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Camp Gritty 2017
It’s do or DIY: Dip Dye Party

If tie dying sweatshirts in the woods with your best friends doesn’t just scream summer, we don’t know what does. We were so stoked when artist, Charlavail asked us to be a part of Camp Gritty for the second year in a row, and we already had unicorn colored dreams of what our Vans Girls DIY would be this year.

We worked with Charlavail to bring our candy coated vision to life with an epic dip dye party in the middle of the wilderness. First things first, we needed the perfect canvas for campers to dye at our party. Of course, Charlavail delivered the epitome of cuteness overload— an illustration of a Gritty camper roasting ‘mallows over a campfire in her favorite pair of Vans for our sweatshirts (we will be saving this sweatshirt… forever).

Campers were greeted at our magical DIY station with a sweatshirt and all of the pretty dip dye colors their hearts desired. It was pure magic watching campers create unique colorful pieces that reflected their bright personalities. 

Create your own summer dip dye party with your friends: All you need is a blank canvas (we love the Full Patch Long Sleeve T-Shirt) and some buckets of dye!

Photography: Celina Kenyon

There’s only one thing better than #vegan food ~ and that’s sharing vegan food with friends💜 like this EPIC spread for our housewarming party last night🌟 feat. carrot lox on crackers, platters of dips and cashew cheese, no-sausage rolls and tuna chickpea + teriyaki tofu sushi🌿🍴 but honestly, the best part of the night was all the amazement and compliments from the non-veg guests😉

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anonymous asked:

Here's something to consider. Judging by how the health portraits are arranged, during the final clash of seven and thirteen (which I assume won't be the actual final boss, the climatic battle of the penultimate world at least, just the first phase at most), all the Seekers of Light will probably be in our party at once, and we'll probably be fighting the entire True Organization XIII at the same time. Boy will the Keyblade Graveyard be hectic or what?

Nomura was quoted as follows:

“D-Link, that has been done away with. It was actually a compromise in a previous iteration because we were not able to display multiple characters on that platform in that game,“ Nomura said. "We’re able to depict multiple characters. Up to five people can join, even more, multiple characters can join your party.“ (x)

And I’ve been thinking… what exactly does “up to five people” mean? I’ve seen people talking about five people in the party in total (as shown with the party consisting of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Woody and Buzz), but this says “can join”. Can they join Sora so we have a party of 6 people? Or can they join Sora, Donald and Goofy (or… other characters he might have in his party rooster *cough*Riku and Kairi*cough*), upping the number to a whooping eight and thus allowing, just like you said, all Guardians of Light to be in our party at once so we have a gigantic epic battle in the Keyblade Graveyard??

Like 5 people in addition to Sora+2 makes the most sense because why stop at 6 when we have a fetish for the numbers 7 and 13? And “up to five people can join” doesn’t sound like “we’ll have a total of five people in the party”.

I’m really excited! I’d love for up to eight people forming our party and I would suppose we can only change the accessories and abilities of two of our party members - which should be Riku and Kairi, seriously. For the final clash. I mean I guess another possibility would be Riku and Aqua, having the three current human Keyblade masters in the main team, but c’mon Square Enix… KAIRI PLS.

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As she swung the door to her room, she walked in, setting the bag down on the floor. “Okay, ladies,” she said as she promptly shut the door behind her. “I got the stuff.” With a grin, she pulled multiple bottles of alcohol from the bag. “Let our epic, drink-dance-karaoke-roommate party commence.“

She grinned wider as she opened a bottle of vodka and took a large drink. A grimace pulls at her lips as she holds it out. “Okay, who’s next?”


“I want to do something.” Andromeda announced. “I was thinking about a party, like a really huge party that is so epic our grandchildren will be talking about it. But then I realized that parties only last, like, what eight hours at the most? It’s not big enough. So then I was thinking about like, a summer festival. It’ll be three days least and there will be live music and fireworks and maybe even dragons? It might sound crazy, but I know I can make it happen. It’ll be awesome and so much fun and it’ll keep me busy for at least half the summer.”

Andromeda crossed her arms, frowning. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

A Mixed Marriage

This took place immediately after ending the Scales of War campaign and describing our epic destinies. Our party consists of a dwarven fighter, an Elven Ranger (who’s a crit machine), a half-elf cleric and her former Warlock (turned Demigoddess), and a Shadar-kai wizard.

  • DF: I pull off one of the rings from my finger and present it to [the ranger] and ask, “Will you marry me?”
  • DM: A dwarf marrying an elf? Not sure how well that would work.
  • DF: Well, I’ve been trying to impress her this whole time.
  • Me: Well, we’ve got a demigoddess and a cleric here, so there’s two people who could officiate…

(Totally shipped it.)


Come join us for our epic RED PARTY (at Lipstick Nightclub)

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Brooklyn’s own synthpop duo Holy Ghost! closed out the epic finale to our summer Vans House Parties and we couldn’t be happier with their performance. Everyone filed in to get a glimpse of the upbeat set, filled with constant moving and instrument changes to keep the audience on their toes. If you missed the show, listen to their dance-ified remix to Katy Perry’s “Birthday” on their Soundcloud.

Photos: Bryan Derballa


This past weekend, bayareacloneclub and socalcloneclub came together for an epic Orphan Black season 3 premiere party, hosted in a hotel room in Santa Ana. We fit over twenty people in a tiny room and had a Helena buffet, booze, games, and hilarious conversations. So many new friends were made from all over the state. 

After a small SNAFU regarding the airtime of the show, we quickly improvised and set up a makeshift projector screen using bedsheets and button pins from people’s shirts and streamed the episode over the internet. Do not underestimate the power of 20+ cloneclubbers determined to watch the premiere!

The fun didn’t end there, though, as several of us spent the night and then went out to breakfast for one last hurrah, and said our goodbyes until the next time (finale party, anyone?). 

Not satisfied with two epic events, on our way back up north, we stopped by to say hi to everyone’s favorite shark-pterodactyl hybrid and Helena Aficionado sharkodactyl, and had a lovely sitdown in the grass discussing our reactions to the premiere episode. 

I’m so grateful to orphanblack for giving us this community and completely changing my life. Who would have thought, two years ago, that I would be driving all over the state to watch television with people from the internet, and coming away with the closest friends I’ve had in years?

Here’s to season 3!


TAYLOR!! What do these photos all have in common? ME!!! :)) You follow me here on tumblr and have liked a few photos of me and my little. I’m a special needs nanny and this boy is my heart and soul. He teaches me more every day than I could ever teach him. I’m mostly referred to by the family as the third parent. I wear this title so proudly. He’s my kid that I carried in my heart. My husband, my best friend, and my nieces are also pictured here. Family and friends are my groove. They are my life force. Anyway, I’ve been a proud Swifty since Tim McGraw and you have brought me (and the little) through some of the worst storms of life. Your music is a constant in our everyday life. At any given time, you are playing from the car radio, iPhone, iPad, TV, and our voices. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!


Not gonna lie. I’d be enchanted to meet you.


P.S. The bottom photo in black and white was taken during one of our epic Shake It Off dance parties. 😘

MY MAD FAT SPOOKY DIARY: A Halloween Playlist

MMFD Halloween Playlist

The extremely deadly gushington-central and I chicadificil whipped up this spooky, creepy playlist for your listening pleasure.

We hope you imagine our gang attending a epic spooky sexy party. With Finn dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Rae wearing the hell out of a witch costume. Chloe dressed as a mermaid, shell bra included. Archie dressed as his favorite historical figure and Chizzy dressed as Barbie and Ken.