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Welcome to the new and improved website for Voltron Cafe!

We here at the cafe are always looking for new ways to serve our loyal Masters and Missis in any way that we can. So it is with great pleasure that we open up to you this blog where you can talk to your favorite Butlers that work here, as well as obtain news about promotions yet to come!

We hope you will enjoy!

-Miss Allura

Words from the author.

So I was going to do a Q and A on the fic Voltron Cafe Which Is already about ten chapters in, so just over half way through. You can ask as a reader ( someone who knows what is going on within the personal lives ) Or in character as a customer visiting the cafe. ( You can ask me questions too!)

This is my way of having fun with the universe and challenging my own ability as an artist. I’ll try to keep this blog running as long as the fic is updating and even after if there is still any interest to be had. Not sure if there is interest to start. I am also a teacher and working on other projects. I’m not really sure how well this will pick up, to be honest. Feel free to visit my main art blog too!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any new quizzes? I need to know what kind of natural disaster I am

this is a great idea for a quiz, and one of our quiz masters is going to build it today!