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squaggler  asked:

There are two girls behind me in physics class who almost every lesson are talking about Who related things. Is it alright to spontaneously hug them next time this happens?

Whenever you encounter an unknown Whovian IRL, you are required to give them a hug (or a high five) and say “The Doctor Who Tumblr told me to do that.”


Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Women of 2013: Semifinals

Anglophenia’s Anglo Fan Favorites tourney is in the semifinal round and look who’s made it – River Song Alex Kingston.

Meet this year’s wild card. No Doctor Who actress has ever made our Final Four — until now. Alex Kingston, who plays River Song on the series, has been carried through this year’s tournament on a wave of renewed fan love, and her Kinglets are out for blood. Their dismantling of 2011 finalist JK Rowling in this year’s Round of 16 demonstrated their fearlessness, and they are going to need every ounce of that courage to take on Ms. Bonham Carter.

The rules remain the same: each week you’ll vote for winners in a round of matchups, narrowing down the field until we have one woman left — the Anglo Fan Favorites Woman of 2013. Each round is re-seeded so that the previous round’s top vote-getter faces the woman advancing with the lowest vote total. Vote hourly to make sure your favorites move on to the next round.

Semifinals voting ends Thursday, September 26 at 11 am ET.