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Happy Wedding Anniversary, Stephen and Ayesha! (July 30, 2011)

“Hi Ayesha. So excited for today, glad it’s finally here. This is a dream come true for both you and I. We’re gonna make each other better and live this life that God has blessed us with to thank a lot of people and nurture ur love for each other. I love you. You know that. I always will.”

"Stephen, I love you so much and I can’t believe that this day is finally here. Who would have thought that three years ago, we would be here today. I just feel so blessed. I just love you and I’m very excited four our future and to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Today is exactly one year after I met this wonderful boy! I am so thankful to have spent the past 365 days with someone so special! He lights up my entire world, and never fails to put a smile on my face! I always grin from ear to ear thinking back to July 30th, 2014, the night we met! How shy he was, and how we finally started to make small chat after he warmed up! You truly mean the world to me Dakota! I am so stoked for all of the exciting things we have planned for our future! I love you baby! ❤️😍❤️😘❤️

So, I was watching Fairytail with my sister...

my sister: are natsu and lissana together?
me: no, why?
my sister: I don’t like them together
me: why? *screams inside from happiness*
my sister: it seems like they don’t like each other and it seems like lissana is desperate
me: oh, okay. who do you think should be together?
my sister: natsu and Lucy
me: why?
my sister: because it seems like they love each other in their own way, and the “our future” thing I officially ship them

noworldnomad asked:

Waitwaitwait so there's a TIME TRAVEL story and nobody is trying to stop her dying? Is there some sort of sciencey reason that they can't mess with the timeline or is Les really that awful? Oh my god why isn't she the focus? That's so- ohmyGOD

From the perspective of the current-old-guys, they (or at least Crazy Harry) remembered this time travel meeting from their own pasts.  So it would seem that nothing CAN change, since if they traveled back into the future and altered something, our future wouldn’t remember it.  

So, yeah, Young Les, having read his own book, in ten years time is not going to give himself or his wife a heads up about how her doctors mixed up some files and end up murdering her through a dumb clerical error.  

because if his lisa isn’t dead, what else is left of him

I’ve always empathized with disenfranchised groups (black, Latino, gay, women, etc), but being in love with a strong black woman means that I’m in constant fear of her safety. Also for our future children who will have to live an experience that I cannot, and never will be able to relate to. All I can do is speak up and make sure that I do my part to put an end to their eventual mistreatment. It may have taken empathy in the past for me, but now it’s personal. So if you don’t agree with me and are content with keeping the status quo, kick fucking rocks. I want nothing to do with people contributing to the problem by silence, or their actions.

We’ve heard your cry and we listened. We’ve seen your stuggle and we didn’t go blind.
We’ve felt your pain and we touched you.
We’ve smelled your fear and we gave you essence.
-The Bostons

Special Thanks to all of our teammates & clients, past, present, and future.
Our experience is Yours and Your experience is ours. Keep Creating yourselves NEW.


Picasso is our future baby goat daddy for next year.  We got him from Jenness Farm, the goat milk soap makers.

I saw his picture on their Facebook page when they were posting about babies and fell in love.  We drove over a day or two later and bought him, but waited to bring him home until both of my girls had kidded.  He needed company of his own kind.

He is now just over two months old (born May 15).  I went out to the barn Monday morning to do my usual milking and barn chores, and found him very, very sick.  I thought he was going to die any minute, literally.  I spent three days nursing him.  I gave him CDT vaccine (should have had C&D antitoxin, but I couldn’t find any.  All the mail-order sources were sold out, even.), Nutri-Drench (liquid vitamins), ProBios (probiotics).  He was staggering around, could barely walk, and seemed incapable of drinking.  I fed him goat milk with an oral syringe.  I gave him a dose of long-acting antibiotic in case he had something that would be helped by that, but also because I was worried about him aspirating the milk and developing pneumonia.  (Another indication of how sick he was.)  I gave multiple doses of Nutri-Drench and another dose of ProBios the next day.  I continued to feed him by syringe, every few hours.  I was worried about going out to the barn to check on him, afraid I’d find him dead.  By Wednesday morning I was seeing slight improvement - he was drinking water from a bucket, and nibbling at his hay, but was still off-balance and staggering, and seemed unable to drink from a bottle.  

Hubby went in to check on him Wednesday afternoon and said Picasso came bouncing over to him.  It did not seem possible, but I went in to check, and he was almost completely recovered, almost as suddenly as he took sick.  Praise God!  (Much prayer was involved to this point.)  I took this video this evening to show him bright, alert and happy to see me, impatient for his bottle!  I still have no idea what happened, but I am thrilled that he seems to have recovered.

We wouldn’t ask if we had somewhere else to turn. When my mother passed away from lupus in February, I was then left with only myself and my younger brother, both of us unestablished and under age 25. My wife and I were very uncertain of our future from that point on, and despite our best efforts, we have been steadily downhill since there.

Recently, we had the blessing of discovering my wife’s pregnancy (which, if all goes well, we will be having February of next year, right around the anniversary of my mother’s passing), and we were also blessed with amazing new jobs in the Reading Corps, but sadly the blessing of work does not begin for us until September of this year.

We have tried to find short term work locally, and have been unable, and have tried to earn what money we could online through writing and our etsy shop, but again were very unsuccessful.

We have run out of funds to support ourselves, and have exhausted our job options. We have tried in vain to sell what little we have, but we cannot even sell our well kept bikes, and it’s not enough and with the need for $750 by August 1st as well as food and help for the month, we are terrified we won’t be able to have a safe place for my pregnant wife during this upcoming month.

I am really asking for your help and empathy in our situation, and would be so very grateful if you could either donate or share, and help me keep her healthy just for these next few weeks, just to keep her in a nice place.

This baby would mean the world to me after losing my mother so suddenly to a disease that pained her for years. If I had known about this site then, I would have asked for the help my mother needed, but now I hope strangers will help me in any way they can to support the newest member of my small family.

Thank you so much,

Tnataka and Tahtahme


A really beautiful thing is happening in my neighborhood right now. Those are people suspended from the bridge, in an attempt to stop a Shell Oil ice breaker ship from leaving port. Shell must have that ship in place in order to begin drilling legally in the Arctic.

I have mixed feelings about Greenpeace, who are the primary organizers involved, and about direct political action in this city and in general. However, I think any push back against big oil, no matter how improbable a “win” is, is better than standing idle in the face of greed and environmental degradation that turns millions and millions of lives, and the prospects of all our future generations, into collateral damage in the endless pursuit of growth and wealth.

(I’ll have an edited set of shots from the DSLR up later today.)

I hope one day all my hermanos out here in the west coast learn to unite and fight against oppression, if only we stick together north and south Cali ,together will can really run shit and fuck shit up if we wanted to, power in numbers.instead of being another victim of the streets through death or prison.things can change for the better.to many of our peoples going to prison and or getting killed.educate ourselfs to better our future and the future of our seeds.

genderfluidgoddess asked:

Hi! Im a really big fan of the show and its already got me hooked three episodes in! I was wondering if there is any continuity in the show? For example, do the guys still have their super powers or do they just become nonexistant in later episodes?

Hi genderfluidgoddess! 

Thank you for being a fan! 

While you probably won’t see Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket with super powers in the next episode; we’re really not sure what’s in the future for our little roommates. Some things do continue to other episodes, but some won’t. Our show is a very loose one. 

However, they definitely will get into sorts of crazy situations in each episode! 

Thank you for your question!

PGBC Crew. 

thirstysinner asked:

a goth food truck that only makes breakfast. this is our future. sex and death

honestly this is one of our best ideas, we could rly invest in this I have a dollar, maybe two how much u got to invest

A little while ago I was tagged by magalis and h0gwarts on this little thingy I love. So here it is.

rules: dont skip songs and tag 10 people.  A twist: quote a favorite lyric from each song.

  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - James Taylor; Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore.
  2. A Princess - Javier Navarrete
  3. Bamboleo - The Gypsy Kings; bamboleeeeeeirooooo, bamboleiraaaaaaaaa, porque yo mi vida la aprendí a vivir así *tons of dancing emojis*
  4. To Make Her Love Me - Rascal Flatts; A mountain so high, It broke through the sky, A canyon so deep, It’d bring a man to his knees
  5. One - Simple Plan; we’ve got nothing to lose, together we stand up tall / the future is ours and it’s in our hands. 
  6. Who Let the Dogs Out? - Beha Men; If I’m a dog, then the party is on. lol
  7. Bathhouse Morning - New Japan Philharmonic (from Spirited Away)
  8. Too Little, Too Late - JoJo; in letting you go I’m loving myself.
  9. Birds - Kate Nash; “ Right birds can fly so high, and they can shit on your head, and they can almost fly into your eye, and make you feel well scared, but when you look at them and you see that they’re beautiful. That’s how I feel about you.
  10. Danny Boy - Sandy Thom; 'tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow

I’m gonna tag hybridlovelies, theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes, hawkeyers, missyoutoomuchleeyum, bill-forrester, mollymatterrs, notanactualdoctor, ladybranson y’all enjoy.