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I’ll never be able to move on as long as the air between us still lingers with the possibility of a future. I’ll never be able to look for a new happiness if there’s even a chance it might be standing right in front of me.
—  it’d be easier if you’d just said it’s done.
Pregnancy Serie #6: Our little miracle

Chris’s POV

“Chris, listen very carefully, I’m not doing well. Something’s wrong. I’m heading to the hospital, please, meet me there. I’m scared.”

Hearing y/n saying that… totally freaked me out. I drove as fast as I could, imagining the worst. I was supposed to be calmed, but since our issue of having a bad time trying to get pregnant, facing this… your mind just flies to the worst scenario. I knew that the time I had to get there, was my time to be pessimistic and wondering what was going to happen, because the moment I got in the parking lot, I’d have to assume the strong one part of us.

“It would kill me, you know? I already love our baby girl, but what would kill me it’s to see my beautiful, full of joy wife devastated. I know that even when she’s the strongest woman I know, this is her weakness. And mine is her… and our baby girl. But when we found out that getting pregnant could be a miracle, it tore her apart.

I remember when we bought that house. We picked a place near to a park, where we could take our children. Many rooms, to fill them with our sons and daughters. We had decided to let them pick the colors of the walls, therefore, we’d leave each one white. We had decided to let them be happy and developing themselves, no matter how what would like them to do or be. And I agreed on that, because I knew that any way would turned amazing, because she will be the mother of my children and she’s just… great.

So please, God, don’t take our little girl with you. Please.” I finished my monologue. I took a last and long breath after I parked. And I don’t remember much, until I started to run. My mom was already there. She waved and I stood in front of her, she wasn’t crying instead, she caressed my cheek.

“You need to go there” I nodded and kissed her forehead. I opened the door and saw t/n laying on the examination table. I sat and held her hand. Her belly bump was exposed, nobody was there. But she wasn’t crying. Actually, she was quite calmed.

“Hi, love” I kissed her knuckles.

“I’m sorry” she said and out of the blues, tears coming down.

“No, no, no, what’s going on, baby? Everything’s fine the doctor is taking care of both of you, there’s nothing to be sorry about” I kissed her. Barely touched her pinky lips.

“I’m sorry for freaking you out that way… here” She grabbed my hand and put her on her belly. I felt… a kick?

“Is that…?” She nodded, teardrops kept filling her eyes.

“When you didn’t pick up, I called your mom, she asked me what was going on and I told her that I was feeling like a big bubble, hitting from inside. She smiled and drove way slower. When she parked, she… started to talk to the baby, she told her that she had scarred us to death for moving…

“So this is our baby girl kicking?” she nodded again.

“I should’ve known, but since it was something new I didn’t know what to do. Your mom insisted that I could get a sonography to be a little bit more calmed. I’m sorry, Chris. I…” I kissed her.

“It doesn’t matter. I promise.” I smiled and caressed her belly with my fingers.

“I can see that Mr. Evans is joining us, would you like to see your daughter?” The doctor asked.

“We do” Y/N answered. The doc started to prep the machines, while she did that I looked up, thanking God.

“I love you, Mr. Evans” y/n said, I smiled.                                      

“I love you too, Mrs. Evans”


Thank you, @macca-mcsexy, this one’s for you, sweetie.

Something I really quick wanna address is the raging about how they lied about Kaede being the protagonist.

Yeah, she didn’t make it through the whole game, but…she was still the protagonist at one point? It doesn’t make her any less of one that she only got one chapter, it’s just sad that they robbed her of her potential as the ONLY protagonist.

Saihara is basically a deuteragonist (lit: a sidekick) to Kaede, and simply moved up after her death. Because that’s what a sidekick would do, right? Get their position passed down to them from their prior partner.

Basically what I wanna say is, Saihara’s not the only protagonist, Kaede is not the only protagonist, they’re BOTH the protagonists. Kodaka just…did it in a really weird, really heartbreaking way. (Kaede deserved better. Shame on you Kodaka, killing our girl.)

C: So many black men think that homosexuality is destroying the black community. I literally had to unfriend a guy yesterday because he was asking if black people would boycott the Prancing Elite show like we did Sorority Sisters. But what about men making babies with women and refusing to stay and be fathers to them to support the women who are single-handily raising our next generation? What about police killing our boys and girls, men and women left and right? What about the fact that our features are not as good until they appear on someone lighter (read as whiter) than us? What about our inner city schools not being nearly as good as schools in the suburbs, what about us often times not receiving adequate medical care, what about colorism, sexism, racism? Truly homosexuality is not even on the list of things the black community should be worrying about.

The Night Shift season three starters (part one):
  • “Probably best to wait on that.”
  • “Didn’t sound good.”
  • “Don’t fight with that girl—Shannon? She’ll kill you.”
  • “Our hands are tied.”
  • “He smiled at me and I just knew.”
  • “That was a good call.”
  • “This long distance thing never works out, huh?”
  • “It’s a needle in a haystack the size of Texas.”
  • “I’m looking for my son.”
  • "If you guys get hit it’ll be my ass."
  • “Any information that you have could help save her.”
  • “Uncomplicate it for me.”
  • “These guys get thrown off horses.”
  • “Everyone is fine.”
  • “Amateur.”
  • “I’m asking you, will you marry me?”
  • “Yes, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.”
  • “You would’ve gone anyway.”
  • “Tempting—raincheck?”
  • “Time will tell, right?”
  • “No reindeer games, got it.”
  • “Why don’t we get some coffee?”
  • “Any chance she was using any drugs?”
  • “So what happened out there?”
  • “For the record I never did anything like that.”
  • “He’s always sharing his inner thoughts with me.”
  • “If it’s bad news keep walking.”
  • “You guys have a lot to not talk about.”
  • “I’m like a doctor now.”
  • “Those are betting words.”
  • “You should’ve said hi.”
  • “Are you hitting on me?”
  • “We now have a dog.”
  • “Social stuff… I’ve never been the best at.”
  • “After three times quit asking.”
  • “Stupid witch doctor.”
  • “Right now I need smart, smartASS is a waste of my time.”
  • “She’s not a bitch or anything.”
  • “They got engaged a few weeks ago—they didn’t tell you?”
(A closed RP with @warriorprincess666)


It was a late evening in New York city, and Rockwell and Slash had just got through taking down Rahzar and Fishface

Rockwell: So that was much easier than I thought…

Slash: Don’t forget that we got that snake girl to thank for our aid, we’d have been killed if she wasn’t what they had been looking for…

Rockwell: Yes, I know, Slash, but we are lucky to be alive, Rahzar and Fishface know that we’re allies of the turtles and Splinter.

Can we just talk about how “Han is maybe more grateful than anyone” to see that Rey is alright? MORE GRATEFUL THAN ANYONE. That includes Finn and I’m just saying, Finn was pretty damn grateful to see that she was alive so Han must have been absolutely ecstatic.

OMFG - Star Trek (TOS) has an episode where a planet is suffering from acute and horrifying overpopulation because they’re near-immortals, yet REFUSE TO USE BIRTH CONTROL OR ABORTION.

And Kirk is all “but why?”

To which they respond that they hold all life sacred. Fetus, adult, whatever. They cannot bring themselves to ‘destroy that which they love’.

When Kirk points out the obvious paradox in this, they’re all 'sorry, we can’t go against our nature’.

“Even if it kills your daughter?”

Yeah, a young girl is VOLUNTARILY DYING in order for them to keep going the way they always have. So yeah, they would rather let a woman die - even a woman they love, even family - than use abortion or birth control.

Star Trek, you are even more awesome than I thought you were.