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“Battle Magic” - LokixReader

Prompt :: You hold impressive power on the battle field, besting other warriors of Asgard. Loki, your friend, decides to offer his assistance in training you to enhance your magic proficiency.

Features :: Asgardian reader, Pre-Thor? / AU, peaceful Asgard

Warnings :: Minor violence, suggestive language

Word Count :: 1328

Additional Notes :: This started as a short imagine, so it is in a generally less in-depth style, hence the length.  Sorry if it is super wonky!  I’m still working on getting back into writing.

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Jungkook as Flynn Rider

And now it is time for the second half of the Busan princes, our golden maknae himself, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie as Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled

  • I mean this is pretty damn perfect, I just gotta have Flynn for Jungkook, the first reason has to be the looks
  • Flynn has beautiful fluffy hair, beautiful eyes and is slender but muscular
  • Also just wanna add that Flynn is known for his “smolder” and one of the first things I noticed about Jungkook was the look he got in his eyes whenever he was on stage, it’s so filled with passion and it just draws your attention to his eyes bc it’s so intense
  • Flynn is really really witty
  • Jungkook’s forever teasing someone, normally Jin and he’s really quick with comebacks and I think he really likes bickering and tbh it’s really fucking amusing, especially when he does it with Jin bc then they’re both just throwing witty comebacks at each other and it’s a fairly even playing field so it’s always funny to see how it’ll go down 
  • Flynn is pretty graceful and quick on his feet
  • Not only is kookie a great dancer, he’s also an incredibly fast runner, the cameras can’t even keep up with the kid sometimes like who the fuck how do you manage that teach me
  • Flynn is pretty strong
  • Jungkook has showcased his strength since debut, there are entire compilations of him carrying people around, he’s done hand stands, he’s done pushups like they were nothing, all of the boys have talked about it, he’s a really really strong dude one of these days we’re gonna see him in a sleeveless shirt of some sort and idk how to handle that my brain doesn’t even wanna think of it
  • Flynn is comedic
  • Everyone knows that kook is the class clown of the group, he’s extra, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he lo v e s making people laugh, he’s a goofball, he’s just a really funny person 
  • Like the time Jimin handed him a hand fan and without hesitation, kook shoved it into his mouth or all of the times he broke into that jazz hands dance with the face he makes or the times he imitates the boys or other people or the time with the dish he made where the potatoes were stuck to the plate and he was having so much fun just flipping the plate all around to show off how stuck they were, I could literally keep going and not run out of material
  • But Flynn is also really sensitive and selfless
  • Jungkook wrote an entire song about the love he has for the boys and he’s mentioned that seeing them cry makes him cry and we’ve seen it a couple of times, he’s got a sensitive heart and to me, that’s even cuter bc underneath all of the joking around and teasing, he really really really loves and cares about the boys and I’m really glad he feels comfortable enough around us to show that side of him
An In-Depth Analysis of Fili's Dialogue - Part I

Let us begin with An Unexpected Journey, in Bag End.

Fili Here he is, our golden prince, politely introducing himself.

At your service And with a very courteous bow.

No one told us Fili looks a little hurt here. He probably is often left out and people forget to give him important information.

Careful with these, I just had them sharpened At first, it may seem like Fili is being rude to Bilbo and telling him not to mess up his knives. But he’s informing Bilbo to be careful because they’re really sharp - he doesn’t want his host to inadvertently cut himself! What a thoughtful guy.

Who wants an ale? There you go Here Fili is providing his fellow dwarves with some beverages. He is concerned about their comfort and doesn’t want them to go thirsty. How sweet.

Here you go, Ori, give it to me Fili is helping a friend who’s a little flustered about what to do with the dinnerware. Fili knows this is a great time to rally the dwarves to clean their host’s dining room…and break into song.

Smash the bottles and burn the corks This solo in “Blunt the Knives” can count as a line. Sung like an angel.

We may be few in number, but we’re fighters, all of us, to the last dwarf! What a rousing speech, Fili! You encouraged the entire company with your inspiring words! He truly believes in them and will fight to the death to protect them.

If there is a key, there must be a door You might laugh and think he’s a little dim with this comment. But he’s only trying to explain the situation to Kili, who hasn’t made the key/door connection yet.

Wow, Fili has more lines in Bag End than he does in all of BOTFA! To be continued…

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Guys, I was just as furious as you all to see the crown prince die in that horrifically unjust and unbelievably quick fashion, but remember this: there is still the extended edition. In Return of the King, the original kiss between Aragorn and Arwen was really somber, and Peter went back and changed it to a more joyous kiss and totally changed the emotion of that scene. The same thing could (and hopefully will) happen with this. Also we may still get the funeral scene and more of an ending for the dwarves than this. No one considers the theatrical cut of LotR to be the definitive cut, so let’s wait and see. Stay strong. Have hope. Our golden prince may yet get his moment. 

Barça has come so far this season. It’s so exciting! We have Piqué who has really come through the second half of the season. People are saying he’s finally on his way to taking on Puyol’s role and I agree…Piquenbauer is back on top! Of course, we have Messi, who is not only our goalscorer galore, but he’s all over the place–a playmaker extraordinaire. He’s on defense, he’s in midfield, he’s wearing nutmeg cologne, he’s staying humble, he’s being selfless, supporting the SN to his M–typical GOAT. Then we have Suarez, worth every dollar. He started off giving us vital assists and crosses but now he’s found his place as a goalscorer as well. His precision, his pace, and his selflessness are shining through. Neymar! He’s so much more comfortable and confident, he’s scoring goals, he’s defending, and he’s also wearing some of that nutmeg cologne. On top of it all, it’s great to see that Blaugrana blood in him. Bravo! Ter Stegen! Bravo! Ter Stegen! Valdés and Pinto were a tough act to follow, but ya’ll are two very distinct gems–true fighters. Thank you. Rocketic! Our golden prince, our long range beauty! This is your home! Lucho! Oh, Lucho! To be honest, I had my doubts, but you are doing it, buddy! You found your niche and you’re brewing up a sassy storm. VISCA BARCA!