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our little secret jimin — how did you discover hat you liked being dominant? did it come naturally? or did you have to be a sub first to actually see which position you liked better? if so how did t feel to be a sub?

“I discovered I was dominant when I met a certain woman in my late teens. She was a domme, actually, and my ass was hers for several months. But, when I’d been particularly good for her one time, she let me have fun with another submissive. I ended up completely ignoring her orders once I got into it and decided to quit being her submissive that night.”

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OLS Jimin, before y/n become your kitten, did you have interest in her? I know you want your private life and work separately but don't you find her or your other workmates as an interest?

“I didn’t begin the job with the intention to find a submissive. Truthfully, she didn’t begin to show on my radar till she was put in charge of certain projects. She’s a very… mouthy person. It irked me and had me thinking of how it could be dealt with.”

Send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty.

if you can see our muses being in a platonic relationship then please go ahead and give this post a like and if i think the same then i will hit you up! open to both mutals and nonmutuals.

“Oh,” Kevin says; “– hello!" 

So this is his companion. Kevin’s eyes lower to the name tag pinned to the front of the other boy’s shirt: Elder Young - and then to the mug that he’s holding. 

"I sure hope that isn’t coffee!” he says, completely serious.

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For a while, you were my every poem. I knew I couldn’t draw,  so I tried to write you down instead. I don’t think any of those pieces did you justice. No metaphors or similes I could pen could actually encompass what it was like to experience you. I wonder if you ever came across any of them, if you smiled or laughed or maybe even cried, depending on the content. They weren’t always happy pieces. I never did feel right seeing a sunset without you. Your voice was the only song I would never think of skipping if given the option, so when I was no longer allowed to hear it, I longed for it. I guess that’s how it goes when someone you love leaves. You wish you loved them harder and held onto them tighter when you had the chance, as if somehow the fault is in the strength of your muscles. Some would say that Shakespeare got it wrong, that the fault really is in our stars, that they just weren’t meant to be. I don’t know what to say about us. Maybe fate had something to do with it, but what about free will? You didn’t have to go. You could’ve stayed, we could’ve tried to make things work, but you decided to walk away anyway. How could I blame the stars for that?
—  The fault in ourselves. // Maxwell Diawuoh
a rather cliche meme

add 🔁 for the situation to be reversed where possible (example: 🍂🔁 for my muse to fall on top of yours)

  • send 💗 for our muses to have to pretend to be in a relationship
  • send 🏩 for out muses to have to share a bed
  • send 🙊 for out muses to meet up in secret
  • send 💏 for our muses to kiss in order to hide their faces from somebody
  • send 🍹 to confess something to my muse while drunk (specify what is being confessed)
  • send 🍺 to kiss my muse while drunk
  • send 💁 for our muses to be stuck in a small space together
  • send 💃 for your muse to teach mine how to dance (or any other activity that involves a lot of touching)
  • send ® to catch my muse in a state of undress
  • send 🍂 for your muse to fall on top of mine
  • send 💬 for our muses to play truth or dare together
  • send 🍶 for our muses to play spin the bottle together
  • send 💌 for my muse to receive a secret admirer letter from yours
  • send 📖 for my muse to find a diary entry yours has written about them (specify what it says)
Touches are non-verbal forms of communication. So send my muse a symbol, to see how my muse would touch yours, if...
  • α: ...they are worried about your muse.
  • β: ...they want to comfort your muse.
  • δ: ...they demand your muse's attention.
  • ε: ...they were trying to calm/sooth your muse.
  • ζ: ...they were angry at your muse.
  • η: ...they wanted to warn your muse.
  • θ: ...they are afraid of your muse.
  • λ: ...they were missing your muse.
  • μ: ...they want to seduce your muse.
  • ξ: ...they want to say farewell to your muse.
  • π: ...they want to convey their love to your muse.
  • ρ: ...they want to bother/tease your muse.
  • ς: ...they want to ask for comfort.
  • σ: ...they want to beg your muse for forgiveness.
  • My muse will only react with a single touch and will say no word.

                            l o v e  is
                           being willing to
      d i e
                 for someone.
                     o b s e s s i o n is
                      being willing to
                      for someone.
                      for you,
                              i’d do both.
                                                                          so what does that say about me?

Do you ever wonder how two people can become so unfamiliar with each other after sliding their secrets into the same crevices and dreams into the same clouds? How is it that you can ink yourself across the same pages as someone else for sixty-three chapters, only to eventually find that you’ve both gone blank? Did the writer of the story just forget how to finish it?
—  🖤
Cuddles & Platonic Touch Meme

send a cuddles + a symbol or send touch plus a number

  • ❋ Cuddling in bed.
  • ✯ Cuddling on the couch.
  • ☮ Your muse using my muse’s chest as a pillow.
  • ☓ Resting against each other back to back.
  • ✪ Cuddling on a recliner.
  • ø Tangling legs.
  • ✒ Tangling legs while resting at opposite ends of the couch.
  • ♪ Cuddling together for warmth.
  • ✧ First time cuddling together.
  • ღ Your muse using my muse’s upper back as a pillow.
  • ♮ Your muse using my muse’s lower back as a pillow.
  • ❣ Your muse using my muse’s butt as a pillow.
  • ♯ Our muses wake up in each others arms after accidentally falling asleep.
  • ☺ Your muse uses my muse’s tummy as a pillow.
  • ッ  Your muses uses my muse’s lap as a pillow.
  • ♡ Our muses rub their cheeks together.
  • ♋ Your muse is the big spoon.
  • ‡ Your muse is the little spoon.
  • ✌ Our muses start to playfully wrestle and it devolves into cuddles.
  • ❂ Your muse just had a nightmare and needs cuddles to fall asleep again.
  • ✉ Giving neck nuzzles.
  • ✆ Receiving neck nuzzles.
  • ♭ Pillow fort cuddles.
  • ✂ Eskimo kisses.
  • ♬ Cuddles and kisses combo pack. 
  1. Shoulder Clasp
  2. Across the Shoulder hug
  3. Hair Ruffle
  4. Gentle headlock
  5. Full body lean
  6. Feet in lap
  7. Head in lap
  8. Hair petting
  9. Ambush hug
  10. Not so ambush hug
  11. Pulling mine into their lap
  12. Cheek kiss
  13. Forehead kiss
  14. Brushing hair out of mine’s face
  15. Fixing shirt collar
  16. Fixing shirt cuffs
  17. Fixing a clothing tag
  18. Tying shoes
  19. Taking off shoes
  20. Carrying while half asleep
  21. Hand holding
  22. Leaning their head on mine’s shoulder tiredly
  23. Absently tracing patterns on the nearest exposed skin
  24. Pushing glasses into place
  25. Offering their drink
  26. Offering their snack
  27. Kissing the back of mine’s hand
  28. Looping their arm around mine’s waist and leaning against mine’s back
  29. Crawling into bed with
  30. Using shoulder as a pillow
  31. Pulling mine’s arm around their shoulder
  32. Hair brushing
  33. Brushing lint off of
  34. Giving a foot massage
  35. Giving a back massage
  36. Giving a scalp massage
  37. Rubbing circles on mine’s back
  38. Sharing a secret smile
  39. Booping the nose
  40. Touching noses together
  41. Resting foreheads together
  42. Resting cheeks together
  43. Sharing a blanket
  44. Taking over mine’s seat while they’re in it
  45. Poking with fingers/toes
  46. Painting mine’s nails
  47. Putting jewelry on mine
  48. Doing mine’s hair
  49. Pinkie promise
  50. High five
  51. Fist bump
  52. Secret handshake
  53. Hipcheck
  54. Pulling mine into a dance
  55. Initiate a tickle fight
‘You’re leaving, aren’t you?’
It was less of a question than it was an affirmation. 
She didn’t blame him. 
That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. 
With a slow nod of his head, a sob escaped her trembling lips. 
‘Do me a favor? Stay one more night. Let me fall asleep with our legs tangled together and my head on your chest.’
It would make everything so much worse for them tomorrow, but in reality, they both secretly enjoyed the pain.
Sometimes I close my eyes and let myself think about what would’ve happened to me if we’d never met. In that blackness of about ten seconds, I see a me who maybe smiles a little more. Maybe her laughs are still light enough to float and she still has legs that race her down the stairs. But she isn’t better than who I’ve become.
—  🖤