our president is black

steal the toaster

in which i try and fail to be as good as @jiilys and @alrightpotter

James Potter to whoever stole my weetabix is dead: WE ARE OUT OF MILK



Sirius Black: chill

Sirius Black: might have been me this morning though

Peter Pettigrew: did u hv it with weetabix by any chance???

Sirius Black: …..

Sirius Black: shit

Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: do you reckon he’ll accept cornflakes?

Remus Lupin: kellogs ones?

Sirius Black: wtf no lidl ones

Sirus Black: do I look like im made of money

Remus Lupin: well yes

Sirius Black: rude

Sirius changed the name to: next doors wifi is dragon420

Remus Lupin: how did you…?

Remus Lupin: acc I don’t want to know

James Potter: omg bc they BLAZE IT

Sirius Black: omg

Peter Pettigrew: omg

Peter Pettigrew to James Potter: where r u we’re going pub

James Potter: in the library

James Potter: there’s this chem girl

James Potter: she’s so pretty

James Potter: pete?

James Potter: ???

Sirius Black to LADSLADSLADS: new business idea

Sirius Black: james sells jams in his pyjamas

Sirius Black: we can call it

Sirius Black: jim jams

Remus Lupin has left the group

James Potter to three normal ppl + fucking romeo: she came and asked to borrow my pen today !!!

James Potter: out of the whole library!!! she picked me !!!

James Potter: what does this mean???

Sirius Black removed James Potter from the group

Peter Pettigrew: oh thank god

Remus Lupin to James Potter: why have you called me fourteen times???

James Potter: oh pete fell out the window but hes fine

Remus Lupin: whAT???


James Potter: on a completely unrelated matter would you say forgetting your name was a sign of concussion?

Lily Evans to James Potter: congrats on winning the match, you were really good

James Potter to no Sirius we’re not going skinny dipping its 4 degrees: HELP

James Potter sent a photo

James Potter: WHAT DO I SAY????

Sirius Black: be ~cool~

Peter Pettigrew: ignore her, girls love it when you ignore them

Sirius Black: mate…. maybe this is why youre a virgin

Peter Pettigrew: for the last time im NOT A VIRGIN

Sirius Black: idk sounds like smth a virgin would say

Peter Pettigrew to James Potter: if my mum rings the flat say im not there

James Potter: but youre not here…?

Peter Pettigrew: she believs u when u say it

Remus Lupin to pineapple is never acceptable on pizza fight me sirius: new drinking game- take a shot whenever james mentions lily’s eyes

Sirius Black: do you want us to die????

James Potter: but guys

James Potter: theyre so green

James Potter: its like a forest

Peter Pettigrew: ill buy some vodka omw back

James Potter changed the group name to: MAN U 4-CHELSEA 1

Sirius Black: blocked

Sirius Black to sirius and co: dont go near the microwave btw

Peter Pettigrew: …….why????

Sirius Black: its lowkey broken

Sirius Black: and by lowkey i mean will kill a man

Remus Lupin: I swear to god if we call the fire service again we’re getting fined

Sirius Black: its fine im gonna steal benjys

Remus Lupin to Benjy Fenwick: Just a quick heads up, maybe hide your microwave

Benjy Fenwick: I already did after black stole my toaster

Remus Lupin: ah sorry about that

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: you told me benjy didn’t want his toaster anymore

Sirius Black: idk how youre studying astrophysics if you believed tht tbh

Sirius Black to moony ripped a new fiver im so proud: saw evans today

James Potter: omg did she mention me?

Sirius Black: she wanted to know if we were fucking

James Potter: what did you say???

Sirius Black: yes obvisly

James Potter: aw babe

Remus Lupin: get a room

James added Sirius Black and Lily Evans to the group: just to clarify me and sirius are not fucking

Sirius Black: exCUSE ME???



Lily Evans: james how could you?

James Potter: …. are you serious

Sirius Black: …..

James Potter: don’t you fucking dare

Sirius Black to James Potter: come and help me buy 150 snickers for bellatrix

James Potter: nah im in history

James Potter: isn’t she allergic to nuts

Sirius Black: exactly

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: lily just asked if she can sit w/ us at james’s final

Sirius Black: oh mY GOD

Sirius Black: operation lames is go

Remus Lupin: I told you not to call it that

Sirius Black: it’s a gd name #hatersgonnahate

Remus Lupin: please stop

Peter Pettigrew to potter for president: afterparty at ours right?

Sirius Black: hell yes

Sirius Black: proud of you jamesy


James Potter: she cant walk around naked can she?


The Expanse Season 1

“Either you commit to diversity, and it’s just a fact of how you do business, how you live, or you’re not diverse,” Franck says. “You can’t say ‘I know, we’ll be diverse, we’ll gift one black part.’ That sort of tokenism is not diversity. To be truly diverse, you have to start at the top. Our production company, one of the presidents is a black man. The president of our TV division is a woman. Our writer’s room is pretty close to fifty-fifty, men and women. It’s not like there were checkboxes, the attitude was just, ‘Let’s hire an interesting array of voices.’” That attitude extends to the script and the screen. “We’re not trying to champion anyone in particular,” Abraham says. “We’re telling a story, and in the course of the story, there are people who aren’t all white guys. What’s important is what the Zuni woman is doing, not that she’s a Zuni.”
- How SyFy’s The Expanse cast its multiracial future.

ok that post thats like “donald trumps mom was an immigrant, donald trumps wife is an immigrant, THIS IS A RACIAL ISSUE!” like….. yeah it is….. and it was a racial issue when our black democratic president was in the white house and deportations hit record levels…… this is what i cant stand about american liberals, you want to shift blame from the democratic party politicians that you see as the “good guys” and make the republicans out to be the big bad wolf when the same exact shit happens under both administrations, just one is more visible than the other. do you really think racial profiling of immigrants and ICE targeting WOULDN’T be happening during the administration of the first madam president hillary clinton? of course it would. is trump louder about it? yeah. is it scary how naked the federal government’s racism has become in the last month since his inauguration? yeah. just because it’s more severe and more publicized right now doesn’t mean the same exact stuff hasn’t been happening for decades, yes even under liberal presidents. and the fact that so fewer people would even care if hillary clinton had won the election and were sitting in the oval office right now is frankly baffling…..

Right on! I hate seeing people going on on facebook and other social media sites about how about how great America is going to be when they have no idea what’s about to be in store for the millions of Americans over the next four years.


I was in the seventh grade when Barack Obama ran for president for the first time. I remember it being the topic of discussion for months at home, in school, and amongst all my friends. Everyone I knew was rallying and rooting for history to be made. Everyone I knew was infatuated with the idea of a first Black president. There were “Yes We Can” stickers and posters all around my neighborhood; they were on all the cars, and in all the windows of the apartment buildings and three family houses squished too close together. And as as twelve year old child with very little understanding of politics and the world, I already had a grand understanding of what Obama was for us. 

After enduring 40 some presidents that could not care less about people of color over the years, Obama seemed like our salvation. And for Black people specifically, he was a representation of what a changing future would look like for us in a country that had wronged us for centuries. I sat with my mother and my grandmother and watched each presidential debate. And each time, my eyes were glued to the tv watching a man that looked like me, and my brothers, and my cousins, and my uncles and my father, run for the highest office in the land. I was in absolute awe.

In the beginning, my eyes were always on him. And I think many other people only saw him too. I knew Michelle, Sasha and Malia were there. But I never saw them the way I saw Barack. But as I got older, that changed. As I got older, navigating through the world as a Black woman became more prominent and unavoidable. Things I didn’t notice, I started noticing. Things that I used to be able to ignore became louder. Suddenly, I realized that Black women have a completely different and unique battle to fight than Black men and anyone else for that matter.

And that’s when I realized that I always had more in common with Michelle than Barack. I always identified with her most. When I realized that, I saw her. I saw her as more than the wife to our first Black president. I saw her as more than the First Lady of the United States. I saw Michelle. As the girl from south side Chicago. The girl who came from a working family like mine. The girl who attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School. The woman who found her way to the White House and did more than her part to change the world. 

Despite all her accomplishments and all that she is, Michelle still wasn’t enough for this country. Throughout these past eight years, she was defeminized and dehumanized. And most of the times her image was used in attacks against her husband. Her daughters were slandered and sexualized. Her intelligence, her grace, her charity, none of it was enough. And it was a crude reminder of how the most “respectable” of us will never truly be respected. It was a reminder that Black women will never be enough for anyone.

That realization hurt. It still hurts. But each time I read another article about some high status official attacking the women of the first family, each time I felt defeated reading these articles, each time I was uncertain of how much those women and Black women across this nation could endure, Michelle’s strength stunned me. With each photoshoot, speech, affirmation, and appearance, she demonstrated the dignity and the pride and the beauty I now know that each of us possess. And she showed me that that can never be taken from us.

Michelle is the unsung hero of these past eight years. She has been an active and consistent champion of education and women’s rights. She has been an advocate of celebrating blackness. And she has shown us what it looks like when you put yourself first.

It’s quite hard to put into words what witnessing Michelle’s service means to me. Witnessing a Black woman, a dark skinned Black woman, in the White House has been one of the most validating and inspiring thing to experience in my life. In my eyes, no one will ever be able to live up to her. No one will ever be able to fill her shoes.

Michelle gave her final speech today. She said that she hopes she made us proud. Michelle, you did all of that and more. You made us believe. And I cannot thank you enough for it. 

“I need you to understand, we are the women that marched from cotton fields into fields of medicine, politics, law, education, entertainment. We even found a way to march ourselves into the White House as the First Lady of the United States of America” - Jada Pinkett Smith

Watch Michelle’s full speech here.

I rly just want black ppl to remember as I said before we have always made our biggest strides when the state is against us.
We have never had the state in on our side fully even wit a black president and black folks in other positions of power and thus we must remember cant rely on the state for liberation or even validation of our rights from birth, we never have and we don’t have to.

Its a daunting realization and quite sobering but knowing that we have gotten this far always pushing back and surviving oppressive retaliation makes me hopeful.

we still have a bright future bc we are still here we are always all we’ve had and that’s gotten us here at least, that’s enough to stay determined.

Imagine this had happened….

O.K. – some of you might be wondering why do I have a picture of Donald Trump and Don King on my wall.   And I in turn am wondering, ‘doesn’t everybody?’  

It’s to make a simple point about the historic nature of Obama’s presidency, and the 'I still don’t get it’ nature of Trump winning.   The contrasts between Obama and Trump are so many and so vast, it boggles the mind how one nation could have elected both of them.  

Obama and Trump are very much opposites.  One humble, restrained, measured, and intellectual;  the other, just the opposite.  

Imagine the possibility of Barack Obama being elected as our first black president, much less nominated, if he had any of Trump’s major qualities:  being married three times, demeaning and intimidating, excessive narcissism, a tendency to self-promote, persistent hyperbolic language, a constant need for media attention, a history of lawsuits for fraud & nonpayment, no prior public service, and (to top it off), totally ridiculous hair.  

I just don’t think America would have elected a black man with those qualities, because if they did, it would probably have been Don King.

I just went off on some kid who tried to claim that Michelle Obama was too uneducated and inexperienced to run for President. Like child, I realize that your weak and sensitive white male ego is still recovering from the shock that a woman came so close to being our president and the thought of a black woman scares you even more, but what the actual fuck? To claim First Lady Obama, who graduated from two Ivy league schools, implemented multiple programs in the past 8 years, and just an all around class act, is as he said “uneducated and inexperienced” is just beyond ridiculous. Go home child you are drunk. 

What is Black History Month?

It is the dirt road our forefathers trod,
Memories of their lives branded in our hearts.
It is a word, a place, a state of mind.
Black history is a peek into our ancestors’ time.

It is a piece of fabric our grandmothers wore,
An old rope that our grandfathers lived to deplore.
It is a slave ship and middle passage over seas.
Black history is cotton fields and tobacco leaves.

It is a plantation overseer and back door crumbs,
Weeping and wailing, a beating of drums.
It is a troubling truth, an unapologetic past.
Black history is an entire race struggling to last.

It is a Mississippi burning in a Tennessee town,
An evil that lingers to bring Black people down.
It is a book or movie of strength, courage, and will.
Black history is the fate of young Emmett Till.

It is little Ruby Bridges, the exquisite Ruby Dee,
Carter G. Woodson, and Coretta Scott King.
A Mahalia Jackson song, a Michael Jackson routine,
Black history is the phrase “Let freedom ring!”

It is Cheney University, the Tuskegee Airmen,
The N. A. A. C. P., the Black Holocaust Museum.
It is a navy master diver named Carl Brashear.
Black history is our legacy of triumph without fear.

It is General Colin Powell, a Vaudeville drama,
Zora Neale Hurston, and President Barack Obama.
It is every single experience of our history.
Black history is the story of you and me.

Have you noticed the mantillas worn by the First Ladies in some of our pictures of Presidents talking with the Pope? The long black lace veil–and modest all-black clothing–is traditional for women to wear when meeting the Pope.

Probably the prize for most stylish wearing of a mantilla goes to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who made the mantilla look chic during her visit to the Vatican in March of 1962.

The First Lady met with Pope John XXIII. This photo was taken in the American College of the Roman Catholic Church of the United States in Rome. Mrs. Kennedy is accompanied by Monsignor Martin J. O'Connor (at right). Students of the college lined the hallway and clapped as the two passed by.

Photo from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum