our lovely slaves gave us this

Keep your lives free from the love of money. And be satisfied with what you have. God has said, I will never leave you; I will never run away from you.

God knows our needs and He delights in giving it. He doesn’t want us to be a slave to earthly needs that we think of it more that we think of Him. Contentment is us seeing that what He give, is what we need now. What He doesn’t give, we don’t need now. Being satisfied is knowing that everything He does is good.

God gave us money to be used not to worship, He gave us blessings to be a source of gratefulness rather than greed. Sometimes the good things we have can be a curse rather a blessing when it became an idol to us. When we seek for it more than we seek God. 

When God says i will never leave you, it means that the God who created the universe has His eye upon you. The God who is the most powerful above all is with you. So why worry? When you have God, you have everything. 

Been IB-free for nearly two years now...

But reading this still makes me laugh/cry/fall of my chair. It’s funny when you get to uni and people ask “so what schooling system did you go through?” …the answer takes a while and leaves people thinking that you’re some sort of devil child for having put yourself through that.
Oh, and ex-IB students *always* find each other and have ‘bitch about the IB’ session. No matter where in the world you end up!

IB bio lab reports

as IB kids, we not only procrastinate the hell out of everything, but we procrastinate the hell out of everything WITH STYLE.  last year, when I had IB Biology first block of the day, I, of course, waited until last minute (before school started) to work on lab reports.  This resulted on me typing up the lab reports in my car and printing them out in my car…

How? I hooked up a cigarette power adaptor, plugged in my printer, and printed out my labs in the backseat of my car.