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“I’m not sure what you’re doing with Jon,” he continued. The heady scent of the roses perfumed the air, and a faint breeze set all the trees to rustling around them. “But it seems ill-fated, in view of your rank, and his. I beg you not to hurt him.”

“Nothing is further from my intent,” she replied slowly, “but I fear it is inevitable. I take full blame for any pain caused. I should have been more careful. I should not have encouraged him, but—”

Dany stopped, unable to speak around the lump in her throat. She swallowed hard.

“But I could not help myself, you see. I was not expecting how much I would come to—” She had to stop again.

“Took you by surprise, did he?” Robb gave her a brief grin and a fond, fraternal pat to the hand resting on his arm. “He tends to do that, yes.”

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