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aesthetics for the signs

ARIES: long eyelashes, leather jackets, candlelight, autumn leaves, sleeping in, greek mythology, waves crashing on the beach
TAURUS: plaid shirts, the smell of fresh baked bread, disney movies, the sound of a guitar strumming, mountain peaks at sunrise
GEMINI: the forest at night, cat’s eye sunglasses, 24/7 gas stations, floorboards creaking at night, the smell of fresh ink, going on a first date
CANCER: old books, the smell of fresh cut grass, the colour peach, messy buns, accent walls, hand holding, matte lipstick
LEO: long car rides, thunder, the feeling of accomplishment, love poems, sunflowers, your favourite song on playing repeat
VIRGO: the first snow of the year, bright eyes, flowers in your hair, binge watching a new show, a warm mug of tea, fantasy books
LIBRA: iced coffee, the wind in your hair, string lights, the feeling of forgiveness, bonfires, a new crush
SCORPIO: the night sky, winged eyeliner, an old typewriter, speaking latin, wine stained lips, halloween costumes
SAGITTARIUS: bright houses, nude lipstick, the sound of laughter, watching musicals, forehead kisses
CAPRICORN: the full moon, the smell of clean laundry, new love, going to museums, shouting at the top of your lungs, watching the fog roll in
AQUARIUS: rain on pavement, a paint palette, the city at night, the colour cyan, falling stars, books written in french, ankle boots
PISCES: colourful flowers, sand between your toes, long hugs, ferris wheels, art galleries, cherry blossoms in the wind, a cat purring


Lance being bisexual is a popular headcanon but despite this, some people are hesitant and even against the idea of shipping Lance with women.

So that’s what this week is for!

Lance Loves Ladies Week is dedicated to all Lance x women ships because they definitely deserve more love and attention.

Everyone is welcome to create for this week and all ships are valid. No exclusions!

The week will start September 12th and end September 18th

Because of conflicting time-zones, late creations will be accepted. The deadline is seven days after the weeks’ end date.


  • Morning / Nights  
  • Cuddles / Kisses 
  • Family / Culture  
  • Music / Makeovers 
  • Beach / Rain 
  • Pining / Fluff 
  • Free Day / AU 

Use the tag #lance loves ladies week in the first five tags of your post. If your post does not appear on our blog within 24-hours, message us so that we may reblog it. Submissions are also allowed.

Reblogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

Hey all.

Guys, we need to take a step back and get one thing straight.

Anti will not be back for a while. Jack has said it himself.

It’s fine to theorize and make posts about it. But nitpicking at every video is just going to make us all more paranoid and we know that isn’t what Jack wants for our community.

Also, let people believe what they want to about the other egos. I’m tired of seeing everyone try to make others believe in a certain way of thinking, like with Chase being evil or Anti seeking redemption.

Again, these theories are completely fine to have. Everyone has the right to theorize about the egos and have their own opinion of them. But do not force your theory upon others like it’s the only one that’ll become canon.

We have no idea what could come next with any of them, but let’s all just calm down, collect ourselves and enjoy what we have of the egos.

Remember, Jack didn’t have to do any of this. He did this because he genuinely values our community and wants to make us happy. But the second we start fighting and being petty over this, it will stop. And then nobody’s happy. We don’t want that. Jack doesn’t want that.

Please be respectful of other people and their theories. Be respectful in general to everyone, and let’s keep this fandom a safe, happy, and welcoming place.

-mod annie