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the signs as wine moms
  • ARIES:Martha "It's better to be full of wine than full of shit" Johnson
  • TAURUS:Barbara "My kids want extra craft supplies so I'm buying them corks. Giving them corks. After I finish each bottle" Smith
  • GEMINI:Sharon "I went 9 months without wine to give birth to you" Shelly
  • CANCER:Carol "Wine improves with age and I improve with wine" Foster
  • LEO:Darlene "Is it too early for wine?" Harris
  • VIRGO:Debbie "I'm going to clean my house and by that I mean drink wine & spray febreeze" Moore
  • LIBRA:Pam "Wine doesn't ask questions. Wine understands" Hayes
  • SCORPIO:Shannon "I tried cooking with wine last night but after 5 glasses I forgot I was in the kitchen" Kelly
  • SAGITTARIUS:Denise "I just rescued some wine it was trapped in a bottle" Murphy
  • CAPRICORN:Cathy "The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink" Hill
  • AQUARIUS:Brenda "I wish my tolerance for children was like my tolerance for wine" Miller
  • PISCES:Connie "Motherhood is powered by love, fueled by coffee and sustained by wine" Gilbert

this is the most important minute in the history of humanity

As an aromantic asexual, reading stories where the protagonist saved the world without once caring for non-platonic relationships would have made it all the more bearable. Even if others still thought me a freak, I would know I wasn’t. It would have meant the world.