our home hidden in the woods so dark

Feysand Fanfiction AU

- AU - Feyre never killed Adras (the wolf) and Tamlin never came for her. The curse was called in, and Amarantha breaks down the wall. Feyre, among other hunters and warriors, stays to protect their loved ones that are fleeing. (Including Nesta, Elain, and their father) Feyre is hidden within thick trees with her precious ash arrow. She sees the fae enter their lands, and she’s about to shoot, when one of the fae. A blue-black haired fae with beautiful violet eyes sees her. He doesn’t react with the fact that she’s holding an ash arrow in their direction. Feyre aims for the one she thinks is the leader, Amarantha, and she hits. The next scene we see Feyre being brought to still living Amarantha. The female fae begins to beat Feyre, but the violet eyed fae fights the female fae. He then says: “if humans are so willing to fight for their lands, even though death may be their only end. Then why don’t we?”

Feyre’s POV:

 It’s been three weeks since the wall came down. Three weeks since, to my relief, my family fled. Three weeks in the cold waiting for them to come and to protect what little I have left. We got a tip this morning that the fae were finally making their move so we gathered what limited supplies we had and took to the forest. I stood with this small group of humans willing to defend our home, hidden within the foliage waiting for the damn fae to make their arrival. I stayed crouched with my ash arrow, the only known weapon with the ability to kill the fae, reading in my bow.   After waiting hours I noticed a subtle shift in the woods, everything went quiet and still as if preparing for impending danger. And then I saw them. 

Leading the pack was a woman with dark brown hair and blood red lips who surveyed the area with both boredom and a deadly blood lust. Immediately I knew she was the one in charge. To her left was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen with hair as dark as the night sky, stark against his pale white skin as if he hadn’t seen the sun for many years. As I surveyed the rest of him until his bright violet eyes locked onto mine in what can only be described as fear and disbelief. We held each other’s stare for what seemed like forever but was merely seconds before I broke his gaze and fired my only ash arrow at his queen.   I felt this sensation that my body instantly locked, completely frozen against my will as I heard an unfamiliar voice in my head telling me to wait until her head tilts back. I began to panic, I was trapped in my own body being forced to watch mutely as the man who looked like the manifestation of night seductively leaned into the leader and whispered something into her ear while caressing her waist. In response to whatever he said the deadly woman grinned and tilted her head up to the sky. Without any command from me, my body fired the ash arrow directly towards her throat. The leader looked utterly shocked and stuck in her place as the man looked over her, his eyes hopeful eyes hopeful but the rest of his face expressionless. He flashed his violet eyes to mine, his voice somehow in my head once again whispering the one thing I promised not to do today, ‘run’. I instantly turned to those still standing with me, their faces an image of horror. Despite their expressions, they did not turn, they did not flee, they did not scream. They simply looked to me to see what the next plan of action was. They looked to me as their leader, and without a word I turned back around and faced the nightmare I knew I wouldn’t come back from alive. Chaos erupted and the fae army began attacking. I readied my weapons and prepared to fight, but again that smooth voice commanded me to run and for some reason I did.   I ran faster than I’ve ever run before, through the woods that had once been my home but were now unfamiliar. I heard the panic behind me, but I kept running until a creature unlike anything I’ve ever seen before landed directly in my path. I retrieved my hunting knives from my belt and took my stance. It lunged directly for me and I attempted to use my limited training to fight back before long, my knives were knocked from my grasp and I was being slammed into a nearby tree. I could have sworn I heard that same voice whisper ‘I’m so sorry’ before the world went black. 

Rhysand’s POV: 

We marched. I was at her left, her second in command, her eternal whore. Every step reminded me that this was my life and my only future, that I would be forced to wear this mask for the rest of my existence. We came into a clearing and she paused to admire all the power she was about to acquire. I surveyed the area feigning boredom, but then I caught a whiff of that scent. The one that had haunted my dreams, which had gotten more vivid since the bitch tore down the wall. This scent may belong to the one person that couldn’t exist, the one that I didn’t deserve. I prayed to the gods I was the only one who could smell her human scent and my scanning grew slightly more frantic until I locked eyes with her in a nearby bush.  

My heart instantly dropped. She stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes, not with fear but with curiosity and determination and I knew that out connection hadn’t been mutual. As I slipped past her nonexistent mental shields, her next thought was her one shot at killing Amarantha with the ash arrow. I knew this plan wouldn’t work if it was not in the right moment, so I did the only thing I could think of. I seized the huntress’ body and grabbed a hold of her mind, freezing her into place. I told her to wait for the right moment until Amarantha tilted her head back for a clear shot at her throat. The girl hesitated, but obliged. My life now lays in this young woman’s hands, praying she is capable of hitting the bullseye, this way I can finish off Amarantha when she is weak.   I then leaned into the woman I knew all too well, and purred ‘how does it feel to know you have all of the world wrapped around that pretty little finger of yours’. As expected, her face was taken over by that horrible grin and she looked up the sky which she had taken a liking to since she knew it was my only sanctuary. I immediately released my hold on the huntress’s mind and, as if on instinct, the arrow flew directly at Amarantha’s throat, too quick for her to register thanks to my distracting fingers. As the arrow flew through the air at lightning speed, I prayed I had given this girl from my dreams the salvation she has given me these past few years. During those years I had been beaten, raped, and tortured, praying for a sliver of hope that I could somehow hold onto. That sliver of hope stood a ways from me now, a shining in her eyes as if her nightmare has finally come to an end. I did not want to tell her it could have just started. 

The arrow was now mere inches from us, in that moment I made a promise to myself that I would help this huntress who has gone through hell and back to protect her people from the danger we fae pose as a threat to humans.   I was no longer Amarantha’s slave, puppet, or whore. I was death incarnate. The arrow hit its mark, embedding itself in Amarantha’s throat. The world exploded around me as chaos ensued. The feeble human army erupted from the foliage and Amarantha’s army of monsters began their slaughter. Not even checking on the bitch queen as her whore should do as I once again locked eyes with the human girl, her life a major priority to me, I mentally commanded the human girl to run, so I could finish off Amarantha. A brief second passed, her face a complete mask of terror and hatred for the queen lying beside me. She took off, our connection stronger now with our close proximity, I could see what she both saw and thought. Once I was reassured she was a safe distance I finally glanced at Amarantha who was lying on the ground, arrow still in her neck.   Before I could stop it, the attor pulled my only chance at salvation from her neck, her healing already beginning. The attor as if connected to her mind, went to track down the one who attacked his queen. I made the move to stop him from finding the sole reason for my sanity but I felt a hand grip my ankle. Amarantha recognized the desperation written on my face and she laughed at me. She tore through my mental shields as if they were paper thin, and sent a pain that vibrated deep into my core. I fell to my knees in agony. In the moment I swore to myself that I would never kneel before anyone again. I saw through the eyes of the human girl that the attor had found her. Before my mind went black with pain I told her how sorry I was that she was about to end up in my living nightmare. 

Thank you guys! My friend Heather and I had so much fun writing this and would love any feedback from you considering this was our first acomaf fic