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Self-acceptance isn’t something that happens overnight. It won’t occur miraculously. It’s something that we have to actively participate in if we want to make any real progress. It takes time, work and effort. And it’s something that we have to do; no one can save us from our thoughts except us.

It means making the choice, each and every day, to counter negative self-talk, to consciously remember the things we like about ourselves. It’s a decision that, when insecurity hits - and it undoubtedly will - we’ll do our best to put up a fight and stand our ground, to counter our inner critic with kindness and compassion. 

It’s a lifelong journey; self-acceptance isn’t a destination, it’s a process, a habit, a skill to be honed. It gets easier over time. But it starts with a simple choice, the decision to be a friend to ourselves, a guardian of our own well-being and an active participant in our own lives.

Mmk. So what if art becomes one of the Earth’s  best defences? 

Let me explain. So I’m going off of the “They weren’t counting on bears” and it’s many variations and additions. So in this post, our earth flora and fauna defend us from invaders, right? Well what if aliens have a difficult time distinguishing between statues and paintings from real objects, people, animals, whatever. At least, the realistic stuff, that is. 

What if the urge to create something that looks like something real, or to make mythical things seem real with marks on a page, or molded metal, or carved rock is something distinctly human. What if it’s something aliens have never encountered before?

To be fair, we are quite good at it. If you’ve ever seen images of sidewalk art that mess with distortion to create the illusion that it’s three dimensional, then you probably agree.

Maybe some kid runs behind a huge lion statue to try and avoid getting shot while running from some alien patrol, and the patrol suddenly stops in their tracks before retreating. The kid realises what happened and runs off to tell the others. Suddenly those gargoyles and winged lions protecting museums become more relevant than ever before. They become our guardians again. Artists begin to crank out statues and paint walls bursting with animals. Engineers join in the fun and work together with artists to create uncanny, moving replicas of moose, leopards, and what have you. Then they begin to make dragons, Griffins, and dinosaurs. The aliens can’t tell which are real and which are fake.


Happy birthday to the man that inspire me the most; Kim Junmyeon. ♡

You inspire me to always look forward and keep going. You spent seven years, working for your dream and it sure as hell paid off. You’re the very core and strenght of EXO and you’re the best leader anyone could’ve asked for. I just appreciate you so so much and I’m so extremely grateful for everything you do. Thank you for being your amazing lovely self. Thank you for being our guardian. I love you little bunny prince. Happy Birthday  ♡

  • Urbosa: I give you a part of my power. Now go on, Link. Protect the princess. And Hyrule.
  • Link: *teleports outside the divine beast*
  • ~~~~
  • Riju: Thank you for stopping the divine beast. We are forever grateful that our guardian has returned.
  • Link: *nods*
  • Urbosa: *appears from nowhere* Is this the new chief? A bit on the young side but she'll grow into it.
  • Link: *jumps in surprise*
  • Riju: Link? Did you see something?
  • Link: *Points at Urbosa's spirit*
  • Riju: ???
  • Urbosa: She can't see or hear me, Link. Our souls are now connected. Nice to finally have someone to talk to right?
  • Link: ...
  • ~~~3 divine beast later~~~
  • Revali: Link, It's time we took down Ganon.
  • Daruk: No. Link, We need the master sword. We must be absolutely prepared for the encounter.
  • Urbosa: Then we should seek out all the hidden shrines to better prepare ourselves. Let's head back to Hebra. There must be some hidden in the mountains.
  • Daruk: Agree. We just need the sword.
  • Revali: Just go kill Ganon now.
  • Urbosa: The shrines!
  • Link: ...
  • Mipha: I'm just happy we are travelling together again.
Who is Suho?

♡ Kim Junmyeon 

♡ Our “guardian angel”

♡ Leader-nim

♡ Is a single-mom with 8 children

♡ Is still suffering from the pain Kris has caused when he left his love

♡ D A D  J O K E S

♡ His jokes have the power to make you cringe until you cry

♡ but we,exols will laugh anyway

♡ Xiumin who is also the oldest laughs at suho’s jokes regardless

♡ Once a wise man said “Your jokes aren’t funny so stop”

♡ That wise man was kyungsoo

♡ Chen also doesn’t find him funny

♡ He didn’t think twice before he roasted Suho on Happy Together

♡ “Stop it’s not funny”

♡ S A V A G E

♡ S for Savage

♡ “You should stop screaming”—>about lay’s monodrama

♡ I ain’t joking this boy can roast anyone

♡ “Here,poison,eat and die”

♡ “I didn’t watch her movie either”

♡ “It’s my broadcast so I’ll do whatever I want”

♡ Bbh:I got twice more handsome than the last time you saw me

   Suho:0x2 is still 0.

♡ “Why were you born?

♡ Iconic line from his drama—>”I’ll sue you later”

♡ Sehun is his little baby

♡ They have a special connection between each other

♡ Our little maknae also learned how to roast from the master

♡ “I have a real older brother tho”

♡ Waited for almost 4 hours to scare kai

♡ Failed

♡ $uh0e

♡ He rich

♡ He’s the type of person who will shove his credit card to your face

♡ And he’ll be like “I’m rich so tell me what you want”

♡ He’s got some*looks around* nicccee abs

I’m pretty sure they’re made of steel

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♡ He’s actually a soft bunny

♡ Loved by everyone

♡ Slept during the day in Dream Concert and staff covered him with a blanket

♡ Loving towards his members

♡ I bet he makes all those lame jokes just to make them happy

♡ As much as he gives,he also receives

♡ Takes care of all and remembers important dates

♡ Celebrated Sehun’s birthday without a bottom but its ok

♡ Lovely towards anyone

♡ Loves taehyung

♡ Loves bts

♡ Since he’s the leader,he has a really good relationship with any other group member

♡ Talks to girl group members

♡ Russian Roulette

♡ Loves,loves,loves it

♡ Won’t stop dancing to the song with a poker face on

♡ They actually had to stop him so they wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of Red Velvet

Too late

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♡ After that, he went in front of red velvet and started dancing to russian roulette

Words can’t explain the cringe

♡ Looks good

♡ In photo shoots

♡ While sleeping

♡ While breathing

♡ The royalty concept was created for him

♡ He was meant to be the king

♡ I love it when he explains why is lay absent.Is it just me? ok

♡ Bless his voice

♡ It’s already blessed tho

♡ “Curtain”

♡ No more words needed

♡ Appreciates art

♡ Is art

♡ He starts the speech during award ceremonies

♡ Can seem strong and powerful as a leader-he already is’-

♡ But sometimes,he can’t hold back just like any of the members

♡ Looked really strong and talked calmly during the award ceremony but after,the staff found him crying

♡ He loves exols

♡ so much

♡ We also love him

♡ He was the one who cheered up the members and told everything is going to be ok when krishantao left

♡ I think he’s the strongest member’

♡ Loves to travel

♡ Travels a lot

♡ His dance isn’t appreciated enough

♡ His looks aren’t appreciated enough


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♡ Can speak 3-4 languages

♡ Even though he isn’t fluent

♡ Kai is a hoe for him

♡ Kai loves to talk to him while they can feel each other’s breath

♡ He is a soft bunny who wants to love everyone and spread love

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   *ೃ happy birthday to our leader and guardian, Kim Junmyeon!!! *ೃ

“I’ve trained at SM for 7 years. It was a long period of waiting. Often, when someone who entered later than me debuted, I was jealous. But I had my dream and did not give up. On the contrary, those painful memories became medicine for me as a form of self-reflection. As a result, it was a chance for me to build more external as well as internal talents.” - Suho

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your blog!!! I was wondering if you could write a poem about our guardian angels? I recently have really gotten into the concept of guardian angels and I really just want to read something that expresses the love I have for them. (I know a lot of people don't believe guardian angels or think they are childish but the concept of them makes me feel at peace.)


his silver-feathered hands rest
palms down on the table.
his body looks hazy today like
a glass cup full of sunlight.

you are on your 3rd coffee
when he says, please try to get
some real sleep tonight. you think
about how rent will be tough
to make this month, how work
will be overtime, how your feet
are still sore from yesterday. you flip
pancakes, then ask if he wants
any eggs or bacon on the side.

thought i was your guardian,
the angel shoots back. he grins
at you. his teeth
are river reeds.


you are one year old,
and xe enjoys shifting
shape for you: lazy
greyhound to proud
tiger to macaw that
whispers hello, perched
on your crib while you
laugh. in 24 years,
xe will pull you from
a car crash unharmed.
in the next room,
your parents sleep.


you look at the mirror again
and pull on the hem of your jacket.
you turn to her, ask, what’s it feel like
when you fall in love?

she’s sprawled on your bed, willow
branch wings spread out across
your bedroom floor. your uncle
will need an unexpected funeral
in 6 months, and she has chosen
what hymns she’ll sing to you.
it’s as if your heart, she says,
were a beehive teeming
with woodsmoke and clover
honey. did you know constellations
declare their love for each other

through complex math equations?
you roll your eyes. she passes
the cellphone to you. her angel-skin,
a metallic gold,
shimmers and ripples.