our guardian

If I was actually a Guardian

‘Oh god I’ve forgotten my vault password again’

Eating snacks on patrol

Amanda: What did you do to your Sparrow!
Me: I know it’s so dented?? What do you think’s wrong with it?
Amanda: Um, the driver?

Throwing up in my jumpship 

Making the Top Three Dumbest Death charts every week

Mismatching armour

Adopting stray cats from the Cosmodrome


Patting the puppers at the Iron Temple

Ugh bad hair day
*shoots self in the head, is rezzed*
That’s better

Throwing Hammers of Sol at wasps and screaming

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Self-acceptance isn’t something that happens overnight. It won’t occur miraculously. It’s something that we have to actively participate in if we want to make any real progress. It takes time, work and effort. And it’s something that we have to do; no one can save us from our thoughts except us.

It means making the choice, each and every day, to counter negative self-talk, to consciously remember the things we like about ourselves. It’s a decision that, when insecurity hits - and it undoubtedly will - we’ll do our best to put up a fight and stand our ground, to counter our inner critic with kindness and compassion. 

It’s a lifelong journey; self-acceptance isn’t a destination, it’s a process, a habit, a skill to be honed. It gets easier over time. But it starts with a simple choice, the decision to be a friend to ourselves, a guardian of our own well-being and an active participant in our own lives.