our lady's glass

Here in the electric dusk your naked lover
tips the glass high and the ice cubes fall against her teeth.
It’s beautiful Susan, her hair sticky with gin,
Our Lady of Wet Glass-Rings on the Album Cover,
streaming with hatred in the heat
as the record falls and the snake-band chords begin
to break like terrible news from the Rolling Stones,
and such a last light—full of spheres and zones.
        you’re just an erotic hallucination,
just so much feverishly produced kazoo music,
are you serious?—this large oven impersonating night,
this exhaustion mutilated to resemble passion,
the bogus moon of tenderness and magic
you hold out to each prisoner like a cup of light?

Denis Johnson, “Heat,” The Incognito Lounge: And Other Poems (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1994)

“Cathedral of Our Lady of Santa Guadalupe, Paso del Norte, Mexico”

Photographer: Ben Wittick
Date: 1880 - 1890?
Negative Number 015671


Our Fair Lady: Images of Dame Julie Andrews in Western Art #43
Fenestrae Coeli / Windows of Heaven

In honour of Dame Julie Andrews’ 80th birthday on 1st October 2015, the Parallel Julieverse presents a special gallery of eight Julie divinities in stained glass.