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This is your daily PSA to listen to the following podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale, Wolf 359, Our Fair City, The Penumbra Podcast, Wolf 359, ars PARADOXICA, Tanis, Wolf 359,The Penumbra Podcast, The Black Tapes, Wolf 359, Wolf 359, The Penumbra Podcast, Wolf 359, Wolf 359, Sayer, and finally, Wolf 359. Thank you for reading this PSA. All these podcasts are available on their respective websites and iTunes.

  1. ICE AGE 1 the only good ice age movie and only one i recommend, best written blue sky movie, has nice music and surprisingly dry humour if you’re only familiar with the sequels. actually delivers emotion.
  2. ICE AGE 3 inherently superior to ice age 2 because the possums were given considerably less screentime and the weasel guy is actually entertaining. i just recently clued in that he was voiced by simon pegg which explains how that saved the movie.
  3. ICE AGE 2 THE GODDAMN POSSUMS. it would almost be passable without them, also the sea monsters were cute.
  4. ICE AGE 4 actually the worst. no redeeming qualities. literally does the rebellious teen daughter who learns to value family story. but with pirates. diego does not need a girlfriend.


** My favourites

Lazy Saturdays and Eskimo Kisses (1/1 | 3,970 | Rated E) **

Even spends the weekend with Isak being cute and getting up to some shenanigans.

The aftermath (8/8 | 8,297 | Rated T) **

Since Skam is on hiatus till the 14th here’s my every day fanfiction of what I think Isak is going through after the events of Episode 5. It’ll cover all the 8 days until Skam comes back.

And if they taste the same, would you love again? (4/4 | 5,700 | Rated M) **

It’s like we are running our own private marathon yet we are lying there absolutely still apart from the breathing and my sobs that I just cant control. Because how can he not want this? How can he not feel whatever cosmic shit is happening when were together? I am so angry at him, I am so scared, and I haven’t got a fucking clue where we go from here, apart from that at this moment in time I don’t care. I just need him. I need him to tell me its alright, that he is mine, and that it was all a fucking mistake. But he doesn’t. Instead he just kisses me. And it’s fucking breathtaking.

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The time has come!

We’re starting the first half of our season one marathon in half an hour (11AM EST) at this link!

We’ll be posting in the “SnK Season One Watch Party” tag whenever we start an episode, so if Rabbit isn’t your thing, or the room fills up, please feel free to follow along and feed us your own season one feels!


We didn’t made a place in our musical play tho . -. Oh whatev, at least I had my marathon around our school gym for the setup x”D I can finally reply to some ask and tags ;;-;; Sorry for my absences, I had a full week sickness. Unstoppable headaches, rough cough and it affects my headache, and a bad cold. Sometimes mild fever = 7 = BUT IT’S DONE! STRESS SHOO SHOO!   

MBTI Types: Coping Mechanisms
  • Takes out their megaphone: ENFJ, ESTJ
  • Probably opens a trashy Youtube channel: ENFP
  • Beef ahead. Time to roast: INTJ, ISTP
  • Sadistic mode activated in 3,2,1: ENTP, ESFP, ISTJ
  • Stares into a screen for 20 hours straight: INTP
  • A Sparkling Sass God ascends!! (...sometimes): ISFP, INFP
  • Eventually unleashing their inner Hades: ESFJ
  • Err...What coping mechanisms?: INFJ, ISFJ
  • Is the reason that others have to cope: ESTP, ENTJ
Mama Bear: Liam Dunbar

Here you go anon! Hope its what you wanted and that you like it! Enjoy!

“Lydia, for the last time we are not watching The Notebook again!” Stiles huffed as he quickly grabbed the DVD and held it as far away from the red head as he could.

“Well fine!” Lydia pouted, “You guys don’t know what you’re missing!”

“Lydia, sweetheart, we’ve seen this movie so many times we can literally quote it.” I tell her and everyone laughs.

We were having one of our monthly pack movie marathons, with everyone piled into Scott’s none too spacious living room.

“What about you babe?” Scott asked me leaning over too grab a handful of popcorn. Looking at Lydia’s pouty face I cave, grabbing the movie from Stiles’ hand I sigh, “Fine!”

Lydia smirks, leaning back into her cave of blankets, winking at Stiles.

“Kill me.” Stiles pleaded to Liam who grinned, squashing his way beside Kira and Stiles. “Don’t tempt me.” He laughs which was responded by an affection ruffle of the hair from Stiles.

Half way through the movie and everyone was asleep. Even Lydia, despite the fact her favourite scene hadn’t even came up yet.

I sat up yawning, fumbling for the remote to switch off the TV. The whole room was instantly dark and suddenly a wave of panic, that wasn’t mine washed over me.

I looked around, less sleepy now as the panic was mixed with fear. It was coming from Liam.

“Liam?” I whispered towards the younger boy, who I could see literally shaking with fear.

“Liam what’s wrong?” I asked, feeling my way towards him, as it was very dark.

“I can’t sleep.” He replied, his voice shaking. “Why?” I ask again, my hand grasping his arm and my whole body shuddered from the amount of terror rolling off of him.

“I have nightmares.” He told me, his voice cracking and I thought my heart was breaking.

“Come here.” I whispered, tugging gently on his arm.

Carefully he clambered over Stiles and wedged himself between the two of us.

“I’m just so scared. All the time.” He whimpered and I thought my heart my burst.

“Come here.” I whispered, pulling him into my arms. Instinctively he buried his head into my neck and I felt his tear stained face on my throat.

“Shhh,” I soothe, running my hand through his hair. “I’m here, its okay, I’ve got you.”

He nods, sighing contently as he wraps me into a tight hug. “Go to sleep.” I shush and his panic levels go right down, replaced with a new feeling. Comfort.

I smile to myself as I drift off as well.

I woke up to laughing. My eyes flutter open slowly, not enjoying the bright light just streaming through the crack in the curtain.

“I think he’s stole your girl.” Stiles teases, stretching from his mountain of pillows.

Scott rolls his eyes, throwing a cushion straight at Stiles smug face. He didn’t miss.

“Hey!” I scold, quietly though as Liam was still sleeping, his hair tickling my neck. “Leave him alone.” Scott smiles fondly at me. “Leave my baby alone.” I pat obviously on Liam’s shoulder and everyone but Scott cracks up. Scott chose to take the more mature road and stick his tongue out at me.

“Mama Bear’s getting protective.” Lydia giggles running her hand through her flawless hair. Of course she never gets bed head. Malia sniggers next to her, whose hair looks like it was combed with a fire work.

“Heck yeah I am.” I pout, pulling the fallen blanket back up over Liam. “If I don’t look after him, who will!”

My proposed “Long Term” 5 Bite Diet Plan

For those of us with more than 90 lbs to lose who have to live with this as a temporary lifestyle. Our marathons are longer than most so 5 bites twice a day everyday with all our favorite calorieful drinks off the table is a bit unreasonable. 

This is a 5 bite diet, where on 5 bite days, you should continue to lose .8 lbs or more per day, otherwise I’d say for the sake of your long-term sanity and the experiencing the effectiveness of the original five-bite diet, you should probably scale back some change I’ve made. I’m about to throw myself into this edited version, so if this original version gives me too much leeway from the get-go I’ll come back and make edits. 

Original Five Bite Diet: 

-5 bites 2x a day

-1 bite of protein within

-1 multivitamin

-no calorie drinks

-no snacks

-4 hours between each meal

And that’s it. No exceptions, no leeway. 

And I get it- if you have 1 or 2 or a little over 2 months to live with this, you’re gonna be sprinting with the finish line in sight, and then you get to re-introduce your shit and find your maintenance point. Personally when I get down to a point where I have 60 lbs left to lose? I’m sure I’m gonna cut whatever luxuries I was giving myself and start sprinting myself. But right now, I have 178 lbs left. To make that in 2 months, I’d have to suddenly be making the same time I was week 1 and lose 3 pounds a day the entire process. Unlikely. 

So I’ve hopped from suggestions list to suggestions list online, and this is the tentative idea I have in mind. 

3 five bite meals a day instead of 2

On Friday and Saturday, get 10 bites a meal instead of 5 (This can be any two days you like that fit with your schedule)

In case of something special popping up that 5-10 bites just won’t let you enjoy throughout the week, like, say, an impromptu taco bar at work, or a dinner out at a really nice restaurant, you have the option of no more than one 25 bite meal a week. I’ll probably use this more while I’m still at school than at home, but knowing my family there will be a good couple of weeks every now and then that kinda chill meal will save my ass. I’ve also considered considering this one chill evening, where you don’t really care for the rest of that day but just try not to stuff yourself, but I kinda think that might be my BED talking and feel like that’d be the rule I’d change quickest if I made it. 


On your birthday, your anniversary, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve OR New Year’s Day you get the big ones- 80 bites for the day, divided as you please. That’s about 6 holidays a year where you’re allowed to eat basically 8 times what the diet recommends, so if your religion or your family situation makes any of these 6 unhelpful, substitute one for the other- the point is that your 80 bite days need to remain once in a blue moon. I think these 6 real feast days in a year is fair, cause some of us really might be here for most of the year and I don’t want to be crying on my birthday cause I can’t eat both the special meal we manage to prepare with what little money we have, or the cake to the extent I would like to. 

Personally, my standard for if I need to remove one of these many contributions? If it fucks up the diet’s effectiveness for me at any time throughout the program 3 times in a row. For example- 

If a plain 5 bites 3x day makes me lose, but .7 of a lb or less for three days in a row, I’ll fudge for the extra couple of tenths by cutting it to meals 2x a day. 

If it’s that on the line, 10 bites 3 times a day probably won’t work either, but similarly if the 3x a day does work but those days with 10 bites somehow make me gain, they’re out the window. 

If the days I drop below .8 lbs lost are days I took my 1 drink per 3 days for 3 consecutive drink days, then I’m dropping the drinks, or setting cal limits on those drinks, then dropping those drinks. 

One 25 bite/possible chill-evening day a week (OR LESS) If I try this 3 times and it makes me gain more than a 4th of what I lose in a week, that’s gone. If these binge days become multiple days or weeks and I find myself completely off the wagon for way too long, then fuck yeah I’m cutting it completely and immediately. I know myself and I feel like I’ll really probably notice in less than those 3 tries if it’s not gonna be worth it. 

That being said, those results I listed above? I highly doubt any of them will happen. The diets still pretty extreme. 80 bites a day is considered a lot of people’s go-to bite counting diet. 15 or 30 bites a day is considered super low.  1 vague drink with calories per 3 days doesn’t seem like a big deal. One night of eating what I want with more regulated leptin in my brain helping my appetite as much as possible, or one 25 bite meal a week, shouldn’t stop me in my tracks. 

When I only have 60 lbs left to lose (So when I’m 185) I’ll be able to see the finish line and I’ll go cold on the original diet and start sprinting, but my marathon is going to be a lot longer than the average person’s with this diet and I don’t want to be miserable living my life for the duration of it, even if it adds a few weeks or a couple of months to the run in the grand scheme of things, cause you know what? I’ve been fat for TWENTY-ONE YEARS. I’ll be LOSING WEIGHT THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS, AT A POUND A DAY. I’M COOL WITH A COUPLE MORE WEEKS TO REACH MY ULTIMATE GOAL, AS LONG AS I MANAGE TO DO IT

Imagine Barry asking the reader out on a date

Word Count: 191

“(Y/N), can I ask you something,” Barry said. We were sitting on the couch in the middle of our weekly movie marathon. I paused the TV and looked up at Barry. “Sure Bar, we are best friends, you can ask me anything.” Barry bit his lip and looked away, shaking his head. “Never mind, it’s nothing,” Barry said. “Barry, you have my attention now. I’m very curious about what you were going to ask me. You can’t leave me hanging.” “W-well, I was wondering if m-maybe, I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to but, I was wondering if you would l-like to go on a date with me sometime,” he asked nervously. Barry looked at me, his cheeks as red as the shirt he was wearing. I looked him in the eyes, “Barry, I would love to on a date with you.” He let out a sigh of relief and smiled. His eyes crinkled a little. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you had said no.” I smiled and looked up at him. “I would never say no to you Barry.”

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Girl Almighty // Spencer x Reader Part 1

Spencer x Reader One Shot where all the men in the BAU find the reader attractive and try to hit on her, except Reid. The only problem is that Reid is the one the reader wants attention from, not anyone else. Enjoy!


“Keep it together boys,” Emily chuckled as she noticed you entering the bullpen. Morgan, Rossi, and Hotch all stood up, straightening out their shirts and ties. Spencer remained sitting with his knees pulled up on his chair, seemingly unbothered by your arrival. Emily rolled her eyes as Morgan stepped forward and offered to take your coat off for you. You politely accepted, allowing him to help you out of the fabric.

“So Y/N, I was hoping we could continue our marathon training tomorrow morning, around 6?” Hotch spoke up, desperate for your affection. Morgan grimaced as he stepped away from you, folding your coat and putting it on your desk chair. Hotch took that as an opportunity to step in closer to you as he awaited your decision.

“Sounds good to me,” you replied, smiling up at the man. You had wanted to do a marathon for a while now and luckily, Hotch was also interested in it. You decided to be training buddies to help get through the tougher parts of the fitness together. You enjoyed your morning runs with your boss, it was a nice way to build a friendship with him outside of the work atmosphere.

“Mind if I join?” Morgan asked, stepping next to you again on the opposite side as Hotch.

“I didn’t know you were a runner!” You turned to face him, smiling at him. JJ joined Emily off to the side. They both rolled their eyes as they watched the men trying to one up each other to win your attention. You were completely oblivious to it, too. You were the type of person who saw kindness in everyone, so you just thought they were being friendly. Sure, the three of them had invited you to hang out alone on multiple occasions, but you thought they were just trying to get to know you.

“He’s not,” Reid said nonchalantly, not even looking up from the book he had been reading. He earned a glare from Morgan from across the room.

“I was thinking it could help me get in better shape for the FBI baseball game. You should definitely come to that, Y/N,” Morgan said as he pretended to swing an invisible bat. JJ let out a small snort as she covered her mouth, trying to contain her laughter.

“That sounds fun!” You exclaimed, happy to be invited to work outings. It seemed like everyone was finally warming up to you.

“You can sit with me in the stands while they’re all playing,” Rossi chimed in, taking a step toward you. You nodded excitedly, unaware that the three men around you were all staring daggers at each other.

“Okay enough chit chat,” Penelope bellowed as she made her way into the room, signaling that there was a case. You all got up and walked into the briefing room. You sat next to Emily and waited for instructions.

“Alrighty! So, local PD got three missing children’s reports this morning, all around the same time. The three little munchkins who went missing were all taken from their houses and are all the same age and gender. They’re thinking it’s a mass abduction of some type. I’m sending the addresses of the three families to your phones so you can go and talk to them,” Penelope finished, pressing her little button so that a picture of the three missing boys popped up on the projector.

“Emily, I want you at the police station in case another report comes in. Morgan, JJ, Rossi, Reid, Y/N, and myself will split up and go to the houses,” Hotch announced as everyone stood up from their chairs. Emily gave you a small pat on the back before she walked out the door. “Let’s split into teams of two; Morgan and JJ, you go to the first house,” Hotch started as you noticed Morgan grimacing from your peripheral.

“Who do you work best with, Y/N?” Rossi asked you as you started collecting your things. You paused to think as Rossi and Hotch stared at you, hoping you’d pick them.

“Probably Reid,” you shrugged, walking over to your desk and putting your coat back on. Hotch and Rossi didn’t say anything, instead just watching you from afar with disappointment plastered upon their faces.

“Let’s get out of here,” you heard Hotch grumble as he and Rossi sauntered off. You waited for Reid to put his messenger bag over his head before walking towards the elevator.

The two of you stood in silence as you waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor. The doors opened, releasing you from the awkward tension. You headed straight for the drivers seat of the black SUV, knowing perfectly well that Spencer would not be driving.

“Are you ever gonna pick one?” Reid asked as you turned the ignition on.

“Pick one what?” You asked, genuinely confused.

“One of the guys. They all want you, like, badly…” he trailed off, staring out the window. You frowned as you heard the slight hint of annoyance in his tone.

“No they don’t,” you protested. They all just liked you as a friend, you thought to yourself.

“Psh, yeah, okay,” Reid snorted. You stopped at a red light and took it as an opportunity to look over and face him.

“What did I ever do to you?” You blurted out before you were aware of what you were saying. Ever since your first day at the BAU, you had tried your hardest to befriend the genius of the team. Time and time again, you felt yourself embarrassed by his constant rejection. You thought you were a relatively like-able person, but apparently not to Reid.

“What?” Spencer replied, still staring out the window. You put the car in drive again as you saw the green light reflect upon his face.

“Never mind,” you mumbled as you pulled up to the house Penelope had given you the address to. With that, you put the car in park and hopped out the door, hitting it with your hip to close it.

You made your way to the front door, not turning around to make sure Reid was following. If he didn’t care, you wouldn’t either.

The day went by slowly as you questioned and comforted the family of one of the missing boys. You got little to no information from them, not that you had expected to get much. You trudged into the bullpen, throwing your things on your desk. Exhaustion was an understatement at this point, but the team still had work to do. You followed the others as they made their way into the briefing room to compare notes and put together a profile.

“You still up for tomorrow morning?” Hotch asked as he slid into the seat next to you. You groaned, remembering the plans you had made to run at 6 AM.

“Raincheck?” You offered, hoping it wouldn’t ruin his routine too much.

“Sure,” Hotch gave you a sympathetic smile.

“Or you and Morgan could go without me!” You suggested. The two gave each other a look, trying to be quick on their feet with an excuse. There was no way in hell they’d go running together if you weren’t there.

“I’m actually pretty tired,” Morgan responded, faking a yawn. You nodded understandingly as Emily and JJ rolled their eyes simultaneously.

The team finished up for the night, collectively deciding that it would be best to go home and sleep. Nobody was being effective because of how tired they were. You thought you were the last one in the building, taking your time to wrap things up at your desk.

Right as you were signing out of your computer, you heard a stack of papers fall behind you. Swinging around, you saw Reid holding onto his left hand in pain.

“Stupid paper cut,” he groaned as you walked over to where he had dropped all of his work packets.

“Let me see,” you murmured, taking his hand in yours. You swore you saw the light dust of pink spread across his cheeks as you did.

“It’s fine,” Spencer whispered, trying to retract his hand. You gripped him harder, not allowing him to get away so easily. The cut looked pretty deep.

“C'mon,” you spoke softly, motioning for him to follow you. You lead him to the break room, stopping in front of the sink. You turned the handle, letting the faucet run lightly. Once the temperature felt bearable, you stuck his hand under the running water.

“Ow,” he whimpered as the water cleaned out his cut. You put your own hand to your mouth, trying to hide your giggle. “Oh, that’s funny to you?” Reid laughed, something you rarely saw. You smiled up at him, unaware of how close your body was to his. You stared down at his hand as a way to distract yourself from his inviting eyes.

“Y/N?” Spencer whispered so lightly that you almost didn’t hear him. You looked up again, making eye contact this time.

“Hmm?” you hummed in response. The water continued to run as the two of you stood there.

“Don’t pick one.”