our lovely fantastic four

Thoughts on current(ish) dramas

Blow Breeze (Korea): Checked it out because the premise sounded intriguing, dumped it two episodes in. Despite the premise, it seems like a typical weekend family drama, where I have problems keeping who is who straight. I also had zero interest or investment in these people. Combine with the fact that I am not a fangirl for anyone in the show, and you get DROPPED.

Cinderella and Four Knights (Korea): I wanted to like it, I did. The heroine was spunky and I am a big fan of Jung Il Woo (less a fan of his ability to pick up projects. The only drama of his I unabashedly loved was his debut Return of Iljimae.) But it’s too slapsticky and cheaply filmed, not to mentioned old-fashioned. It feels like it could have come out a decade ago and, while I love decade-old dramas, I only like them when they were made back then! So DROPPED.

Fantastic (Korea): Fan of the leads (Park Si Yeon needs more recognition. Joo Sang Wook stole my heart forever in Giant.) But the fact that the vibe didn’t click with me (a little too goofy) and the fact that I tend to avoid terminal illness dramas like the plague (pun intended) resulted in this one being DROPPED.

Ice Fantasy (China): High fantasy is where it’s at, baby! I am obsessively in love with this one, almost as much as I would have been if it came out when I was 14 (the reams of bad fanfic I would have written!) Sure, it has plot holes and is a bit too much in love with CGI, but it has a cool plot, pretty visuals, a ton of awesome ladies, a great sibling relationship, an OTP to die for, and a hero that makes my biggest Legolas dreams come true. Definitely a KEEPER. 

Love 020 (China): cute and I like the leads, but ultimately I have yet to find a contemporary cdrama to hook me. I am watching this, but in a desultory fashion. Ultimately, I prefer angst to fluff so this continues a MAYBE.

Moon Covered by Clouds (Korea): started out as fluffiest fluff and I thought I’d drop it, but it suddenly ratcheted in intensity - keeping the comic beats while discovering heart and conflict and making me get so very obsessed and becoming a KEEPER.

Moon Lovers (Korea): after episode 1, it was, at most a maybe. Now, after ep 3, it’s an obsession. Ostensibly remake of the Chinese smash hit Bu Bu Jing Xin, it’s pretty clearly its own thing that has veered off deliciously. I am there for the pretty and the future romance…oh, hell, who am I kidding? I am in it for gorgeous Lee Jun Ki, long hair blowing in the wind, bloodily angsting and longing for love. Pretty much a Yuu Watase manga come to life (TAMAHOOOOOOME!!! :P) So yes,a  KEEPER.

Novoland: Castle in the Sky (China): OK, I know it technically already ended, but I am still catching up. Speaking of manga come to life - this has it all, a special heroine, a tortured smirky hottie who is devoted to her, lots of tasty angst, wings! This is pretty much perfect and a KEEPER.

Our Gab Soon (Korea): OK, I admit I am sort of hate watching it because I don’t want Gab Soon to stick with her loser boyfriend and I am watching a 50 ep weekend drama (!!!!) in hopes of an event that will clearly won’t happen. BUT! I adore Gab Soon (and her actress, Kim So Eun, I will pretty watch in anything). Her loser boyfriend is hot, despite the loseriness, I like observing dysfunctional relationships, and I hope he will grow up and it will be painful. And rage at him is quite entertaining. So surprising even myself, this one is a KEEPER.

Uncontrollably Fond (Korea): despite the terminal illness, I was on board (cautiously.) But then the writer separated the couple for the bulk of the drama and heaped misery upon misery on them for no discernible reason. Only a masochist would have stayed the course of contstant misery, zero OTP times and a guaranteed tragic ending, and I don’t qualify. Sorry,  Kim Woo Bin, I adore you, but your drama finally got DROPPED.

W Two Worlds (Korea): My drug, my tasty drug! Has Lee Jung Suk ever made a drama I didn’t love (nope - loved, I Hear Your Voice, School 2013, Doctor Stranger, and Pinocchio). This one hurts my brain and makes me ship and claw at my chair. ILY show and you are  a KEEPER.