our generation

We just mindlessly follow the rules until we grow up enough to understand that they are wrong.
For some it might be too late, others might never really grow up, but we, the people of this generation will kick society to its knees and bend it to our will.

I think my favorite thing about our generation these days is how everyone is so serious about their Hogwarts houses. Like a girl at lunch punched one of the boys for insulting Gryffindor, another kid yelled at the same person for insulting their friend for being a Hufflepuff and he also got lots of glares from the Ravenclaws and Slytherins for being annoying and insulting Hogwarts in general.

I am just a speck, on a speck, orbiting another speck, with a bunch of other specks, in the middle of galactic specklessness. What I think and feel doesn’t matter at all. But then, I thought, wait, I have a brain just ‘this’ big, and with that you can imagine all of this, you can know the cosmos and your place within it, you can know your place in space, and that is wonderful, that is remarkable, that is venerable. Being a speck is worthy of respect.
So class of 2015 here’s wishing you the joy of discovery; keep reaching, keep seeking, keep using your abilities to bring out the best in those around you, and let them bring out the best in you. Become the next great generation, you can and you will, dare I say it, change the world.
—  Bill Nye
What the fuck is wrong with our generation?

Why on earth are people cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend like its some joke or game??! Are you really that ungrateful? Unappreciative? Immature? Self-centered? I mean c'mon… Here I am and I can barely get my dog to like me back. I would kill to have a significant other who is genuinely interested in me and who I could be equally obsessed with. If you are no longer feeling it with someone just be honest and tell him/her. Don’t go breaking their heart leaving em with a multitude of trust and self esteem issues. If you can’t be straight up with your feelings toward someone then you probably shouldn’t be with em in the first place. If you wanna be a hoe then go be a single hoe, not a hoe who rips someone’s heart out and crushes it all because your coward self can’t be 100 with the one person who deserves your honesty.

-Tired of Seeing Others get Hurt