our journey from childhood dream to gold

By the time the Ilderton Skating Carnival, the highlight of the local skating calendar, rolled round in April 1998, Tessa & Scott were in a loosely knit partnership. But during the carnival they performed only as singles skaters. It was during their “dating phase”, and both were portraying acrobats…

“You gave me flowers,” says Tessa, giggling. “But I was going to get them anyways. You just happened to grab them from the bucket and give them to me.”

“I was ten years old,” Scott retorts. “I didn’t have the allowance to buy flowers. I kissed her on the cheek that night too. She had to be in the next number right away so it probably wasn’t the best time.” - Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold

“I went in for the kiss. I think that’s what I consider my first kiss. But I was ten.” - Scott on ET Canada {x}


Years Later…

“I’d try to make them understand that any relationship, marriage, business partnership, skating partnership, whatever, is a challenge,” Suzanne explains. “When you get young people working together toward a common goal that’s very important. I tried to get them to appreciate each other as individuals, to know that they needed each other and that it didn’t matter if one had excelled at something and the other didn’t. They were in it TOGETHER.”

Source: Tessa & Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold