our generation is screwed

I guess our generation is so screwed up that we think it’s normal for people to treat us badly, and that when someone is actually nice to us we’ll just got overwhelmed like “why are you being so nice to me?” Maybe we just got scared when we finally being treated properly.

The Problem With Today's Older Parents
  • For many of us in our late teens through mid 20's, we have an older generation of parents whom seem to forget what it's like to be young and starting out. They forget the fact that our generation is the generation that's been declared screwed over from the start. For example, back when our parents were our age, the world in general was cheaper when it came to prices and taxes, a bit more flexible when it came to jobs and education standards, and a minimum wage job could get you somewhere. Not everywhere but, you were able to save up to get your own car without a loan; which is something you can't do today unless you want something that'll break down within the hour you first bought and drove it. Then there's the fact that when they were in school, they were actually taught. Not droned. They learned how to work on, fix, and create things, do paperwork, cook, sew, knit, and etc. Skills that prepared you for the adult world, unlike us. We just learned how to press buttons for an answer and maybe half-assed taught maybe two of the above skills I mentioned our parents learned in school. They don't realize that we have been taught nothing at all other than most teachers saying we're shit people, probably not going anywhere in life, and good luck. School doesn't prepare us for life anymore. It prepares us for, hopefully, minimal standards for a job at most. And even then, that doesn't seem to get us anywhere either. Our parents, at most, just needed to pass and graduate high school to get a good, supporting job when they were our age, along with free benefits such as health insurance and etc. Now, in today's society, we can pass through high school and college and still not be eligible to work somewhere that would give us financial stability and benefits (which we now have to pay for as well through our paychecks).
  • Might I add as well that I've also noticed and experienced that older generation parents think we're lazy, don't do anything productive, and don't understand how we can be tired from our jobs? Let me rant on this as well. Parents, 30-40 hours a week jobs DO NOT FUCKING PAY FOR SHIT ANYMORE. Especially when they're minimal wage or close to it! We are literally WORKING OUR ASSES OFF just trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some pay. Then, again, there's that wonderful fact that we are either NOT hired or ELIGIBLE for a job that could financially stabilize us because we are under qualified, over qualified, or people are cheap and don't want to hire nor train anyone anymore like they're SUPPOSED TO! We literally have to get 3-4 shit jobs and run our bodies into the ground before we will be able to achieve financial stability and be able to support ourselves, alone. And once again, that's only if we can get hired at this point. Employers expect us to have 30-50 years of work experience under our belts and have been hired by, what it seems to be,100 places already at the ages of 16-25 years old. Obviously, that's not how it works in the real world. The standards for a job are ridiculous now! We are jumping through hoops and breaking our backs constantly just to get a minimum wage job, and especially for a financially and beneficially stable job! You worked 2 jobs and were able to afford a car and an apartment at the age of 18-20 years old? Good for fucking you. That's not how it works anymore.
  • Parents, let's also remember that if any of us want to even attempt to get anywhere anymore, we have to go to college. College that requires us to cough up 1k-200k EVERY SEMESTER, or take out student loans that'll put us in DEBT for the REST OF OUR LIVES while we work low income jobs with little or no benefits that we're struggling to survive off of IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Yeah, mom and/or dad, it's easy as fuck for us. We're totally lazy low-life fucks just trying to make your life hell.
  • No. That's not what we're trying to do to you. We're sorry we can't afford our own place, afford our own car/health insurances, or to buy our own cars. Life, or in our circumstances, attempts to start a life are harder than ever for us at this point. This world is now stacked against us. We no longer have those happy-go-lucky opportunities waiting for us anymore. It's why we either give up, run our bodies into the ground working, not working, or doing malicious things (drug dealing, stealing, etc) to gain money and make a living off of. Hard work and education no longer seems to pay off/reward/benefit us anymore; or does very little.
  • Stop belittling us. Stop nagging at us. Stop putting us down for things we can't control!
  • We need support! We need a guide! We need love and positivity! Not you screaming at us for being "useless", "worthless", "lazy", and etc!
  • We need understanding parents. Not drill sergeants pushing us to our deaths. If we wanted that, we'd go and get ourselves killed in a war.
  • Respect and love us for our endless and failing attempts. Give us a break. We're under more pressure and stress than you're acknowledging.
  • Sorry, not sorry.
Our Generation

SO I got into a really stupid argument with my parents today and I was really worked up and pissed off and this just kinda happened but I like it so why the hell not post it? *thumbs up*

Our Generation 

Our generation is afraid to love

Because we’ve seen the bad side of it

41% of American couples face divorce in the first marriage

 60% in the second marriage

73% in the third

Our generation is afraid to speak our minds

We were raised with values

And it takes time to realize we may have different values than our parents

Nobody speaks up against the norm

Those that do speak their mind are loud and obnoxious

We were taught to not be loud and obnoxious

Our generation is afraid to disagree

We were taught to be respectful

Yet to our parents, disagreeing is the same thing as disrespecting

Our opinions are wrong

And expressing them will only make us look ridiculous

Our generation is afraid of what others will think

We were taught to express ourselves

Yet we are taught that boys will love girls and girls will love boys

Children know love to be love

Just love

When I was younger, my best friend and I kissed

Many times, but in secret

We were taught that girls do not love girls in that way

But we kissed anyway, and one of us pretended to be the boy

We got in trouble for kissing

Two girls, young and innocent

Not knowing any right or wrong in love

Because love isn’t assigned a gender until you give it one

And it makes me think, if my mother hadn’t told me it was wrong

Would I love girls instead of boys?

I am easily impressed upon by people

I was always an obedient child

That hasn’t changed

But if I have different values than my parents

What does that mean for the rest of my life?

I was not allowed to try out for the local performing arts high school

Because I shouldn’t “waste my brains” on music or acting or dancing

I wonder why they ask us what we want to be when we grow up

Because what many of us really, really want

Isn’t the right answer

Our generation is afraid to follow our dreams

We’re always, always told about failure

How we should be realistic

But in my eyes, realistic can be the same thing as pessimistic

If you really want something, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for it

But if I want to go to college for something non-academic

It won’t be the right answer

Our generation is afraid to love

Our generation is afraid to speak our minds

Our generation is afraid to disagree

Our generation is afraid of what others will think

Our generation is afraid to follow our dreams

We were raised by hypocrites

We are still growing up

We are still finding ourselves

And our generation is “all screwed up” 

I’m tired of the people in power these days. They love to tell stories
of past struggles as if it is not in existence any longer. This is not
some story you can tell me to fix something. I am no longer a child,
you will not sneak into my room at night and disturb the pillow
holding my dreams, because money does not buy happiness. You see, what is about to happen is since your generation screwed up, it’s high time ours took over. We are the 90s kids that quickly learned that our Will can not be broken because the Smith fathers that left us behind are the screw ups, not us. We screamed, “ahhhh!” When we learned the real monsters were in fact the adults in our lives and not the ones on tv. And we are the ones that invented Tumblr fame because celebrities that make it big eventually forget from whence they came. So I challenge my generation, to remember that we are now THE generation and it is time for the cremation and degeneration of those that pretended everything was equal in our nation.

Just some thoughts I had on a bus ride today…




This is the most true thing I’ve watched.

I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this, but here we are.

So for those of you that don’t know, I went to film school for a single year and now I am up to my ass in student loan debt for a school I didn’t even get to graduate from. The monthly payments were insane and not affordable for me at the time, so I put them on deferment for four years, figuring I would have at least a somewhat decent-paying job by that time. But the four years are up, I’m still working part-time at minimum wage because it’s extremely difficult getting a job that isn’t in customer service without a degree. I’m planning on going back to college in the fall, but in the meantime my loans have increased to over $700 a month.

I did manage to get an extended payment, but I still have to pay the original balance for this month, something that isn’t really feasible for me, considering I only make about $150-$170 a week on average. So if I pay the full amount right now, that doesn’t leave me with too much money left, and I’ll still have to keep paying my loans after that too, which will just leave me further and further in the hole until I go back to school.

I’ve set up a donation on my page, so if you can spare anything at all, even a dollar, it would help me enormously. I’d just need a little over $200 to cover the payment increase, so anything at all helps. If you can’t or don’t want to donate, if you could signal boost this that would be amazing.

Please don’t feel obligated to donate if you’re unable to; I know times are hard for everyone and our generation has been royally screwed thanks to secondary education in the US.

So I show a picture of the protests to my mum and go “isn’t this stupid how the news isn’t showing this?” And my mum says “but, don’t say anything about it.”

I don’t blame her for saying it, because all adults do.

The minute a youth mentions politics they’re told to be quiet, that they’re too young to be thinking about this stuff, that they shouldn’t post anything on social media.

Society, fix this. Stop telling teenagers they don’t need opinions yet. If anything, we’re the generation with our heads screwed on.