our mother the mountain

  • She Came and She Touched Me
  • Townes Van Zandt
  • Our Mother the Mountain

townes van zandt – she came & she touched me

she came and she touched me
with hands made of heaven
reflections sent spinnin’
through a face laced in mist
now i stand where she left me
buried deep ‘neath her shadow
and the mirror pleads sadly
has it all come to this?
and i wonder, will she call my name?

the wind careens madly
through wide windows paneless
fragrances mingle
in a room full of shade
the peons pick partners
and waltz cross the ceilings
but the violins whisper
that i’ve been betrayed
tryin’ not to look ashamed

the drunkards drink deeply
from cups full of nothingness
ghost lovers laugh
at the games that they play
while the moments do somersaults
into eternity
cling to their coattails
and beg them to stay
saying i got nothing to hide

illusions projected
on walls made of tiffany
mad minuets to
a sad satin song
harlequin mandolins
harmonize helplessly
hoping that endlessly
won’t last for long
praying that their god aint dying

then i turn and i see her
in a dress made of moonlight
teardrops like diamonds
run slow down her face
her arms surround me
like chains made of velvet
and the demons fall faithfully
into their place
and the river runs with jewels

now the morning lies open
the night went quite quickly
memory harmlessly
fractures and fades
all the poets do push-ups
on carpets of rubber foam
loudly they laugh
at some joke that’s been made
and the wise men speak like fools


Timeless haunting poetry.

Originally released in 1969. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl by Fat Possum Records. Townes Van Zandt - Our Mother The Mountain (LP, 180g)

Track list.

1. Be Here To Love Me 
2. Kathleen 
3. She Came And She Touched Me 
4. Like A Summer Thursday 
5. Our Mother The Mountain 
6. Second Lover Song 
7. St. John The Gambler 
8. Tecumseh Valley 
9. Snake Mountain Blues 
10. My Proud Mountains 
11. Why She’s Acting This Way
  • Second Lovers Song
  • Townes Van Zandt
  • Our Mother the Mountain

Townes Van Zandt - Second Lovers Song

I just got this album and OH MY GOD. It is so so so good. I’m about ready to fall apart listening to it.

You’re wakin’ next to me
Tears splash across the sun
You whisper soft to me
That I ain’t the only one
To breathe your yellow hair
Caress your bosom fair
Do you think I really care?
Do you think it matters?

What do your feelin’s mean?
Do you think I’d love you more
If you stood pure and clean
of those you’d known before?
Would your words be sweeter then
Upon november’s wind
If you began again
Could your smile be softer?
Would your eyes more brightly shine?
Would your laughter be so tender
If you’d been only mine
For as long as you remember?

I don’t want tears from you
Don’t build your love on shame
All what we’ve done is through
And all we can do remains
My lady can’t you see
I love not jealously
But for all you are to me
And all you’ll be tomorrow


Townes Van Zandt - Our Mother the Mountain

Using petals from some flowers i gave my mom. Been experimenting quite a bit, mostly with this image in particular. Probably my favorite one from the entirety of my trip.

My lover comes to me with a rose on her bosom
The moon’s dancin’ purple
All through her black hair
And a ladies-in-waiting she stands ‘neath my window
And the sun will rise soon on the false and the fair

She tells me she comes from my mother the mountain
Her skin fits her tightly
And her lips do not lie
She silently slips from her throat a medallion
Slowly she twirls it in front of my eyes

I watch her, I love her, I long for to touch her
The satin she’s wearin’
Is shimmering blue
Outside my window her ladies are sleeping
My dogs have gone hunting
The howling is through

So I reach for her hand and her eyes turns to poison
And her hair turns to splinters,
And her flesh turns to brine
She leaps cross the room, she stands in the window
And screams that my first-born
Will surely be blind

She throws herself out to the black of the nightfall
She’s parted her lips
But she makes not a sound
I fly down the stairway, and I run to the garden
No trace of my true love
Is there to be found

So walk these hills lightly, and watch who you’re lovin’
By mother the mountain
I swear that it’s true
Love not a woman with hair black as midnight
And her dress made of satin
All shimmering blue


Townes Van Zandt -Snake mountain blues


Townes Van Zandt

“My Proud Mountains”
Our Mother the Mountain