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Pokemon GO Trading Events

Hello trainers! We here at thepokemongolife would like to set up trading events when the update happens and trading is introduced into the game. It is going to happen, confirmed in an interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke. We are located in New York and have been approaching Game Stops in our area to host the trading event. We are looking for coordinators across the world who would set up trading events in their communities! We are starting this initiative with our partner Pokemon GO League @pokemongoleague. If you would like to be a trading event coordinator or join any of our organizations please send me a message!

With love, as always,

- T


Challenge the Leaders Today!

Be sure to read the Rules first!

Tyler the Keeper of Souls

Pat the Shocktrooper

Yobi the Earthborn   unable to battle for now

Luke the Fire Keeper

Dori the Iron King

Red the Fighting Spirit

Bryan the Toxic Lord

Alec the Abnormal

Nick the Grass Grown

Kiera the Princess of Flight 

Lexi the Mistress of Mountains

Parker the Tidal Lord

Jacob the Dragon Rider    unable to battle for now

Halcyon the Mystic

Andrew the Bug Tamer   unable to battle for now

Gunter the Coldhearted

Tom the Fairy King

Justin the Void Master

Look at all the leaders accepting challenges!

Lexi, the Rock Type Master! She is accepting battles!
Kyler as the Ghost Type Master! He is accepting battles and only does double battles!
Liam is the Fire Type Master! He is accepting battles!
Oscar, the Dragon Type Master! And he is accepting battles!
Silva as the Master of the Bug Type! He is accepting battles!
Sofi is our Steel Type Master! He is accepting battles!
Shayne is our Normal Type Master! He is accepting battles!
Bryan is the Fire Type Master! He is accepting challenges!
Brendan is the Ice Type Master! He is accepting challenges!
Yobi is our Ground Type Master! He is currently accepting challenges!
Pat is our Electric Type Master! He is accepting challenges!
Mike is our Grass Type Master! He is accepting challenges!
Wes is our Poison Type Master! He is accepting challenges!
Parker is our Water Type Master! He is accepting challenges!
Gunter is our Fairy Type Master! He is accepting challenges!

Look at All Our Leaders!

Lexi, the Rock Type Master!
Kyler as the Ghost Type Master!
Oscar, the Dragon Type Master!
Silva as the Master of the Bug Type!
Shayne is our Normal Type Master!
Bryan is the Fire Type Master!
Brendan is the Ice Type Master!
Yobi is our Ground Type Master!
Pat is our Electric Type Master!
Mike is our Grass Type Master!
Wes is our Poison Type Master!
Halford is our Psychic Type Master!
Parker is our Water Type Master!
Helios is our Flying Type Master!
Gunter is our Fairy Type Master!
Jacob is our Dark Type Master!

Grandmistress Lexi here! I am the Queen of Stone and Mountains, or rather the Elite Four Rock Master here at Our Pokémon League. Today I bring you a brief installment of Know Your Mon, feature my favorite Sinnoh Pokémon, Infernape! Those of you who have faced my gym team in battle know the danger of this wildcard.

Boxing Expert
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
Ability: Iron Fist (Base Power of punching moves increases by 20%)
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
Item: Expert Belt (Power of supereffective moves increases by 20%)
Moveset: U-Turn, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch, Fire Punch

This is my favorite Infernape set. With those moves, you hit 535 out of 718 for super effective, and only 3 for NVE (only one that matters is Dragalge). Add in Expert Belt boost, Iron Fist boost for 3 of his moves, and you done good. ThunderPunch hits those annoying flying types, as well as water types, so ThunderPunch is a must for coverage. Fire Punch and Mach Punch are for STAB, and Mach Punch is beautiful because of its priority. U-Turn is for scouting, yes, but I mostly use that to get Nape out of bad situations. The last thing I want is my baby getting hurt, because let’s be real, Infernape won’t survive anything super effective.

Nature depends on how fast you need to be. I prefer to give Infernape some speed rather than attack, seeing as I will most likely get Expert/Fist boosts against my foes. But if you’d rather have some attack then go for adamant.

“Know Your Mon” Week#2

By gunterthegayboy (Fairy Gym Leader)

Ludicolo… Where do we start with the “Carefree” pokémon? Firstly, the right moveset on this pokemon will make YOU, the trainer, carefree. I absolutely LOVE Ludicolo. It’s one of my favorite Pokémon and today you’ll see why!
Ludicolo has a wonderful and unique type combination that gives it a nice range of offensive attacks. And its useable Sp. Attack gives it a nice foundation to use them. Its best stat is its Sp. Defense which gives it some walling capability.

“A Leech Seed A Day Keeps the Ubers Away”

By utilizing Ludicolo’s access to many health restoring moves, it can become a pain that no opponent wants to deal with. This is my personal favorite set. I have had countless battles where trainers had only uber tier Pokemon and Ludicolo just calmly waited them all out. This set works best when the rain is already in effect as it can save Ludicolo a valuable moveslot. BUT dont worry, with this set Ludicolo has the resilience to set it up again and again with all the HP it recovers.

Rain Dish
NATURE: Bold/Modest EVs:
252 Sp Defense
252 Defense
4 Sp. Attack

Leech Seed
Giga Drain
Surf/Hydro Pump/ Scald
Rain Dance/Ice Beam/ Toxic

This set really irritates opponents. In rain it really shuts down big threats against it. With Leech Seed, Rain Dish, Leftovers, and Giga Drain in effect Ludicolo has the ability to heal itself 4 times in one turn. Its not a perfect attacker, but it can get by with its attacks. Especially when it’s getting health back every turn.

“Uh Oh, it’s got a Life Orb…”

This set is simply…. for those with no patience, like myself. Have fun tearing through teams with this! DISCLAIMER: RAIN REQUIRED

Life Orb
ABILITY: Swift Swim
NATURE: Modest EVs:
252 Sp. Attack
252 Speed
6 HP
Focus Blast
Giga Drain/ Energy Ball
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

“Dancing Makes You Loco”

Now for the physical set. What?! Ludicolo a physical threat? Surprised? Ludicolo has potential to be a surprisingly effective physical sweeper. Many opponents wont expect it from Ludicolo and it can seriously catch people off guard. The only problem is you have to have a chance to throw Swords Dance up. With heavy EV focus in Defense that would be easy. But it leaves ludicolo vulnerable to faster pokemon. So really the EV spread is up to your discretion and battling style. Again, I advise having Ludicolo active in the rain for this monster moveset to work nicely.

Muscle Band/ Quick Claw
Swift Swim
NATURE: Adamant/ Jolly EVs:
252 Attack
252 Speed
6 HP
Swords Dance
Razor Leaf/ Seed Bomb
Waterfall/ Dive
Drain Punch/ Zen Headbutt/ Ice Punch

So for a recap, Ludicolo is seriously a threat with any moveset shown above if it’s under the rain. Ludicolo makes its home on any rain team and is easily useable outside of rain as well. Hope you like Ludicolo THAT much more!

Maybe it would pair nicely with last week’s Pokémon? Check last week’s “Know Your Mon” to find out!

That’s it for this week’s “Know Your Mon”! We’ll have another Pokémon in the spotlight next Thursday!

Ghost Gym Open for Auditions!

Due to some changes in our gym roster, we have a vacancy with out Ghost Gym. We are looking for a new Master of the Beyond for Our Pokemon League. The audition process will be like an average tournament where you will climb the ranks until one stands above the rest.  To audition, please have at least 6 Ghost type Pokemon ready to go. So please, message us and submit your ghost team and friend code! Once our spots fill up, we will close applications.

Good luck, my friends!

KYM Week #1

Hey everyone! This is your Normal-type leader Alec with the revival of Know Your Mon! This is a weekly post that features a different pokemon every week. Each post will talk about the chosen pokemon’s movesets, team options and more!

I will be starting off KYM with one of my favourite pokemon and a staple to my team: Porygon2!

First let’s look over P2’s stats. While 85/90/95 bulk might not seem too threatening, it’s bolstered by the item Eviolite. Eviolite multiplies a not fully evolved (NFE) pokemon’s defenses by 1.5! With this, Porygon2 becomes a defensive monster, being able to shrug off hits from both the physical AND special sides. The sets featured will be the two you will most likely see in battle.

Porygon2 @ Eviolite
Ability: Trace
EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 SpD
Bold Nature
- Ice Beam / Tri Attack
- Discharge / Shadow Ball
- Toxic / Thunder Wave / Magic Coat
- Recover

Let’s start with the cyber duck’s EVs. HP is fully invested to add more overall bulk while 200 is added into Defense alongside Bold nature so it can sponge most physical hits. The rest is put into Sp.Def to keep it from keeling over from special attackers. If your team needs a special wall, reverse the EVs and nature!

This pokemon possesses a wide array of moves. It can use the always great BoltBeam combo or use Normal/Ghost coverage is you’d like to hit Aegislash harder. The third slot is mostly utility: Toxic for stalling, T-Wave to stop fast attackers and Magic Coat to reflect status moves or even entry hazards. The final slot is given to Recover for reliable recovery.

Porygon2 is so bulky that a Mega Pinsir’s Close Combat only does about 47%, while you can trace it’s ability and hit back with an Aerilate boosted Tri Attack for around 66% (possible OHKO if defenses are dropped from CC). P2 can also sponge a max attack Flare Blitz from a Mega Charizard X while not even taking 50%.

Defensively, Porygon2 pairs well with Ghost-types. Specially defensive Jellicent is a fantastic partner to this guy. They cover some of their weaknesses while defending from opposite sides of the spectrum. Porygon2 is also something people call “glue”. This means that it’s meant to help a team, not necessarily the center of one.

Finally, Trace can be extremely helpful. Chandelure bothering you? Trace Flash Fire. Furfrou tanking your physical sweepers? Take it’s Fur Coat for yourself.

Porygon2 @ Eviolite
Ability: Download / Trace
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Recover / Tri Attack
- Trick Room

Porygon2 is a reliable pokemon to set up Trick Room. The idea of this moveset is to set up Trick Room, either for P2 or another pokemon. The ability is up to personal preference, Download to help it sweep or Trace to take a more defensive role.

Quiet nature and 0 speed IVs make Porygon2 slow at first, but extremely fast under Trick Room. Unlike the previous set that’s “glue”, this pokemon can be the center of the team/core. Reuniclus makes a great teammate that also loves Trick Room and helps cover the Fighting-type weakness. Porygon 2 also covers Reuniclus’ Ghost-type weakness.

Ever since I first saw this duck when I played G/S/C, I’ve fallen in love with it. I highly suggest you try him out and see for yourself!

Hey Pokemon fans of all ages!

Our-Pokemon-League is now open and accepting challenger (for the most part). If you’ve finished the ingame gyms for Pokemon X/Y, pop over and challenge us.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go to our blog (you don’t need to follow) There is a full list of gym leaders with links to their personal blog. They all list whether or not they’re accepting challenges at this time. 

Step 2: Send the leader an ask. They all have their boxes open.They pick the format, but you can use any pokemon you want (except legendaries unless previously stated. in which case only one legend.

Step 3: Exchange Friend Codes and BATTLE! If you win, the leader will give you some sort of a prize (it varies from leader to leader). If you lose you can always rechallenge.

Step 4: REPEAT. Pick another leader and do it all over again.

All the leaders are very nice, and very skilled at what they do. As for the prize it could be anything from a BP item to a Shiny Pokemon. It’s up to you to challenge and find out


Early on in the creation of this, I made a terrible mistake. I thought that one of our beloved leaders had switched from Fire to Fairy and I have no idea where I got that idea from.

But because of this mistake we will have two Fire type leaders until further notice. Should one of them ever leave our ranks or switch to a different type, we will go back to having one and only one. But I will not kick the newer one out for my mistake, nor make the older switch.

So when you see two fire leaders, yes it is intentional. I am terribly sorry for this mishaps and I will do my best to not do it again.

Sincerely, Lexi at @ofstarsandfire

Gym Leader Battle Vs Paige aka @andalizard 

In this battle right from the get go, was intense. We faced Mega Mawile often referred to as the “Dragon Slayer” Did my dragons get slayed? 

The battle code below to watch the battle. 

Battle Code: ZKAG-WWWW-WWW5-R9JZ

-Oscar osantos767

Picture Credit: http://www.pixiv.com/works/39881184

Auditions for the Fighting Gym!

Auditions will take place in the form of a points based tournament:

  • Winning is worth 3 points
  • Drawing is worth 2 points
  • Losing is worth 1 point
  • DC'ing is worth -1 point

There are 4 competitors so the maximum score you can get is 9 points (3 wins)

Teams must not include any pokemon with a BST of >600 and Item, sleep and species clause is in effect. Battles are 6v6 singles and battle videos must be saved to verify the result. In the event of a disconnection DO NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC, instead contact mega–gengar for a ruling.

In the event of a tie competitors will have a VGC Style double battle (Bring 6 pokemon only choose 4) in a Best of 3.

seabassing sawkrates yunggynecology pretty-little-kanos You have until Saturday 10th of May to complete your battles (One battle with each other competitor)

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Know Your Mon

Brought to you by,

Jacob, Dark Gym Leader

Welcome followers to another installment of Know Your Mon! Man, you guys are just getting a lot of me this week huh? First the Ability Analysis yesterday, and now this.

Anyway, enough about me.

This weeks KYM is centered around a signature person on my team, Weavile. Weavile is powerful, fast and….well that’s about it. Looking at its base stats, you can easily see it’s not the bulkiest thing in the world, and mine has rarely survived something that hits it hard. Luckily for YOU, avoiding damage is very easy with this dark little weasel! Weavile can play around with a few different sets, depending on what you intend to do with it. My Weavile, Olivier (FMA fans should get that reference), uses both of the following ones depending on my needs. 

Juggling Swords set:


  1. Pressure - Opponents use 2 PP per move instead of 1
  2. Pickpocket - When hit with an attack, user steals opponents item.

Nature: Jolly (+Speed, - SpAtk)

EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP/Def/SpDef

Item: Focus Sash: When at Full HP, will survive a OHKO attack with 1 HP. One time use.

Move Set:

  1. Swords Dance
  2. Night Slash/Brick Break
  3. Ice Punch/Icicle Crash/Ice Shard
  4. Fake Out/Brick Break/Ice Shard/Poison Jab

This aims to get Weavile set up to sweep, either from the get go or on a weakened team later in the match. Swords Dance takes Weavile’s attack to insane heights, either OHKO-ing or doing severe damage to anyone not resisting damage. Ideally you’d want to get in and force a switch, to get a Swords Dance off for free, but that’s not always possible. That’s where Fake Out comes into play. You can break Sturdy, other Sashes, and Multiscale with this, and get free damage at the same time. Swords Dance next, and most likely take a hit that takes you down to the Sash. If running Pickpocket, you’ll end up stealing their iteam after your Sash vanishes, greately hindering the opponent. After your Swords Dance you’ll more than likely be able to take them out after the Fake Out damage. The moves selected are mainly for STABs and coverage, although Brick Break covers more than Night Slash does. But Ice Shard is great to get some damage in against other priority users before you go down (because let’s face it, not a whole lot of things unboosted or not scarfed are going to outspeed you). Poison Jab is great for Fairies that come your way, while Icicle Crash  hits harder than Ice Punch and for a flinch chance, but sacrificies some accuracy. Get in. Set up. Sweep.

Living for Revenge:

Ability: Pressure

Nature: Jolly

EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP/Def

Item: Life Orb- Increases damage by 30%, user loses 10% max HP each hit.


  1. Fake Out
  2. Ice Shard
  3. Icicle Crash
  4. Brick Break/U-Turn

This set aims to have Weavile as a revenge killer. After someone goes down, you bring Weavile in to get free Fake Out damage, and hopefully take them out with the next move. The Jolly nature gives you that speed boost, while the Life Orb has you dishing out extra damage. Like the last set, Icicle Crash and Brick Break has some solid coverage, and Ice Shard is for that ever needed priority. U-Turn is an option if you don’t feel like you can take out the opponent, and saves Weavile from taking damage which will most likely KO it. The job here is to switch in and out, utilizing Fake Out to it’s full advantage. Just make sure no hazards are up or Weavile will be taking a lot of uneeded damage.

The key to both of these sets is to make sure Weavile comes in safely, either after a teammate gets KO’d or on a predicted set up or switch. Giving off chip damage until the opponent is in KO range is really what Weavile does best. Pick the best moves to suit your needs, and annoy the opponent with constant switches. Have fun with the ice weasel of darkness!

Until next time,


Gym Leader Battle vs Joe aka thealmostking (REMATCH BATTLE)

Joe was actually my first challenger, and in our first battle he came up a little short of beating my dragon team. Check our rematch battle, to see if he was able to conquer to the dragons :] Good game man. 

Battle Code


Picture Credit: http://mark331.deviantart.com

- Oscar osantos767

Auditions Are Over!

The time for auditioning for a spot is over. We have chosen all of the leaders. Here is the list: 

Dragon – Jacob
Rock – Lexi
Flying – Kiera
Grass – Nick
Bug – Andrew
Ice – Gunter
Fighting – Red
Electric – Pat
Ghost – Tyler
Steel – Dori
Water - Parker
Psychic - Hal
Dark – Justin
Ground - Yobi
Fairy – Tom
Normal - Alec
Fire – Luke
Poison - Bryan

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the blog with individual pages for them so that you can challenge them. If you want to challenge them in the meantime message the blog your skype name and you can join the chat we have going and meet the leaders yourself! 

“Know Your Mon” Week #3

By osantos767 (Dragon Gym Leader)

Mega Charizard X. This is the Charizard we have all been waiting for. A true dragon typing. After 15 years of waiting he has finally arrived, and with a bang to say the very least. 

In this KYM, I will share the Charizard X set that I prefer to use, and it’s one that has proven to be a viable asset to my dragon team. 

When Charizard mega evolves using Charizardite X, he loses his flying type in favor of the dragon type,making Charizard Fire/Dragon

Like all mega Pokemon, all his stats get a boost, and he switches abilities to Tough Claws, which boosts all contact moves by 33%. Combined with Charizard X’s base 130 Attack, he becomes even more of a threat

Typically, most Charizard X are run like any other dragon: a sweeper Dragon Dance set. We’ve all seen (and probably have been swept) by a few. 

However, what makes Zard X special is his fire typing and access to Will-o-Wisp. With this one move, Zard X, can serve as bulky dragon check. How do you ask?

Simple, first he needs to have some bulk, so the set and EV spread I chose for mine is as follows.

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Tough Claws


  • 248 HP
  • 84 Def
  • 176 SDef


  • Flare Blitz
  • Dragon Claw
  • Will-o-Wisp 
  • Roost

With this set, he can come into any un boosted Pokemon, and proceed to Set up a Will-o-Wisp, crippling any physical attacker. Roost right after to regain any health lost.

Flare Blitz and Dragon Claw are there for powerful STAB moves, that pack even more of a punch thanks to Tough Claws. 

If all else fails, Will-o-Wisp, and Roost stall. 

The benefit to gaining dragon are the resistances that come with it, now takes neutral damage from water, and now resists electric attacks instead of taking super effective damage from them. This dragon also isn’t scared of fairy types because his fire typing resists it. 

I hope you enjoy using Charizard X as much as I do, and have fun finding your own sets to use with it.