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i want to wear your hoodies and stay up talking about the universe with you until 3 am and i want to hold your hand and kiss your face and hug you when im sad and have marathons of our favourite shows 

Jealous - Jeff

Request:  jealous!Jeff imagine where the reader hangs out a lot with Justin and Jeff gets suspicious and when he goes to the readers house so they can chill and have a movie night he freaks when Justin is there but he doesn’t show it and like justin leaves to go hangout with Bryce and Jeff gets sad instead of angry and he’s like “are you cheating on me” but she explains Justin’s home life and that he just needed a place to stay and he apologizes and fLUFF??? Thanks! 

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Jealous - Jeff

You filled two bowls with spaghetti from the serving container in the kitchen before walking back to the living room where Justin was waiting and handed one to him before taking your spot next to him on the couch. This was practically a routine to you two at this point. Anytime he couldn’t escape to Bryce’s he came over, you gave him food, and you would wait for him to talk to you about whatever happened.

“Seth is back at the house.” Justin explained after a few bites of the pasta you’d made for him. He pretty much never had real meals unless it was at your house or Bryce’s so anytime he gave you the chance you insisted on feeding him.

“Did he hurt you again?” You asked softly causing him to nod.

“He wouldn’t stop. I had to get out of there and I couldn’t get a hold of Bryce. Thank you for this Y/N, you’re always there and it means a lot.” He said before shoving more food in his mouth.

“Of course, that’s my job as your best friend. You can stay here as long as you need to.” You told him looking up from your own food. Before Justin could say anything in response the front door opened behind you and Jeff walked in.  

“Hey babe, I brought the movies.” He said grinning at you and walking towards the couch, slightly pausing when he saw Justin, “hey Justin.”

“Hey babe, there’s more food in the kitchen join us.” You said scooting over allowing him a spot on the couch. He nodded and sat next to you, putting his arm around you.

“I’m not hungry, so are we still up for our movie marathon?” He asked looking over at Justin, “is he joining us?”

Justin glanced down at his phone, “Actually looks like Bryce is finally calling me back so I’ll head to his place. Thanks for the food Y/N.”

He walked back to the kitchen and put it away before saying his goodbye and leaving hastily. You knew full well he was trying to give you two alone time.

The minute the door closed Jeff turned to you, “Are you cheating on me?”

Your eyebrows furrowed together and your heart stopped. You would never do anything to hurt Jeff and you couldn’t help but be surprised that he thought otherwise. Jeff was never the jealous type in general and you tended to forget sometimes that he could still get insecure when you spent too much time with other guys.

“Jeff no.” You said simply while trying to find the right words, “I would never do that to you. I love you so much and I only want you.”

“I trust you, I just get worried. You spend a lot of time with Justin and I really don’t want to lose you.” He said sighing. You could hear the concern in his voice and the look in his eyes hurt you. He looked so hurt and you hated it. You hated that someone as amazing as him could get insecure.

“Justin is just a friend. He has a bad home life so I let him stay over here anytime he needs it but I promise you nothing is going on,” You tried to reassure him, “You will never lose me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know, I shouldn’t have gotten so jealous. I trust you.” He told you.

“Jeff you’re allowed to feel jealous, I get it.” You responded, you didn’t want him feeling bad just for getting jealous.

He pulled you in closer as you leaned your head on him, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Jeff,” You said looking up to softly kiss him, “and I always will.”

“Being Fuckable does not mean being date-ble.” [Dylan O’brien] Pt. 2

2,400 words!!

It’s been so long and I’d like to apologize for being so late on this. I wish I could say what’s been going on in my personal life but I can’t, guys. But it’s finally here!! Feel free to re-read part one to refresh your memory a bit if you want: Part 1

sorry if there’s any errors.


My eyes felt the sensation of the sun as I tried to adjust to the lighting. Something was particularly different this morning. 

For one, my back was pressed against a muscular figure as arms were around my waist holding me tightly. At first, I was about to freak out, but then I realized the familiar surroundings of the room. 

It was Dylan’s room.

A moment of relief hit me but quickly washed away when my mind focused on his arms around me again. His body started to shift hinting at me that he was waking up. 

Quickly, I closed my eyes again to avoid any awkward event that might take place if both of us were awake at the same time in the current position. 

As my eyelids remained shut, I felt him lift his head up to check my side of the bed. I began to feel his stare boring into me because of the shadow covering the light, but I stayed the same. 

His head started to go back to the position he was in as I started to wonder what the hell was he thinking.

At first I thought he would get up or get away from my touch, but my doubts soon disappeared as I felt his hands tightening my stomach more, pulling me closer.

My mouth slightly opened causing me to form a slight smile. Dylan never accidentally spooned someone. In fact, he never moved in his sleep, well not that I knew off. 

He always said he needed his side of the bed all to him because touches caused him to get too hot at night. 

I came to the conclusion that he chose to bring me to his arms, there was no other explanation, and the fact that he pulled me close proved my theory. This was new, and it made me feel warm inside. I wasn’t questioning anything.

“Dylan,” I spoke, afraid that if he knew I had awoken he would stop doing what he was doing. Curiosity was killing me though.

“Mmm?” Was all he responded, as if everything he was doing was a normal thing to do to your best friend. 

“What time is it?”

“8:23 Why?” I could feel his breathing in the back of my neck as chills quickly went down my spine.

His mouth, it was so close to my shoulder. It was amazing. 

I wanted to see his expression at the moment so I decided to face his direction. His arms were no longer wrapped around my stomach even if I wish they still were. “I have to go to my classes later.” 

“But it’s barely eight in the morning.” A slight pout formed in his lips, very adorable, yet his eyes were still in a sleep-like state as he opened them briefly in moments.

“Dylan, you know how long I take when I get ready even If I don’t intend to, plus I still have to drive to my house, take a shower, make myself breakfast, FEED my dog and you-” I went on and on as he decided to stop me. 

His hands snaked around my waist yet again, pulling me close just as I was they were a minute before. This time, his lips were only an inch away from me as my nerves started to kick in. His eyes were now set fully on me as his pupils dilated. 

“5 more minutes.” He closed his eyes again. His voice was dominant and way more confident than I have ever seen him. 

It only made me wonder why he was acting so touchy. Why wasn’t he mad anymore? It soon started to eat at me at what I might of done the night before. Did my drunk self do anything stupid?

Of course I know we didn’t hook up, I was still in my dress and he was fully clothed as well. Dylan had too much respect in him.

“I have to go. My head hurts and you ran out of aspirin.” I made the excuse acting as if I wasn’t just leaving to recollect my thoughts from last night.

His head shot up as soon as I got away from his touch. “Yeah, um okay.” I heard as I left him there to sleep alone. As much as I wanted the sensation to last, I had to figure out what was going on.

Translation for; I was going to avoid it all day, get my errands done, then go over to ask Dylan in a nonchalant way on our movie night marathon later.

Dylan’s POV.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. (Y/N) reciprocated what I felt for her. She had it all wrong. Everything. 

She completely misunderstood my actions. I see her as the girl I want to do things with but only if we’re in love. The thought of us just having a one night stand and leaving it at just that made my heart ache, I’m so in love with her I can’t believe she never noticed. 

I got pissed off when she said I was just Fuck-able actually. It felt like rejection without the confession before-hand.

Oh god, I wanted my hands all over her so bad today, I kept covering the front of my pants so she couldn’t see what was fuming inside. She made me the craziest how could she ever think I don’t find her desirable?”

Hell, my sexual dreams have always been about her.

I carried her all the way to my room, where she usually sleeps when she gets wasted. She let out low breaths which made me come to the conclusion that she was very much asleep. 

Her eyes started to shift as I positioned her in my bed. 

“No, don’t let me go.” She murmured as she felt the bed beneath her. I felt her hand grab me and start pulling me down, of course I was staying there.

 The rest of the night was bliss.

My mind flash forward back to the present.

She definitely didn’t remember before. Was it the drunk talking? 

Oh god.

I shouldn’t of done that in the morning. 

Your POV.

“Dylan?” I called out as unlocked his door with the key he places for me in case he’s occupied.

“Dylan where are you?”

“Hold on I’m drying off.”

He just took a shower, he’s going to smell so good what the fuck, this timing? I decided to head over to his kitchen and start taking out the snacks we eat on movie nights.

Diabetes written all over them yes.

I heard foot steps approaching and felt myself getting more anxious by the second. Would he be able to tell this annoying emotion I carry? hopefully not.

“Hey so I picked the movies already.”


 When he noticed I didn’t respond he spoke again, “Y/N?”

“What?” I paused, “Oh yeah, great. Now we just have to-” I turned around and there was Dylan with his regular clothes except this time, he was shirtless. 

My sleep wear consisted of pj shorts and a tank top. The usual. He noticed my staring so he decided his eyes were going to roam on me too. He smirked and I felt another episode of tease jokes coming,

 “-Uh to get drinks.” I forced myself to finish the sentence even though all I wanted to do was stare at his body for longer than two seconds.

He stared at me with a poker face and it annoyed me because I couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all. “Okay, let’s go watch the movies.” He laughed.

Unusual? I was so sure his jokes were coming.

Two Hours later, it was back to the regular interactions we always have had. I didn’t even bother asking what I did when I drank even if it was aching at the back of my head. 

The first movie finished and he decided he needed to go to the restroom as I just needed more chips.

After two minutes,

I felt Dylan’s presence once again behind me even if I didn’t know how close he’d really be. “Okay what’s the next movie-” Our chests collided and my mind went blank.

Soon enough, I laughed it off but he remained serious. “Y/N?” 

“Yes?” I answered as we were still in a close position with our lips just inches from touching each other.

Don’t look at his lips. Don’t look at his lips. Don’t look at his lips.

“You should really put on a shirt.”

He ignored me as he continued, “Do you believe that myth that states that children and drunk people always tell the truth?”

“Nope. That’s why it’s called a myth.” I felt myself getting anxious.

“Why..did- did I say something to you? I did didn’t I? I said something stupid now you’re going to throw it in my face. Out with it..” I started freaking out before I could even process or think what could be so dumb that could slip my mind.

He rolled his eyes. “Do you really want to know what you said?” He kept getting closer as I backed away as far as I could every step he took. Once I reached the corner of the counter i knew I was trapped. 

His muscles out in the open weren’t helping my case either.

“I think I heard my phone ring in my room.” I said excusing myself with that lame white lie, The tension back there was going to make me crack. 

“You’re phone is on the couch.”

He stood there in the doorway smirking. I paused in panic not knowing what to do.

“Where was I?“

“You sound like a serial killer stop.” I joked.

“Last night, you said you wanted me to throw you into a bed,” He came closer, moved my body down until I landed on the bed. 

“You wanted me to be on top of you.” He crawled until his face was close to mine again.

“And then,” He kept going as I mentally chocked. 

“A- And then what?” His lips were the center of my attention. He stayed hovering over me, causing me to scream on the inside. I was getting caught up in his teasing, but I was too tired of fighting it.

“Curious aren’t we?” Rasing an eyebrow, he kept staring back and forth at my lips and eyes. There we go with the serial killer voice.

“I’m curious on how far you’re willing to go with this lie.”

“The answer is, very far.”


Before I could finish the sentence his lips were pinned against mine. It took a few seconds for me to process what was going on, after I caught on, I decided to grab him and pull him closer. 

His lips felt exactly like I imagined, my stomach started to spin, and my needs were intensified. 

What I must’ve said must of been pretty smooth or something, surprisingly, nothing was weird it felt like something normal between us. It felt like it was suppose to happen right in that moment.

We broke apart trying to catch our breaths. I looked at him in a shocked, speechless, expression.

He just keep gazing, his lips slowly formed into the cutest smile that I had no idea what was for. The air suddenly felt warm and the vibe was intimate. From the looks of it, Dylan could feel it too.

“I didn’t really say that did I?”

“No.” He smiled. His smile was too happy that it made me wonder what I really said to him.

“Then what was i-”

“You’re in love with me.” His eyes narrowed down as he grinned to himself.

“What?! N-No I’m n-”His lips once again shut me up. I didn’t know where I was even going with this, because my confession caused him to kiss me in the first place which is a good sign?

I pushed myself into him wanting to taste his lips again and again. 

“You tricked me!” He didn’t even let me speak longer he just kept kissing me over and over. My breathing became irregular as I felt his hand slowly enter the inside of my skirt. 

His breathing felt hot against my neck, once his hands gained access to the inside of my underwear, he wasted no time. His fingers were shoved right into me. “Already wet babe?”

“I want your tongue on my clit.” 

“You’re so impatient.” His kisses kept trailing down my body.

“Get the job done, bust the nut faster.” We we’re best friends. Who’s to say my savage way of speaking didn’t also come in the bedroom.

“I hate you I really do.” I laughed as he bit his lip and finally got to his destination. 

“Yeah oka-fuuck!” I moaned as his mouth finally made contact with my clit.

“BEAST.” I said not being able to get caught up on my breathing. His chuckling wasn’t making this better. 

I closed my eyes (as if that was a choice with the pace he was going.) fully taking it all in. 

“Right fucking there.”

“Dylan why the fuck,” moaning, “-have we not done this sooner?”

Once he finished getting me off, 

“Your reading cock-blocked me.”


His sloppy kisses made their way back to my neck. “I’m going to fuck you to make up for all of the times I couldn’t.”

“It’ll show.” 

His dick quickly inserted in me causing my mouth to shockingly open. “YOU BIG FUCKER- DYLAN.” 

He begin to grind against me as my moans began to get out of control. He groaned caressing my cheek.

“Close my mouth with your hands, it’s my all time kink.” 

“But I like your moans.”

I softly screeched as his movements began to get faster. “And I like looking at your hairy arms as you fuck m-” His hand shut me up as his muscles came more into view while my moans were silenced.

He was getting to the climax as I felt him tense up. “Fuck.” We moved faster in sync until he finally released.

“Oh my god.” His huge sigh of satisfaction was so sexy I couldn’t breathe. Slowly, he removed himself from me as his lips met mine once again.

“I’m so in love with you.”

He said, as he now was the one drifting into sleep.
Little Do You Know - Stiles Stilinski Imagine (Part 1)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

A/N: Here’s part 1 of the new Stiles Stilinski fic/series I’m working on. The character Nick who’s mentioned in this story is just a character I made up. I really hope you guys like, I’d love to know your thoughts. If you do like it though make sure to request for more. Sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc.

[Part 1, 2 & 3] - [Masterlist]

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: None.
Word count: 1255

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Falling In Love With You

gif is not mine

Title: Falling In Love With You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 915

Warnings: fluff, implied sex?

A/N: This is for Steph’s ( @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps) Birthday challenge! I know you’re birthday is coming up, so I wanted to get this out there for you to enjoy! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Dean was padding down the halls of the bunker, whistling a random rock tune.  That’s when he heard you singing in the shower.  At first he thought you were listening to music in the shower, but he didn’t hear any music.  You were singing in the shower with no music; and you sounded spectacular.

It made Dean reflect on his feelings for you.  Ever since you joined him and Sam only a few months ago, Dean loved spending time with you.  The way you always laughed at his remarks towards Sam and Castiel.  You always watched Clint Eastwood movies with him on late nights when he couldn’t sleep.  Then there were the times where you saved his life.  You would always look into his eyes with such compassion and concern.  Dean had never given it much thought until now.

“Dean,” you called out, snapping your fingers in front of his face.  “Is anyone home?”  A small giggle escaped your lips as Dean shook his head, looking down at you.  “Welcome back to reality Winchester.  What are you doing just standing in the hall and staring out into space?”

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Just a Pretty Face

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Steamy kissing? So much fluff you’ve been warned

Word Count: 12, 175

Summary: Reader is Peter Parker’s best friend and realizes they are hopelessly in love with him while sifting through all the milestones in the relationship.


A/N: This is my very first fic! I know it’s really long; I may or may not have gotten carried away. It’s mostly a series of memories leading to the point I guess? I read this over before posting it and cringed for my life but here goes nothing! I am a science student, not a writer so please forgive its crappiness. I hope you enjoy it!

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I learned early on in life that being a female I’d have to face many more challenges than any male whether it was in a school setting, career or even buying a god-damned car. My mother told me that even something so mundane like buying car would be another challenge to face with sexist stereotypes. When a man walks into a dealership he is asked what kind of car he is looking for; the specs and all. When a woman walks into a dealership she is asked what color she’s looking for.

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My Best Girl

Summary: Cisco is oblivious to your love for him, and you can’t seem to distance yourself from him. 

Pairing: Cisco x Reader, Cisco x Gypsy

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

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“Cisco!” Caitlin called out for the engineer.

“What?” he questioned coming into the cortex with a Twizzler in between his lips. His eyes darted between Cait, the robot and you. You were sprawled out on the floor, holding an arm of the robot which was dangerously close to your face. Cait was whacking it with a folder, also trying to keep it from destroying her table. Cisco quickly sprang into action, shutting down the manic robot.

“What happened?” he asked while picking you up off the floor.

“Well…” Cait started.

“I had nothing to do with this!” you exclaimed.

Cait sighed, throwing you daggers with her eyes, “Traitor!”

“Guys I spent three days working on that robot, what happened?” Cisco asked again this time sounding a little annoyed.

“You said it was ready to use. I mean the thing was designed to give us an extra pair of hands around the lab, right? So, I needed help testing a couple of samples, all I did was tell it to hold the samples, a second later it started flinging the samples around almost hitting Millie in the face when she tried to stop it. After that it tried to pin us both down, that’s when I called you,” Cait explained. Though he was annoyed and disappointed that another invention failed, hearing that you almost got hurt from it his face softened.

“You okay?”  Cisco asked quietly while looking at you for any signs of cuts.

“I’m okay Cisco. I’m sorry about your robot,” you apologized.

“No, don’t be sorry,” he says while walking over to the robot. “Hey Butterfingers, it’s bad enough that you couldn’t do the job I programmed you to do, but then you try to maime my best girl. You’re going in the incinerator, you hear me?!?!” You laugh at the silly exchange Cisco was having with the robot, while also hiding the blush that crept up your cheeks at Cisco calling you his best girl.

“Don’t be silly Cisco. Just reprogram it or something,” Cait said, as she cleaned up the mess.

“No, no, no. This thing tried to hurt my Millie. No one lays a finger, or in this case, robotic claw on her like that and gets away with it,” Cisco claims, making Cait roll her eyes.

“Calm down, mi Amor. Give poor Butterfingers another chance,” you say throwing your arms around his shoulders and bring his back close to your chest.

“Fine, only because my girl said so. You put a gear out of line again, and it’s to the incinerator, understood?” Cisco warned the robot while you giggled. “Okay, I gotta go or H.R. is gonna mess up my lab. Again.” Before walking out of the cortex he placed a kiss on your cheek, you hoped Cisco didn’t wonder why your cheeks were burning as you mindlessly brought your hand where his lips were a second ago, staring longingly at his retreating figure.

“Ahem,” Cait cleared her throat obnoxiously snapping your attention back to the reality, you tried to ignore her disapproving eyes and raised eyebrows by going over to the med bay, where you were working before the whole robot fiasco took place. After a minute or so of working in silence Cait came over to standing in front of you effectively making you stop in your tracks. “When are you gonna tell him? I’m tired of watching you give him googly eyes!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Cait,” you lie but at her expression, you let out a frustrated, defeated breath.

You had a crush.

No, not a crush, you were in love. Hopelessly head over heels in love with Cisco Ramon, your best friend who only saw you as his best friend. When you first noticed your feelings towards Cisco moved from platonic to romantic you tried to stop yourself. It didn’t help that he kept calling you ‘his girl’ and ‘mi Amor’, hugging you and kissing your cheeks whenever he could. Before you knew it, you feel in love with your best friend, but you knew that Cisco only saw you as a friend. This leads you to the situation you were in now, it hurt you every time you were near him because you could feel yourself falling more and more for him. But you couldn’t bring yourself to put distance between you and him. Everyone around you knew about your feelings for him, but Cisco was oblivious.

“Cait, what do you want me to do? I know that he only sees me as a friend. I’m more afraid of losing his friendship than the rejection,” you said, trying not sound as upset as you were. Cait sighed and pulled you into a hug soothing you.

You were bouncing on the balls of your feet as you got dressed, barely containing the excitement. The reason for your excitement was simple, today’s your birthday. Ever since you started working at S.T.A.R labs, Cisco would go overboard with decorations, presents, and celebrations for your birthday. Two years ago, at your request, he tamed it down to no decorations, a couple presents, and a simple birthday cake, even so, it was always a joyful occasion for you. Today was also Cisco’s and your weekly movie marathon night, doubling your excitement.

Before Cisco and the others came into your life, days like this were filled with tears and despair. Your family died in a car crash when you were a teen since then you moved away from your hometown cutting ties with all extended family as they reminded you of what you lost too much. Thankfully the hole in your heart diminished as your friends turned into your family, and being with them (especially Cisco) made you miss your parents, and siblings less during special occasions like your birthday.

You walked into the cortex and sat down at your station, patiently waiting for Cisco to greet you with the annual birthday hugs and kisses. When you heard, his voice approaching you turned your chair, facing the doorway. Cisco was laughing when he came into the cortex, a sound that filled you from top to bottom with warmth. However, the warmth left you when you noticed the arm that was wrapped around his waist, and the woman attached to his side. Gypsy. Cisco was staring at her with adoration and longing, a look you longed to get from him. It took them a couple of seconds to notice that they weren’t alone.

“Hey, (Y/N/N). Listen Gypsy just dropped in, if anyone asks where I am just tell them I’m out with her. I’ll be there for our movie marathon, okay,” Cisco said, and before you had the chance to process what he said, Gypsy leaned in kissing him. If your brain couldn’t understand what was happening before, it couldn’t comprehend anything right now. All you could focus on was the pain you were experiencing, the heartbreak sending sharp shooting pain through your body. When you opened your mouth to respond to him, you noticed that they had already left. The day that started off joyful quickly turned painful. Shortly after Cisco left, Caitlin, Barry, and HR came into the Cortex laughing about something HR probably said.

Barry immediately noticed your slumped shoulders and uncharacteristic quietness. “Hey, the birthday girl is not supposed to be sad,” he exclaimed coming over to you and throwing his arms around your shoulder. Barry and you shared a brother, sister relationship, you two would relentlessly tease each other, scold one another as well as be each other’s rock. Cisco would repeat from time to time that you both held the ability to read each other’s mind. Naturally, Barry was the first one to notice your feelings for Cisco and he has been the one who encouraged you the most to tell Cisco about them.

“Wait, it’s your birthday? Miss. (Y/L/N) why did you not tell me, I’m going to start on the decorations. Oh, and we must have cake, and presents,” HR starts to ramble but you weren’t in the mood for celebrations. When it came to celebrating your birthday, Cisco would keep you busy the entire day to keep your mind from wandering off to sad thoughts of your family not being there, which would result in you in tears. Coming to terms with the fact that he forgot about your birthday, along with the pain of watching him with another woman, knowing he would never look at you the same way as he looked at her, broke you. Added to that your family’s absence got to you, as well. The tears slipped out faster than you thought and within seconds you were sobbing into Barry’s shoulder. Cait dragged HR out of the cortex, explaining quietly to him why you were crying. It took you a couple of minutes to calm down but once the sobs turned into sniffles Barry took your face in his large hands making you face him.

“Missing them?” he whispers, to which you nod. “Come on, we’re going to my apartment and cooking!” Before you could protest he picked you up bridal style and sped you to his apartment. The rest of the day was spent cooking, and messing around. Cait and HR dropped by half way through the day with presents and cupcakes. Cait and Barry were curious on where Cisco was, knowing how every year he would be the one to remind them of your birthday. Not wanting to upset you further they didn’t ask for his whereabouts. When the sun set, you made your way back to your place, knowing that Cisco wouldn’t skip out on the movie night.

Once at your place, you prepped the couch, adding more pillows and bringing out your plush throws. You also made the popcorn and brought out the other snacks you reserved for this night. You waited and waited for him to show up, checking your phone every five minutes. The pain you felt in the morning returned with more intensity as the time passed with no response from Cisco.  Three hours after he was supposed to show up at your apartment you gave up hope of him coming. Sighing, you picked up the framed picture of your family, hugging it you laid on the couch letting the tears you held back spill out.

It was the annoying beeping of your phone that woke you up, you opened your eyes and put your hand up to shield your eyes from the sunlight piercing through your curtains. Picking up your phone as yet another notification beeps through, you get up from the couch where you guess you feel asleep last night. There was a total of 17 missed calls and 24 messages, 10 of the missed calls and 16 of the messages were from Cisco, the rest from Barry and Cait. Taking note of the time, you rushed to get ready and head over to the lab, not bothering to read any of the messages. You arrived at work a whooping 4 hours late, and when you walked into the cortex Cisco tackled you into a hug. You pushed him off of you, mad at him for not only forgetting your birthday and not showing up to your movie night but also not even having the decency to let you know that he wasn’t going to make it.

“Where were you? I was so worried, mi Amor,” he exclaimed as you brushed past him. Cait, Barry, and HR were all in the cortex, eyes darting from Cisco to you. When you don’t respond to Cisco, he sighs and walks over to your lab station. “Are you mad at me for missing movie night? I’m sorry. It’s just that well, Gypsy only visits occasionally and we have movie night every week it could wait,” he explained. Cait and HR visibly winced at this, realizing exactly how much Cisco hurt you. Barry, on the other hand, was furious, he knew that if Cisco didn’t show up to the movie night, you probably spent the entire night crying. Your eyes stung at those words, he still didn’t remember that yesterday was your birthday. Knowing yourself, you knew if you didn’t get out of this situation soon you would start sobbing, grabbing your things, you tried to make your way out of the cortex. However, you were stopped by Cisco who got a hold of your wrist. “Oh come on, (Y/N/N). It was one night, I said I was sorry, you’re blowing this out of proportion,” that all it took for the tears you were holding back to escape. Hearing you sniffle Cisco’s hold on your wrist faltered, giving you the perfect opening to escape from his grasp. Seeing your crying figure leave the cortex, Barry lost all his cool and went off on Cisco.

“What the hell man?!!” he all but screamed.

“What? I don’t know why it was big deal. I’ve missed movie nights before,” Cisco answered confused.

“Cisco, what was yesterday’s date?” Cait asked, to try and get him to realize his mistake.

“(Y/B/M) (Y/B/D),” Cisco replied it took a couple of seconds for him to realize why you were so upset. He missed your birthday. He completely forgot about it. URGH! How could he forget about his girl’s birthday?

“Oh I messed up,” he sighed, closing his eyes.

“Yeah you messed up,” Barry responded bitterly.

“I need to talk to her,” Cisco said, and started walking out of the cortex.

“Cisco, I don’t think she wants to see you right now,” Barry said, blocking the way out.

“But I have to, I hurt her Barry,” he said trying to swerve past him.

“Cisco, she’s mad at you at the moment. If she sees you, she’ll just be more upset,” Caitlin commented.

Defeated Cisco let’s out a sigh, “How do I fix this?” A deafening silence followed his question and he knew that he was to fix this himself. After leaving the cortex you made it to your car, however, you were in no shape to drive so you sat there crying, hoping that letting it all out of your system will make you feel better. It took a while for the stinging behind your eyes to diminish, and sobs to dwindle down to sniffles. While you were in the car Barry had called you several times along with sending you messages, deciding not to worry him further you called him.

“(Y/N/N), where are you?” he asked as soon as you picked up.

“In my car,” you croaked out.

“Do you want company?”

“No Barry I’m gonna go home now,” you say wanting nothing more than to curl into a ball under the covers. “I promise to call you if things go bad,” you added and bid him goodbye.

You were laying on your couch, curled up underneath your favorite blanket when the doorbell rang. Groaning you get up and open the door, only to be met face to face with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers, there were red tulips along with lilies of the valley. As you grabbed the beautiful flowers from the delivery boy, he wished you a happy belated birthday and left. Confused you closed your door and started to inspect the flowers for a card, upon finding it you opened it to find a simple ‘Sorry’ written on it. From that, it didn’t take that long for you to figure out the sender’s identity. Though you were not willing to forgive him for his actions just yet, you accepted the flowers happily putting them in water.

You went back to laying on the couch, opting to watch Supernatural instead of moping underneath your blankets. Ten minutes into the episode another knock came from your door when you opened it you were greeted by two teen girls holding what looked like 15 boxes of your favorite brand of chocolate. Seeing their struggle, you quickly grabbed some of the boxes from them, they too wished you a happy belated birthday and left. However, you called them back and gave 5 boxes each, when they refused you chuckled, saying chocolate is a medicine that all woman should share with each other. Opening the boxes, you found a note attached to the lid, unfolding it while popping a chocolate in your mouth you moaned in satisfaction as you read the note.

‘I know you were too nice not to share the boxes with the girls that delivered it. Unfortunately, that also means I had to stick this same note to all 15 of the boxes. So, girls if you’re reading this note, please stop. Now. I know I forgot your birthday, and I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me, that I would forget my girl’s birthday. I also know that since I wasn’t there to distract you, you spent the entire day thinking about your family. And on top of that, I had to be an idiot, and not show up to our movie marathon. Not only that, I didn’t even let you know I could make it, you went to sleep holding that framed picture of your family, didn’t you? I’m so sorry, mi Amor. I know that nothing I say can ever make up for the pain I caused you, but I hope I will be able to earn it from you.’

Okay, the mentality you had of not forgiving him was quickly diminishing. You couldn’t help it, the man had a way of making your heart melt. Another ten minutes passed before you had to get up from the couch once again to answer the knocking at your door. This time it was a woman at your door holding a beautiful wooden box, she smiled giving you the box and wishing you a happy belated birthday. There was a card attached to this present as well, it read ‘Put this on and be ready by 6.’ Curious and a little excited you opened the box to find a beautiful sapphire chiffon dress and matching jewelry. Looking at the time you noted you only had an hour to get ready, you quickly put on the dress, fixing your hair and makeup. At precisely six there was another knock at your door, this time you were greeted by none other than Cisco, dressed in a suit with his tie matching your dress. He held a single rose out to you, you smiled as you grabbed it, putting it in the vase with the others flowers he got you.

“I know that it may seem obligatory to tell your date that they look beautiful but mi amor you look stunning,” he says.

“Date?” you ask with raised eyebrows.

“Yes,” he said and offered his arm to you which you took. He walked you to a fancy restaurant, a little nervous. Feeling the nervousness come off him, you veered the conversation towards something he was more familiar. And within minutes he was back to being his usual happy sassy self. After dinner, he walked with you to a park where he got fidgety and nervous again, once you came to a pond he stopped and moved in front of him.

“(Y/N/N), I am so sorry for forgetting your birthday and I know how much it must have hurt when I didn’t show up to our movie night as well. Amor, when you left the Cortex crying I was afraid that I lost you forever. When that thought came to my mind, I realized just what you mean to me. (Y/N/N), I can’t imagine my life without you, I don’t think I could survive a single day without seeing your smiling face. I’ve been an oblivious idiot for long enough, I love you, I love you so much. Please give me a chance and be my girlfriend?” he exclaimed, holding tightly to your hands. His speech left you with very few words to say, and after a couple of minutes of silence, Cisco lets go of your hand with a crestfallen face. Sighing he turns away from you, “I understand. I mean I never expected someone as beautiful as you to agree to be in a relationship with me. I mean you are way out of my league, I just hope this won’t affect our friendship. I really don’t want to lose you, gosh I just messed everything up didn’t I? I’m such an id-“ You stopped Cisco’s rambling by crashing your lips to his, it took him a second before matching the kiss with the same amount of passion you had.

“Cisco Ramon, you are an idiot,” you laughed pulling away from him, “Only because you were totally oblivious to my love for you for this long.”

“You love me?” Cisco asked quietly afraid he might have heard you wrong.

“Yes, Cisco I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“FINALLY!!!” Cisco and you jumped at the sound coming from a large bush near the pond. Cisco moved slightly in front of you as you watch Barry, Cait, and HR get up from their hiding spot, brushing the dirt and leaves off them.

“How long have you guys been following us?” you ask amused at your disheveled friends.

“Since the restaurant,” HR confessed before Barry or Cait could come up with a lie.

“Hey Cisco, hurt her-“ Barry started.

“And I’ll freeze your balls,” Cait finished, smirking evilly. Cisco’s expression at the comment was priceless, you knew he was imagining at Killer Frost grabbing hold of his manhood. Shuddering at the thought yourself, you couldn’t help but laugh at his alarmed and within moments the rest of the huddle were clutching their sides laughing. Cisco pulled you in for another kiss, holding you close and beaming at you as he let go, giving you the expression that you had seen him give many women before, but this time it was different. Not only was it aimed at you, there were adoration and longing, but there was also love in his expression.

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  1. ICE AGE 1 the only good ice age movie and only one i recommend, best written blue sky movie, has nice music and surprisingly dry humour if you’re only familiar with the sequels. actually delivers emotion.
  2. ICE AGE 3 inherently superior to ice age 2 because the possums were given considerably less screentime and the weasel guy is actually entertaining. i just recently clued in that he was voiced by simon pegg which explains how that saved the movie.
  3. ICE AGE 2 THE GODDAMN POSSUMS. it would almost be passable without them, also the sea monsters were cute.
  4. ICE AGE 4 actually the worst. no redeeming qualities. literally does the rebellious teen daughter who learns to value family story. but with pirates. diego does not need a girlfriend.


Friends and Class Marathon (Best of)

-The song is okay I guess*three episodes later*WE GO ON AND ON AND ON AND ON

-You see Ram’s hot but Matteusz and Charlie are cute.

-The coach is hot.

-(Charlie)so precious!

-I want April’s dress.

-I don’t care. I ship it. (About the 12th Doctor and miss Quill.)

-Blood. Blood and more blood.


-I want to combine with you…wow smooth

-No! He can’t kiss April! No! Ram’s mine! Back off!

-“I actually ship Ram and April.”“You are no longer my friend! Ram is mine.”

-They had sex. The Shadow Kin had sex. RIP eyes.

-The only couple allowed to sail in this show is Marlie!


-See now I know why you love Detained so much…YOU’RE EVIL

-Is he telling the truth? Is he afraid of Charlie? HE CAN’T! HE LOVES HIM! IT’S A LIE!


-This episode should be called “Lets all attack Charlie”


-There are only eight episodes and we had like 4 sex scenes.

-Oh nooooo

-Why are you laugh—NOOOOO RAM’S DAD

-“Will April finally die?”*another friend throws pillow at her*“RAM WILL BE MINE ONE DAY!”


-What now? Is she dead? No she can’t be dead!



-These angels look creepy.


Adventures of Mini Picard & Q

P: Q what the hell have you done? Get out of that box this instant and fix this!
Q: That might be rather difficult, considering I’m stuck in a box.  

P: Fine, I suppose I’ll get you out myself!

Q: Thank you, mon capitaine~! ♥ I was beginning to feel terribly claustro–”


P: Q, I honestly didn’t know you weren’t responsible for this, I only assumed–
Q: ;~;
P: I really am sorry! I’ll make it up to you.

Q: Are you being serious right now? I don’t eat.
P: It was all I could find.

Q: How about some transportation? 

Q: All aboard~! ♥
P: Not without my saddle.

Being a MSTie: On Both Sides of the Screen

Hey!  My name is Rebecca Hanson.  I’ve been a MSTie for over half of my life. And for the past year I’ve been a writer, Gypsy and Synthia on Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return.  I bet you’d like to know how this all happened.  I am more than happy to tell you all about it.  Now that I can!

One Saturday in November 2013, Joel Hodgson (creator + original host of MST3K), Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Clayton Forrester + Crow T. Robot) and Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) came to Chicago to speak at the Museum of Broadcast Communications because it was the 25th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  My friend Kevin had posted on Facebook that he was bummed to be out of town for this grand event but if any of his friends could go that would make him feel better about it.  Thankfully, I was in town that weekend and so was my husband, Tim, and our two friends, Ross and Nikki.  The four of us met up at the MBC happy to be out of the cold, grey autumnal rain.  We found pretty decent seats.  I could not see the panel that well but once Joel started speaking, I was instantly calmed yet exhilarated and magically transported back to my college days where we spend certain weekends we didn’t have shows (I was a theatre/speech major so a decent amount of my college weekends were spent rehearsing and performing) at various peoples’ houses or dorm rooms watching as many episodes as my friend Jason’s dad could fit onto a VHS tape.  These were the days before streaming or even DVD’s for that matter.  Jason’s dad would record episodes of MST3K from Comedy Central and the (then) Sci-Fi channel for us to devour in our small, cloistered college town in northwestern Iowa.  The Mondays after our MST3K Marathon Watching weekends, my stomach would hurt from all of the gut-busting giggles we let out while watching these hapless fools with their robots make miserable movies magical with their humor.  It was an incredibly bonding time with this group of friends and it also made me realize, hey - these guys aren’t too far from me - I mean, I only grew up Iowa, a few hours south of The Cities and these guys were making comedy (and a whole universe, really) that looked deceptively simple that I could not get enough of.  I was inspired by it all.  

And that Saturday in November 2013 (many years after college), to be in Chicago, with my friends and husband - each of us had moved to Chicago at different times for the sole purpose of learning all forms of improv and sketch comedy to become performers and each one of us was (and still is/are) - was an extra special experience to share.  

After these fine gents were done speaking, they opened it up for a Q & A.  There was a little voice who waited patiently as other grown-ups asked their questions, when it was finally this little voice’s turn, he asked Trace, “How old is Crow?” 

And Trace said, “Well - how old are you?” 

“EIGHT!” the little voice proudly shared.

“Well, that’s how old Crow is, too.”

Cue the tears streaming down all of our faces as the discussion wrapped and a bunch of us bee-lined it to merch.  My husband and I bought a DVD set then, along with our friends Ross and Nikki, headed to the line where everyone was waiting to get things signed by ‘Joel Robinson and the Mads’.  As Ross, Tim, Nikki and I were waiting, we were scheming.  Ross was part of the Mainstage cast at Second City and Tim had understudied that show the night before. Nikki, Tim, Ross and I all performed with Second City in various capacities so we knew we could all do the improvised set that happens after the second show on Saturday nights.  We were wondering if Joel, Trace or Frank would care to join us on stage?  The thing is, we are all pretty mild-mannered, if not down-right shy at times.  But since I was not part of that particular cast that evening, I decided that I would be the one to ask them once we got up to the table… 

But as we approached the table, Joel exclaimed to Trace and Frank, “Hey! These are the Second City Guys!” And Ross, Tim, Nikki and I lost our minds! Unbeknownst to anyone, Joel had been to the Mainstage show the night before and immediately recognized Ross and Tim (they’re both very strikingly tall, handsome and funny dudes).  We all exchanged pleasantries and had our postcards signed and took pictures with them. 

I told Trace how much he (and the whole MST3K gang) influenced and shaped our comedic voices and God Bless that sweet Trace Beaulieu, he said, “You already had it in you.” 


We asked them if they would be interested or available to come play the set that at Second City that night.  Their travel schedules did not allow it.  But Joel said he would be interested in getting dinner with us if we could.  Of course, all of our little comedy-nerd hearts burst at this invite.  Joel, Ross and Tim connected on Twitter (I was not on Twitter at that point) so we could arrange a time and place.  Luckily, Joel was cool with eating on the earlier side since so many of us had shows that night.  And more luckily (?) he was cool with us inviting the casts of the Mainstage and etc to join us. 

We met and dined at Adobo Grill (the Mexican restaurant that would nearly two years later, burn to the ground and take a good chunk of Second City with it) at a sensible hour.  I sat right next to Joel Hodgson, my long-time comedy hero and we chatted it up about Minnesota, Valleyfair! Amusement Park and all things Midwestern.  As our food was being served to us, Joel said in his thick Midwestern Mom voice, “Should we saaay graaaaace?” 

I said, “Oh, for nice, we should, ya.”

All of us were in awe to dine upon fine Mexican cuisine with the guy who created the show so many of us memorized and loved for so many years.  It was very cool.  I did ask Mr. Hodgson if he would mind getting a picture with just Tim and myself.  He very kindly obliged.

Oh, it was such a nice supper!  Oh, we were so happy!  Uff da, it was so nice! THE END. 


A few weeks later, Joel direct messaged Tim on Twitter to wish us both a Merry Christmas.  


In July of 2014, I came home from Second City and Tim was playing a video game.  He had a smirk on his face.  Tim told me that Joel Hodgson just messaged him, wondering if he could get my phone number… 

I looked my dear husband in the eye and said, “Do. Not. Mess. With. Me.” for I thought he was playing some sort of stupid joke on me.  Which is really not his style at all but — why would Joel remember me and want my info, not Tim’s? He had given Tim his phone number so… I called him.

I called Joel Hodgson’s cellular telephone device with my own cellular telephone device.  I wasn’t shaking at all.  I wasn’t at all nervous.  I wasn’t at all —- mentally barfing with excitement…. 

Joel wondered if I was able or interested in helping him on the final day of Wizard World in Rosemont, IL, that next month (August).  Would I be willing to hang out with him all day, at his booth, and help him talk to all of his adoring fans and learn some lingo and just hang out? 

With him?

With Joel Hodgson?


“Daaaaahhhhhhhhhh, yeah, Joel, noooo problem!” I says to him. 

So, a few nights before I was to hang out with him at Wizard World, he and his friend, Julie (who was helping him the first few days), Tim and I met up for dinner to chat more and she would give me more of the low down on what I needed to do that Sunday at the convention.  So - yeah, Tim and I were gonna have dinner (again!) with Joel!  How cool are we?

I will tell you something I have learned about Joel through the years: if there is some sort of deviled egg option on a menu - he will order it.  And enjoy it. 

Another fun dinner in the books with Joel, I got my info, we all headed our separate ways and that Sunday arrived and I drove out of the city to Rosemont to attend my very first comic book convention (or as most of you say Con) as Joel Hodgson’s Helper. 

It was pretty amazing - all of the costumes, all of the various celebrities, we had (of course) all-access to where ‘the stars’ eat and that was a trip, just seeing all of these people going through a buffet line like they were regular people but only regular people go through buffet lines NOT COMIC AND TV STARS!?!?! THEY ARE JUST LIKE US, I TELL YOU!!! 

After we ate - okay - I barely ate because I was too nervous but I was thankful for fizzy brown caffeine so I slammed that down - Joel and I were lead by security to this little ‘room’ made of pipe and drape so various people could get their picture taken with Joel by a photographer with a proper camera.  I shared some of my spearmint Altoids with Joel (I am good at making sure people have fresh breath) and checked that his hair was in place (he had been wearing a hat earlier) for all of the pictures with his adoring fans. After that photo session, we were lead by security again to Joel’s booth, where he unpacked Tom Servo from the suitcase he was carrying (he didn’t even let me hold the suitcase, even though I was there to assist him. Ah, Joel!) and it is here I started tearing up a bit because I had never been so close to Tom Servo (well, at least at that point in my life) before.  Joel stopped and said, “Rebecca - you know this is not The Original Tom Servo or anything.” 

I told Joel, “Just let me have this moment, okay?  Then I’ll be cool.” 

He chuckled and put Tom on the table, along with various Joel Robinson headshots and, I think, a poster that Steve Vance had made, too.  Then we spent a few hours with lovely MSTies coming to meet Joel, get things signed and I took pictures with their phones of them and Joel.  We did this for awhile, then he was going to speak in another room.  As we walked from one section of the convention center to the other, I had mentioned how much I enjoyed the article about MST3K in ‘WIRED’ magazine earlier that year.   “Oh… you read that?” he asked in his droll Joel voice.  

“Uh, yeah, Joel Hodgson.  I did.” I admitted.  I also flat out said, “If you’re in something, I am going to read about you.” 

For the next hour or so, Joel spoke in this huge room.  There were a ton of questions asked by various MSTies, as it was part Q&A.  I took a few pictures of him speaking because I figured he would want some and probably didn’t think of doing that.  He delighted and charmed the whole room and made all of us laugh a lot… 

but as charming and informative as he was, we still did not get the answer we were all secretly hoping for: That Somehow MST3K Would Return.  I honestly do not remember if anyone out-right asked but, come on, how many years (decades) had we all been wishing and hoping that it would happen?!? 

After the Q&A, Joel and I returned to his booth.  He smiled more and signed more and then it was the end of the day.  I asked him if I could possibly get a picture with him and Tom?  He wondered who would take it for us.  I said I would. Welcome to Selfies, Joel.

We loaded up the booth and he wanted to pay me - which, BELIEVE ME hanging out with him all day was payment enough, I refused, but then he insisted and then he really wanted to do the bit where he literally payed me under the table - so yes, he gave me cash under the table and told me not to blow it all on drugs.  (I only blew half of it on drugs!) 


but as we were leaving the convention center and I will never forget this, he said how he was hoping to some day get MST3K back but who knew if all the sea of legal stuff could even be crossed at that point?  But he said, “If I were ever to get it going again, do you think you and Tim would want to write on it?” 


“DAMNIT, JOEL, YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY AGAIN!  ON AN ESCALATOR!!!” I couldn’t even be cool about or not emote.  I kind of got it together enough to say, “Yes.  Please.  That would be the highest honor Tim or I could ever imagine.  Yes.” 

Then we made sure his taxi was cool with getting him from his hotel to O’Hare and I got into my Subaru and caught my breath a bit. I thought about texting Tim this crazy thing Joel had said to me but could not put it in writing.  I almost thought that would hex it.  And, I honestly thought that Joel was just being nice to me by saying that because I had helped him out all day. But as soon as I got home, I spewed out to Tim: “JoelHodgsonsaidtomyfaceifMST3KevergetsbackontheairwouldyouandIwanttowriteonit?!?”

Tim was also as dumbfounded as me.  I said, “I told him thank you and I kinda started crying on the damn escalator and I said it would be our honor.  But, I think he was just being nice to me because I helped him today so let us never think of this again.  Just know he said it.  Then we have to forget it.” 

Cuz - that’s the kinda thing ya just forget about, right? 

April 2015 comes along.  Joel was coming to Chicago again to promote ‘Other Space” on Yahoo! Screen.  He asked if Tim and I would want to get together for dinner again?  This time, he really wanted Chicago style pizza.  “Is it lame, Rebecca, to want to have Chicago style pizza in Chicago?  Am I just a lame tourist by wanting that?” he asked me over the phone.  

“Not at all, Joel.  Do you mind if we have some friends (more of your adoring fans) join us?” I asked.  He was cool with it.  He met up with us.  We devoured some Chicago style pizza with our friends, Kevin and Carisa. It was about a week after my birthday.  It was raining again.  Joel was able to come see Tim (and Carisa) in his etc show at Second City.  I went along, too. Someone from Yahoo! Screen met us there but I can’t remember her name. Joel laughed a lot during the show.  I made sure he did not forget his umbrella.  He could not make it to my Improvised Sondheim Project show because it was at like 11:00 that night and he had to be up early to promote the next day.  We parted ways.  

I do not have a picture of this meeting to share with y’all.  You will just have to believe me that we all at Lou Malnati’s pizza together.  Okay? 

So, a few months pass and the Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 goes up in mid-November.  Tim and I each contributed because we are long time fans of the show.  We watched it before we even knew each other.  It was one of the very few things we actually had in common when we first started dating and - you get it at this point - we freaking love this show!  Neither one of us even said, ‘Do you think Joel will remember what he said at Wizard World?’ 

We could. not. bring. our. selves. to. even. say. it.

In December 2015 we all know that when it closed, it was The Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign for TV and Film in the history of Kickstarter.  

On New Year’s Eve Day 2015, my phone rings. It is Joel Hodgson.  “Hi, Joel!” I answer.  He immediately says, “Looks like we got the money!  Are you in? Is in Tim in?” 


I just looked at Tim and he could tell that all of our dreams were coming true.  I put Joel on speaker.  “Really, Joel?  Really?  YES!!!!  I thought you were just being nice to me the day I helped you at Wizard World - I didn’t know you really wanted us to write!’ I exclaimed.

He went on to say that not only did he want us to write but he wanted us to maybe be on camera but wasn’t sure of those details yet but wanted to make sure we’d be in for the next step.  Then he wished us a Happy New Year.


We were going to write on the show that formed us both as comedians, writers, performers - heck, as People!  We could not believe it. 

Later in January 2016, Joel called me to ask if I would be willing to play a clone of Mary Jo’s (aka Pearl Forrester) … I do not remember if he had named her yet or not but, yeah, he asked if I would be Synthia.  Because, I guess, during all of these interactions we’ve had over the years, he thought I looked a lot like Mary Jo Pehl. 

Then he asked if Tim would be willing to be more of a silent character on camera, as an Observer type of character (he hadn’t come up with those names yet, for sure, I do remember that) and do we have a friend we work with who is funny yet the exact physical opposite of Tim?  We did!  His name is Zach Thompson (the three of us had worked at ComedySportz Chicago together for years) and Joel was like, “Cool.  Do you think he’d like to be in MST?” And we asked Zach and Zach said yes and told Joel then Joel was like, “Cool.  I’ll get in touch with him.” And then our good buddy Zach was on board!

I wrote on two episodes of Season 11.  In March and April of 2016, I was writing on ‘The Loves of Hercules’ and ‘Cry Wilderness’.  I did not know which episodes they would be.  I did not really know what Synthia would be.  I did not know anything else.  I did not fully believe everything was actually happening. I did take a picture to remember because I was still in (happy) shock AND, also, this was the beginning of Keeping Big Secrets. 

In July 2016, I had some downtime from the freelance copywriting gig I had been doing and I had no shows, so I went to visit my sister in Texas so I could be with her twin daughters (my nieces) for their THIRD birthday.  One day, the four of us girls decided we were going to go to IKEA before their big party and on the way there, Tim was frantically calling and texting me.  I guess Joel was wanting to conference call us.  He did not know that I was not in Chicago with Tim but down in the heart of Texas.  Long story short - I took the conference call while sitting in a fake living room set at IKEA.  Harold Buchholz, Joel, Tim and I were all chatting it up a bit.  They wanted to see if we would be available to possibly take things on the road one day and to also talk about shoot dates in Los Angeles for the actual episodes and then Joel Hodgson asks, ‘And Rebecca, I was wondering if you would want to be the voice of Gypsy?’ 




At this point in the call, I had made my way out to the parking lot because it was too loud inside the IKEA, too many people were interested in the couch I was sitting on in the living room set, and I knew I needed air and I just. I just could. I just could not. I just could not believe. I just could not believe that. I just could not believe that Joel. I just could not believe that Joel asked… 

It was silent on my end for a bit.  He said, “Rebecca - think about it and I’ll ge—” and I totally cut him off. 

Y E S ! ! !

“Well, you think about it and get back to me tomorrow, it’s -” 

“Joel, I don’t need to think about it.  Yes.  Are you sure?  Yes!  This is my dream come true.  No need to think.  Yes.  Yes, I will be the voice of Gypsy.” 

I do not really remember how that phone call ended but for a few minutes there, it was just Tim and I on it.  Joel and Harold must have hung up but Tim (in Chicago) and I (in Texas) were still on.  I do remember I had found a picnic table and chairs display set up out in the parking lot of IKEA because I somehow was seated when I asked Tim, “Did Joel Hodgson really ask me, Rebecca Hanson, out loud, on the phone, in front of you and Harold, to be the voice of Gypsy?” 

And Tim said, “Yes, Sweetheart.  He did.  It is Your Dream Come True.  You’re going to be The Voice of Something.  You’re going to be the voice of Gypsy.  On Mystery Science Theater 3000.” 

I went back into IKEA to find my sister and nieces eating pasta and meatballs in the cafeteria.  My almost-three-year-old-nieces were excited to dip their pasta into the red sauce.  I was excited to be the voice of Gypsy.  My sister asked if I was okay.  I told her what happened.  She instantly teared up for me.  My nieces got marinara on their cute dresses.  It was a Red (Sauce)Letter Day for us Hanson Girls. 

So - yeah.  I’ll stop here.  There is more to tell and say but I don’t know if I’ll ever properly explain or express just how thankful and grateful and honored and excited and amazed and blown-away I am by this whole magical ride.  I have been performing and writing and singing and making-things-up for a living for a long time.  I’ve met and worked with a lot of people on TV and stage; some of them were so cool and some were not.  I had reached a point, too, where I was not sure if I should keep doing all of this.  So - I share this with you from a place of hope.  I hope this can inspire you if you are in a place of uncertainty.  Or if you are in a place of security, I hope it inspires you, too.  If you’re in a place where you can make good things happen for other people, do it.  And I do not mean just in the entertainment industry but in any walk of life: Encourage Others. Encourage Yourself.  It helps keeps Us All Runnin’.  


I will forever be thankful to + for this Cool Dude, right here: 

Joel + me at the MST3K Experiment 1101 Chicago Premiere in February 2017. 

During our last Harry Potter Marathon, a friend of mine suddenly asked, “wait, are that Romulus and Remus in the background?”

Now, I couldn’t find any historical depiction that proves that these are actually supposed to be Romulus and Remus (one seems to have feminine features but hey, who knows), but I’m 100% convinced that Snape included them in his presentation, like

“Look at this picture of Romulus and Remus
Nice names aren’t they
Look at me being oh so subtle with my snazzy pictures and my snazzy magic projector
Now turn to page 394”

- Nico

Tickles (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Happy (early) Valentine’s Day guys! I joined the Valentine’s Day Drabble Writing Challenge put together by @oneshot-shit to bring you guys some happiness during this lonely (at least for me) holiday. I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Prompt/Dialouge Inspiration: “Stop it! It tickles!”

Summary: You return to the tower after a particularly draining mission and find that Bucky has a Valentine’s gift planned for you.

Other Characters: Natasha

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, (and almost smut?? Or just regular smooching, I’ll leave that up to you guys)

Word Count: 620

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

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mira-jadeamethyst  asked:

Poly Sanders, 18 please? Or 18 and *anyone* with Morality--*someone* on the Discord server gave me *feels* about touch-starved Mor' and I need fluffy cuddles for him now.

I sent this to you to check because you’re one of the few poly people I know so haha anyway EDIT: WAIT WHAT I HAVEN’T POSTED THIS???

18. “Cuddle me” 

Summary: Patton has a bad day, and the others make up for it.

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