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“good news tumblr! we’re taking away the follow feature for new and better things! you won’t be able to follow any blogs anymore but that’s ok, our new feature will give you hand picked posts from us, tumblr!”

@holtworks is at it again….This time with an FDE M4E1 rifle featuring our new Gen 2 Enhanced M-LOK Handguard. ・・・
It’s ready… 🎯.
@aero_precision FDE receiver set and gen 2 enhanced M-LOK handguard
@ballisticadvantage 16" BA Hanson 223 Wylde barrel
@superlativearms adjustable gas block
@vg6precision Gamma 556 muzzle brake
@aimsurplus H4 BCG
@vortexoptics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 and cantilever mount
@inforce01 WMLx weapon light
@strikeindustries_si enhanced mag release, bolt catch and dust cover
@radianweapons 45/90 Talon ambi safety
@magpul FDE gen 1 UBR stock with enhanced but pad, K2 grip, trigger guard, rail covers
@rockriverarms 2 stage trigger

Ever see a crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain on your dashboard? Not ideal, right?

Starting tomorrow, reblogs will have a new look—one that showcases all comments as equals, not buried under an impossible stack of blockquote indents. Our change to reblog captions last month laid the necessary groundwork for us to arrive here, at a place where the dashboard will be a lot easier to read and cleaner-looking.

Here’s how this will look (original on the left, new look on the right):

Questions about all this? Keep reading for the answers…


Q: Will this show up for all posts on the dashboard, or just the posts published from here on out?
A: All posts! So you can scroll back in time and see your older reblogs in this format too.

Q: Will it look like this on my blog?
A: Not necessarily: your public blog will continue to display reblogs according to however your chosen theme displays them. The new look is on the dashboard only, for now.

Q: How do I reblog starting from a certain post in the reblog thread?
A: Same as before: Just click the username of whoever made the reblog you want to reblog from. It’ll open up, and you can click or tap its reblog icon to reblog that post. Got it?

Q: Can I edit earlier reblogs, or the original post, in my reblog?
A: You can choose whether or not you want to include that stuff in your own reblog, but you can’t really go in and edit other people’s text. We know—that level of flexibility allowed you guys do some pretty interesting stuff, but it also made misattribution way too easy.

Q: Can I remove all captions on a post that I’m reblogging?
A: Sure. Click or tap the reblog button and click on the X that appears when you hover over the comments.

Q: Can I delete a single reblog caption within the thread?
A: No, it’s an all-or-nothing thing.

Q: How can I be sure my posts are credited properly?
A: Use the content source field! No matter how many times an original post of yours gets reblogged, you’ll always be credited as the source. Rebloggers might add a gif, or some commentary, or take out the caption entirely, but your username will always, always be stuck to the bottom of the post. Click on that source link any time you want to see what was originally posted.

Q: Can I send you my feedback on this change?
A: Yes. And for the record, even when you receive a simple thank-you response (which is necessary since there are millions of you and only a few of us), every word of your feedback is read lovingly by human eyes, then passed along to our engineers.


Throwing it back to this great My Life As a Teenage Robot moment where Jenny loses her Language Disk, resulting in her only being able to speak Japanese!

Check back this Friday for our new podcast featuring Rob Renzetti, the creator of My Life As a Teenage Robot! 

The Launch Update!
External image

Welcome, Creators!

Early Access may be over but the ride is just getting started. Grab a friend and join the fun – Creativerse is officially LAUNCHED!

We’re kicking off launch by releasing a top community-requested Creativerse feature: stair and roof corner blocks! Plus we’ve leveled up the game with our usual fleet of fixes, optimizations, and balance tweaks. (You spoke. We heard. Super extractors just got super-charged.)

Whether you’re a Creati-veteran or discovering the world of Creativerse for the very first time (in which case, try to find some shelter before nightfall - you’ll thank us later), we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

P.S. For a glimpse at what comes next, don’t miss this blog post by our game director.

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Our band banquet was so good last night omg


littlemix Yaaass! 🙌 You heard RIGHT! Our new single #Power will feature the one and only @Stormzyofficial​!🔥 Just a week until you can hear it! We are SOOOO excited about this one 😘