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An eagle-eyed Tumblr user noticed that Pixar uses distinctive facial features for different male characters, but not so much for females.  

(This was our first Tumblr-to-Video story and we hope to do more of these for posts like these in the future!)


WATCH: Husband Tag Part 2 - Exactly one year after we posted our first video thanks to Tumblr! We love you!

our (are) accent video. my first ever time posting my voice on tumblr and i’ve had this blog since 1.19.2009. please tell us we have accents! like, obviously we don’t think we do, but we know we definitely pronounce words wrong/differently and let us know how you guys pronounce the words we talked about! (and don’t mind that ad playing in the background. & when we watch this on here, the voice doesn’t match up with the picture. so…)

Here’s a short little tour of my apartment, which I promised quite some time ago! (I filmed it around Christmas time….hence the Christmas decorations and the tree! :)

Now that we will be moving in May, I am so glad I filmed this so we will always have a little memory of the first place that was ours. <3

**let it load first….as tumblr sometimes makes videos way choppy if you don’t. :)

Hey Troye,

I’ve seen it. You on Good Morning America. You’re a big thing now. Touring city by city. Travel by day, perform by night.

Do you ever remember the moments we shared?

Remember when I met you? You were so shy and cute. We had this awkward hug over a table that many of our friends teased about. I didn’t mind it. I don’t know what I’d do if you wouldn’t have said hi.

Remember our first collab? The one direction and tumblr tag video. It was a stupid thing, really, but funny altogether. When the troyler tag was filled with humorous edits and heartwarming comments about our friendship. It was clear though that it wasn’t just a friendship. We had this connection that nobody could compare.

Remember when we hung out with our British friends? Everyone around would call us “troyler” because of how close we were.

Everyone’s otp was troyler.

That was the day we officially started dating.

I remember when we were just on our bed, hugging each other close. Everyone else was sleeping, but something kept me up.

I turned to face you. Your eyes were wide open, staring at me with those bright blue eyes.

You kissed me.

It wasn’t anything like i had felt before. None of my ex boyfriends could compare. I don’t know how to describe it without being cheesy. It was basically the most amazing feeling.

Remember when we filmed the boyfriend tag? I said I’d post bloopers and I did. What it didn’t include was us making out in between each question.

Remember when we went to Italy? We were inseparable. The way you held me close to your chest at night made me feel like I wanted to stay in that position forever.

Remember digifest? Or something that’s more distinctive: troyler kiss.
The fans went crazy. I too went crazy. I thought we agreed to fake it.

But you kissed me anyway.

I don’t know what happened after that. After may. In June, you grew distant. You didn’t talk to me as much anymore. But I didnt think much of it. You said you were very busy with the ep.

I promoted you as much as I could. I talked about you in every single collab I had in auguest. When your ep finally came out, it was immediately a success.

It was then in September that I’ve noticed that you were still very distant. Ever since he came out, you never talked to me. Sometimes I’d lie awake at night, by myself, thinking about what I could’ve possibly done wrong.

Each night I slept alone.

The fans started noticing it too. They saw you hanging out with him. They no longer shipped me and you. They shipped you with him.

The troyler tag was no longer filled with happy edits about us. It was filled with him.

All around I’d see imagines, edits, and people shipping you and him. It was all about you and him.

The next day, you broke up with me.

You said we have grown apart. That it wasn’t my fault it was yours. You said that we didn’t have that connection anymore. You said that you weren’t happy anymore. You said you were happier with someone else.


Do you remember how broken I got? I didn’t post for a month. How you just broke up with me. I didn’t leave my house. I’d stay in my bedroom every day, every night, just thinking.

Thinking about how much pain you had caused because you didn’t love me, you loved him.

That video of you on Good Morning America show made me miserable. Everyone was happy because he had proposed to you on live tv.

So I wonder if you lie awake at night thinking about all our memories together. A small part of me wishes that you do.

But you probably don’t.

“Quality Content”
Summary: In which Soul and Maka are YouTubers and a certain question from a certain fan prompts a certain idiot to make a certain confession.

“Hello people of earth and beyond!” Maka Albarn paused, leaning back in her seat, and nudged the boy next to her. “Say hi to the people, Soul.”

Soul Evans sighed and leaned away from the range of Maka’s deadly elbow, offering the camera in front of them a half-hearted wave. “Hi to the people.”

“Thanks for your enthusiasm, partner.”

Soul shrugged and tried to suppress a yawn. “Well, they don’t call me Mr. Sunshine for nothing.”

Maka scowled. “They don’t call you that at all.”

“Shhh! Don’t tell them that! It’ll ruin my aura of mystery.”

Soul didn’t have anything against making videos with Maka. Vlogging on YouTube meant filming at strange hours, about weird things. It meant giving up privacy and agreeing to disregard a lot of the conventions he otherwise would’ve been following. All of that was good, though, and he was used to it; his YouTube channel had become an outlet, and the fact that his best friend had one, too, was convenient to say the least - they could work together, help each other edit, and make appearances in each other’s videos. That was the way they’d always operated.

However, he didn’t appreciate being dragged out of bed at some ungodly hour to help Maka film a ‘special video’ that she wouldn’t even summarize for him. (”It’s a surprise, Soul! I’m not gonna ruin the surprise!”) She’d just tossed a gray sweater at him that she insisted ‘brought out his eyes’ and told him to get dressed, and now here they were, sitting on Maka’s bed at six-oh-frickin’-clock in the morning.

The things Soul did for his stupid, pointless crush on a girl he’d known since childhood.

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We can’t believe it’s been 6 months since Tumblr made us post our first video! Here we are talking about our favourites so far and what we’re planning on for the future. Thank you all for helping us do this!