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2012 London Olympics. U.S. v.s. North Korea.

“The game was on Hope’s birthday, so we thought she needed some fun. Abby proposed that Hope would do the worm if anyone on our team scored. With the possibility of a worm-dancing goalkeeper in our future, the mood was light when we hit the field at Old Trafford. Abby scored in the 25th minute. Sure enough, Hope dropped to the ground and did the worm! Christie Rampone joined in, and we all grabbed hands and did a little worm wave with our arms. It was hilarious, and it brought us all together in the same way making those snow angels had done years before.” – Alex Morgan, “Breakaway - Beyond the Goal”. 


Nerdy Virgin Calum

Pairing: Y/N/Calum

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 10.000+

Summary: People wanted the stories to continue so letโ€™s see what happens in Calumโ€™s! Inspired and continued from my preference based on End Up Here!ย 

Lukeโ€™s Version //ย  #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer

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May our goalkeeper have the reflexes of a cat and speed of a cheetah.🐆

May our defenders have the focus speed and strength of a tiger on the prowl.🐯🐯🐯

May our strikers have the definition and finishing that would make the best snipers jealous.⚽🎯⚽🎯⚽🎯

May our midfielders have the precision and accuracy that would make Xavi proud. 💯💯💯

In your name we pray, 🙏 Amen

🔴🔵Força Barça🔴🔵


Stiles: *whispers to Scott* Dude, he did purposely.
Scott: Liam, what the hell are you doing?!
Liam: Leave me alone! *runs to the locker room*
You: *moarning in pain*  Now I do understand why he could become a captain of our team, ha-ah.
Stiles: Well, she’s fine. So, Scotty, your little beta is absolutely not crazy and dangerous.
You: Huh?
Stiles: Just lie where you’re. Couch’s just called doctors for you.
You: Really?
Stiles: No. He’s crying because we’ve just lost our best goalkeeper for a month.
You: Not my fault. Has Liam always been so incredibly strong?
Scott: Um…
Stiles: No. There are special reasons for it. Like full moon. Or an unrequited love. You know. Teenagers stuff.


•First Game• Mats Hummels

The atmosphere in Westfalenstadion was electric; everyone was on their feet  singing loud and proud as they waited for the match against Schalke 04 to begin. It didn’t matter that it was a chilly last day of  February; It didn’t matter that Dortmund current place in Bundesliga wasn’t the best, none of that mattered. All that mattered was that they were all there in solitary, knowing that their continued love and hope that things would turn around. With a handful of wins under their belt any game could be that game. The game that cleared them away from the bottom half of the the table; BVB were fighting for it and their supporters knew it. That knowledge left a nervous excitement in the air.  But for two particular fans it was more excitement.

“Mama, when’s Papa coming out?”

Y/n smiled down at her beautiful little boy who  looked so much like his father ; dressed  in a layers of a thermal, a fleece lined hoodie, and finally his Dortmund jersey over top, he was excited as ever. “Soon, Sohn,“she promised, and it was a promise that would be easily kept. Both  teams had already warmed up so it was only a matter of time before they came out to start the game, “are you excited?”

Brody nodded his head quickly as he jumped up and down,“Yes I can’t wait to see Papa win!”

Y/n smiled; this was Brody’s very first time coming to Westfalenstadion and she would like it more then anything for Dortmund to win…but she knew just like everyone else that the 2014/2015 season hadn’t been very good to them so far. The losses had become too common almost expected…but the boys were turning things around,  Winning the league was unrealistic but finishing strong never was…Y/n only hoped this really was the game kept up with their newest winning trend. Seeing Mats and the rest of the team so down whenever another loss came hurt her soul. They worked so hard, they didn’t deserve it.

“I wanna see papa win too,"she finally said. Brody’s smile grew as he raised both arms in a non verbal request  to be picked up. Y/n didn’t hesitate to scooped him up and placed him on her hip. It wasn’t often he wanted to be carried–being four he was a big boy–so she treasured all times he did. She nuzzled and kissed his cheek much to his margin just as the players from both clubs  made their way out the tunnel and onto the pitch.

"mama look it’s Papa!"Brody said excitedly. And sure enough there was her husband, Mats aka Mr. captain himself. Y/n smiled fondly at the familiar look of focus and determination on his face. She knew he was  getting into game mode, but that didn’t stop him from scanning the crowd before his gaze zeroed in on her. As much as today was special for Brody, it was just as special for Mats–his son in the crowd cheering him on.

"Look baby,” Y/n got her son’s attention, pointing down at his father,“ Papa’s looking at you! blow him a kiss good luck.”

Brody’s eyes lit up at the mention of his father, he kissed his hand and waved ,“GOOD LUCK PAPA!!"he screamed as loud as he could. Though Mats couldn’t actually hear the little boy, he knew what was said; he blew  a kiss back  with one hand while placing the other over his heart. Y/n’s heart fluttered; every time her boys had sweet moments like these she got emotional. It may not seem like a big deal to there but little things like that– watching as her son’s eyes lit up  from his father’s acknowledgment—it meant everything to her.  Even when they weren’t right next to each other Mats always found a way to make things special  for his family.

When the match finally got started Y/n automatically felt something different in the air, besides the excitement of the crowd…there was just a positive almost omniscient feeling. Like something great was going to happen despite the fact that they were deadlocked for more than half of the game Y/n still believed that. And sure enough Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang opened the scoring with a goal in the 78th minute. Everyone in the stadium went crazy including Brody. Y/n quickly got out her phone, recording him, knowing this was going one of those memories they looked back on with fondness.

"We’re gonna win,we’re gonna win!"he squealed happily as he jumped around. It was only the first goal and the game, was still  far from over–a lot could happen in twelve minutes she knew— but Y/n wasn’t going burst her baby’s bubble.  But for every BVB fan’s sake she hopes her son’s sweet yet naive perception came true. A win would be so good right now for so many reasons.  

By Full Time it turned out both she and Brody were right; a lot could indeed happen in twelve minutes. In those remaining minutes BVB were able to seal the game with two more goals from Henrik Mkhitaryan and Marco Reus respectively, giving Die Schwarzgelben a clean sheet of 3-0. Emotions were running high throughout the entire stadium, this was what it was about the unity that football brought. They grieves together and now they got to celebrate together.

"We won Mama!!"Brody cheered as he smiled from ear to ear ; Y/n laughed as she lifted her cheerful child into her arm and peppered him win kisses. It was so good to see Dortmund preserve and win.

"Yes we won baby, you wanna go see Papa?”

He nodded his head quickly, he wanted to hug and tell his papa what a good job he did. Y/n held him close made her way onto the pitch, congratulating staff members and players as she made her way to Mats.

“Papa!"Brody squirmed until his mother put him down and he crashed into her fathers legs. "My boy!"he gathered Brody  into his arms and gave him a kiss,"how’d you like your first game?”

“I liked a lot! You won! I told Mama! I told her!”

“I bet you did!"Mats replied with genuine excitement that matched his little boy’s. Seeing Brody so happy was the best part of the night, the win was the icing on the cake compared to  his son’s smile.

"I’m gonna be a defender like you papa,"Brody said determinedly,"I’m gonna protect our goal and goalkeeper so the other teams can never score like you did!”

Y/n couldn’t help the tears that gathered in her eyes, yes she was a crybaby but she honestly couldn’t help it.  Brody was in such awe of his father and wanted to be just like him. Just as she was about to snap endless more pictures on her phone her eyes caught her husband’s. He smirked, knowing exactly what was going through her mind; he was always the main one teasing her for being emotional.

“What, I don’t get any congratulatory kisses and hugs? I’m hurt.” Mats  said playfully clutching his chest with one hand as he continued to hold Brody with  the other. Y/n rolled her eyes and she was the dramatic one.

“You have to say con-grad-u-ations to Papa, Mama.” Brody said matter of factly causing his parents to laugh at how serious he was. It was amusing to his little sweet face attempting to scold his mother into doing what she should’ve already done.

“You know what, Schatz, you’re right,"Y/n playfully pinched his  cheek before wrapping her arms around Mats and getting on her tiptoes and placing a quick kiss on his lips,"congrats I’m  proud of you, Papa.” She winked, thriving in the way Mats’ eyes darkened from her underlying seductive tone. She watched in amusement as he put Brody down and told him to go say congratulations to the rest of the team.

Y/n knew by the lust that was starting to cloud his eyes, she was playing with fire but who didn’t like to risk getting burned once and a while? Especially when the burn felt as good as it hurt? She stood in front of him now, wrapping her arms around his neck as held his gaze.

“Awww what’s wrong Papa? Or do you like Daddy better?"She pouted. Her words were soft enough that it was only heard by his ears, but loud enough for him to hear every suggestive syllable.

"Don’t start something, you don’t finish."Mats warned as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "I don’t want finish it,"she got up on her tiptoes again, whispering in his ear,"I want you to. Show me what a victory celebration feels like.”

Before he could react Brody, ran back over, grabbing his father’s arm,“Come on Papa play with us!”

Mats blinked, he could barely hear his son tell him that his teammates had promised to play a small game with him before they hit the locker room.all he could do was stare at his wife. His evil cruel wife, who smiled innocently at him like she didn’t just get him excited in a completely different way then Brody was hoping at that moment.


“Go play, Papa.” She smiled as she let go of him. She could’ve laughed at the death glare he gave her as he allowed their son to drag him away. She knew he was irritated but he’d get over it.

For the next few minutes Y/n watched as the entire team engaged her son. Despite  how tired they must’ve been after running back and forth for ninety minutes they all willing participated in this ‘game’ to make him happy. And boy was happy; Brody was calling everyone his uncle and  just laughing,screaming and just having the time of his life. When  he made ‘the winning goal’–despite  the fact they never really split into teams–his ‘uncle’ Erik lifting him on to his shoulders  and jogged around in a mini victory lap. It was such a beautiful thing to see.

As she watched Y/n felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her. Automatically the she leaned into the embrace, he was sweaty but the jacket she had worked as sort of barrier to that,“I’m so happy he got to experience this."she whispered.

"Me too,"Mats whispered as he kissed her cheek,"in the back of my mind I was scared his first game was going to be another loss and I didn’t want him to see that. I wanted him to be proud…both of you.”

Y/n turned so she could face him,“no matter what we’re always proud. When we watched at home and it was a lost you know what Brody would say? ’ it’s okay Papa and BVB are still the greatest next they’ll win’. He’s always your number one fan.”

Mats smiled as he leaned in and gave her a kiss that stole her breath away,“ you know I’m gonna get you back right?"he whispered in reference to her earlier teasing. Y/n grinned,"I can’t wait.”

Mats smirked and pulled her into another kiss causing them to fall into their own world, where they stayed until he felt something hit the back his leg. He pulled away from the kiss, before turning to see what it was. A water bottle; not too far from them stood the culprits, Pierre and Marco smirking.

“Get a room,"Marco quipped.

Mats quickly looked around to make sure Brody wasn’t looking–he was too busy  having the time was his life still up on Erik’s shoulders –before flipping both of them off. Y/n gave Mats a light slap in the chest,"hey that’s not nice.”

He looked down at her like he was about to protest but Pierre beat him to the chase,“Yeah Hummels that’s not nice."he teased with a mischievous smile. Mats narrowed his eyes; these two… the nickname Batman and Robin definitely fit. they were as thick as thieves and acted like kids when they got together.

"Guys,"Y/n warned,she loved them but she wasn’t going to let them pick on Mats right in front of her.

They put there hands up in surrender before heading towards the tunnel to get to the locker room. Soon the rest of the players began to follow suit and make their way off the pitch and into the locker room.

"I’ll meet you out front."Mats said giving her a kiss before head off. Brody quickly grabbed her hand and they made their way out the stadium.

"Did you see me mama? I’m good at football right?"the young boys excitement was off the charts. Not only did he get to see his dad win, he got to play on the same field minutes later. Those were moments that most kids dreams were made of, Y/n could only hope he always treasured them.

"More  like  amazing!"Y/n smiled down at him,"your goal was beautiful baby.”

“Thank you! It was for you."he said sweetly. Oh here come the tears she thought; why was her baby so sweet?

Mats came out not too long after and they headed towards the car. After buckling Brody into his car seat, The couple got into the car themselves. Y/n decided to drive knowing Mats was tired enough as it is. The drive was lively and chatty for about five minutes before both her boys were out like a lamp. At the next red light Y/n too a selfie that included both of her sleeping boys and quickly uploaded it to instagram before the light was green again.  

Yourusername: on our way home after an amazing match for BVB!! #wewon #itwasBrodysfirstmatch #myboys #theybothtiredthemselvesout #thiswhatourcelebrationlookslike

It was safe to say Brody’s first live match experience was a great one.



And please God… It would really nice if Masche can score a goal today🙏🙌

May our goalkeeper have the reflexes of a cat and speed of a cheetah.🐆

May our defenders have the focus speed and strength of a tiger on the prowl.🐯🐯🐯

May our strikers have the definition and finishing that would make the best snipers jealous.⚽⚽⚽

May our midfielders have the precision and accuracy that would make Xavi proud. 💯💯💯

In your name we pray, 🙏 Amen

🔴🔵Força Barça🔴🔵

7 things you didn’t know about Marc Andre ter Stegen

Christamas miracle

In 2012 ter Stegen’s beloved pooch Bali who escaped over Christmas. The Puggle puppy was eventually found after being hit by a car, but before Marc-Andre and his girlfriend could get to the scene the shocked dog escaped once again. After hours of searching, the worried goalie took to his Facebook page in a last-ditch attempt to recover information about the dog – publishing a photo and some details of her last known location. It was a stab in the dark, but with the help from his 65,000-strong Facebook army Bali was located – and after being handed over to the fire department, then he was recovering at home with no serious injuries. Ter Stegen was understandably delighted at the Christmas miracle, and took to Facebook to thank those who helped track the pet down. ‘I am amazed and speechless, as many have helped. For us, it’s the perfect Christmas fairytale. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Many, many thanks"

Early start

He started to play football in Football Academy at the age of 4. When asked about his early days playing the game, he replied that “I used to be a striker, but one day our goalkeeper got injured. So I took his place in goal and found I liked it. I really enjoyed throwing myself to the ground!”


And does he have any peculiar habits? “Well, I always wear new gloves for every game. Then I use the same ones in training until the next match.”

Life in alternative universe

Marc Andre ter Stegen was as well asked about what would he do if he wasn’t a football and he replied :“I love to be in the kitchen and prepare food.Another really interesting job is physiotherapist.Maybe one of those two.”

Favourite movie

“I really like movies with Will Smith. One of the best in my opinion is “Pursuit of happiness”


His surname, ter Stegen, is not a common one in Germany, and owes its origin to his Dutch ancestry.

Other sports

“I like to go for a run and I’m always trying new things.I’ve had some yoga and pilates sessions recently and it’s cool.