our favorite quotes say more about us


When she sang that song, it broke my heart. There was something that she did in that song. I remember I was with Danny Cohen, the cinematographer. Samantha had to sing in the rain again and again. She was shivering. There’s a moment when she has sung her huge last note. She has her head into her chest and she goes, ‘I love him,’ and her head comes up. It’s like she finds the thought. It is when her head is almost away from the camera. All of us behind the monitors went, ‘Oh.’ There was still that chill in our arms. I remember Danny saying, ‘I wish more film actors would realize the strength of keeping your head away from the camera sometimes.’ This moment of her, hidden, and then coming up broke my heart.” — Eddie Redmayne says his favorite part of doing Les Misérables was watching Samantha Barks perform “On My Own”

Ace Challenge: Day 21

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21. Your favorite asexual quote.

Hmm.. Yikes. Now that I think about it, I really don’t have a favorite asexual quote? Lemme see if I can like, pull one out of this site (or elsewhere–and give a link back to it) and use it for this prompt.

“Not a void, but a universe.”

I’m pretty sure I know like, more asexual quotes I like other than this one, but too lazy to look into my blog/tag for it. xd (Source/link right on that quote)

I like this quote because it’s saying that for our lack of sexual attraction, we’re not an abomination, and certainly not emotionless or apathetic. It also serves as a reminder that we’re just like everyone else, we’re human, even with our asexuality, and we shouldn’t have our opinions, and emotions disregarded because we love in a different way.