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in football, players don’t say “i love you,” they murder their dearest life partners on the pitch, and i think that’s really beautiful


“Let my final words to you as your Commander-in-Chief be a reminder of what it is that you’re fighting for, what it is that we are fighting for. The United States of America is not a country that imposes religious tests as a price for freedom. We’re a country that was founded so that people could practice their faiths as they choose. The United States of America is not a place where some citizens have to withstand greater scrutiny, or carry a special ID card, or prove that they’re not an enemy from within. We’re a country that has bled and struggled and sacrificed against that kind of discrimination and arbitrary rule, here in our own country and around the world. We’re a nation that believes freedom can never be taken for granted and that each of us has a responsibility to sustain it. The universal right to speak your mind and to protest against authority, to live in a society that’s open and free, that can criticize a President without retribution—a country where you’re judged by the content of your character rather than what you look like, or how you worship, or what your last name is, or where your family came from—that’s what separates us from tyrants and terrorists.” —President Obama on upholding the values that guide the United States at home and abroad

There is so much unfairness and imbalance in the world that it’s hard not to feel that—being aware of what’s going on in our own countries but also what’s going on around the world. It’s dangerous to compare myself with somebody who is leading a rebellion and changing the world but it did resonate with me when I was reading the first books—being put in these clothes, being told what to say and then you start to find your own voice. But it’s hard being young and having everybody in the world listen to what you’re saying and watch everything you are doing because you are still growing up.
—  jennifer lawrence

More than 10.000 protesters in Bucharest, and almost 10.000 in Cluj, and more people in Iasi, Timisoara and other Romanian cities: we won’t stop now. No corruption in Romania, because corruption kills. And we want to live, finally, in our own beautiful country. 

shevine–fangirl replied to your post: “I’m not voting for a woman who’s gonna start…

Cman people it’s they choice, maybe you see Clinton as an angel who came to save America but others see her as the devil himself, I mean look at her recode and the wars she supported in the middle east and how fast she change her words and policies. If you want to vote good for you but try to respect other people’s choice too.

To quote Rhodey that is a DANGEROUSLY NAIVE ATTITUDE. 

Yes you have the right to not vote. No one is saying that. But saying you aren’t going to vote is giving your non-existant vote to the republican party which is basically giving the election to a DANGEROUS, RACIST, RAPIST. 


Not voting or voting for trump is an ATTACK on people like myself and my family and everyone I love who is Brown, Queer, Struggling for Money, who chooses to educate themselves and is forced to put themselves into debt. 

Respect MY decision to say that you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution to better our country if you’re not even willing to partake in the fucking discussion. Sit in the corner and be quiet if that’s what you wanna do but don’t think you’ve done anything GOOD or BRAVE or COOL or SMART or whatever fucking reason you want to say that you chose not to vote.

Saying you choose not to vote is basically taking a SHIT on the people like women, or black people or anyone else who was DEPRIVED the right to vote.

The whole reason you should vote, especially if you don’t like the potential candidate is so you can vote for THE REST OF THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE. Fucking pay attention in your goddamn history/government class and you’ll realize its not ONE PERSON making these laws.  YOU’RE VOTING FOR THEM AS WELL. 

If Hillary becomes President the white feminism will literally make me want to individually pluck every strand of hair from my body one by one. That’s how uncomfortable listening to people will get once white women have a reason to screech hysterically about how now there’s victory for women everywhere just because it’s a woman that makes all the decisions at the expense of Women of Color around the world and even here in our own country. Yay politics and American Imperialism but at least a woman is doing it amirite?? Whoo feminism! Pink drones for the air strikes and burning bras on the White House lawn. We did it!!

Like, the fact that

a new president just got elected

and everyone’s first reactions are to tell each other


I mean, just…-

We just learned an awful truth about this country, and the sudden and shocking realization of that truth has instinctively caused us to be SCARED about each other’s SAFETY in our own country.

Not even because of the person that got elected, but that he GOT elected, which says so much about half of our population. To such a degree that our first reaction is to fear for our own safety.

I’m not sure how long it’s gonna take ‘til this shit sinks in.

But either way, this isn’t a time to give up. We clearly need media promoting equality more than we knew.

So let’s get to work.

Always forward.

Forward, always.

before you say anything about coming together and loving one another and meeting in the middle, please remember that only one side was preaching hatred and division to begin with. it’s not fair for you to ask minorities and marginalized groups to be complicit with their own oppression. our country has apparently elected an openly anti-minority, anti-LGBT, and anti-woman president and vice president, and you expect all of those groups to just shake your hand for helping make it happen? no, you don’t get to hide behind your fake smiles anymore because we know the truth.

when you said that you loved your gay friends, even though you didn’t support their lifestyle choice, we know what you really meant.

when you said you loved your black friends, but posted news stories about black on black crime with the word “thugs” in the headline, we know what you really meant.

when you said you loved your female friends, but proclaimed that you were more concerned about what hillary did than what trump said, we know what you really meant.

you can’t have it both ways. there is a large part of this county, myself included, that is scared, confused, and most of all hurt that the people who claimed to care about them could so easily and callously disregard their human rights. and make no mistake, you can excuse it any way you want, but if you voted for trump, you voted against my human rights.

yes, what this country needs now is a lot of love and a lot of unity, but don’t ask the person knocked down at your feet to make the first move. if you voted for trump, this is on you and it’s up to you to make it right. if you still want to be my friend, it’s up to you to explain why your bigotry was more important than my marriage. why your privilege was more important than the safety of my trans brothers and sisters scared to go to the bathroom. why your comfort was more important than refugee kids dying because they have nowhere to go.

so please be mindful of your words when dealing with people who are most likely terrified and angry. and if you’re one of my friends who voted for trump, you can reach out to me if you want to actually have a meaningful discussion about why i’m upset, because i won’t be reaching out to you.

stay safe my friends.

I posted this on Twitter, and I feel it needs to be said here, too

Fellow Canadians, now is absolutely not the time to get smug or self-congratulating, we are absolutely not immune to this shit and we cannot drop our own vigilance now

There’s a lot of work to be done, even in our own country. We’ve allowed unforgivable things to happen to our own Aboriginal peoples, and that’s just for starters. We’re making great strides but we cannot afford to drop any forward momentum, even as living with our neighbours starts to become a lot harder.

Keep a very close watch on the Conservative leadership election in 2017.

Remember names like Kellie Leitch, a Conservative leadership nominee who openly supported Trump today.

This can happen here, and the responsibility falls on us to never allow it to.

when you try to talk about reasons you’re genuinely afraid of what Tr*mp is capable of you’re almost immediately shut down and are told to give him a chance. we are told to not worry because none of this stuff will pass through congress. WELL.

1) its been a few days and hes already targeting women’s health. Restricting abortion laws, cutting family planning. Because he has repealed obamacare more than 43,000 people will die annually. Signing bills so scientists aren’t allowed to release information about the planet WE LIVE ON to the media? He is backing a bill that makes it legal for businesses to discriminate and refuse service to someone in the lgbtq+ community? He is going to go forward with the wall (which by the way is 12 billion dollars and mexico has still refused to pay for, so he is “borrowing it” from our own country). He is coming out with these statements claiming 3M illegal votes were cast for HRC and hiring investigations which is pointless because he won the electoral college anyhow. YOU CAN’T JUST MAKE NON FACT BASED STATEMENTS LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ARE A PRESIDENT. Just because you cant handle the fact YOU LOST SOMETHING. SO EXCUSE US IF WE ARE SCARED.

2) “it’ll never happen” OH you mean like he’d never become the actual president right? when this whole thing started I was concerned. People were concerned but we were told that it wouldn’t actually happen. You know, america is better then that. HA look where we are now.

THE FEAR IS JUSTIFIED. AND IF YOU CANT SEE THAT then it must be nice to not have to worry - but also, I’m so sorry you’re that unable to care for others of different backgrounds.

I mean as much as I hate the idea of it actually happening, people would never refer to the Scots or the Irish or Welsh as “British” or “Brits” or “Britons.” The whole world and our own country has pretty much made it clear that Britain is really just England.

And before you all start asking why I care when I don’t even want to be part of the club, remember I was never allowed to join anyway.

There’s this weird sort of slightly condescending nature to some of these “hey, Europeans, look at all the fascists in your countries” posts that go round every so often. Not necessarily from the person who originally posted them but from a lot of the people who reblog them.

b/c like. The rise of the far right in Europe has been one of the biggest themes in non-social media news over here for many years. Unless you are getting all your news from tumblr, it is almost impossible not to know that fascists exist and have acquired significant support in many European countries.

We know. We are aware of things that are happening in our own countries.

And yes, there is an issue imo with the sheer presence of American news pretty much everywhere in the world. It is impossible to avoid it and often it can seem so much bigger and more important than everything else.

It’s also a lot more palatable to talk about.

But very often you’ll get some American reblogging these “hey Europeans, look what’s happening where you live” posts who has never shown any sort of interest in or knowledge of this stuff before (outside of a few posts of a similar kind). And often they’ll run in circles where their followers and the people they follow have been posting stuff about the rise of fascism in places other than America, completely ignored by them. (This is maybe because the discussion often requires a bit of prior knowledge, such as “this politician I just posted an article about? he’s a fascist.”)

And there IS an issue with people knowing significantly more about American politics than what goes on in their own country. And there IS an issue with people trying to play down the issues where they live to make themselves seem better when in conversation with people from elsewhere. And the rise of the far right needs to be discussed.

But the issue is not that people have never heard of the fact that such-and-such-a-far-right-party has got seats in Parliament in their own country. Because they know. They found out during the weeks of news broadcasts dedicated to discussing the issue that surrounded the event.

And I find it very difficult to believe that being told it happened by an American who has never seemed to care about it beforehand is actually going to achieve much beyond giving said American a chance to pat themself on the back.

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Because we already have too many people insulting our flag here in our own country. But it's ok, it's all in jest, you'll get out of that situation sooner or later.

Seriously, what is it with americans and burning their own flag? 

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From 2015-16, the UK had about 5,700 recorded cases of FGM. And that's just the reported cases. Can we stop pretending like FGM isn't happening in our own countries. It's literally right under our noses, in the US, Ireland, Australia. And I'm sure the victims of mutilation don't want to see posts about how it's 'cissexist' to talk about being mutilated.

That’s a good point, anon. FGM isn’t just a far-away problem, all the more reason not to pretend like the modern “identity” rhetoric isn’t damaging our ability to even address it.