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Guilty Pleasures or Not?

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen really is one of the best songs to ever have been made. And there must be many people out there who don’t find this song as impressive, but it really is one hell of a masterpiece. 

I also heard another beautiful song by the Lulu’s, “To Sir, with Love”. It’s a song which might attract Per. 

I heard all these songs on this stupid TV show “Glee” which is my guilty pleasure. 

I wonder if this Gessle-man has guilty pleasures when it comes to music? Because in my understanding, he shares any song which he finds good. 

Let me give you a few examples:

- The Trashman - Surfin’ Bird
- Meghan Trainor - All about the Bass
- Madness - Our House

I mean he openly shares any song he finds good or has memories with. 

Roxer RAH was heard saying that he found a song by Justin Bieber good, and he can’t wait for the summer when Per’s tour start, because such things should not happen. 

Yes, at this stage, a person with a good choice in music, if heard listening to Justin Bieber, is deeply pained and questions his/her caliber in musical aesthetic sense. 

Of course, such things are called guilty pleasures - You feel guilty to like them.

Now with Per, he seems to share every kind of song.

If he likes a Katy Perry or a Ed Sheeran song, he would openly admit that it’s a nice song or he likes it. 

Does he even have a guilty pleasure in music? Or not listening to music makes him feel guilty? 

Maybe his guilty pleasure is rap or hip-hop? Yeah, he doesn’t share such songs. Or Jazz? Or Heavy Metal. Yes, this is totally possible. 

Anyway, Tuesday will be giving Monday services tomorrow. I hope you all had some marvelous Easter holidays. 

Love and Peace

Resist and Rise Above

I will hold the door for Donald Trump,
On his way out of the White House.

Sincerely yours with human decency,

~We The People

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