A/N: I’m taking a break from “The Past, the present… The future” to write this request. I was in serious need of writing some fluff! But don’t worry, the next chapter from the series will be up soon. Enjoy reading!

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“Do we really have to go?”

“The answer remains the same it has been for the last hundred times you’ve asked me”

I put my best puppy face “Please?”

“Ughh… No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. We have to go.” Bucky turns around to face the window but I go around him.


He clearly intends to say “No” again, but he makes the mistake of looking inside my eyes. In a second, he is out of combat, looking at me with a heartbroken expression. I intensify my puppy look. “We could stay here and have some fun” I whisper, stepping closer to him. He is still too mesmerize to answer. “Please. I’m begging you.”

He leans closer, his gaze never leaving mine…

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Dolce was fantastic on the lunge today and I had a short relaxing ride on her bareback in a halter afterwards. She was great in the loud arena and felt really good! Not lessoning tomorrow, but starting a strict schedule with my riding to get us into shape before our first show next month. Lessoning Monday though 😊

Ok yesterday I was in a production of  John Woodard’s “The Fairy Tale Network”. We had our wolf for the end of the little red yellow riding scene chase her off the stage.

Well for our last show, no one told him too, but the wolf took off his fur gloves and threw them at Yellow while shouting, “CATCH THESE HANDS, HOW ‘BOUT THAT!”

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Jeonghan- Dreams Do Come True (JaD Pt 2)

Author’s Note: So apparently people like my smut??? wow who would’ve thought? This is the continuation of the Jeonghan just a dream fic. It is super long, A little over 8k words i think because in order for it to work and to establish that both parties were consenting i had to give a little bit of background. Some parts of this fic just made me want to take a cold shower bc DAMN but jeonghan always makes me feel like that lol. I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG IM WAS AN IDIOT AND I GOT SICK. I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY

~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~              

     "Oppa? C-can I g-get off now?“ She whimpered. Her thighs were shaking from the intensity of her first orgasm- and they were shaking from the exertion of making sure most of her weight was off my face. When I laid my head down, there was quite a large gap between us. Well, large to me because I wanted her there. I wanted her to be able to grind her hips against my tongue without much effort. I wanted to feel her weight on my face, and so far, I wasn’t feeling it.

     "No honey. I need you to sit down completely on my face.” I ground my palm against her clit. She mewled and ground her hips against it. I rubbed my other hand up and down her thigh, trying to get her to relax. She slowly started to sink down again, and when there was mere centimeters between us, I brought my head up again. I gently sucked her clit into my mouth. I rolled the tender nub against my tongue.

     "Oh my god Hannie.“ There was her whimper again. I groaned against her and slipped my tongue down into her entrance. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held her against my mouth. I gently tugged on her thighs but she refused to go down any further.

     "No Hannie. I’ll hurt you.” She chewed on her lip. I dug my tongue into her wet core. Doing this sent a new flow of her juices down my throat. I groaned and pressed closer against her. I started to suck on her, trying to get more of her juices on my tongue. And then, something snapped. She keened and pushed her hips down. All of her weight was now on my face, and I was loving it. I looked up at her through my lashes. She was tugging on her hair with one hand and playing with one of her nipples with the other. I slipped one of my hands up and started twisting and tugging the other one. All of a sudden, I felt gentle shaking.

      “Hannie? You need to get up. You’re going to be late to practice.” Y/n’s gentle voice awoke me from my slumber.

     "But I was just getting to the good part.“ I mumbled sleepily. Wait. That was Y/n. Shit.

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An Ideal Ponyplay Scene

I’ve wanted to put something like this together for a while, and a couple I’m friends with is really getting into pony play, so this might be helpful for them :-) This is just my own experience, and not necessarily what I do for every scene, just the really intense ones.

To start, I have to change into the right clothes, usually either a swimsuit (for competitions, shows, or anything with an audience) or a cami top and shorts (for practice sessions, or more private settings). This is strictly a solitary act, for obvious reasons, but it’s part of this process because it builds my anticipation, and helps me relax and wind down any real-world anxieties I might have, making it easier to slip into ponyspace. This is also the point where I do any stretches.

And then there’s scene negotiation, if needed, which usually happens at this point. Then, the real fun begins :-)

From this point forward, my handler only speaks to me as a horse, not a person, and only calls me Meadow instead of my human name. They’ll do a lot of touching, petting my mane and back, with a lot of gentle words of praise that I don’t really need to understand on a human level, since I’m just a horse. And, of course, they’ll need to keep a hand on me any time they’re out of sight, so I don’t get spooked.

It’s time for tack.

When my body harness is done (soon, I hope!), it’ll go on first, with my tail attached, binding all over my torso, the long hairs brushing the back of my legs. Then come the cuffs, to keep my…arms? Is that what they’re called?…out of the way, they won’t be needed. And, of course, there’s the bridle, with a gentle tap of my nose to instruct me to open my mouth for the bit. Sometimes, a blindfold is part of the gear, but that always comes later.

At this point, I’m in ponyspace, though not quite all the way. Words can still be found, if needed, but with some difficulty, like a foreign language. On some level, I’m still aware that I’m not actually a horse, but it feels like a fading memory, like something someone said a long time ago. If the scene starts at this point, deeper ponyspace will come as we play, but it’s possible to achieve a deeper headspace before even leaving the stables.

My handler clips a lead rope to my bridle, and ties it to the nearest wall. Because that’s what you do with a pony, to make sure they don’t run off. For a minute, I’m just standing there; why am I just standing around? Oh, right, I’m a pony, and my handler knows best…OoooOOOOOoooo! A brush! Not a full grooming scene, of course, but a quick brushing to make my skin a little tingly all over. There will be more later.

Now, my handler swaps the lead rope for a lunge line, and with a little mouth-click to command me forward, leads me out to the pasture. They stop, near the middle, then give a little tap to my rump with a whip to send me walking forward, letting the lunge line feed out for a while, putting some distance between us. Eventually, the line stops getting longer, but I haven’t been commanded to stop, so it pulls me to the side, forcing me to walk in a circle. Occasionally, I hear words; I might not know what they mean, the same way a human might, but I understand “legs up”, or “good girl”, simple things that even a pony who’s lost her words can instinctively react to. Sometimes, I’m startled by the crack of the whip right behind me, which makes me switch to a faster gait. Sometimes, I see the whip in front of me, or feel it against my belly, which makes me slow down or stop. And sometimes, the whip cracks in front of me, and I have to walk or trot backwards. But we don’t spend long doing this, it’s just a warm-up. With some petting and gentle words that I know are good, it’s time to go back to the fence for some water, then move on to something else.

At this point, it’s time for the meat of the scene, what we really came out here to do. Maybe I’ll be trained for new dressage moves. Maybe I’ll be hitched to a cart for driving practice or a trail ride. Maybe we’re practicing a routine for our next show, or performing in a show. Or maybe we’re just drilling fundamentals, with short-rein driving or more lunge line gaits. If we’re doing blindfolded play/practice, this is where the blindfold goes on, because at this point, I’ve completely and totally submitted, reacting solely on trained instinct and conditioned responses. That little voice that says I’m actually a person, not a pony, is long gone. It never existed, in fact; I AM a pony. What else would I be? What a silly question.

When my handler or trainer is finished with our scene, and/or when they decide I’m thoroughly tired, it’s time to lead me back to the stables. I’m tethered to the wall/fence again, this time without question or concern; this is normal for a pony, of course…BRUSH! Good ponies who work hard get a long, relaxing grooming, for a shiny coat and extremely tingly skin. Sometimes, I even get a leg massage, if I’ve been a good pony and worked extra-hard, and sometimes I get apple slices or baby carrots! Yay!!

And now, my handler leads me back to a stall, unhooks something behind my back that I forgot about, and takes off my bridle. They’re petting my mane, looking straight into my eyes, gently speaking words…wait, they’re looking at me like I’m supposed to answer with words? Huh? I don’t know words, I’m just a pony! I close my eyes and nuzzle; a hand on my chin brings me back to eye level. More words, more expectant looks; what’s going on here? Why do they expect…wait, one of those words sounded familiar. It’s a command, I think, but I don’t seem to be reacting to it…no, wait, it’s a name. My name. My name? Suddenly, a little voice in the back of my head, like a long-lost memory: “You’re a person, not a pony, and you can speak in words”.

“How are you doing, Natasha?”

“…I…I’m…I’m great!…”

My handler gives me a hug, I lean into their arms. Suddenly, the entirety of the scene sinks in all at once, plus the endorphin rush from being groomed. It’s time for aftercare.

save him from what you ask? the utter tragedy of not being around kylo 24/7 thats what

hux just check our your bf’s hot new ride gosh

ok so explanation a friend showed me these stupid shoes and i had to put kylo in them and here he is

ALSO bonus Operation Woo The BF With Cool Shoes - Success

Wrong but right choice of shoes

Another story from me (girl who hauled ass through the parking lot). So yesterday was my first day of school and since it’s my senior year I thought I would attempt to look cute because hey why not. I had this white lace dress with white lace wedges, that’s where I went wrong. I swear my feet where screaming for mercy.

So fast forward to the end of the day, I was waiting outside of my school in the grass with my shoes off waiting to be picked up and I didn’t care who saw. So as I was standing there with my shoes in hand, I saw this really cute Asian boy (not sure what but he looked Thai and that was a good possibility because there are a lot of Thai students at my school) walking out of the school and he looked at me like he was confused so I assumed it was because I was barefoot. So I’m still standing there waiting for someone to get me when I notice him start to walk towards me and I’m like looking around trying to figure out where the hell he was going.

He makes his way over to me and I’m like lord is this happening like what is going on. He pretty much asked about why I was barefoot (I was in a lot of pain and I’m sure my face showed it plus I was alone and was pretty much the last person waiting to get picked up) and I explained what happened and how I was sad because the shoes matched perfectly with my outfit and we had a good laugh about it and then that’s when my heart stopped because he was all like “well I’m sorry about that, you still look pretty” and I just wanted to melt but instead I just did this awkward ass giggle and he smiled (why I’m so awkward I have no idea). So we chatted for a bit and talked about school until my ride showed up and we said our goodbyes. His name is Justin and I hope I end up bumping into him again in school because I forgot to get his number ( like a dummy) and I hope I never have to wear those shoes again even though they kinda brought me good luck.

Not A Fairytale - Prince Calum Hood au

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever I’ve been really busy with exams coming up and I have had this written for a while but was never able to post it.

Anyway I hope you like this (it’s my first Calum one so I’m exciting)

This was requested by an adorable anon and will most likely be continued

Let me know what you think and please keep requesting

Love Audrey

Y/N=Your Name

Y/BF/N=Your Best Friend’s Name

This is similar to the type of dress Y/N would be wearing (I don’t own this photo)

I watched as the flames lit up the village helplessly. I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes as the heat from the fire radiated against the glass windows while I watched my beautiful kingdom burn down. The kingdom that in a few years will be mine to rule… Would have been mine to rule. The smoke from the burning homes began to cover up my view and within moments it was all I could see.

My bedroom door burst open and I turned to see my mother, she was panting heavily and her crown was slightly crooked, I’d never seen her in a state like this before. She ran towards me, lifting the skirt of her heavy gown up to make it easier to move. She grabbed my hands and looked at me with tears threatening to spill from her eyes “Y/N, my dear, I’m sorry but you need to leave” she said as she turned away. I looked at my feet, knowing nothing I could say would change anything “You must understand, it’s for your own good” she said as I felt her turn to face me again “Yes mother, I understand” I said quietly. “I’ll have your Lady in waiting prepare you a suitcase, you’re leaving immediately” she said before hurriedly leaving the room. I sighed and proceeded to walk towards my bed and sitting on it, I glanced over towards where the dozens of cushions lay as I thought that this may be the last time I ever sit on this bed.

In a frenzy, my Lady in waiting ran over to me “your highness, I’m so sorry to hear of the news” she said softly, “oh Y/BF/N” I cried as I hugged her. “It will be okay Princess, here let me pack your bag, might I remind you that we need to get you out immediately before the attack reaches the castle” she said before swiftly walking over to my large wardrobe and pulling out several gowns and pairs of shoes and packed them into a bulky trunk. Once she was done, she brought out a long black cloak with a hood that would completely cover me as I moved through the darkness of the night. I placed the cloak on and followed Y/BF/N out of the room and out of the castle.

Once we were out on the street, I held part of the cloak to the lower half of me face to keep myself from breathing in the thick smoke. A carriage appeared out of the darkness and Y/BF/N guided me to enter it, however she did not enter the carriage with me. “The Queen doesn’t know I’m doing this but I got you this” she said as she handed me a black leather satchel “it contains some things I thought you might need, be safe and good luck” she whispered before leaving quickly. I called out to her but she had disappeared and before I knew it, the carriage had left and the journey began. I didn’t know where I was going, all I knew was that I was escaping my once beautiful kingdom.

I cried the entire journey, I cried for my mother who only wanted to keep me safe, I cried for my father who had left early in the night to lead his army against the soldiers who attacked the village and I cried for Y/BF/N, who had no way of escaping the conflict. I cried so much that I fell asleep from emotional exhaustion.

I was awoken when I felt the carriage pull to a harsh halt. I was about to ask the driver what had happened when I heard something land on the roof of the carriage, something big. I froze as I looked up at the roof, I knew what was happening, we were being attacked. I heard a muffled conversation coming from outside and I tried to make out what they were saying, “What’s inside of this carriage?” a voice demanded “No-nothing, I swear, I-I just dropped off supplies” I heard the driver nervously say, from what I could gather I suspect a weapon was being held to his throat. “Well, if you didn’t know, the Princess of the Kingdom just north from here managed to escape before we could get to her. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” the other voice said aggressively “N-no, I don’t know anything” the driver quivered. “Check the carriage!” the voice called out, a broke out of my frozen state and came back to reality. They were going to find me, I had to get out without being caught. Without thinking I had quickly put Y/BF/N’s satchel over my shoulder and lifted my hood to cover my face. As soon as the carriage door had barged open, I kicked down the man who opened it and ran to one of the horses pulling the coach and released it from the being connected to the rest of the transport and mounted it, hurriedly fleeing the seen.

“After her” the same voice called out, they chased after me for miles but luckily I knew this land like the back of my hand and I managed to hide in a concealed cove. I waited there for God knows how long before I had determined that it was safe to move and I removed my hood. I stepped down from the horse and looked at the surroundings, it was full of greenery, beautiful flowers and colours and had small but beautiful little stream that reflected the moonlight and stars which brought a surprising amount of light to the cove. It was something that I had only read about in books as I had never been allowed to leave the castle unless it was to visit the neighbouring kingdoms or when my father and I would ride our horses and he would show me our land until I had memorised every single part that we owned.

I felt my eyes grow tired and my stomach ache with hunger but I ignored and sat by the stream, admiring it delicately. I then remembered the satchel the was still hanging off my shoulders, I decided to go through what Y/BF/N had given me. I emptied it out one item at a time, there were leather gloves, a small sack of gold coins (which were worth more than you may think), a drink flask which was full of clean water and a dagger. Seeing the dagger was what made me realise how real my situation was, my kingdom really was destroyed and I really was on the run. I realised how once the sun had risen, I would be easily recognised.

I took my hair out of it’s fancy braid and only left the front pieces tied back in a plait at the back of my head while the rest of my hair was left out. I swapped my long and elegant white gloves for the short, black leather ones that Y/BF/N had given me. I finally brought the dagger up to my waist and began to cut away at the outside layer of my large gown, leaving it with a flatter, white layer on the outside like many peasants in my kingdom would wear. I finally removed my tiara and placed it inside my satchel, not wearing it felt foreign, I almost felt naked without it.

I decided to leave the cove whilst still in the middle of the night, I brought the horse to water and made sure it had a large drink before we left. I looked at the horse’s harness and discovered that it had the royal crest on it, I swiftly brought up my dagger and removed it, tossing it into the shrubbery.

I decided to walk as far as I could on foot, pulling the horse along with me. I walked through the forest and it wasn’t long until I saw light, it was a fire. My curiosity had gotten the best of me and I walked towards it, leaving the horse to graze around. I crept slowly towards the light as I heard voices. I found the source of the light to be a campfire and I hid behind a nearby tree, only peeking my eyes out. The campfire was the centre of a group of young men, I let out a small gasp ‘The Army’ I thought. I heard twig snap behind me before a knife was being held against my throat “didn’t anyone tell you it was rude to spy on people” a voice growled, I recognised the voice; it was the same person from the carriage. I stiffened with fear “it’s also rude to not answer someone when they ask you a question” the voice said before turning me around to face him, the firelight illuminating just enough to make out his features. I was facing a boy who would have been close to my age, his eyes widened and lips parted as he stared at me, then he shook his head and gave me a cold and aggressive glare. I couldn’t speak for a moment, I just stared at him, he had perfectly tanned skin and messy brown hair and enchanting brown eyes and-wait stop! No! I can’t find him attractive he’s a bad person I need to stop! He’s holding a knife to your god damn throat Y/N!

“Did anyone ever tell you it’s rude to hold knives to girl’s throats” I said trying to be confident. “You didn’t answer my question!” he said through gritted teeth, “And you didn’t answer mine” I replied. He opened his mouth to say something else but he’s cut off “Prince Calum what happened? Is everything okay?” a tall blonde boy asked as he approached us, the knife still against my throat as I was pressed to a tree. “Everything is fine, I was just about to take care of a little intruder” he said looking me up and down, the other boy walked away, “you won’t kill me” I muttered. “Why wouldn’t I?” he said tilting his head smugly “Because I’m the only one who can help you find the Princess” he froze “wha-” he said but I had already managed to push him to the ground and hold own knife to his throat. “The first thing I need to know is, do you need her dead or alive?” I asked with a serious face. “Alive” he gasped, I removed the knife from his throat and helped him up “why did you let me live? How do I know to trust you?” he said rubbing his hand against his throat. “I let you live because I’ll only help you if you guarantee me protection, you’ll trust me because you have no other choice.” I said as I handed him back the knife “Do we have a deal?” I asked, “What’s your name?” he said suspiciously “Cecelia” I lied (if that’s your name, just use a different fancy sounding name), “Cecelia, we have a deal” he said shaking my hand.

You may be wondering why I didn’t just kill him, why I said I help him find someone who is actually me. I’ll give you an answer, when you’re a Princess you are taught different things to everyone else, social graces, etiquette and most importantly, how to pull all the strings behind the scenes in war and other conflicts. One of the main things my mother told me was “Killing a man is painful for a moment, but then he dies and he doesn’t live anymore. Breaking a man’s heart is worse, he has to live with that pain for the rest of his life.” And that is exactly what I’m going to do.

Now that Samhain is over,
And the Sidhe have returned to their home,
The dead have followed the Raven’s song,
And no longer among us they roam.
The wisdom of our ancient past,
Show us how to ride the storm,
For their tombs they swallow the rising sun,
And the Mabon is always reborn.

So come all you people, come and sing with me,
Join our voices, and sing the long nights away,
All over the land, a chorus of voices will sing,
For the rising Sun on Midwinter’s Day.

The land may be barren and lifeless,
The ground may be frozen and hard,
And the rain that fell has now turned to ice,
The Winter is showing her card,
But now the Sun king has rested,
And his eyes have turned to the Earth,
For three days the Sun has been still in the sky,
But the time has now come for his birth.

Some say Jesus was born today,
Some say he is the Mabon,
Some say that he is the Son of God,
And others the Son of the Sun,
Others they listen in the woodland,
For the call of Herne,
Others they hear the clash of swords,
For the Oak King will return!

—  Damh The Bard

anonymous asked:

If you dont mind me asking, what was the accident that caused your loss of mobility?

Well, I was contracted to extract the Swedish Bikini Team from [REDACTED] where they were being held by an army of cyborg gorillas. About seven clicks out from the target my team’s helicopter was hit by AA fire and we went down. Luckily my team survived the crash mostly unscathed. As we crawled from the wreckage and readied our weapons, we found ourselves being surrounded by genetically modified kitty t-rexes.

Our combat engineer, Dugan Ashley (Retired), managed to construct a giant ball of yarn out of his tactical sweater and distract the kitty-rexes long enough for us to escape. Once we got to the compound where the ladies were being held prisoner half the team engaged the cyborg gorillas with small arms fire and grenades. I lead the other half of the team around the back of the compound to infiltrate. We found and released the bikini team but just as we were making our escape Mecha Stalin showed up riding a kitty-rex.

Knowing we were running out of time, I challenged him to a one on one fist fight and I managed to knock him unconscious. Bloodied but mostly in one piece we made hoofed it to the extraction zone only to be met with a fresh wave of cyborg gorillas. I grabbed a PKM and held them off as long as I could while the team made their escape, when I ran out of ammo belts, I switched to my trusty 1911, when I ran out of mags I beat them with the heavy steel pistol as the ghost of John Moses Browning guided my hand.

By this time our second chopper had arrived and we loaded the Swedish Bikini Team on board and took off… Only to find Mecha Stalin clinging to one of the landing gear! I jumped from the helicopter and grabbbed Stalin as I fell, beating his face with my 1911 as we plummeted to earth. I broke my neck in the fall, but managed to end Mecha Stalin once and for all.

24 was one of my favorite years I’ve lived thus far. It was happy, triumphant, challenging, and hopeful. I’m super thankful for all my many blessings, strengths, and for all the weaknesses in my life which motivate me to grow and better myself. Anyway, thanks to everyone who made 24 what it was to me personally. I wrote some stuff down in my phone about a month ago… And I thought if I was ever going to post it then today would probably be a nice day to do that. Here are 5 moments or memories from this year that I know I will never ever forget… In no particular order, of course.

* Sneaky little NYC trip to surprise Chad- waited for him at Toy Tokyo (one of our fav spots in the city), his face was the greatest when he realized it was me standing there in the middle of the store. We hung NFG flyers around Terminal 5, sang along to H2O together and then I watched him and NFG play. It was a trip that now I realize really made us even closer, without us realizing itin the moment. That night we ordered tons of room service in the weeeeee hours of the morning and just talked about how insane life is, in the best and weirdest ways, until he had to leave go back to his tour bus and I had to hitch a ride to our show in PA.

MSG show - haven’t been that nervous in a long time. My entire family was there to cheer all of us on. I saw Grandat crying and singing along side-stage. We played so well that night. I had a blast on stage and the guy I picked from the crowd to come sing Misery Business with us was the best we’ve ever had… Christian Brown. Dude even did a full on split center-stage! The entire night felt like a huge victory for Paramore and our whole team. There were even some tears.

Wicked The Musical - I scored tickets for the whole family (which on my dad’s side is like 927262 people!) and all of us went to see Wicked together. Laughed, cried, and just watched in awe. You know when the Williams men admit to loving a broadway show, then the stars have really aligned! Loved sharing that with them and I won’t ever forget it.

Self Titled record release day - I remember celebrating alone with a bag of peanut m&m’s as the clock struck midnight and our record went up on iTunes. That morning, we flew from NYC to LA… The busiest schedule ahead of us… And the three of us couldn’t stop smiling cause we knew it was finally real. We read every fan review/comment/message that day like we’d just discovered the Internet for the first time. Indescribable, the feeling, seeing people so excited about the band that we’d become.

Baby Davis! - on the way home from our summer European festival run, we were all worn out.. Tired.. Hungry for US food again.. And ready to be in our own beds. I’ll never forget sitting in the airport lounge in Chicago when Jeremy told all of us that he and Kat were pregnant with a baby girl. I practically screamed at the top of my lungs - everyone in the lounge looked to see if I was ok - and we explained, “our best friend is having a baby girl!” Tears and smiles and cheers. I can’t wait to be an auntie to the sweetest little fairy that’ll ever be.