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Petty revenge on nightmare housemate and her mother

To cut a long long story short, one of my 5 housemates in my first year of university was a nightmare. The spoilt rich international student experiencing major culture shock nightmare.

At first we tried to help her, but she was having none of it, so after going back to her home country for one weekend (expensive flights, but as I’ve metioned; rich bitch) she brought her mother back with her.

To tell us off for not cleaning the house and basically ruin our lives for a whole month.

Bit of backstory so you’ll understand our pain; we weren’t exactly terribly messy for students but the mother (dragon lady) and daughter (dragon spawn) would go out of their way to make it worse so they could complain to our landlord (as if he gave a flying fuck), dragon lady would yell at us in our own home (in her native non-English language so we didn’t even know what she was talking about), was convinced we were all drug dealers even going as far as collecting up my housemates cigarette butts to show the landlord all of our ‘drugs’ and possibly worst of all was the fact she slept in our living room, and expected us to leave and be quiet after 10pm rolls eyes.

There’s a lot more that dragon lady did to make our lives hell over the course of her 1 month stay, but thats probably more for r/badroommates. On to the petty revenge. All passive aggressive notes she and her spawn would leave in the house got immediately ripped down. As many were along the lines of 'Do not touch the spawns food’, we put 'do not touch’ signs all over our living room, including her makeshift bed. We all took to slamming doors as loudly and childishly as possible when they were in the house (got yelled at for it, we would smirk and walk off). One of my nice housemates had a bedroom that shared a wall with the living room, and so he played his video games at full fucking blast at 4am (then turned it up when she knocked), we put shaving foam in their shoes and hid their umbrellas behind the sofa during a stormy weekend.

Best feeling of all was when dragon lady was finally leaving. The taxi pulled up and the 5 of us crowded in the front window to watch the miracle of her departure. Just before she folded her demonic little self into the car, we all started cheering, looking her and her spawn in the eyes as we celebrated, and waving her an insincere and sarcastic goodbye. The look of pure rage her eyes when my housemate lit up a joint as she was leaving was almost worth the month long torture.

Best feeling ever.

A Gift For The Ones They Call “Khaleesi”

REQUEST: Oh oh I have one! Can you please do a Daenerys x reader imagine where the reader is trying to lay low bc she’s a Lannister from Westeros in Meereen who left to find Tyrion, but ends up being captured by one of the masters, who sends her as a “gift” to Dany? And Dany is angry of course, because HELLO she’s a person not an object. Which somehow ends with something cute n fluffy between the two? (Did any of this even make sense?? lmao sorry if it didn’t, I ramble a lot.) thank you!!

Sure thing, baby

daenerystargaryen x reader

Y/N was unafraid, strong, brave but most importantly smart. Once she found out about Tyrion captured by Jorah, she had to what was right. In her head, the name Lannister was not only about the riches and wealth but to her, the lion represented so much more. It was about protecting the pride, her family but she knew she was the only one who would.

The day Y/N set sail was possibly the greatest mistake of her life so far. With her brother nowhere in sight and everyone knowing that she’s a Lannister, it made it impossible to hide from those you know would pay anything for your dead body to be placed on a spike in their town square.

Y/N managed to hide for a few weeks, if even. She wasn’t keeping track to be fair. Y/N stole bread and whatever wine she could get her hands on. She did everything she tried to lay low and not cause a scene whilst still trying to find her brother but to no avail. Y/N heard them whisper in the drunken alleyways about her brother, The Hand? Surely, that could not be.

“I heard his mother fucked a troll and gave birth within a week.” Another whisper again. “I heard his brother and sister go at it on their sister’s bed.” The talk was unbearable until Y/N snapped once she heard that “ Tyrion used to rape his sister, ats what i ‘eard!” The laughs, the mockery of a name once held so high that those who spoke badly of it would be executed on sight.

Y/N unsheathed her gold and engraved dagger that Tyrion gave her as a 10th birthday gift and was ready to slice the drunkards throats until a firm hand grasped her once she reached the beggar’s neck. A strong brute of a man with burn marks on his face and a scar down his nose. “Send our love to the Mother of Dragons.” The man’s voice came from directly behind Y/N but as she whipped her head to catch a glimpse of him, the brute knocked her out cold.

Daenerys was ready to sail home and reclaim all that was lost to her once she heard a man screaming on shore. “My Queen, a package! A package!” With her guards aimed at the man, she steps off her ship and warily approaches the large package in wood. Once signalling to her men to open it, she finds a girl, no older than herself, beaten and blood splattered everywhere. With a shocked and disgusted look on her face, she bends down to help her up onto the ship with the help of the guards.

“Y/N……” Tyrion whispered yet Daenerys could hear. Y/N, she thought, may you wake up, young Y/N. “It is my sister, my queen. she must have followed me to find me. Stupid girl, always playing the hero.” He muttered whilst Daenerys was entranced with the burn mark left in the shape of…chains.. and wings? “The Great Masters”, she inhaled, “Tyrion, your sister, Y/N, is a gift from the Masters.” Tyrion held a look of neutral displeasure which slowly turned to rage as he flipped off crates into the ocean and punched a guard. “I’ll gut them! Everyone last one! She was the last good one in our family!” With Tyrion being dragged away screaming, Daenerys wrapped a spare cloak around your naked body and asked the guards to move you to the beds below deck.

With at least two days of travel left until the journeys end, Y/N woke from what felt like death. With a pile of clothes laying near to her, she put them on and headed for above deck. Y/N saw tens to hundreds of ships slowly marching along the water and in front of her, a bloody angel. White hair, pale skin, and eyes that could cut a man in half if he stared too long. her black robes matched yours with a slim cut that enhanced every perfect thing about her from her waist to her obvious ascent to royalty. As Y/N slowly moved forward to her direction, she was tackled by what seemed like a dog but ended up being her brother. “Y/N! Thank the maker you’re alive! Thank you!” Y/N opened her mouth to respond but was cut off with a hand to help her up. The Queen, you presume. Y/N bowed in front of her and Daenerys giggled. God, I could listen to that all day. “A friend of My Hand is a friend of mine” she states.

With only a day to go until they reached land, Daenerys had been informing Y/N on all of her recent ongoings, from owning dragons to Daario, something that makes Y/N’s heart sink but also fills with joy. As night time slowly crept in on the pair, Y/N felt a shiver run down her back to which Daenerys responded with cloak being placed around Y/N’s neck. “ Now you’ll be cold!” Y/N sleeply exclaimed as she didn’t want Daenerys to freeze to death before she could ask to court her. “ I would freeze before seeing you cold, my dear.” And with that, Y/N’s cheeks ignited and Daenerys full forced chuckled which Y/N felt right through her. “ I see your warming up, Y/N” Daenerys gazed into the side of her face where Y/N’s was still resting, Y/N took her head off her shoulder and lightly punched it  due to her pwn tiredness and that she didn’t want to hurt Daenerys, which could’ve been due to the dragons or that she was slowing falling for her. “Y/N” Daenerys whispered,” I know a way in which we could both  be very warm.” Y/N’s cheeks lit up again, “ Dany, I swear if you don’t stop I’ll-”  “You’ll what?” Daenery’s face was closing in on Y/N and Y/N whispered, “I’ll do this” Y/N placed just a sweet gentle kiss on the others mouth to which slowly became more passionate and lustful. Once they broke away from the kiss, Daenerys audibly gasped and whispered, “ I want you” Y?n becoming more confident  stated, “ I’m all yours”

To that night, Y/N and Daenerys ruled side by side as Queens of the Seven Kingdoms and became the most respected and loved couple that anyone had ever laid eyes upon. Long Live The Queens.

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A/N: idefinalty made majority of this up so we can all mutally agree that its now an AU where icant agree whcih season to even put anything in thank u


Formally introducing the other recent addition to my team, Dany, the female harris hawk :) 

Dany was originally used as a falconry bird to hunt jack rabbits, but was transferred over to abatement earlier this year where she specialized in seagull control. She joined my team a couple weeks ago and is now learning how to navigate the busy city life. It’s a lot to adjust to, and she’s still a little wary in large crowds, but overall she’s doing great and is a really helpful teammate. She has a much more laid-back attitude than Riley and doesn’t go off an adventures nearly as much. It’s a nice change of pace! But thanks to her falconry background, she still has that killer instinct and demands respect from all our feathered foes. 

Missed Communication (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Based off of something I messaged @courtneychicken​ at 4 in the morning. Obviously when I have my best ideas. I know I said I would try to include some of my typical slang, but it doesn’t come across as much when I’m writing. I did use the term wicked though. That is an extremely Rhode Islander thing to say. Btw this is all from Bucky’s perspective.

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer

Warnings: I’m a huge nerd. That should be obvious, but just incase you’re new here. Also I have the mouth of a handsome sailor, so language.

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Sagittarius Playlist

Take My Hand- Charli XCX
Lost In My Bedroom- Sky Ferreira
Break the Rules- Charli XCX
Feeling Sorry- Paramore
Fourth of July- Fall Out Boy
I Don’t Wanna Go- Lana Del Rey
Misery Business- Paramore
Nine in the Afternoon- Panic! At The Disco
Nuclear Seasons- Charli XCX
Set Me Free- Charli XCX
Amsterdam- Imagine Dragons
Let’s Fall In Love- Mother Mother
Monkey Tree- Mother Mother
Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
Lolita- The Veronicas
XXX 88- MØ ft. Diplo
Getaway- Mother Mother

A Song of Ice and Fire

Saw this on Reddit and I feel like I should share it.


Why do people still think the title refer to Jon Snow alone? Because of his bloodline? Because he’s Targ and a Stark? Since when is that a prominent aspect in the show? I think the moral of the story is to embrace who you are, how you grow as a person, character development and such. I mean Jon’s bloodline isn’t gonna change who he is. He is and always will be a Stark. Ned’s son. He based his action off of the father that he respected, Ned. His whole background and buildup circulate around the element of Ice, not even a bit of Fire. And the story isn’t about him alone. That’s the Jon Snow we know and love. Not a legitimate prince who is the true heir to the throne. Being a bastard and an underdog has always been a part of his story and how he progresses as a person.

Jon spent most of his life in the cold land, and Dany spent most of her life in the hot land. They parallel each other throughout their journeys to become respective rulers of their people.

Both were referred by their own red priest as the one that was promised. So I don’t know even now people still think Jon alone will be the true savior. He can’t save everyone from the long night without Dany. Both of them were planned to meet and combine forces since the beginning.

Again, the title can mean many things, but I myself don’t believe it means Jon ALONE. He’s not anymore important than Dany. In fact, right now Dany is the most important trump card everyone has against the NK. Not that I diminish Jon’s role in any way, but you get the point. Jon isn’t suddenly the prince of ice and fire just because his parents are. What if Jon was a useless prick who has done nothing good in his entire life, suddenly reveal he’s the son of R and L? Would you still hype him up as the title of the book suggests him as the sole reason? No you won’t. You hype him up because Jon is Jon, and he will always be Jon, the King in the North, whose identity revolves around Ice.

Even when George himself confirmed Dany and Jon to be the focus of the storyline, and even when he hinted at the North conflict vs Dany’s essos conflict as Ice and Fire, people still deny the importance of Dany in the equation, why is that? She is the Fire to Jon’s Ice and vice versa. Their elements were based on their personality, background identities, and character development. People don’t follow Dany because she’s a Targ, and people don’t make Jon the KiTN because he’s a Stark. Remember how no one wants to fight along his side to take back Winterfell against the Boltons, but only named him their king after he proved to them his bravery? Tyrion and Varys decided to follow Dany not because she’s a Targ either, and Missandei spelled it out for you. They are Fire and Ice because of who they are, not dependent on their bloodline. Dany acquired the forces she has today to retake the IT doesn’t due to her bloodline, neither does Jon acquire the trust of the wildlings and the northmen due to him being a Stark.

To me, ASOIAF could mean the opposing conflict between the dragons/livings against the dead men. However I don’t agree after NK got his own dragon last episode. And “song” has a positive image, a beautiful connotation, indicating a unison rather than conflict. So I can see it as the coming together of Targ and Stark: Rhaegar and Lyanna, their love started the war, and Jon and Dany, their love will end the war. Throughout the story you can also see it has three separate plot lines:

1) The Westerosi conflict (Lannister, Baratheons, Starks, Martells, Tyrells, etc… fight one another. All the important characters are here excluding the other main two)

2) Jon’s Nightwatch conflict (has nothing to do with anything in Westerosi). His story is about him learning how to be a ruler, saving the unfortunate weaker ones (wildlings), and opposing the most deadly threat in the world against the living beings. He has a separate conflict going on entirely with nothing to do with the rest.

3) Dany’s Essos conflict. Again, nothing to do with Westerosi. Her story is also about learning how to be a queen and saving the weaker groups of people (slaves). While raising her dragons which is the most deadly threat against the NK and his army.

You can see how Jon and Dany are separate from the rest of the world and both are unique in their own ways. Both embody the personification of their elements. Ice and Fire. What I mean is, it is implied that they are meant to save the world together, to be the focus of the end, and they cannot do that alone. Jon’s Ice soothes Dany’s Fire, her melts his. George has planned for their relationship to be the anchor, with plenty of parallels mirroring their journeys. So I don’t understand why people are so adamant about making this all about Jon.

I made a long rant, yes, but the ignorance is real. You can’t ignore all the facts just because of your personal bias for Jon to be the point of everything. He isn’t. His bloodline is important, yes, but in the end of the day it doesn’t dictate who he is. He was raised by Ned as a true Stark and he is most alike to Ned than anyone else. He will always be our Lord Commander and the KiTN, and Dany is the Mother of dragons and the Unburnt. They are the Song of Ice and Fire. The Azor Ahai of the world.


Players of the match 🐶

I’ve got nothing to say… I love my team so much and I’m proud of each one of our players. I’m deeply in love with Pressy Mother of Dragons, Mother of Dogs(duh)… she never ceases to amaze me. Honestly, Christen deserves the world.
And I feel totally safe with Alyssa #blessedbynaeher shout-out to Danny and Vanessa who were amazing. We played great! 3 more, boom 👊🏾.

Bend the Knee, Lose All

This story is in response to some alleged ‘spoilers’. I haven’t read them but have gotten the gist from several people. A story was asked and this is my interpretation of things. I had quite a good time writing this.  It is long, there are major character deaths and if you’re a Daenerys fan, it might be best if you avoided this story. 

Tagging: @heathergee25, @jonsa-gives-me-life

Title:  Bend the Knee, Lose All

Parts: 1/1

Characters: Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Bran Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Samwell Tarly, Varys, Arya Stark

They are a sorry sight, bedraggled and wounded, their horses emaciated and near dying as they approach the gates of Winterfell.  It had been a hard journey back from Kings Landing where their ill-conceived idea of treating with the Mad Queen, Cersei, resulted in devastating losses they could never had imagined.  Daenerys dragons, all gone.  Her mighty Dorothki and Unsullied troops, smashed.  They had barely escaped with their own lives, their pitiful party of the Mother of Dead Dragons, Varys, Tyrion and Jon. All others had been lost as they realized that a cunning and mad queen willing to risk everything was more than match for three dragons and two armies.  Especially if they were stupid and naïve enough to believe Cersei would be willing to listen to their talk of alliances and a greater threat. They only made out alive with the timely arrival and assistance of Brienne and Podrick, who were sent by Sansa to protect Jon.

He should have listened to Sansa.  She had tried to warn him to not trust Cersei and yet again, he ignored his cousin’s sage advice and it was only the intervention of Sansa’s sworn sword and her squire that he lived.

Jon had left Winterfell many moons ago to bring back dragon glass and powerful allies.  While he was able to get a shipment of dragon glass sent to Sansa, all he had to show for his trip south was a broken would-be queen, a dwarf, a eunuch and a wounded shoulder.

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Sequel to the previous crossover ask! 
Hnnng anon… my precious… children… meeting… *faints* I love this

Part 1 - Part 2

“Mother wants us to meet foreign royals?!” Siegbert gulped, anxious. He could not embarrass himself in front of his mother’s friends!

Walking quickly in front of the siblings, Jakob nodded, escorting them to the portal. “That is correct, Your Majesty. I shall give you the details of their first meeting as we head to the portal.”

“Portal?!” Kana beamed beside his brother, almost running to catch up to both of their long legs. “Are we going into someone’s deeprealm?” Before anyone could reply, he gasped, taking both hands to his mouth and stopping. “Oh no! I forgot my dragonstone! Can I go back to get it? Please?” He tugged at his brother’s sleeve.

Siegbert glanced at the butler, who flashed them a glare. They were not to keep Kamui waiting. He turned back to his brother patted the young prince’s head, trying to smile. “We do not have much time, Kana. Besides, they might take offense in a dragon suddenly transforming in their garden.”

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Virgo Couple Playlist “Stuck In My Mind”

(+ Aries): Fuck Em Only We Know- BANKS

(+ Taurus): Slow Love- MØ

(+ Gemini): First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes

(+ Cancer): Where the Lines Overlap- Paramore

(+ Leo): Say You Like Me- We the Kings

(+ Virgo): Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran

(+ Libra): Arms Tonite- Mother Mother

(+ Scorpio): I’ll Be Your Girl- Kitten

(+ Sagittarius): Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding

(+ Capricorn): She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5

(+ Aquarius): Every Night- Imagine Dragons

(+ Pisces): Lights On- FKA Twigs

Supergirl/Kara Zor-El Casting

With the DCEU finally opening its doors with Justice League (Absolutely loved it. Suck it RT!) we finally got our big blue Boy Scout right. With that we’re almost definitely getting a Man of Steel 2. And we might be getting a certain Kryptonian survivor as well. Here’s who I think should be cast as Supergirl:

Emilia Clarke

Hear me out. Three key reasons on why I think our Mother of Dragons can play the beloved cousin of Superman:

1) Game of Thrones. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is stated to only be six episodes. With this Game finally concluding, Clarke needs a new body of work to keep her career going

2) Physically, she looks exactly like Kara (Injustice 2 Kara to be exact). She’s been playing 17 year old Daenerys for 7 years and hadn’t aged a day. She’s 5’2” which would give us the slightly hilarious height difference between her and Henry Cavill, who is 6’3”

3) She has the connections to get the part. Emilia Clarke recently reunited with her GOT costar Jason Momoa when he went to London to promote Justice League. She also seemed to have befriend Gal Gadot given the pictures on their Instagrams. Clarke and Momoa both stated that they would love to work together again in the future

So do you think our Mother of Dragons can play the last daughter of Krypton?

Imaginary conversation I
  • Arya Stark and Jon Snow talking about Daenerys Targaryen in an imaginary situation.
  • Jon: I though that you were dead (tries to conserve a calm voice but the emotion of seeing his sister it's overwhelming)
  • Arya: I though by now that you would be never cooming back alive (smiles)
  • Jon: (hugs Arya and for a moment everything is perfect)
  • Arya: So... you bring to Winterfell quite an army... the mother of dragons?
  • Jon: She is our best ally
  • Arya: I can see why...
  • Jon: I saw you with needle, you surprise me...
  • Arya: Are you proud?
  • Jon: (smiles) I will think twice the next time I make you angry
  • Arya: Better don't
  • Jon: Agree
  • Arya: I can fight by your side, you know...
  • Jon: I know but...
  • Arya: Theres is no but Jon... Winter is here and you need more than a two dragons to win this war...
  • Jon: I need you to keep save our home... our family. Protect Sansa and Bran, protect Winterfell.
  • Arya: (not very happy but understands) I will. You better come home save...
  • Jon: I will
  • Arya: I don't see Daenerys Targaryen very happy if you don't return with her dragons... or if you don't return at all (laughs)
  • Jon: (nervous laugh) what?...
  • Arya: I'ts very obvious Jon... both are very obvious
  • Jon: (keeps in silence)
  • Arya: It was very a plain sight, don't need to be a maestre to figure out
  • Jon: We are in war... there is no time for that...
  • Arya: In the worst moments it's when we realize who we are and who is important to us... I even miss Sansa...
  • Jon: (laughs)
  • Arya: She seems to genuinely care about you so... that works for me... to believe that she is an ally
  • Jon: Thank you
  • Arya: For what?
  • Jon: To believe in me.
  • Arya: Always.
new growth | wicked dragon queen family fic

Zelena visits her sister, ready to tell her that Lily’s also her daughter, but Regina’s much sicker than she thought and she ends up talking to that dragon instead.

There’s a brief mention of Regina and Robin (positive) and of Zelena and Robin. Very sick Regina, protective Zelena and a lovesick dragon. 

Many thanks to @holdouttrout and @its-rowark for reading for me. 

set in the same universe as Annual Expenditures

also on a03

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showvigilance  asked:

How do you think the Jon/Dany relationship will go? Kit Harington said once in an in interview that they would either fuck or fight (he might have been trolling us but who knows). So what do you personally think might happen in the upcoming season with the mother of dragons and our KiTN? And what about Sansa? How will she react to that, if we presume she has feelings for Jon? Thanks in advance:)

**putting my answer under the cut, just in case this winds up in a j/d tag when it’s not fuckin’ supposed to but this is tumblr so who knows** **but i’m not about to start drama bc i’m tired and also not an asshole** **anyway consider this your disclaimer: this is not a j/d-friendly post**

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Cancer Playlist

Silhouette- Owl City
Future- Paramore
A World Alone- Lorde
Gimme Love- Ed Sheeran
Try To Change- Mother Mother
Video Games- Lana Del Rey
Bones- MS MR
Fear and Loathing- Marina and the Diamonds
Dance, Dance- Fall Out Boy
Weeds- Marina and the Diamonds
I Blame Myself- Sky Ferreira
24 Hours- Sky Ferreira
It’s Time- Imagine Dragons
Where The Lines Overlap- Paramore
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy

Infamous’ Thanksgiving post

It has been some tough shit for me in my life, from losing my job to another relationship fire, I like to give thanks to those in the shippingsquad for helping me through this tough year…

@mrevaunit42 - for being the greatest guy friend for helping me through personal life and being helpful for my fanfics (Also happy thanksgiving @nova-friends )

@artgirllullaby - Best girl friend for being a supportive group mom during our creation of the ShippingSquad (Goddamnit stop giving me anxiety from Ever After)

@cartooniste2z - For the arts that captures the Ladyniste relationship and for drawing my beautiful children

@even-losers-can-win - For helping me get through some rough patches recently, being a good mom, and for Yasmin, our loving angel

@ladyxgilex - for being a good friend to roleplay with, a good writer and being a mother to our Lina, our half-dragon daughter

@nerdymetalhead - my southern brother, we relate to some levels, but I give thanks to him

@minty-a-rain / @minthia-ren - My onee-san, an artist who captures our Starco hearts, so cute

@roussedraws - My other onee-san, her arts are too adorable, I think I lost my manliness by it

@cid331 - Sometimes his reactions to asks made me spit out my water

@axis2600 - Goddamn, his stories are good (btw thanks for co-writing)

@marionette-j2x - She’s like this ball of energy that rivals me, and I am a blob of uncontained emotions

@thefandombytes - always makes Minty happy (I’m watching you, if Minty’s hearts break…)

@hains-mae - just tossing thanks to a talented artist

@prettylittlerock123 - you get thanks, you artsy person

@thatonebrokenstar - your arts kinda concern me, but I know you still have a heart of gold, I wish you the very best

@weatherartisdead - Come back Weather, don’t you die on me, I want to give you thanks

Also thanks to our followers and everyone I didn’t mention, I posted this around midnight. Happy Thanksgiving, eat some turkey, get a bit fatter, but be thankful that you are breathing and well alive, your family and friends, and goddamnit I can’t sleep…


your fave is problematic: leandra hawke
  • I slept with Isabela once and I’m pretty sure she’s now planning our wedding
  • mother please stop