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So there is this idea that when you’re bilingual you like to show off and use foreign words on purpose but tbh when I can’t remember a word in French but know it in English I just feel completely stupid, like come on brain it’s our mother tongue, don’t tell me you can’t remember, I’m going to sound like an idiot now


“আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি
ছেলেহারা শত মায়ের অশ্রু গড়ায়ে ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি”

“My Brothers Blood Spattered 21 February
Can I forget the twenty-first of February
incarnadined by the love of my brother?
The twenty-first of February, built by the tears
of a hundred mothers robbed of their sons,
Can I ever forget it?”

A Brief History of Ekushey February, February 21st:

If you don’t know already: The British colonized the Indian subcontinent for centuries and… I am angry… but fast forward to 1947’s partition, which led to 2 nations: India, and Pakistan, which consisted of East Pakistan–Now proudly Bangladesh–and West Pakistan–which is the present Pakistan. Historically, East Pakistan was underrepresented in government and military, and underfunded during the Pakistani rule despite the fact that out of 69 million Pakistanis at the time, 44 million were Bengali-speaking and residing in East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Even though 54% of the national population spoke Bengali (Bangla) as their mother tongue, in 1948 the Pakistani government enforced an ‘Urdu Only’ law, saying that the sole official language of East (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan would be Urdu—which had been promoted as the common language of Muslims during the British Rule. This felt like an attack against the Bengali identity, one that not only aimed to establish supremacy of one people over the other but was also unrepresentative of the national population. Although sectorial violence and tensions existed before, East Pakistan began protesting for our right to speak our mother tongue, to establish our Bengali identity, to institute equal respect for Bangla. Bengali scholars, student leaders and politicians led, supported and fought alongside in the movement that began.

ON 20TH FEBRUARY, 1952, the government enforced section 144: banning all public protests and marches in Dhaka. They began imprisoning University of Dhaka’s student leaders.

ON THE 21ST OF FEBRUARY, students marched protesting ‘Rashtro bhasha Bangla chai’ or ‘We want Bangla as the official language’ and the Pakistani police opened fire, killing 4 and injuring 17. Hearing the news of the shooting, thousands of people gathered in front of Dhaka Medical College, where the injured were admitted, a state of civil unrest began. Every year from then on, Bangladeshis began to commemorate this day of mourning and organized demonstrations and protests. The next few years consisted of political unrest, imprisonment of Bengali politicians, and public demonstrations.

THE FIRST SHAHEED MINAR was built on February 22nd, 1952 in memory of the martyrs and was destroyed by the Pakistani army on February 26th. In 1957, a second minar was built in tandems and completed in 1963, but that too was violently demolished by the Pakistani army in 1971. The current Shaheed Minar was built in 1972 and stands to this day.

IN 1956, the Pakistani government ruled Bengali as an official language alongside Urdu. In 1999, the UN declared 21st February International Mother Language day. As Bangladeshi people, to this day we march for the lives lost since those days in 1952, to the 1971 genocide, until our independence. Early in the morning of every February 21st, we walk to the Shaheed Minar (pictured above) with fresh flowers in our hands and black badges on our chests. Ekushey February marked a significant day not only because of our fight for our mother tongue, but because it strengthened and became a part of the Bangladeshi identity and catalyzed events that led to the 1971 liberation war.

I am proud of my history, I am proud of my people for fighting for our language and identity under an oppressive rule. I mourn the deaths of martyrs Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat, Abdul Jabbar, and many more. 21st February 1952 was the beginning to a tale of blood, atrocities, and liberation. I am proud to be Bangladeshi. It’s time to acknowledge Bangladesh’s liberation and the 1971 genocide. 

[I hope at least some of you read this and learned a little bit more about my country and of course feel free to add to this. Images are off google and I used my old Bangla textbooks and Wikipedia for specific dates.]

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Maybe some tips on learning german?

I’m going to be very honest with you here:

Asking native speakers for tips about how to best learn their language will almost never work. We didn’t need any techniques to learn our mother tongue, we have been taught how to speak it practically since our birth.

Therefore I would love to redirect you to @languageoclock ’s account. She speaks German exactly the same way a native speaker does and her pronunciation makes you think she actually is German herself, but, shocker, she has never been to a German-speaking country and still managed to learn how to speak accent-free and grammatically correct German. Go have a look! She will gladly help you!

All the best 😘

She is only stating facts. There are many words people use in Western countries that do not exist in our mother tongues. In fact we have to use Western languages within our mother tongue to express those ideas cuz if we must do it with our mother tongue that’d be a lot of explaining to do. Plus chances are before you even finish someone will slap you or people will just ignore u cuz what you’ll be saying wouldn’t make sense. Years & years many European suggested that Africa should stop reproducing in order to have stability… Instead of them stop looting, no, we should stop reproducing… Europeans have problems reproducing & we don’t, so why all the jealousy for?

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meant to be - part 1

Pairing: park chanyeol x reader

Summary: “It was like we were meant to be since we were born on the same day at the same time in the same room.”

Part: 1/?

“Happy birthday to you!” Our families cheer, singing the birthday song. Chanyeol and I scowl, hating this day every year. The reason why was quite simple. We were both born on the same day at the same time in the same room.

To many, sharing a birthday with Chanyeol was the greatest thing someone could ever get. To me, it was the thing that I hated most because I didn’t like Park Chanyeol at all. In fact, he has been my biggest rival since birth.

Chanyeol looks over at me and we roll our eyes at the same time. Everyone watches as our mothers present us with the lit birthday cake. The birthday boy and I look at each other before we push one another to get to the cake first.

“Move, idiot!”

“You move!”

“You’re in my way!” Chanyeol exclaims and our mothers look at each other, sighing deeply.

“JUST BLOW OUT THE CANDLES.” Everyone yells, clearly fed up. We scowl and do just that. Everyone lets out a sigh of relief and erupts into cheers.

“I still can’t believe you two were born on the same day at the same time in the same room! How funny is that?” My father laughs with Chanyeol’s father.

“Hilarious,” I grumble and cross my arms. Chanyeol is handed one single piece of cake and I turn to my mother, wanting my own slice. She smiles innocently and shakes her head.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” He groans and clicks his tongue. Our mothers grin from ear to ear, nudging each other.

“Have the first bite, you two!” They urge.

“But you have to have it together!”

“Oh! They should feed it to each other just like when they were young!”

“Wait, but we never-”

“Feed each other! Feed each other!” Everyone chants.

We stare at each other with displeased looks, rolling our eyes. We sigh before giving into everyone’s wishes. We raise a spoonful of cake up and try to signal for the other to first using your eyes. Chanyeol smirks and I raise an eyebrow. He chuckles and shakes his head. He brings the spoon close to my mouth before quickly putting it down and smearing the cake on my face.

“PARK CHANYEOL, YOU’RE SO DEAD.” I growl, reaching for the cake in his mother’s hand. I spin back around and stuff a slice into his face. He gasps, staring at me in disbelief. Chanyeol grabs another slice and crumbles it atop my head.

“I don’t think so.” He smirks. Glaring at him through pieces of cake, I throw myself at him. I send the both of us to the ground from him being unbalanced. He grabs at my wrist as I curl my fingers into fists.

“I can’t believe they’re adults who still do things like this,” My mother sighs, her hand resting against her cheek.

“Enough, you two,” Chanyeol’s father says, pulling us apart. We click our tongues and pull away from him. “Now go clean yourself up. You two are coated in cake.”

“This is all your fault. You just couldn’t let a birthday party pass in peace, can you? You had to cause a fuss,” I nag and stick out my tongue at him as we walk to the bathroom. Chanyeol rolls his eyes and scoffs.

“It’s not solely my fault, you were the one who threw it back.”

“You started it first, idiot,” I scoff and stop in my tracks. I glare at him as he walks back to me and gets into my face. “You’re so childish, Chanyeol.”

“I’m the childish one?”

“Have you seen yourself?” I ask as we continue glaring at each other. I roll my eyes, deciding to end the fight and walk away. I throw my arms in frustration. “You’re so annoying!”

I push him out of the way to get into the bathroom first. Chanyeol scoffs, walking in behind me to wash up. He bumps me with his hip, making room for himself at the tiny sink. We clean our hands before bending over the tub and cleaning our hair.

I sigh and put my hair up with a towel, Chanyeol glancing at me. He clears his throat and looks away before nudging me. I raise an eyebrow, looking at him.

“What do you want?” I glare at him.

“Do it for me.”

“Do what? Wait, this?” I ask, pointing to my hair. He nods and I sigh, telling him to bend over. I do it for him and he stands up straight. We move and stare at ourselves in the mirror. I want to laugh at how stupid we looked, but I didn’t want to seem as if I was having a good time with him.

“We kinda look cute,” He says.

“Correction, I look cute.”

“No, I will always look cuter than you. Our baby pictures and home videos prove it too.”

“I guess you win that one. You were a pretty cute baby.”

“Of course I do, I have my cute ears,” Chanyeol says and smiles. I giggle and shake my head. That was before I catch myself and stop. We realize what we’re doing and our cheeks turn red as we turn away. “That didn’t happen.”

“Of course it didn’t, I would never have a good time with you.”

“I could say the same thing for you.”

Our eyes trail to each other in the mirror, making eye contact.

“We should go down to the party.”

“Yeah,” I mumble.

“So go first.”

“Why don’t you?” I scowl, pointing to the door.

“I don’t get why you have to fight me on everything I do and say, just go,”

“That’s because you aggravate me more than you realize, Park Chanyeol.”

“You’ve been saying that since we were practically born,” He rolls his eyes as we turn towards each other, glaring.

We’re a match made in heaven, I guess.

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Здравствуйте! Is there a difference in meaning or use between (1) чтобы; (2) для того чтобы; (3) затем чтобы; (4) с тем чтобы; (5) ради того чтобы? I'm so confused.

Здравствуйте! These conjunction expressions are almost synonymous, no wonder that you got confused! 
Чтобы is a conjunction that you should use to connect the two parts of a complex sentence, for example: 
Я хочу, чтобы ты перестал мне звонить. I want you to stop calling me. 
Ему нужно, чтобы все говорили о нём. He needs everyone to talk about him.
In English, there are no conjunctions in the sentences of this type, not even a comma! But in Russian, two predicates (хочу and перестал звонить; нужно and говорили) should be separated with a comma and have a conjunction between the two clauses. This is where чтобы is used. 

The rest of your list (для того, чтобы; затем, чтобы; с тем, чтобы; ради того, чтобы) indicate purpose, they explain what for the action in the first clause was performed: 
Нам нужны школы для того, чтобы дети научились подчиняться. We need schools so that children learn to obey. 

Затем, чтобы is usually interchangeable with для того, чтобы, and the only difference I intuitively feel is that затем, чтобы is even more purpose-focused: 
Leo Tolstoy: 
Я рассказал этот почему-то мне памятный случай только затем, чтобы дать понять читателю о том, в каком роде были мои умствования. I told about this memorable for some reasons event only to let the reader understand what my reasoning was. 
I English, the preposition to shows the purpose, in Russian, you need this long conjunction затем, чтобы

С тем, чтобы is similar to затем, чтобы, but when I searched for examples on RusCorpora, most of the examples were from formal, bureaucratic documents. Indeed, you won’t find this conjunction in the everyday speech very often - it is too formal.

В связи с этим стоит задача очень взвешенной денежной политики, с тем чтобы не выйти за пределы параметров, определённых в начале года по укреплению курса рубля и по инфляции. In this regard, the task is a very balanced monetary policy, so that not to go beyond the parameters determined at the beginning of the year on strengthening the ruble and inflation. (brrr, it doen’t make much sense in Russian, too!) 

Ради того, чтобы is also about the purpose, but it is more dramatic, more about “the only purpose”: 

Мы получали нищенский оклад, и те из нас, кто мог, просто работали где-то ещё ради того, чтобы иметь возможность преподавать в гимназии. We had a begarly wage, and those of us who could simply worked somewhere else in order to be able to teach in the gymnasium. (from an article about teachers in Russia). Ради here shows a high determination, in the sake of…

Synonyms are always hard. The best way to handle them is to read and listen a lot, so when the array of Russian texts you dealt with grows big enough, you’ll develop the intuition. This is called language acquisition, and this is how we acquire our mother-tongues. 

Anglophiles then: We too are English; and all the far-descended honors of the English name are ours by inheritance. It is our pride that “Chatham’s language is our mother tongue;” that when Edward scattered the hosts of France at Poitiers and Henry at Agincourt, and when Wolfe scaled the heights of Abraham, it was our blood that was poured forth like water on those glorious fields. We were proud of the victories of Wellington in Spain, and we were proud to meet his heroes at New Orleans, and to show that we were not degenerate. It is not the least of our pride, that, while our race reads lessons to the world in philosophy, in science, in mechanic skill, in the arts of government, in Christian morality, in all that makes for the temporal and eternal happiness of man, we are far behind in the light and frivolous arts which do but tickle the ear and please the eye.

Anglophiles now: I love Doctor Who and socialism!

I think the most painful realisation comes when you find that you cannot speak your mother tongue as well as you do the language of the land where you grew up. My English is evidence of this. When something as simple as a colour, or the name of an animal in your mother tongue leaves you dumb. Yesterday I could not find the world for ‘turtle’ in Somali, only after my mother reminded me, did I recall knowing it.

We betray our mother tongues, for the languages of nations who will never fully accept us. We let the strangeness infest our mouths until we forget how to accommodate our original tongues.

—  mother tongue, Farah Gabdon

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Please bless us with more Bodyswap au please!!!!

Well, since you asked so nicely, Anon~
Parts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Also available on AO3: Switched

Emil was honestly still reeling from the kiss as he followed the others out of the hotel room. He and Michele had shared too many to count - seven, now…not that he was keeping track - and Emil wondered if this was a good time to confess.

Though, he’d much rather do so in his own body.

Michele strode forward with a purpose, as usual, but with his slightly longer legs - Emil’s legs - his pace was even harder to match.

“Slow down, Mick-” Sara began, but then caught herself. “Emil, wait up!” she called cheerily. Michele stopped and turned toward them, his arms folded over his chest and his brows drawn down. “And stop scowling,” Sara whispered harshly, though they were the only ones in the hallway, “Emil doesn’t scowl.”

Emil bit back a chuckle at the indignant noise Michele made in response before he started spouting out something in Italian. He was speaking very quickly and Emil wasn’t fluent, but he definitely recognized some…choice words.

“You two need to stop arguing,” Mila stepped between the Crispinos, pressing her hands to their chests and separating them. “Emil doesn’t argue with Sara,” she started and then snorted. “Actually, Emil doesn’t argue with anyone.”

He probably should have taken offense to that. It wasn’t like Emil was some doormat, right? But he decided there was enough drama going on in the hallway without him having to defend his peaceful, friendly way of life.

“Okay, so I’m pretty sure the Chinese restaurant is in the lobby,” Mila mused as they stepped into one of the elevators. “We just need to make it past the fountains, the buffet, the gift shop, and the front desk. Easy.” She beamed.

Easy,” Michele echoed and rolled his eyes.

“I have to agree with Mickey,” Emil added, ignoring the knowing look the girls exchanged. “That’s quite a distance.”

“Emil,” Sara said, staring up at him. “You know Mickey almost as well as I do.” She placed a hand on his shoulder. “You nearly had me convinced this morning.”

“Until you butchered our mother tongue,” Michele added, arms having folded themselves over his chest once again.

“Geez, you two.” Mila sighed. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“His accent was completely off,” Michele continued. And if Emil wasn’t already actively trying to diffuse the tension, he would have argued that Michele’s Czech left something to be desired. But perhaps that was the lack of proper sleep and the whole ‘switching bodies with the man you not-so-secretly have a crush on’ thing talking.

“You’re one to talk,” Sara interrupted whatever Michele had started to say after that. “At least Emil makes a believable you!” she said, poking him in the chest with her index finger. “Meanwhile, you’re continuing to be your grumpy self!”

Emil glanced over at Mila and she nodded. Then they braced themselves for the patented Michele Crispino Temper Tantrum. But it never came. Instead, he uncrossed his arms, lifting a hand to Sara’s cheek and caressing it gently.

“You’re right, Sara,” he whispered, moving to comb his fingers through her long hair. “I’m sorry.” He leaned forward, a little lower than he usually had to, and pressed his forehead to hers. “I’ll try to-”

But just then, the elevator doors opened with a ‘ding.’ And there, frozen in mid-conversation, with their eyes wide, were none other than Victor and Yuuri, their gazes drifting from Sara’s close proximity to Emil’s body, over to Emil and back.

Oh. Right.

Emil cleared his throat, ready to defend his ‘sister’s’ honor. And as he raised his voice and shouted in his own face, he wondered just how many of their friends they’d run into on the way to the restaurant.

Oh man. I suppose Victor and Yuuri had to show up at some point, huh? We’ll get to see some other skaters, too. (Sorry, Emil! And Mickey, too!)

Ah, they’re going through all this trouble for a Freaky Friday reference. The poor dears…

Thanks for staying with me!!

Funny how photos can remind you of random details in your life you somehow forgot even tho they seemed to be huge back then. This photo just reminded me for example of the girl that sat next to me on the train (not the girl on the photo, that is my beautiful and photogenic friend Tatiana), the girl talked in english with her friends and I heard she had a ukrainian/ russian accent. During their conversation they were struggling with something or I don’t even clearly remember anymore. 

However, I got into a conversation with them and indeed the girl turned out to be from Ukraine and we talked in our mother tongue and realized how small the world can be.

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Привет! Как дела? I've read somewhere that getting bogged down in the grammar of a language is an inefficient way to learn a language, and that immersion and inference is the best way to go. Is there any truth to that? Спасибо!

Привет! Yes, this is true. If you want to start speaking a new language, you should practice speaking.

We acquire our mother-tongue before we are capable of understanding any grammatical concept. Of course, second language acquisition is different, bit not so much different. 

Speaking a language is a skill similar to many sports, or playing musical instruments, or dancing. It helps to know the musical theory - but it won’t make you a great pianist. Only playing piano can. It is nice to know anatomy, how your muscles work, and history and theory of dancing, but if you want to dance, you need to dance. That’s it. 

Here I wrote a brief review about a book that sheds some light on how we learn languages. An American academic Richard Watson describes his negative experience with French - he knew French exceptionally well, but never managed to start speaking. 

“Our language embraces us long before we are defined by any other medium of identity...

… In our mother’s womb we hear and feel the sounds, the rhythms, the cadences of our “mother tongue.” We learn to associate contentment with certain qualities of voice and physical disequilibrium with others. Our home language is as viscerally tied to our beings as existence itself- as the sweet sounds of love accompany our first milk, as our father’s pride permeates our bones and flesh when he shows us off to his friends, as a gentle lullaby or soft murmurs signal release into restful sleep. It is no wonder that our first language becomes intimately connected to our identity” (Delpit, 2008).  

What does this mean? For me, this means that our language is essentially the core of who we are as a person. Before we are even born, babies in the womb have the ability to recognize their mother’s voice, her laugh, and changes in her tone. Although they are not able to understand any specific words, they are becoming aware of the melody and rhythm of speech. Therefore, our language is in fact one of the first aspects to our identity as a human being. 


Delpit, L. & Kilgour Dowdy, J. (2008). The skin that we speak: thoughts on language and culture in the classroom. New York, NY: The New Press. 

I have said it before but I’ll say it again: if people having a conversation in their native language bothers you then you’re racist. period. and don’t you dare say it’s because you’re paranoid or anxious. you’re racist. when it comes to discomfort based on not being able to understand another language. when you’re a bystander and not apart of the conversation and you are bothered by it or think it sounds “harsh” then maybe you need to evaluate why it is that it’s bothering you. and don’t you dare use your anxiety as an excuse. I’m so tired of hearing white people rationalize their xenophobic attitude with their mental illness! this isn’t gym class, your signed doctors note isn’t getting you a free pass here. you don’t think we get anxious every time we speak our mother tongues in public? we risk being victims of racial violence every time we slip into our native tongues in a public place. you know how many times I’ve decided not to speak to my mother in our language because a white person was already eyeing us suspiciously? miss me with your xenophobic excuses and just come to terms with the fact that you’re racist. 

Doodle of my leadersona on vacation in Alola.

Maybe you wonder why. WELL. My friend Oti, who has the ghost type leadersona saw the new pokemon announced today, and they were like OHMYGOD, WE NEED TO GO TO ALOLA RIGHT NOW, I NEED THAT POKEMON.
And??? My friends and me were drawing lot of nosense shit about our leadersonas having a trip to Alola. You can see the twitter thread here. (in spanish, im sorry, it’s our mother tongue)

It has been funny af XDDDD

Also, related tweets that aren’t in the thread: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

something about me

I post a lot about soy luna because is one of my favorite shows and is an international tv show so I write my posts in English (and the rest of the shows i like and post about are English or American), but I was born in Argentina and i live in Spain now, so obviously Spanish is my first language, but I love speaking in English so I just do it and I think is something that happens a lot in the soy luna fandom/fanbase/whatever you want to call it.

Of course I make a lot of mistakes but I think that by reading and writing in English I will improve a lot since I’m not taking English classes since last year.

I just want to talk about it because some people shame people who doesn’t speak perfect English but at least we speak more than one language and don’t expect everyone to learn our mother tongue

didn't think Tim would say this, though

(gosh darn how do i even start)

So my youngest brother (he’s seven) and I have been talking about RWBY–yes, he watched enough episodes to get to know most of the characters–and he starts mentioning how cool Pyrrha’s weapon is and stuff. What we began to talk about next definitely shook me–

(Take note, this is non-verbatim and a somewhat mediocre translation of what we talked about since we used our mother tongue)

Tim: There’s this other guy with the cool weapon, y'know, Blake’s…y'know…

Me: Oh, you mean Sun?

Tim: Yeah! His weapon’s cool. He and Blake…they kinda look great together y'know.

–yeah, my youngest brother apparently ships BlackSun. Can’t blame him, though, he’s just seven. Nevertheless, I tried to prod him with another ship…

Me: Well…they look great alright…but how about Yang and Blake? I mean, I think they look great together.

Tim: What? I say Blake’s better off with Sun.

Me: But you have to admit, she and Yang, though…

Tim: But they’re both girls! It can’t be possible!

Me: Then what am I, Tim?

Tim: Well, you’re a girl…or a guy…I don’t know…

Me: Well, I’d say Yang and Blake go great together.

Tim: Well…Ruby and Weiss look cute together, though.

-and at that moment, I just witnessed a miracle. I swear I could hear that frickin’ hallelujah chorus and I felt tears–ACTUAL TEARS–starting to form in my eyes and istg my heart was close to the point of completely bursting with joy.

My seven year old brother just told me that he thinks Ruby and Weiss look great together and I couldn’t believe my ears. I had to ask him again and again and he didn’t change his answer. There we were, having a friendly ship war, and suddenly we agreed on one thing–WhiteRose.

Sure, he’s seven and he views most of the pairings on the show with hetero lenses, but the fact that he thought Ruby and Weiss looked cute together is somewhat a big thing for me.

(I’m sorry about the long post, I was just overwhelmed by what had just happened and I had to share it with you.)


I may ship Yang and Blake, but that does not mean I don’t like the other ships concerning either of them. Everything’s up in the air, all ships have their potential, and woo boy, I can’t wait to see how the story runs in Volume 5.

I’ve typed in enough. I’ll go back to my burrow now.

honestly how beautiful is the malayalam language. think of the words like soundaryam and mazha and shalabham and kavitha - aren’t the images sprouting in your mind just so beautiful? & say them out loud. slowly. focus on the way your tongue curls with each sound. speaking malayalam makes me feel so noble (???)  (how is that even possible) 

how lucky are we to be given this incredible language as our mother tongues?!

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My crush is so cute omg. He has a resting mad face but when he smile his whole face lights up. His family makes fun of him for being chubby but when I hug him I feel like I'm hugging one of those big fluffy bears from Costco. We both have Spanish as our mother tongues and when he talks to me in Spanish I feel fuzzy inside. He does pickup lines in Spanish (it sounds beautiful) but in English he fumbles over/stutters and it's so cute. There's not enough words to describe him!!!! 💕💕💕

he sounds lovely im!!!

tell me about your crush/lover!!

Horns tutorial (Homestuck)

This is what we’ll be making, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Porexpan

2. Cutter

3. Thread

4. Headband

5. Papier-mâché (aka paper mache)

6. Hot glue gun + silicone rods

7. Acrylic paint (white, yellow and red)

8. Screws

9. Sandpaper

10. Drill

11. White glue

First things first, this tutorial has pictures of different horns because we hadn’t planned it beforehand (and we made a bunch of them at the same time).

1. You should draw a pattern on paper to decide the shape and size of your horns, also so you can try them on before actually making them to see if you like how they look. Afterwards draw this pattern onto the porexpan because this will help you understand the volume while carving.

2. We used porexpan as the base of the horns because it is really light and, believe us, you don’t want heavy stuff on your head. That is a key point if your character not only has horns, but wears glasses , fins, or some other accessory as it all adds up weight on top of your ears, which is really uncomfortable. That said, the next step is to carve the porexpan with the cutter carefuly following the pattern you’ve drawn on it.

Note: They usually have porexpan (which is some kind of…plastic cork?) at variety stores, but you may also find it in packages (it’s used to protect its contents), that’s to say: make sure you look into packages people have thrown away as you wouldn’t need to buy it then!

3. Once you have your desired shape, you can proceed to cover the horns with paper mache (you can use home-made paper mache, but the store one is way smoother). Once again, be aware of the weight, too much paper mache will make the horn heavier.

4. This step is optional if you like your horns rougher, but if you want them even you can use sandpaper to sand them. Might as well warn you that this process gets EXTREMELY long, but the results are nice.

5. Another optional step is to use thread to make the horns textured as you can see in the pictures. Be careful in your choice of thread as some threads are too shaggy, which makes it difficult to paint them later on. You can also get the textured feeling by doing a spiral motion with the silicone, but we wouldn’t recommend it because painting gets hard on a silicone surface. Back to the thread (quite literally), you can attach it to the horn with white glue or glue.

6. Now the step you’ve been waiting for: painting! We don’t have much to say on this one, but maybe the paint will be too transparent and you’ll need to put on many layers, so you may need to add white (because it’s more opaque). And that’s pretty much it. Oh, we almost forgot, you can attach the horns to the headband before painting them, but we prefer to finish them before that so we don’t stain it.

7. If your horns are small and light (such as Karkat’s or Terezi’s, or even Nepeta’s) you can use hair clips. If your horns are tall or heavier we recommend using black (duh, because the trolls hair is black) headbands. You can find the right place to put the horns on by trying on the headband with a mark on its center and playing around with the horns until you find their place. Afterwards you pierce both the headband and the horns with the drill to screw them, but we felt this wasn’t secure enough, so we put on some silicone.

Note 1: If you’re thinking of using hair clips, have in mind if your hair withstands them or not, since some people have really reaaally soft hair and hair-thingies fall down.

Note 2: On the picture of our Vantas’ horns the texturing method was silicone, also, we used  toilet paper + white glue instead of paper mache. Here comes a pic of the difference between textured and smooth.

8. Last one. Now we like to varnish them with latex so the paint won’t peel off.

And that’s it, hope it’s useful to you! C: Happy horning~

English isn’t our mother tongue , so if you didn’t understand something, feel free to drop an ask and we’ll do our best to explain it better c: Oh, and last thing, we said some obvious stuff, but it might come in handy anyway.

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