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Here are all the illustrations for my 36k Dean/Cas fairy AU Our Garden Home, which is finally completed after 19 months!! Hands-down, it’s the most personal (and cutest) story I’ve ever written, with lots of hard topics all wrapped up in a childlike narrative. If you crave some flowers, cuddles, or “tiny disabled fairy vs. society” adventures in your life, this fic is what you need.

✿ the cuddling illustration by itself

✿ all my other fics

Personal responsibility

So someone messaged me to ‘take down’ a post I’d reblogged and said it was “weird I was 4 years back into their archive”…  I wasn’t in their archive.  I had simply done a search for a funny imgur post, and their post came up.  They messaged me, very curtly, to remove it and explained why…  After hearing why, I understand, however, if this video poses such a threat, why is it still viewable and rebloggable by the general public?  This seems like a thing that should have been taken down ages ago.

There seems to be an ongoing pattern of behavior here that’s worrisome. People are holding complete strangers responsible for every trauma that has happened to them.  There’s no way we all can read each other’s minds and pasts.  Most of us are just here for fandom, jokes, cats, and general escapism.  Hell, we all have our own traumas, every last one of us.  If someone misunderstands a post you made, or reblogs a photo or video that brings bad memories for you, we have literally no idea.  You can either continue to message people (in not so nice ways) to alert them to your discomfort, or you can simply remove the thing, block it, blacklist it, etc.  That ensures your well being a lot more than continuing to expect everyone else to simply ‘know’ about your pain.

We can’t hold everyone else responsible for our own troubles, memories, traumas, etc.  Take your own well being into your hands as much as possible, as really that’s the strongest defense you have.  The rest of us might be willing to help, but it’s not a burden that should be forced onto us without us even knowing.

regarding Our Garden Home

*screaming* OKAY ILLUSTRATIONS ARE DONE, EDITING IS DONE (maybe? might add a 200 word end scene right before i post in about ~9 hours)


definitely managed to save the best illustration for last, somehow. i’m REALLY EXCITED TO SHARE THIS

(a preview)

honestly after this final illustration i think i’m officially calling myself a writer/illustrator. i love this one so much

this fic is so precious to me.. i don’t even have words for how much personal importance it has

anyway SLEEP k bye

ao3 link: Our Garden Home by almaasi (a Dean/Cas garden fairy AU, featuring more fluff than anyone can sensibly handle. will be 36k as of tomorrow)

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anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity, how many plushies do you have and how long have you been collecting them? I'm working on collecting all of the Hakuoki guys in their uniforms and maybe the code realize guys after that. (Their soooo expensive)

Ummmmmmmmm.  So I keep trying to dodge this question on the grounds that it makes me appear to be total plushie junkie.  😂  (WAY too late now right?)

I’ve been collecting the Hakuouki plushies for about one year now.  🤔

NOTE:  I told my family that I wanted plushies as gifts, and they really came through. plus my husband’s tremendous kindness in adding to my collection for a special anniversary instead of spending money on other things. 😍  [I’m keeping him.]

[Mid-Summer 2016, Yamazaki Anniversary Gift (others not shown)]

Initially, I wanted Saito and Western Saito, plus Harada and Hijikata. The Saito, Harada and Kazama above were among my first chibi plushies (about a year ago) and have been hanging out with me from the start. Kazama kind of snuck in there… it was weird. Hijikata v.2 (the main series) was ridiculously hard to get.

[Fall 2016, Some missing from photo]

Like you (Anon), I soon wanted all the Shinsengumi in their original uniforms. Then I discovered the Fury/Rasetsu versions… I was only going to get Saito Fury, but the even rarer Hijikata Fury happened to be available for a very reasonable price from the same seller and I couldn’t resist “saving the money on combined shipping”.

[November 2016, Birthday, Oni Kazama]

Oni Kazama is by far the rarest and most expensive of the set (ofc). A special birthday present from my parents. I also finally found Chizuru–and I’m still shocked by how little I paid (one of those dream moments).

[Christmas 2016, Complete ver.2 Set–Need a Better Photo, Sorry]

I’ve spent a lot of time on eBay and on a number of Japanese sites (where the plushies are much cheaper but the fees & shipping have to be factored in).

[Valentine’s 2017, Completed Harada Sanosuke Collection™]

I now have a very good sense for the plushie market.  😅  The key thing is patience. I’ve gotten some great deals on new-in-bag-with-tag plushies.

[Ninja Yamazaki & Shinpachi ~ Beanies by Animate (smaller)]

Non-Hakuouki (by Gift):  I have a couple of the Amnesia: Memories plushies, (harder to find, more expensive on average).  Also one Touken Ranbu plushie (Mikazuki–he looks just like a Saito ancestor).

Are there Code Realize plushies? That could be bad…


Isak writing texts to Even Ep. 4 vs. Ep. 7

also Isak doing the lip lick™ when texting Even

aesthetics for the signs

ARIES: long eyelashes, leather jackets, candlelight, autumn leaves, sleeping in, greek mythology, waves crashing on the beach
TAURUS: plaid shirts, the smell of fresh baked bread, disney movies, the sound of a guitar strumming, mountain peaks at sunrise
GEMINI: the forest at night, cat’s eye sunglasses, 24/7 gas stations, floorboards creaking at night, the smell of fresh ink, going on a first date
CANCER: old books, the smell of fresh cut grass, the colour peach, messy buns, accent walls, hand holding, matte lipstick
LEO: long car rides, thunder, the feeling of accomplishment, love poems, sunflowers, your favourite song on playing repeat
VIRGO: the first snow of the year, bright eyes, flowers in your hair, binge watching a new show, a warm mug of tea, fantasy books
LIBRA: iced coffee, the wind in your hair, string lights, the feeling of forgiveness, bonfires, a new crush
SCORPIO: the night sky, winged eyeliner, an old typewriter, speaking latin, wine stained lips, halloween costumes
SAGITTARIUS: bright houses, nude lipstick, the sound of laughter, watching musicals, forehead kisses
CAPRICORN: the full moon, the smell of clean laundry, new love, going to museums, shouting at the top of your lungs, watching the fog roll in
AQUARIUS: rain on pavement, a paint palette, the city at night, the colour cyan, falling stars, books written in french, ankle boots
PISCES: colourful flowers, sand between your toes, long hugs, ferris wheels, art galleries, cherry blossoms in the wind, a cat purring

  • Fenrys, to Dorian: the stars are really beautiful tonight
  • Dorian: yeah, they are
  • Fenrys: you know what else is beautiful?
  • Dorian, under his breath: you
  • Fenrys: what