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cbandthejackals Experi-mental

Take a look at our spanking new website carlbaratandthejackals.com where you can pre order our new EP from @pledgemusic #hardertheyfall

I tried gif making.  Will clean up and colour at some point.   Maybe…  I need to draw characters other than Izaya

It’s happening, we’re actually doing this, we’re calling for the help of the Vegeta fandom!

We’ve left hints here and there of our new little creation, and we would like to tell you all about it, but first we need a name for it, and we need help coming up with it!

So for our new Vegeta website, we’re looking for a name, preferably with a “blue” and/or “God” theme :D

Here’s some of the suggestions we’ve come up with, we really like for it to be short, perhaps even just a single word,

  • Blue planet
  • Cerulian Planet
  • Bejiburu
  • Temple of the Cerulian gods

Here’s our blue gods (yes Bulma included) ^_^

The one to come up with the name shall of course be richly rewarded!!