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1D Hiatus: Day 362

* An official statement regarding the passing of Louis’ mum on Dec 7th is published

* The boys, their friends and families show support and let Louis and the whole family know that they’re not alone via Twitter & Instagram

* A preview of Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Louis will be performing on The X Factor tomorrow as a tribute to his mum

* Pictures of Harry out in London yesterday are released

* Niall posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall arrives in New York City, meets fans at the airport

It’s Dec 9th, 2016.

Here are some IB Biology resources that I’ve collected over the past two years. I hope they will be helpful! 


First things first. The syllabus is key, it tells you everything you need to know. What to study, IA’s all your papers. Just don’t read the entire thing, be selective. 

Syllabus for Biology first examination 2016. 

Command terms as well as HL exams info can be found here!


Bio Ninja: Might look shady but it’s great and has condensed info for all topics. 

Bio Guides: This site follows the old syllabus but it has the same info basically. 

IB knowledgy: Another site with all Bio sections explained and it has related videos too. 


Crash Course: Great for overviews, introduction to topics or revision. Also great for when you don’t want to study but you have to.

Khan Academy: Amazing videos! They explain basically everything. But it follows the US curriculum. 

Visual Videos: Great for visual learners. They explain some of the important processes with really cool videos. 

Teachers Teaching on youtube

If you don’t like your teacher or need something explained in a different way, I’d recommend these youtube channels. They teach the IB syllabus by topic and they’re really good. 

Alex LeeDan RottStephanie Castle

Online Labs 

Several virtual labs on ecology, evolution and cell biology can be found here and here!

Plant transpiration lab 

Evolution lab 

Ecology lab

Past Papers 

Some past papers can be found here

Quizzes can also be found here and here, as well as some review material. 

Specific Topics 

Crossing over 

Study Tips

A really good way to study for all the Sciences is to print out the syllabus content for all the chapters to see what they require of you. Make sure that you have notes on all of the “understandings” that they want you to know. This way you won’t miss any information! 

I would also recommend that you have drawings on all of the important processes and structures. You could keep them in a binder or in a separate note book. This way you can understand the content better and always have something to refer back to.

Fun Stuff 

Here are some stuff I’ve found that are fun but not always super relevant. But you know bio can be beautiful and fun sometimes so I thought I’d add them anyways. 

Pretty video of protista! 

Biology songs, that are actually educational and fun. 

Planet Earth I and Planet Earth II. These are the most beautiful documentaries ever. 

IB is difficult, it really is, but I hope that these tips and resources will help a little bit. Good luck on your studies!