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I think anyone on here will enjoy this one, because they’re such goofballs. I give you the collection of the Lightning’s photobomb moments from this season led by King Photobomb himself, “@Vladdy18”. Also the Lightning need a LOT more love and networking. So I’m happy to help them out. 

And Bolts fans on here, I hope you thoroughly enjoy this collection of our goofball children! 

So Eric Edelstein (Grizz’s voice actor) played the evil bad guy dog catcher in that movie Hotel For Dogs and in a recent podcast he was in he described how much he hated the response from playing the villain because kids in real life would run up to him and kick him or cry when they saw him.

He says he loves being our big lovable goofball Grizz so much more because of the positive reaction he gets from playing a gentle giant whose personally nearly mirrors his own, and that he’s so thankful for how great the show is doing so well and how much the animation team’s hard work is paying off.

He said his friends call him so he could talk to their kids as Grizz over the phone, which is probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard. And he also admits he got choked up seeing the flashback of Grizz as a cub in Burrito.

Eric is such a big friendly, overall great guy who is good with kids, but due to his size and appearance he’s often cast as a villain, which is why he loves being Grizzly so much.

He’s such a good guy I just want to hug him.

500+ Followers!!! OH MY BUNNIES!!


You guys are seriously awesome!! I started this blog because I love BTS so much and I want to help International ARMY to understand what our seven goofballs said in their tweets. 

It’s a personal blog with no additional admin other than myself. I don’t expect my blog to have this many followers since I know there’s a lot of other blog and fansite that are far better than mine.

Either way, I’m really thankful to you guys. So now, I’m going to mention all of you guys here as a sign of my appreciation.

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5 Days until #TheFosters Premiere! To celebrate, how about an all new #HowdyDoodyTime clip with our very own gorgeous goofball, Teri Polo.

I’m so proud to call myself a Darren Criss fan!

He started off singing iconic Alan Menken covers late at night in his bedroom, then slowly became a voice for the people who had none while starring on Glee, and now he is getting his very own Emmy nomination for a song that he wrote and composed. I just. I just cry goddammit. I just cry.

Our little curly headed goofball went from singing award winning legendary covers to composing his very own award nominated song- and only in a matter of a few years. I’m so insanely proud of you, Darren. So very fucking proud.