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title: i fought the british and i won

rating: teen and up audiences

pairing: oswald cobblepot / edward nygma

summary: an alternative series of events after 3x15; 
an argument with a hallucination, a slow descent into madness, a few broken wine bottles, and a very begrudging savior who doesn’t know when to stop loving someone. 
if i cared less, this would be titled “gee, ed, how come this story lets you have two oswalds?”

i had a lot of fun writing this, even though it gave me a lot of trouble. it seems like there’s a theme in my work of my hallucination!oswald fics being based on songs.

since the last one was all about how disgusting oswald was, i suppose this could technically be a companion piece to and our memories defeat us. or maybe a foil piece. since it focuses more on how human oswald is, even as a hallucination.

 similar concept, different route. oh well. 

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite "lie low at Lupin's" era fics?

But does anyone notice?
But does anyone care?
And if I had the guts to put this to your head…
And would anything matter if you’re already dead?
And now should I be shocked by the last thing you said?
Before I pull this trigger,
Your eyes vacant and stained…
And in saying you loved me,
Made things harder at best,
And these words changing nothing
As your body remains,
And there’s no room in this hell,
There’s no room in the next,
And our memories defeat us,
And I’ll end this direst.

- Early Sunsets Over Monroeville 

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Losing Sleep

A/N: So our-memories-defeat-us requested this! It’s based on the song Living Room by Tegan and Sara. So listen to it here if you want too and hopefully you guys like with what I came up!

SFW, 2410 words

The first time that she notices her new neighbor was on a Tuesday afternoon.

There were moving trucks parked outside the empty house right next door where big burly guys were moving pieces of furniture into the house that’s been empty ever since that weird family with the blind dog moved out about two months ago. She half-hopes that her new neighbor will be much better than the people who let their dog crap on her lawn.

Suddenly, movement catches her eye and she sees a glimpse of her neighbor as she moves into her living room. Out of curiosity, she walks to her living room and peers through her windows, just to find that her windows look right into her new neighbor’s living room. She catches the eye of her new neighbor, who smiles and waves at her as she waves back. She goes back to her work, typing out an email to this producer who wants to see what she had come up with for next week’s comedy show when there’s a knock on her door. She wonders who it is before she gets up, opening to see her new neighbor on the other side.

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