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TVXQ’s Changmin to Leave ‘Our Neighborhood′s Variety and Sports’ After 9 Months

On January 7, the staff of Our Neighborhood′s Variety and Sports revealed that Changmin will be leaving the show after the last filming of the basketball special on January 15. 

With TVXQ’s recently released seventh album, Changmin brought his desire to focus on his album promotions. After much discussion, Changmin and the staff decided that the basketball special will be his last on the show. 

For 43 episodes since April 19 of 2013, Changmin participated in Our Neighborhood′s Variety and Sports, acting as the passionate maknae while playing table tennis, bowling, badminton, and basketball, receiving much love from the viewers. 

“We decided to have a beautiful farewell with Changmin after being with him since the first episode. We want to thank Changmin for showing his passion and sweat through Our Neighborhood′s Variety and Sports,” said the staff. “As he returns to his rightful place as a TVXQ member, we hope you will continue to love and support Changmin.”