our parents didnt love me as much

11. - Mama, Im On My Downfall.


Clad in Malakai’s large white t shirt, wooly socks, make up free face and my hair tossed up in a messy bun, I sat up Indian style against Malakai’s bed head as Kai made his way out the ensuite. “Do I have to do this?”, I questioned with a pout which instantly had him sucking his teeth as he threw his white, wife beater in my face.

“Yes punk, you know the deal”, He shrugged as he got on the bed and rolled over until he was in the middle and right beside me. “But they hate me”, I sighed as I unfolded my legs and laid them out across his lap. Looking down at them, he frowned at the sight however didnt speak on it which caused me to smirk. 

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584) I just wanted to say to all the lgbt folks that feel that they will never find love or happinnes; just wait, i promise, it really gets better.
Im a lesbian, and since like 6 months ago i’ve been in love with my best friend. She knew i was gay, but i never saw a chance of becoming her girlfriend. Right now we are on vacation from school, so i cant see her in person. So, i took courage, and at 2 am 1 week ago i sent her a message saying i was in love with her. I didnt care if she was in love with me too, i just had to get it out of my chest, and i accepted the idea of being just a friend for her. Then… she told me she was in love with me too. 
I cried from happinnes in that moment, i was so happy, we were both in love with each other all this time. 
Now she is my girlfriend and we love and support each other. She gives me so much strenght. Even if we have to keep it a secret to our parents, we are still happy.
She is bi and im gay, and we are both so happy.
It gets better, it really does.

im just gonna make a sappy post about my bf bc ive never really had the chance to do that about anybody

my boyfriend is SO sweet

he worked at 5:30 am today and i woke up at 3 am feeling really nauseous, thought i was going to throw up. he got up and got me a glass of water instead of sleeping in and then held me until he had to get up to get ready. so fucking sweet. i love him so much. hes been so good to me. its weird to think that at first i told him i wasnt going to date him, bc i was scared. i didnt think he would understand me, and i didnt want to put myself out there to someone just to end up hurt. he may not understand me all the time, but that doesnt affect how much he loves me. i can tell he really loves me, we tell each other and show each other all the time and we take care of each other more than anybody outside of our parents ever has. its just really comforting and i always think to myself all the time about how these memories i make with him are some of the best memories of my life.

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I've slept with quite a few guys, and my boyfriend told one of his family members the number right in front of me without asking, and I never tell anyone and he knows that. He went on to say I'm "easy" because it didn't take me long to sleep with him. And later when I told him that wasn't ok, he said sorry but it's the same as what I did (telling my parents he was mad at me for canceling our plans). What do I do?? Thanks and I love your blog (:

thats not the same at all the fuck??? okay thats super manipulative and it sounds like he did that to get back at you??

break up with him!! dont date anyone who exposes your business like that and then has the nerve to tell you that you somehow did the same (which u didnt?? you told YOUR PARENTS that hes mad at you, thats it. you didnt tell them some secret?! like ok!! people get mad!! thats okay!?)

you deserve so much better fam :(