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where can i learn/read more about anti-police politics, the abolishment of police, etc? my major requires me to take a policing course next semester and i want to be well-read so i don't blindly absorb pro-police rhetoric

Our essential reading list has some pretty good books on the subject including

  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
  • Are Prisons Obsolete? By Angela Y. Davis (read free)
  • Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder by Gerry Spence
  • Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America by Kristian Williams (PDF - note needs to be zoomed in a lot but it comes out clear)
  • Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law
  • Fire the Cops! by Kristian Williams

The moment of truth is here, phichuuri fans! Here’s our complete list of artists and writers for the zine.


@swordbreaker | @hana-tox | @waffletopkai | @candarella | @yanumii | @theizzypeasy | @arzenpai | @raizzart | @matchaprince | @cakepril | @ecodeuraibeu | @cookiecreation | @rossomimi | @nyanikoru |


@heyejaaay | @arzenpai | @candarella | @trickscd |

This is just a small project among friends so we didn’t open applications as everyone was invited. Rest assured, though, we plan to share this to the rest of the fandom - especially to all of you phichuuri fans! Stay with us for further updates! Spasibo!

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When is Logan's birthday?

Yay! A help desk ask! Librarians to the rescue. 

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Okay, so the correct answer to this is: no one knows for sure. There is no official canon birthday for Logan (or, actually for any of the characters.) The show provides several tantalizing hints…

(source: @fponthedl‘ s post)

…but nothing conclusive. In canon, anyway. 

BUT, you’ve got four fic writers for librarians, so we’ve definitely taken a stab at putting the various clues together to approximate birthdays for major characters. Here is our working list of character birthdays, with a special hat tip to marsinvestigations.net and @susanmichelin, and assists by @cheshirecatstrut and @mysilverylining. In many cases, we’re using the actor’s birthday where it doesn’t contradict with what we know about the character. 

Keith Mars 12/23/1959

Aaron Echolls 9/24/1959

Lianne Reynolds Mars 6/18/1962
(according to fake death certificate that Veronica makes during the television show) HOWEVER according to The Thousand Dollar Tan Line her birthday is 3/23/1962. Since her birthday is specifically mentioned in the book, we lean toward 3/23/1962 as the “correct” date.

Don Lamb 6/23/1962 (Edit:  Mars Investigations and myspace said that Don Lamb was born June 23, 1972 to July 22, 1972 not 1962 via a helpful anon)

Lynn Lester Echolls 1/17/1963

Alicia Fennel (a/k/a  Cherie Parker Saunders) 3/9/1968

Trina Echolls 5/2/1980
(her birth happens some time before the 8th since that is when the prom baby enters foster care) so… since May 3rd is the only Saturday before the 8th in 1980, we’ll say that prom night was then and that Trina was born the day before and left on Principal Moorehead’s doorstep, yes?

Leo D’Amato 6/14/1983
this is the date on the PryingEyez website; HOWEVER this directly contradicts Veronica saying that Leo is 29 months older than she is AND Leo himself says that his astrological sign is a Leo so there is NO WAY to make those two facts work together? RETCON time! We’ll say Leo was joking about his sign (eye roll) and that Veronica was slightly off in her count? His birthday would then be 6/14/1985 - yes? no?  (Later note: you have to be 20 by the time of your written exam (in Orange County, CA) so yeah Leo is going to have to be born in 1983 and be FOUR YEARS older than Veronica.)

BEFORE WE PROCEED: The cutoff date for kindergarten in California is September 1st so everybody in the graduating class of 2006 should have been born between Sept 1, 1987 and August 31, 1988.

Lilly Kane 2/3/1987 (Date of Death: 10/3/2003)
Lilly definitely had to be born before October 3rd in order to be 16 when she was killed plus we had to account for time for Celeste to get pregnant and give birth to Duncan the following year (see his birthday for that mistake) so using the day of Amanda Seyfried’s birth, Lilly is now 2/3/1987. This would mean that she started school an entire year before everyone else and makes her graduating class 2005).

Eli “Weevil” Navarro 4/18/1987

This date is completely fictional - according to the show he is 17 when Credit Where Credit is Due airs on September 28, 2004 and he turns 18 by the time Hot Dogs airs on April 19, 2005- so that makes his birth year 1987 and I picked the day before Hot Dogs airs to celebrate Eli’s birth. This allows that he started school a year before everyone; however, because of the jokes about him repeating a grade, this provides for him failing ONCE and being left back a grade. 

Veronica Mars 8/18/1987
While her birthday would allow her to be in Lilly’s graduating class, @cheshirecatstrut and @susanmichelinhave decided that Veronica was “redshirted” - a practice wherein you hold back your child and have them start kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5. This is to give them an academic advantage. We think Veronica was redshirted because her birthday was so close to the cutoff and because she was small for her age. Do with it what you will.

Stosh “Piz” Piznarski 9/21/1987
The date of 9/21 is based on the fake ID Veronica makes him on the show; however his MySpace page puts his birthday on 10/8/87. Since, the 9/21 is from the show itself, we have chosen to go with this date.

Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie 12/16/1987

Madison Sinclair 12/17/1987

Wallace Fennel 12/27/1987
This date is from the fake ID that Veronica makes Wallace. His MySpace has his birthday as 12/21/1987. Again however since the 27th is on the show, we’re sticking with that one.

Parker Lee 1/27/1988
We don’t know what to tell you? This date was mentioned on the show, but on her MySpace it was the 28th and then on the show it uses May 1988 in a different episode? Since January was used twice in different sources, I’m just… going to lie down because I have a headache.

Duncan Kane 2/13/1988
The missing persons website on the TV show has his birth in 1987; however the person who did this admits they made a mistake and picked a random date. We’ve changed it to 1988 since it has been confirmed numerous times that he and Lilly were NOT twins and that she was older than him.

Logan Echolls 3/30/1988
March works with Logan’s sarcastic “is this party nine months early or three months late” and “wow you got a vowel right” comments. Plus the month and day match Jason Dohring’s birthday so there you go.

Richard “Dick” Casablancas, Jr. 4/15/1988

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I've searched the TAGS and I can't find what I'm looking for-- I hope you all can help! There's a story where the Green Arrow sneaks into Felicity's room every night and they start a relationship but he doesn't take off his mask and she has no idea who he is -- I believe it's set right after the undertaking. He leaves her a note typed out on her open computer one time and she leaves a response the next night. Sorry that's not too helpful, it's all I can really remember!

The First Time

Found in our Specific Fic List:  Felicity Smoak/The Vigilante 

Also found under season 1 rewrite

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Will your fruity birds charms be back in stock? I really want the macaw one :)

Hi! We will restock these charms after the summer convention we will attend on late July! We will let people know when we restock our products and add more listings via our social media (@afternoonfika on twitter), so please keep an eye on us so you don’t miss out ♪( ´▽`)
We hope you have a fantastic day! (●´ω`●)

A bunch of variations for the Inc The Robot design. We started with design 1, decided to keep the arms and legs as well as the face (since that’s his soul), but we were going to modify the silhouette.

So first I photobashed together a bunch of alternate silhouettes, using lots of construction equipment reference (since he is a welder robot), all the time keeping our word list in mind. Inc needed to feel like a big toddler, innocent looking, a little awkward, his body could be many shapes, but the new shape needed to satisfy the story requirements exemplified by these words.

We then showed these images to a bunch of artist friends to get feedback. Most important when getting feedback is why they like what they like, because if you understand the why, you can fix the design issues in your own creative way, rather than it becoming a design by committee.

Many favored the taller robots, since they had the same height as design 1. One person pointed out that number 13 had a head too similar to “M-O” from Wall-e, so we nixed that one. People liked the chubby number 7, but felt he may have trouble getting through doorways or reaching for objects, he’s supposed to be a little awkward, not super awkward. Number 9 and 3 were in the same chubby design realm, but a little more balanced. Number 2 kept coming up in people’s favorites, they felt the big backpack made him look like a young kid going to school. People also liked 8 and 6, and the fact that you could see through the chest of number 12, which really made him feel robotic.

My favorite was number 8 (my opinion before we got feedback from people), so I went back and started with number 8, then modified the design based on what people liked and disliked in the other designs to arrive at the final number 14. For example, instead of putting the backpack from 2 directly on number 8, I scaling up his welder weapon and placing it on his back to served a similar visual purpose to the backpack.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the design process, how to start with a firm idea of what you need to accomplish for the story and for the character’s personality, make a bunch of variations, get feedback from a large selection of people, and then use that feedback in a constructive manner to get the best design possible.

Fandometrics: The Week in Review

Some brand new babies, and those who have returned

  • (Movies) To the surprise of approximately zero people, Wonder Woman earned the  No. 1 spot. To the surprise of maybe a few more than zero people, Baywatch made it to No. 16.
  • (Celebrities) Thanks to Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins makes her wonderful debut at No. 9 and Chris Pine (No. 2) returns to the list for the first time since August 2016.
  • (Video Games) The Walking Dead (No. 16) is an old favorite on our Television list, but this is the first time the video game has ranked.
  • (Television) Sense8 (No. 4) returns, only because it’s leaving. The news of its cancellation was a bad way to kick off June.
  • (Ships) Paperhat (Villainous’ Black Hat and Dr. Flug) debuts at No. 12.

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 Who knows CPR? These things need to be revived:

  • (Music) Lana Del Rey (No. 17) fell eight spots while Katy Perry (No. 19) fell seven. Swish, swish.
  • (Celebrities) It pains us to say it, but Misha Collins has stumbled eight spots to No. 15. What will it take to get him back up? We’ve already had so many Mishapocalypses.
  • (Television) With all the hubbub about Wonder Woman, no one is paying attention to Supergirl (No. 13). She fell eight spots in one week. That’s not nearly as bad as The 100, a show that fell a record fourteen spots in a mere seven days.
  • (Ships) Bellarke (The 100’s Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin) fell eight spots, but lands at a still impressive No. 11. The same can’t be said for Evak (Skam’s Even Bech Næsheim and Isak Valtersen), who is barely there at No. 20.

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the list of movies that will never e v e r disappoint you.

1. Dirty Dancing

2. About Time

3. Love, Rosie

4. PS I Love You

5. Psycho

6. The Princess Diaries 

7. Star Trek 

8. Drive Me Crazy

9. Funny Face

10. Good Will Hunting

11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

12. The Fault In Our Stars (you know you loved every sappy second of this film)

13. 13 Going on 30

14. How to Train Your Dragon

15. Notting Hill

16.  Love, Actually (no matter what time of year it is)

Fan. D’oh. Metrics.


  • (Music) Fans across the globe mourned the loss of Chris Cornell (No. 6). His music left a lasting impression on so many, and he will be incredibly missed.
  • (Web Stuff) Oh, man. Car Boys, a game-streaming show from Polygon, debuts at No. 5.
  • (Video Games) The debuts of Destiny 2 (No. 20) and Injustice 2 (No. 13) gives our Video Games list some fresh blood.
  • (Anime & Manga) K, a show that follows a boy caught in a psychic war, debuts at No. 4. K!

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👿 The Season 12 Finale Supernatural Effect👿 

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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Mark your calendars for summer 2018: That’s when we’re launching a spacecraft to touch the sun

In honor of our first-ever mission to the heart of the solar system, this week we’re delving into the life and times of this powerful yellow dwarf star.

1. Meet Parker 

Parker Solar Probe, our first mission to go to the sun, is named after Eugene Parker, an American astrophysicist who first theorized that the sun constantly sends out a flow of particles and energy called the solar wind. This historic mission will explore one of the last regions of the solar system to be visited by a spacecraft and help scientists unlock answers to questions they’ve been pondering for more than five decades.

2. Extra SPF, Please 

Parker Solar Probe will swoop within 4 million miles of the sun’s surface, facing heat and radiation like no spacecraft before it. The mission will provide new data on solar activity to help us better understand our home star and its activity - information that can improve forecasts of major space-weather events that could impact life on Earth.

3. Majorly Massive 

The sun is the center of our solar system and makes up 99.8 percent of the mass of the entire solar system. If the sun were as tall as a typical front door, Earth would be about the size of a nickel.

4. Different Spin 

Since the sun is not a solid body, different parts of the sun rotate at different rates. At the equator, the sun spins once about every 25 days, but at its poles the sun rotates once on its axis every 36 Earth days.

5. Can’t Stand on It

The sun is a star and a star doesn’t have a solid surface. Rather, it’s a ball of ionized gas 92.1% hydrogen (H2) and 7.8% helium (He) held together by its own gravity.

6. Center of Attention 

The sun isn’t a planet, so it doesn’t have any moons. But, the sun is orbited by eight planets, at least five dwarf planets, tens of thousands of asteroids, and hundreds of thousands to trillions of comets and icy bodies.

7. It’s Hot in There 

And we mean really, really hot. The temperature at the sun’s core is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. However, its atmosphere, the corona, can reach temperatures of 3 million degrees. (That’s as if it got hotter the farther away you got from a fire, instead of cooler!) Parker Solar Probe will help scientists solve the mystery of why the corona’s temperature is so much higher than the surface.

8. Travel Conditions

The sun influences the entire solar system, so studying it helps us better understand the space weather that our astronauts and spacecraft travel through.

9. Life on the Sun? 

Better to admire from afar. Thanks to its hot, energetic mix of gases and plasma, the sun can’t be home to living things. However, we can thank the sun for making life on Earth possible by providing the warmth and energy that supply Earth’s food chain.

10. Chance of a Lifetime 

Last but not least, don’t forget that the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the U.S. from coast-to-coast since 1918 is happening on August 21, 2017. Our toolkit has you need to know to about it

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Our Psyche mission to a metal world, which will explore a giant metal asteroid known as 16 Psyche, is getting a new, earlier launch date. Psyche is now expected to launch from the Kennedy Space Center in 2022, cruise through the solar system for 4.6 years, and arrive at the Psyche asteroid in 2026, four years earlier than planned. 

Below are 10 things to know about this mission to a completely new and unexplored type of world.

1. Psyche, Squared 

Psyche is the name of the NASA space mission and the name of the unique metal asteroid orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid was discovered in 1852 by Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis and named after the Greek mythological figure Psyche, whom Cupid fell in love with. “Psyche” in Greek also means “soul.”

2. Mission: Accepted

The Psyche Mission was selected for flight earlier this year under NASA’s Discovery Program. And it will take a village to pull off: The spacecraft is being built by Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto, California; the mission is led by Arizona State University; and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be responsible for mission management, operations and navigation.

3. An Unusual Asteroid 

For the very first time, this mission will let us examine a world made not of rock and ice, but metal. Scientists think Psyche is comprised mostly of metallic iron and nickel, similar to Earth’s core - which means Psyche could be an exposed core of an early planet as large as Mars.

4. Sweet 16 

Psyche the asteroid is officially known as 16 Psyche, since it was the 16th asteroid to be discovered. It lies within the asteroid belt, is irregularly shaped, about the size of Massachusetts, and is about three times farther away from the sun than Earth.

5. Discoveries Abound 

The Psyche mission will observe the asteroid for 20 months. Scientists hope to discover whether Psyche is the core of an early planet, how old it is, whether it formed in similar ways to Earth’s core, and what its surface is like. The mission will also help scientists understand how planets and other bodies separated into their layers including cores, mantles and crusts early in their histories. “Psyche is the only known object of its kind in the solar system and this is the only way humans will ever visit a core,” said Principal Investigator Lindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University.

6. Think Fast 

The mission launch and arrival were moved up because Psyche’s mission design team were able to plot a more efficient trajectory that no longer calls for an Earth gravity assist, ultimately shortening the cruise time. The new trajectory also stays farther from the sun, reducing the amount of heat protection needed for the spacecraft, and will still include a Mars flyby in 2023.

7. Gadgets Galore

The Psyche spacecraft will be decked out with a multispectral imager, gamma ray and neutron spectrometer, magnetometer, and X-band gravity science investigation. More: https://sese.asu.edu/research/psyche

8. Stunning Solar Panels 

In order to support the new mission trajectory, the solar array system was redesigned from a four-panel array in a straight row on either side of the spacecraft to a more powerful five-panel x-shaped design, commonly used for missions requiring more capability. Much like a sports car, combining a relatively small spacecraft body with a very high-power solar array design means the Psyche spacecraft will be able to speed to its destination much faster. Check out this artist’s-concept illustration here: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/artists-concept-of-psyche-spacecraft-with-five-panel-array

9. See For Yourself

Watch the planned Psyche mission in action.

10. Even More Asteroids

Our missions to asteroids began with the orbiter NEAR of asteroid Eros, which arrived in 2000, and continues with Dawn, which orbited Vesta and is now in an extended mission at Ceres. The mission OSIRIS-REx, which launched on Sept. 8, 2016, is speeding toward a 2018 rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu, and will deliver a sample back to Earth in 2023. The Lucy mission is scheduled to launch in October 2021 and will explore six Jupiter Trojan asteroids. More: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=6713

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

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8 Books About BFFs

Whether you’re celebrating National Best Friends Day or enjoying a quiet day in with your bestie(s), we recommend picking up 2 copies of these books about BFFs and having a mini book club! 📚💕

1. The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

Frankie’s the kind of girl who has more than one BFF! So be sure to share this thrilling romance with your whole crew.

2. This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills
Another friend group full of shared secrets, love, loyalty, and just a bit of drama. (But really it’s all about Sloan and Vera!)

3. Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales
Get yourself a bestie who will drop everything and take an unsanctioned road trip with you to meet the guys who just might be the man of your dreams.

4. Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde
BFFs who go to conventions together, stay together.

5. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
We ship Kaz/Inej/Nina/Matthias/Jesper/Wylan, TBH. What a dream team.

6. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Cinder and Iko are pretty much friendship goals.

7. Meg & Linus by Hanna Nowinski
If you and your BFF love Star Trek, drama club, and/or coffee, this is probably the book for you.

8. The F-It List by Julie Halpern
Alex and Becca are always there for each other, no matter what, so if that sounds like you and your BFF, give it a read!

i do this thing where once in a blue moon, after not listening to them for months at a time, I put one direction on for the drive home… I shuffle all their songs and I’m reminded of how much I fucking love them and all the memories they’ve given me and the nostalgia I feel and my god I love them all so much and I miss them so much and I just can’t wait to hear any and all music from them and it makes me sad that they’re not touring and releasing music at the moment but then it makes me happy that I know they’re getting the break they deserve and that they have to do their own projects to stay like sane and explore new things but it still makes me want to travel back in time and relive those golden years because because because because I just love them all and I need to cry again excuse me



If you are not personally interested in these products but think you might know someone who is, please share/reblog! It helps our financial situation a lot!

Finally!! Here it is, the completed “master head” for tale sans!
Few things I want to point out first:

- the discoloration is a mixture of clays(underneath) and fibreglass resin/spot filler
- the roughness of the inside of the eyes / nose doesn’t matter because they are going to be cut out after casting and sanded down! 
- picture doesn’t do it justice but THIS THING IS SO SMOOTH HOLY CHEESE AND RICE I wanted to pet him forever!

Next up is going out to buy the materials to cast it, everything will be done within the next while. After the first casting is done, Fell sans will be created shortly after using the Tale Sans masterhead as a base.

We are still accepting orders of the heads (Tale/Fell/Swap) if you would like to be put on our list! Prices are 250 USD + Shipping. They will be casted and lightweight, painted, eyes obscured (with black semi see-through fabric) and there will be a small triangular cut out in the back of the head fixed with elastic for easily taking the head on and off. The only thing that we can’t do is add foam padding inside because each person is different and will require a different amount. (but you can always ask how to do that, it’s super easy!)Heads will come with one set of eyes of your choosing (depending on AU) with magnets. Any extra sets are 10$USD. (Mostly to cover cost of the magnets themselves / production)If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me my IM is always open and thank you everyone so far that have invested/been interested! You are awesome! Additional update posts/ questions can be found under the tag: #cosplay discussion