our reggie

would die for riverdale’s varsity football captain? would literally give anything to see more of him on screen? need a safe drama free space to talk about how much you love our king reggie mantle? let’s make this happen then! here’s what you need to do:

  • mbf me and this network blog (yes it’s still empty, but we will work on it together!!)
  • reblog this post (likes/replies don’t count), this post has to reach at least 15 notes or we can forget this ever happened

and that’s it! if you:

  • love reggie mantle no matter what he does
  • are a content creator (makes gifs, fan videos, writes)
  • are not a content creator but keeps a neat tagging system
  • want to talk about reggie 24/7
  • are a nice person who respects other people’s opinion outside of reggie

WE I WANT YOU! I’m looking for 5-7 members to start, and will add more depending how many people are interested. I’m gonna keep this open for the weekend until March 20th 2017, and announce the members on March 24th 2017. see ya then if this doesn’t flop!

perryskeet  asked:

i-i-i am so upset...i-i now want to make matthew x cole manips ever since my sister told me to visit your blog. i mean ross nails it as reggie, but the idea of matt being written as an overconfident boy but is using said overconfidence as a facade for his self-esteem.

my buddy, my pal, my dude. we sympathize entirely bc ross is an angel and an amazing reggie on riverdale, but matt is def our reggie of choice for the comics because he’s got all that internalized angst that’s painted by a veneer of bravado and cheek. so to make up for your plight, here’s a manip to tide you over/whole heartedly encourage you to make your own <3

The difficult message of the somatic practices and this lineage is that the life that we have at this moment is the life we were destined to have and the life that we must have for our own realization. Every aspect of our life needs to be not only respected, but honored as a gift that has come to us and is an invitation to open the package of that situation and receive the gift of our fuller experience.
—  Reggie Ray - Your Breathing Body